Dave's Journey


This is a gentle tale about self discovery and development. There are no rip roaring sex scenes, just lots of nudity and romance.

It's my entry into the Nude Day competition, so if you like it please vote for it.

Comments and feedback appreciated x


My name is Dave and I'm a naturist.

I was a shy and introverted teenager. By the time I was eighteen the most I had done sexually was to masturbate over the lingerie models in my mums home shopping catalogue.

Around this time I also discovered that I loved being naked. This was a good few years ago, before the internet was everywhere, more innocent times maybe. I didn't know anything about naturism or anything like that, I just knew I loved being naked, it felt so right. Everything was fine for a while; I would spend time in my room naked, with the door locked of course. Then I met my first girlfriend, and even though we got on well, I found I couldn't tell her about wanting to be naked. I even started cancelling dates so I could stay home in the nude. We eventually drifted apart.

I started getting bolder with my nudism, I'd go from my bedroom to the bathroom with no clothes on, that sort of thing. I eventually built up the courage to walk around the house naked when I knew no one was at home. That summer I ventured outside for the first time, it was amazing, the warm sun on my naked body. I started refusing to go on trips with the rest of the family or meet up with friends so I could stay at home, alone, naked. My parents just thought I was a surly teenager.

On one such occasion everyone had gone off for the day and by 11 o'clock I was laid out in the back garden, basking in the hot sun, idly playing with my dick. I heard a little cough and a female voice say "umm, excuse me, sorry for interrupting" I sat bolt upright, my hands automatically covering my genitals, I looked around and saw Muriel, a friend of my mother's standing there, an amused look on her face.

"Sorry for startling you David, I was just dropping off this parcel for your mum, when I saw no one was in I thought I'd bring it around the back and put in in the garden shed."

I was too embarrassed to say anything, Muriel continued, "I've known you since you were a little boy, my how you've grown." I think I went even redder, if that was possible, "I envy you laying there enjoying the sun on your body, if I had more time I think I'd strip off and join you, but I must keep going, enjoy the rest of your day and tell your mum I'll phone her later."

And with that she was gone, now as I said earlier these were more innocent days, before the big fetish for MILFS. Although Muriel was a very attractive woman and would definitely have qualified,. I just didn't think of her in that way. What I did take from what she'd said was that maybe being naked wasn't that strange and maybe I wasn't some sort of weirdo. I was also aware that a bit of me had enjoyed getting caught, my dick hidden behind my hands, growing, rather than shrinking.

In September I went to college and had to find somewhere to live. I eventually moved into a house with three others, John, Mary and Susan, known to everyone as Suzi. They were a good bunch and we got along well, but I really missed my freedom to wander around nude.

One evening we were all very drunk and Suzi suggested we play truth or dare, after lots of moans and groans we eventually got the game started. It came to my turn and I elected to tell a truth. I was quite pissed and blurted out about wanting to be naked all the time. There was silence for a while until Mary, who I think was even more drunk than me, started laughing and said she thought it was great and that she thought she was a lesbian and that we should all be free to be what we want. Mary's confession certainly trumped mine and thankfully took up the rest of our drunken conversations.

I was first up the next morning, my head ready to explode. I was making coffee when Mary walked into the kitchen, we both managed painful good mornings and then Mary said, "Did I really tell everyone last night that I was a lesbian?"

"Yes you did, and I told you all I was a nudist."

When we stopped laughing Mary said, "Right get them off." Pulling at my tee shirt.

"Piss off," I said, laughing.

Mary stopped "I meant what I think I said last night, its great you've told us and this is your house and you should be free to be naked if you want."

"Thanks Mary, I'm not sure if the other's agree with you though."

"Well fuck em, they'll just have to get use to it."

"Your still drunk."

"Probably, but l do mean it."

I sat with my coffee, thinking about what Mary had said. I wasn't too concerned about what John thought; he spent most of his time at his girlfriends anyway. Suzi was another matter. Both Mary and Suzi were good looking, outgoing girls who were fun to be with, but truth be told I had a bit of a crush on Suzi. All of us in the house had flirted a bit and made some saucy comments, as any group of young people might. But Suzi had flirted a bit more with me, enough to make me think that the attraction might be mutual. But I was young and inexperienced and not too certain of myself and had now confessed my, what some might see as, perversions.

