tagErotic CouplingsDavid and Helena Ch. 03

David and Helena Ch. 03


This is a tease and denial story first and foremost. If that isn't your thing then ok, probably best you save your time. It is also probably just as much a "non consent/reluctance" story but I am looking ahead. Let me know your thoughts at the end if you so wish. I hope you enjoy the read...


He sat with his head in his hands. His luxury apartment and panoramic view over the harbor seemed of little consequence as he considered his predicament.

Only hours ago he had the world at his feet. He was an athlete at the peak of his career seemingly on a trajectory to stardom, a hero in the public eye. This week he would be playing in front of the national selectors, perhaps about to achieve his lifelong dream of selection for his country. It was something that had burned inside of him for as long as he could remember.

Since he could walk, he would seemingly do so, only ever with a rugby ball in hand. All of his toddler photos through to his teenage years had a ball in it or a rugby field framing the shot. His father was his greatest supporter and his mother a close second. He had been a player, cut down before expressing his talents with a serious ACL knee injury.

Loosing his father a couple of years earlier had been devastating for David. Lost for a while in self pity and grief - he had considered giving the game away. Close friends and his mother, who of course was suffering her own massive loss, rightly pointed out that his father would have wanted him to continue playing and to the highest level he could achieve.

His mothers concern for David in the way he sometimes played meant she would wish he had chosen a different occupation occasionally. However in the heart of big games he knew his mother was behind him 100% and he saw how her face glowed and her chest swelled when he had led his side to victory. She sought him out afterward with massive mom hugs.

It really became quite life changing for him, with a new focus on a career that had been middling at best, blossoming into something quite special. Before his fathers death he had been content to enjoy his talents and ride them wherever they took him. Since the accident, which took his dad, he was doing everything he could to be better as a rugby player. He followed the nutritionist's advice, dropping the many social beers back to one or two a week - just to be polite. He had upped his protein intake and reduced the amount of fat in his diet. He would do extra training after the required team runs, where he would work on his micro skills, the catching and passing or tricky ball handling drills. Mean while the other players would gradually leave the field one by one to shower and head home.

He was noticed. His body shape gradually changed and his muscles and body grew. His chest expanded from the diet and extra training and the more focused gym training. David's coaches began to acknowledge his workload and held him up as an example to the other players for his diligent effort.

The trainers noticed his size, speed and stamina improve over time and patted themselves on the back for the gains and his improvement.

David's stat sheet had improved markedly also. The software used to count his contributions showed steady increases in effort. He made more tackles with more impact; he made more ball carries with a greater average distance and his handling error rate decreased.

His team held him up as an example to follow. Not only admiring his improvement but his courage in defense. He had a reputation for being a no nonsense tackler who refused to take a backward step. He hit hard and he hit squarely. When you ran into David Tanner, you risked your body's condition and your reputation. Bluntly he was feared throughout the competition.

In his own mind David was glad to see that the harder he worked, the better he got. He made a steady rise into the leadership group and had not long ago, eased into the captaincy.

Everything was tracking along nicely until only very recently when his vice, gambling, or more accurately - risk taking, had placed him in a very delicate position. He'd made several bets in the past and the rush was all about breaking a rule. It was a rule he cared or thought little about but it meant he could have his little time away from the responsibilities and roles that came with being in charge.

He knew that the consequences of his actions were dramatic if he were to be caught by the right people. The governing body of the sport would probably slap him with a life ban and his career would be over. He guffed as he thought to himself that perhaps it was lucky so far that he was being blackmailed and not handed over to the authorities. Or, as he thought more reflectively - perhaps that was yet to come and what he was going through would be all in vain and the utter humiliation would be ahead - not in the recent past.

He started to think about Helena, his controlling mistress and the holder of his destiny. He was trying to be angry. He had every right. She had played with him and tortured him mercilessly. She had teased him to the edge of ecstasy and not let him over. She had denied him his senses and embarrassed and humiliated him... Yet, he was not thinking vengefully or aggressively toward her.

