tagLoving WivesDave's Once Shy Wife Ch. 03

Dave's Once Shy Wife Ch. 03

byMarty Fisher©

Dave returned home from work as both Linda and I finished cleaning up and getting dressed for the day. Linda expressed some milk into bottles so she didn't have to interrupt her day out with us. The babysitter arrived just on time and Dave, Linda, and I were off for the day. We spent a good portion of the day on the boardwalk and then walking the beach and while I talked to Dave about old times, I could help replaying the morning in my mind. The smell of Linda's skin as I pressed my face between her breasts, the curviness of her body as she stood there naked in the morning light, and the warmth of her mouth as she sucked my dick made the dick harden as I half-listened to what Dave was saying. I looked over at Linda and she looked back with a sweet smile on her face. Dave continued to talk without ever suspecting a thing.

We had an early dinner at a beach side café and then ran home to check on the baby and change into some evening wear. While there, Linda breastfed her baby as if none of us were there and I got another chance to witness just how full her breasts were and how long her nipples were. As I was passing thru, Linda pulled her nipple from the baby's mouth and a few beads of milk gathered at the tip. She looked up at me again and smiled and I simply stood there and took it all in.

Dave and I jumped into some casual clothes and had a drink while we waited for Linda to get ready. A couple beers later she came out of her bedroom and down the 2nd floor stairs. She was wearing a very casual summer dress that was extremely thin with a plunging neckline. The dress left no doubt that Linda was very well endowed. Linda gave the babysitter some last minute instructions and the three of us headed out the door. Dave drove and talked the entire way as Linda pressed her leg up against mine and rubbed her hand up and down my leg. I was consumed with the sweet smell of her perfume and the effects that her soft hand was having on my leg. Once again, Linda's little magic had my love stick straining to free itself from the confines of my underwear.

We agreed a very hip bar with an upper and lower dance floor. The place was packed with a lot of gorgeous people and I knew this was going to be a very hot night. We found a table and ordered a round of drinks and talked about where we had been and what we all had been up to. As I was sharing the details of some of my latest escapades, Linda ran her bare foot up and down my leg ever so slowly. Dave didn't have a clue as to what she was doing and by the look on his face, probably didn't care either. It didn't take a detective to realize that Linda's missing hand must have been rubbing Dave's member under the table.

A few drinks later Linda got up and asked Dave to dance. Without hesitation, he got up and wondered over to the dance floor with Linda. Damn, that girl had one helluva set of legs and the junk in her trunk and the rack on her chest wasn't anything to complain about either! I watched the two of them dance and caught Linda looking over my way several times. It was almost as if she was on stage dancing for me and not with her husband. When the song ended the two of them returned to the table to a fresh round of drinks.

"Damn Marty, are you trying to get us drunk or something," said Linda.

"Or something," I said back with a grin on my face.

Dave excused himself to take a leak and Linda slid over closer to me. She ran her finger across my face, down my chin, over my chest and down to my belt bucket. She grabbed the top of my pants and pulled me to her starring directly into my eyes. I looked back and watched as her lips parted and pressed against my own. Her tongue snaked into my mouth and rolled from left to right. Her hand slid down below my belt and she squeezed my cock and balls almost to the point of pain. I winched but continued to French kiss her as I slid my hands up to her face and held it. We broke the kiss after a couple of moments and just before Dave returned none the wiser.

"Hey Dave, mind if I dance with the little lady," I said.

"Hell no buddy, what's mine is yours unless she objects," said Dave.

"I'd love to dance with you Marty, let's go," said Linda.

On the dance floor Linda couldn't keep her body off of me. I was thinking it was a little too obvious for even a blind man but then my dick said it didn't give a fuck what anyone thought because it was having fun and was intent on getting another piece of this fine ass later tonight. I wasn't sure how that was going to happen, but somehow, I just knew it had to.

The dance ended and Linda cuddled again with Marty. We talked some more until we were interrupted by some old familiar voices.

"Dave and Marty you old mother fuckers. What the hell are you guys doing here?' we heard.

I turned around and couldn't believe my eyes, a couple of our old frat brothers Bob and Chuck. These two guys did more partying than any ten guys we knew in college. We invited them to join us and bullshitted the night away. Throughout the evening I stole glances at Linda while she rubbed her foot up and down my leg and flirted with our college friends. Dave was busy downing the beers, about two for every one I drank. By about 1am, Linda said that she had better get home as the babysitter had an early day tomorrow. Dave was obviously too drunk to drive so I offered to drive Linda and Dave home and then join my buddies for another round of drinks at their place. They followed us to Dave and Linda's place which was about 30 minutes down the road. Dave sat near at the passenger side window mumbling a bunch of crap that didn't make sense and trying to fondle Linda breasts along the way. At one point her entire right breast was exposed as Dave squeezed milk from her nipple. It was very difficult driving with these distractions, but Linda's hand on my cock made it just a little easier to take.