That evening I was in the house on my own, sat watching television. I was sorely tempted to strip off, but I daren't. Mary came in and said, "What you up too?"

"Nothing much, I'm meant to be studying but I'm just vegging out in front of the box."

"Well if you want to you should do it nude."

"Do you think so?"

"Definitely, if your happier that way then that's what you should do. And anyway your safe, you know I'm not gonna jump your bones."

We both laughed a bit at this.

"How are you feeling about your little confession last night?" I asked Mary.

"Fucking brilliant!, you're my friends and flat mates and I've wanted to tell you for ages. Didn't mean to do it pissed, playing truth or dare, but I'm glad you all know."

"I think it's great and I'm really happy that you're happy. I don't know if this is appropriate, but if anyone gives you any hassle about it, I'll thump them for you, if you want."

Mary laughed. "Thanks for being supportive, you're like a big brother, but I'm a good scratcher and biter myself."

"That could be interesting," I said with a smirk.

"Piss off, anyway you'll never get to find out. Now you gonna get naked and relax or what?"

I thought about it. "I think I will, if it's ok with you."

"Of course it is, do you want me to go outside why you undress?"

"Actually I think I enjoy being watched as well."


"I know." We both laughed.

I'd gotten down as far as my underpants, Mary watching me the whole time, when she spoke,

"I've got one concern."

"What?" I asked, a little worried.

"Is your arse clean? I don't want you putting skid marks all over the sofa."

"Fuck off!" I said, both of us laughing loudly. Mary could be very crass and very funny.

There were two sofas in our living room and I was sat on one, naked, and Mary on the other. The evening had been fun, watching a bit of tv, chatting and generally relaxing. At one stage there was a bit of a sex scene in one of the movies, nothing to write home about, but none the less I had a semi erection. I was also dying to use the bathroom, I tried holding it but the full sensation was having an even worse effect on my dick. I'd have to walk past Mary on her sofa to get out the room and would look silly with my hand over my crotch. Eventually I thought sod this, I'll just brazen it out.

As I passed Mary she gave me a hard smack on the bum.

"What was that for?" I asked.

"Firstly, you have a very slappable bottom and secondly, you're lucky I didn't slap something else, flaunting that bloody big thing about the place."

"Sorry." I started apologizing.

"Don't be, I'm only joking, now get to where you're going and come back, I think there's an even juicier scene coming up," Mary said, with a big, knowing grin on her face.

Around 11 o'clock I was thinking of going to bed, when Suzi returned from a night out. She walked into the living room and stopped dead in her tracks, obviously not expecting to find me naked. Before I could say anything Mary piped up

"How was your night Suz's?"

"Good, mummy and daddy were in town, they took me out for a lovely meal, I invited them back but they wanted to get home, good job they did, by the looks of it."

"Oh, that could have been fun," Mary said.

"Umm," Was all Suzi managed.

"Now where are you going to sit, next to that lovely naked man or next to this raging lesbian?" Mary asked, giving Suzi a very exaggerated wink.

"Next to the naked man I think, there's a better view," Suzi paused for effect. "Of the telly." We all laughed a bit and Suzi sat down a couple of feet from me.

Even though I was staring directly at it I couldn't tell you what was on the tv, I was much too aware of this beautiful woman sat so near to me. I think she'd probably had a few glasses of wine when she was out, she seemed very relaxed and smiley. Even though I was staring ahead I was aware of her looking at me, it made me tingle and caused a stirring in my never regions which I tried, I think none too successfully, to hide by raising my thigh up a bit.

Eventually she said she had to use the bathroom and was going to bed after that. The effects of the wine and sitting on the low sofa meant that she went to put her hand on my knee to help herself up. At the same time I sat forward to help her up, causing her to miss my knee and put her hand mid thigh and my rather large boner, which I had been trying unsuccessfully to hide under my leg, to pop out.

My dick came to rest against the side of her hand; she instinctively moved her hand away whilst trying to stand at the same time. She lost a bit of balance which caused me to put a hand on her bottom to stop her falling backwards and her hand to go back to my thigh, making an even stronger contact with my dick. I pushed forward and she was eventually upright.