Through her teasing and torment, his desire to see her had grown. In a figurative and literal sense he wanted to see her again as she was so tauntingly, confidently and sexily attractive. She had turned his normally sharp mind to mush. He had become her willing, pliable clay in the matter of a few hours.

He had returned home and immediately taken some pictures of himself in the equipment, which he emailed off, to his mistress.

"Iamowned@gmail.com" seemed as suitable email address as any, he thought as he pressed send. In the two shots he had taken he was sure to not show his face. As requested in her note he had included his personal mobile phone number

He wasn't sure but he thought he missed her. "How fucking bizarre" he thought

He wanted to see her legs and he wanted to see her tits. He wanted to see her face again and he wanted to make her smile. He let out an anguished "Arguuugh" as he felt his wood start to fill the plastic barrel of the cock lock she had encased him in. The small rubber padlock bounced against his balls lightly as he stood and made his way to bed.

It was well after midnight, he had the most important game of his career, the next day, his desire to come was through the roof, he was thinking about a girl and his cock was locked in a small plastic barrel.

"Hmmmm" was all he could muster in his head, not the best game prep ever... to say the least.

He knew he would not sleep well!


Was not asleep either. The thrill of receiving the email so quickly after his departure and her brains unwillingness to switch off from dissecting the days events meant unconsciousness was beyond her.

The day could not have gone any better. She had, straddled the head of her home city's favorite son, attaining multiple orgasms and a great deal of physical satisfaction. Despite her wrestle with the legal and moral side of her control, she smiled as she remembered the emotional side of her journey so far.

She had felt the thrill of her ultimate power. Having someone so desirable at her beck and call was a powerful aphrodisiac and now her mind was running wild as to what she could do with her new toy. She had a plan and hoped she could stick with it.

A concern she had was for his mental well-being. There was a flicker of fear that he was not up to this process she was conducting. The joy she got, far outweighed any real fears but she hoped the end result would prove to be a symbiotic outcome rather than just her benefiting solely from their liaisons.

She felt he was starting to enjoy himself, as was her intention. The balance between pleasure and torture would prove to be a delicate one but she also thought David might have a small psychological issue she could be helping with.

She was no professional but had the feeling that it was probably a good thing she caught him gambling, rather than someone else - from his industry.

None the less she was wide awake as she thought of his Adonis like body and admired athletic mind, which were both more or less, hers to do as she pleased.

Thinking of his vein-ridden cock, waving at his waist while she had ridden his face she slipped her hands down her flanks below the sheets and hooked her delicate underwear away in the process. Quickly finding her bud amongst the moist folds it took no time to massage her core to yet another quick orgasm to round out the day.

Her panting, writhing body eased eventually into a rested and satiated state.

She fell asleep with the corners of her mouth turned up - as her toes had been - four times that day.

The little sleep David had that night was fitful and restless. Dreams of prisons, shackles and inmates were punctuated by realizations of his predicament, every time he moved in bed. Each roll over or turn meant an unfamiliar feeling between his legs, thoughts of his situation, a frustrated attempted erection and a long spell of writhing before further fitful sleep. This cycle happened many times.

He finally awake early for good, rose and showered.

At some stage during the day he knew he would have to make some decisions.

He could not play professional rugby in a cock cage, he could attempt to remove the locked device, which would get him through the game, but he would not be able to put it back on without the key. This was assuming that he didn't do himself an injury in its removal. If he did release the device he knew he would have to face the irritation or wrath of his mistress. She had been quite specific about only she having the right of removing it.

He couldn't believe how fast he had gotten into the habit of thinking about her that way - his mistress!

He could hand himself in but then the cards would rapidly fall and his reputation and life would be in tatters.

Yes, the decisions would come later. There was nothing for it, he would have to prepare as normally as possible, hope for a change... and that it might be a positive one.

She woke with the smile still upon her face and the dried musk of last nights sign off session, subtly felt between her legs and on her underwear. She arose and prepared as if it were any Saturday. These for her involved a delicious long shower, a quick chat with her mother and father in the next city and brunch with two of her closest friends at a favorite cafe.