When we arrived at Linda's place I helped Dave stumble into the house and up the stairs to his bedroom as our friends waited outside and Linda paid the babysitter and sent her on her way. I asked him if he was going to be ok, and he said "sure, as soon as I get a piece of my wife's ass everything is going to be A-O-K. You want a piece too Marty?" he said in a drunken slur.

"I think I had better leave the two of you alone Dave as Bob and Chuck are waiting for me," I said.

"Whatever you say Marty," said Dave as he fumbled to get his zipper down.

I figured it was time for me to leave but as I left the bedroom Linda met me just outside the door.

"Look Marty, I've been thinking. He's too fucking drunk to satisfy my needs tonight and after sucking and fucking your cock this morning, I'm so hot you could fry an egg on me. I need some real fucking tonight and I was hoping you'd stick around," she said as she pressed her full breast up against me and looked me square in the eyes.

"Damn, Linda, why didn't you say something before I told these guys I'd go out with them. How about I kill a couple of hours with them and then hightail it back here?" I said.

"I can't wait that long Marty. I need to be fucked now and I need it bad. Why don't you invite your buddies in here and they can join the fun too," she said.

"Are you fucking kidding me Linda? You want me to invite Bob and Chuck in here to for a five way? What the hell is Dave going to say about this?" I said in total disbelief.

Don't get me wrong, I'd fuck this lady alone or with ten other friends as long as I got to fuck her, she was simply that good.

"Give me 15 minutes to set this up and yes, the three of you can come upstairs and join us. Bring your buddies in and take them downstairs for a drink. I'll come and get you when we're ready," she said.

"Ok, if you're sure it will be alright with Dave, I'm sure our buddies won't object," I said as I turned and headed out the door to extend the invitation to Bob and Chuck. Needless to say, neither one of them objected to Linda's invitation. We hit the bar in the basement and 15 minutes later as described Linda entered the room in a very sheer black see-thru nightie. Her legs looked delicious and her breasts were leaking again. The three of us stood there completely mesmerized.

"Well boys, ready for some action?" she said.

We were speechless and we all looked her over from head to toe. She turned and then gave us that "follow me" look as she quietly walked up the steps. She entered the master bedroom and the three of us were right behind her. I was surprised to find Dave sitting in a chair next to his bed, naked, hands and feet tied to the arms and legs of the chair with Linda's panties stuffed in his mouth. By the look on his face, he was a little surprised to see us as well. Apparently, he had thought we had left and fell victim to Linda's little bondage game.

"Honey, you've always wanted me to be a slut. Well, tonight, you're going to get your wish. These three well hung men are going to fuck the living shit out of me while you sit there quietly and watch," said Linda as she stroked Dave's dick and squeezed his balls. "Just sit right there honey and watch what Momma's going to do with your best friends honey."

She turned towards the three of us and said, "I can't get any satisfaction from your guys with all those clothes on. If you're going to fuck me, you better get out of them before I change my mind."

We didn't need to be told twice. The three of us were stripping like our clothes were on fire. In the meantime, Linda had lowered herself onto Dave's harden cock and was slowly riding him up and down while stroking her erect clitty.

"Mmmm, look at all that meat," Linda said. "I think I'm going to have a lot of fun tonight, just the way you've always wanted me to Dave."

Dave couldn't do or say a thing. He was completely helpless and could only sit there and watch as his wife removed herself from his dick and slid in the satin covered bed in there room.

"Who's going to be first to fuck me?" she said as she pulled her knees up and twisted a nipple between her thumb and index finger causing a spurt of milk to escape.

"I think one of the other guys ought to go first honey," said Bob, "that way they can open you up a bit so it will be easier for me to slide this big thing in."

He wasn't kidding. Bob was easily a couple inches longer than both Chuck and I, and twice as thick too.

"Well then, bring that big ass night stick over here then so I can suck the dick juice out of it while one of those other two fuck me," she said.

Bob walked over to the side of the bed stroking his cock along the way and Linda reached out to grab him.

"Damn, this thing must weigh a couple of pounds Bob. I'm not sure I'm going to be able to swallow it all but I'll give it my best," she said.

She slid the head of Bob's dick into her mouth as she massaged his heavy balls. As the head exited her mouth, her saliva glistened on it. She rolled her tongued under the head and Bob's dick danced in her hand.

"Hmm, is this what you wanted Dave? To see your wife turn into a total slut right in front of your face. Did you want to see me suck your friend's big fat dick and drain the juice from his balls while his buddy fucks my tight little pussy? Oh that must be what you wanted Davie, look at your little cock bounce up and down and I'm not even touching it. Well, watch closely honey because your little slutty wife is going to have the night of her life right in front of your naked ass," said Linda as she returned to sucking on Bob's dick.

"Marty, don't just stand there, get over here and suck my nipples, they're overflowing with milk. Chuck, stick that dick of yours up my pussy and get it nice and wet for big Bob here," said Linda.