We both said, "Oops, sorry." Before cracking up into hysterics.

"Good night Dave, good night Mary," Suzi said, still laughing. "See you tomorrow."

"Night!" We both said.

After she had left I looked at Mary, she was shaking her head.

"That was like a bloody Carry On film," She said.

"I know, it was mad, her hand on my nob, my hand on her arse, I couldn't have planned that if I tried."

We both smiled. "Have you had a nice evening, being nude?" Mary asked.

"Fabulous! thank you for encouraging me and making it possible,"

Mary smiled, but I think I saw a little sadness. "You're very welcome," she said.

I stood up. "I'm off to bed now, I'm knackered," I paused in front of Mary, my dick hanging down "You know it's strange, if I was dressed I think I'd bend down a give you a peck on the cheek to say good night and thank you for being a good friend, as it is it doesn't seem right." I said, feeling all philosophical.

"Piss off will you, and take your big dong with you," Mary said, before trying to slap me on the arse again. I managed to jump out the way and went to bed laughing. I lay in bed thinking what an amazing night it had been. My housemates seemed ok and even encouraging of my nudity and one of them was a secret spanker, I smiled to myself before having the most amazing masturbation session ever, thinking of what might have been and dreaming of what might be.

The next few weeks were uneventful; we didn't see much of John who seemed of the impression that we were all a bit too weird for his liking. I went around nude whenever the mood took me, Mary slapped my arse whenever she could, which became a standing joke amongst us all. Suzi seemed fairly cool with my nudity, I think/hoped stealing admiring glances at me. But the prevailing mood in the house was one of stress, we all had exams coming up.

That Saturday I was sat on the sofa naked, supposedly studying but really daydreaming. I heard the front door open and then Mary and one other voice. Mary stuck her head round the door and said, "Hi Dave, I've got a friend with me, is it ok if she comes in here?"

"Of course." I replied. I knew Mary had been seeing someone called Geraldine and wondered if this was her.

Mary came in with a petite, pretty girl beside her.

"Geraldine this is David, David, Geraldine."

Geraldine's most noticeable feature was her short, bobbed, fiery red hair. I was unsure whether to stand up to say hello, as I would have if clothed. Thankfully Geraldine saved my embarrassment by marching right over to me, arm extended. With a big smile she said,

"Hi David, so lovely to meet you, please call me Geri, everyone does, Mary's told me so much about you."

I managed to only half stand up to shake hands, lessening my slight embarrassment.

"Lovely to meet you Geri, call me Dave."

"I hope you don't mind us joining you like this."

"No not at all, take a seat."

"I meant in the buff, Mary told me you might be naked and I was hoping you would be. I use to go on naturist holidays with my parents when I was a child but it's ages since I had the chance to strip of with others, anyways it doesn't seem fair, you naked and us dressed."

I don't know who was more in shock, me or Mary..

"So is ok if we join you?" Geri asked.

"Absolutely, of course, be my guest," I said extending my arm, indicating the sofa. I looked at Mary, most of the colour had drained from her face. As Geraldine started to undress I smiled at Mary, in return I got daggers. I just raised my eyebrows as if to say 'your turn now.'

I saw Mary take a deep breath and start to undress. I averted my eyes a little so as not to gawk. Whilst nudity for me wasn't in of itself sexual, having these two attractive women strip off was undoubtedly very erotic. I decided there was no point in pretending that I wasn't looking, but instead just made polite conversation and tried not to stare.

I asked Geri about herself, where she was from, how she and Mary had met, that sort of thing. She chatted away, all the time undressing. Finally she was naked and turned and bent over to fold all her clothes neatly. Now this was an amazing site, her pert bottom and never regions fully on show, but I wasn't aroused. Rather, I felt this was the most natural, wonderful thing I had ever seen.

As Geri straightened up, Mary was down to her underwear. "Come on slow coach," Geri chided.

Mary briefly looked at me, I tried to give my kindest, most reassuring smile back. From previous conversations with Mary I knew she hated her big boobs, having been teased a lot as a youngster. She always wore loose, asexual clothing. But as she undid her bra, I as a straight man could not really understand her problem. She could undoubtedly have been a glamour model. Her big boobs stood out proud from her chest, erect nipples sticking out. (As I have gotten older, looking at my own body I have often thought about the wonders of youth)

Mary was naked, standing in a slouched, timid kind of way. Geri stood back and looked at her.

"You are so beautiful," she said, before leaning in and kissing Mary. "Thank you, I know that was difficult for you."

I nearly got a bit choked up myself and Mary seemed to grow by about two feet.

The two of them sat down on the other sofa, everything was a bit stiff and stifled, neither of them quite sure how close to sit or where to put their hands. As our conversations continued I could see them relaxing into the situation. I ask Geri what she meant by naturist as I'd never heard the term.

"A naturist is someone who loves being naked and embraces a naked lifestyle when they can."

"Sounds like me."

"Absolutely it does," said Geri. "There are naturist clubs you can join and lots of beaches in France and places where you can go nude."

"I knew about beaches but never heard about clubs and such like."

"The clubs are ok, my parents are members of one, just like minded people hanging out together. It's mainly an older crowd. They'd love us coming along, two pretty young women and a handsome young man with a large todger, give them all something to talk about."

"I'm gonna make a cup of tea, anyone want one?" Asked Mary

We all said we'd have one. Mary went to the kitchen and I carried on chatting to Geri. After a few minutes I said I'd go and give Mary a hand with the tea and see if there was anything for supper. Mary was stood at the counter, her back to me.

"How you getting on?" I asked.

"Fine, just watching the kettle, see if it'll boil."

"Well you know the answer to that. I was thinking more about the nudity, you seem to be relaxing a bit and maybe even enjoying it. If it means anything coming from me I think you have a great body and look very beautiful."

"Ah, thanks. I nearly died when Geri said we were stripping off, but I'm getting use to it now."

"Great, so does that mean I can smack your arse now, I think it's even more slappable than mine."

"Don't you fucking dare!" Mary yelped, spinning around, her big boobs bouncing. She was definitely getting use to being naked.

When we returned to the living room I asked the girls what their plans for the evening were, they said they were just going to chill out.

"Well there's sod all in the house, do you fancy a take away and a few drinks, maybe rent a movie?" I suggested.

"That sounds like a great idea," they both said. "What food should we get?" Asked Mary.

We eventually decided on Indian. "I think they deliver," said Mary.

"They do, but we'll still have to go out for the booze and the movie," I said.

None of us wanted to get dressed and go out, after some deliberations I was, obviously, out voted and had to go and get it. I was so comfortable and relaxed that I really didn't want to go. Just as I could think of no more excuses not to go, Suzi returned home. She walked into the living room and saw us all naked.

"Fuck me! There's three of them now." We all burst out laughing. Then in a prim and proper fashion she introduced herself to Geri before turning to Mary and saying,

"Mary, I'm use to seeing Dave with his dick flapping around the place but I wasn't expecting to see your big knockers when I got home." We all laughed again and Mary shook her shoulders, making her tits wobble a bit, bringing more laughter.

We explained to Suzi about the take away and she was all for it. I tried to convince her to go and get it, but she was having none of it. She said she'd come with me to help me carry everything. After we had decided what food and booze everyone wanted, she said, "You going like that, or you gonna get dressed."

"Can you imagine," I replied. "I'd probably get arrested and get a cold in my dick." We all laughed again, everyone was in a great mood.

Although not aroused, all the talking and joking and the nice atmosphere in general had definitely made more blood flow to my dick, a fact I was well aware of as I stood up to go and get dressed. Suzi was still stood near the door and I had to pass near her to get out. As I moved towards her she deliberately looked me up and down, sizing me up. This caused an immediate and obvious stirring and twitching of my dick. Mary and Geri were watching us closely; I was amused and enjoying Suzi's boldness. I stopped very close to her, pursed my lips and gave an air kiss. This caused the three of them to giggle.

As we were walking down to the shops Suzi was asking about the afternoon and how we all ended up in the buff. I explained how it came to be and what a nice person Geri seemed to be and we both agreed it was great to see Mary so happy and coming out of herself a bit.

We got to the Indian and ordered the food and then split up, me to get the drinks and Suzi to go to the video store. Remember them?

As was often the way, we were getting more booze than food. I bought a mixture of spirits, mixers and beer and headed back to the Indian.

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