I climbed up on the bed and started to play with Linda's nipples, alternating between twisting them gently and sucking the milk that flowed from them. In the meantime, Chuck raised Linda's legs to his chest and pointed his dick at her opening. As he said in, Linda let out a sigh that left no doubt that she was entering a place that she had never been before. The site in front of me kept my dick hard and the pre-cum flowing. Linda reached down and stroked my cock and rubbed the pre-cum across the head of my dick. Poor Dave could only sit and watch but apparently that was more than enough for him because just a Chuck unloaded his cum into Linda's tight little pussy, Dave's dick shot a string of cum across the room and onto the floor. All of this without anyone even touching him.

As Chuck emptied the last bit of semen from his dick, he slowly pulled out and backed away. Linda took her mouth off of Bob's dick long enough to instruct me to take Chuck's place. I left her side and walked to the end of the bed but before turning towards her, I stroked my cock while standing in front of poor Dave. I'm not really sure what had gotten into me, but the feeling was one of power and I enjoyed it.

I turned towards Linda and looked down between her legs. Her pussy was slightly open and some of Chuck's sperm was leaking out. I dipped the head of my cock in the leaking fluid and spread it up and down her pussy lips and pressed the opening on my dick against her clitty. She pushed back and I rocked up and down on her tiny girl-cock before finally burying my dick inside.

I could feel the remains of Chuck inside her as I pushed deeply into her vaginal walls. Her pussy was warm, wet, and very very slick and I could feel her wetness cover my balls.

"Oh fuck me Marty, fuck me," she said. "Dave, can you see how big Bob is? Do you see how good Marty is at satisfying my pussy? Now that you've introduced me into this slutty lifestyle, I'm not going to be satisfied with just your little dick. I'm going to need cocks and more cocks each and every day. Do you understand me honey? From now on, whenever I feel the urge to be fucked, you are going to have to round up a few of your buddies to satisfy me or else," she said.

That was enough to send me over the top and I dumped my load of jism into Linda's cunt. I stood there recovering from my climax, completely amazed at Bob's staying power. The guy was still rock hard and hadn't cum yet.

"Bob, I've got to have this big thing in me but I want to be on top so my husband can watch my ass as my pussy slides up and down on this big dick," she said.

Bob and Linda changed places with Bob on the bottom and Linda straddling his dick with pussy lips just inches away.

"Ohhh, Dave, his dick is soo big. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to go back to your little dick after he slides this thing in," she said as she ever so slowly slid herself down on Bob's big cock.

Once she hit bottom, she sat there a moment, allowing her ass to rest against Bob's balls. Then she started a slow ascent and descent pattern that lasted for several minutes. The milk from Linda's breasts was now flowing freely as Bob squeezed and pulled on her nipples. Chuck had been stroking his cock all along and was ready to rejoin the fun. He stepped up behind Linda and rubbed the head of his around her pussy lips, wetting it with the combined juices leaking from it. He then placed the head of his dick at her ass and slowly pushed it in. Linda howled a bit and then increased her pace riding Bob's dick in her pussy and now Chuck dick in her ass.

"Oh honey, can you see this. Bob's got his big ass dick buried all the way into my tight little pussy while your buddy Chuck's got his dick buried balls-deep in my ass. Man, I have never felt this filled before. I need a cock to suck. Marty, get your fucking ass over here and stuff your dick in my face - hurry, please! I need something to suck while I'm getting fucked in both holes," Linda said in between trying to catch her breath as she rode Bob's dick and was fucked from behind by Chuck.

I stuck my hard cock into her eager mouth and she began sucking as if she was trying to pull something from within me. The whole scene was driving us all crazy and as soon as Bob unloaded, Chuck followed, then I followed and Linda just kept riding and sucking as if her life depended on it. Poor Dave shot another load, again, without a single person touching his little dick.

We finished climaxing and filling each of Linda's openings and then individually withdrew exhausted. Bob and Chuck thanked Linda for a wonderful evening and told her to call them anytime she needed a little excitement. I lay next to Linda gently rubbing her breasts as while she laid there with her legs splayed in front of Dave.

"Do you see what you've created Dave? I cum filled wife who can't get enough of her hubby's cock buddies. I'm going to continue fucking and sucking anyone I want, whenever I want and you're not going to do a thing except sit back and enjoy it. Do you understand that Dave?", she said.

Pretty hard for Dave to respond to that with a mouthful of panties. All he could do is sit and listen. Linda rolled a nipple in her fingers and she dipped the fingers of her other hand into her sopping wet pussy. She stroked her pussy for a minute before bringing her fingers to her mouth.

"Mmmmm, that does taste good Dave. I think I'm going to like this new arrangement. Thanks for introducing me to sluthood honey. I don't know why I did try this before."

I knew that Linda and Dave's life had been permanently changed from that point on and I could only hope that they continued to keep me involved!

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