They were all used to her independent single life and so weren't surprised when upon enquiry she informed them that there was no new news. She had to keep David a secret, at least until she had woven him a by story to fit into her extended life - if she so chose. She smiled to herself as she thought how uncomfortable he must be and how each time he would be reminded of her and her power over him.

David sat in a meeting with a small group of players. The whole team had met earlier at a hotel booked for them. The coach reminded them of the strategy to first play a territorial game and thrive off the opposition mistakes through their own pressure. The opposition was a strong side and led the league table but David and his side would catch them if they had a good win.

The small group David sat with were players he would deal most with during the game. He was a loose forward for this game and as such would have a close relationship with the other two starting loose forwards and the half back - in particular during the live elements of the match.

Normally he would lead and prompt talk from the other three men but today David was distracted and miles away. It was Tommy, the halfback who first piped up and ribbed him gently... "You ok boss, ugly woman trouble - maybe I can help?" two which the other two chuckled. David had a reputation for dating the town's most attractive women while Tommy had bedded the odd troll when his beer goggles had led him astray in the evenings.

"What, sorry, nah" was all David could come out with and this did nothing for the comfort of the other three. His cock pulsed against the plastic confines in his shorts.

David was starting to get nervous. He had no message from his mistress, his cock was swelling in a cage, though thankfully no one could notice. Despite his attempted erections the tube remained pointed down. He new he couldn't play like this - not just the physical risk but also the mental distraction. If someone saw him like this or noticed the plastic trouser chamber in the close contact his fearsome reputation would be in tatters.

He managed to switch back into the group meeting enough to get through but did little to ease the others minds. For them, their best player, in the most crucial game, was mentally absent. The leader that they looked to, appeared and seemed vacant or distracted.

David had three hours left and had not heard from his mistress. He was not panicking just yet but was growing increasingly doubtful. He made a visit to the mens room and established that he could not remove the cock lock without either doing himself some harm (which would take some explaining) or without outside help. He was not willing to ask for that.

She finished up after lunch with her girl friends and completed some housework. As she was dusting away she thought about how she might use David for this among other things, into the future. She packed her bag and made her way into town ready for the next part of her adventure.

Closer to game time, David had managed to get changed in private and he was certain no one was aware of his predicament

. Standing there in his yellow and black rugby jersey trying to slightly hold back his hips to avoid detection the group all gazed toward him. The coach who spoke about the importance of the match had addressed them all on how they should play for one another. He also picked out David for special mention and informed the other players that David was in consideration for national honors and how, with the respect they all had for him, they should do everything in their power to help him make the national team.

"If they only new" thought David, "their respect would be gone faster than you can say... cock cage!"

Normally David would speak up to reinforce his coaches words but partly due to the fact he was only half listening he instructed the boys to get outside and go on with their individual warm ups on the field.

David was going to risk it. Fully kitted, boots, socks, mouth guard, shorts jersey, strapping tape, lifters... and cock ring. He knew he wasn't prepared for this game but more than anything he felt disappointed. He thought his mistress was organized and selfish in a way that somehow... was benefiting him. He could see no way this treatment was of any advantage to him - right now or in the future. In fact he was risking serious injury. "Oh well," he thought. You got yourself into this mess. You can keep it hidden from everyone and try to do the best you can". Not quite the inspirational quote or phrase he was hoping for... but appropriate non-the less.

As he lent in to hook the towel above his bag he heard the familiar vibration from his phones message alert.

She pressed send and lent back in her chair to wait.

"Concourse 2, Isle 7, second green door on the right past the groundsman office.


David read the text and ran out of the door to the changing room. The manager of the team looked at him in disbelief as he took off out the door - running away from the field.

He screamed his name "David, what the hell are you doing, we kick off in..." checking his watch. .."twenty minutes"

He was gone.

He only had a rough idea of where concourse 2 was as he sprinted away from the changing room and his teammates. Finding a door to the stairwell, he started up them, three at a time. Two large flights later he burst out of the door. He was running in his rugby boots, which was not ideal and hard to manage on the slick concrete surface.

He was gathering stares from some of the fans and staff who all knew who he was and were, doubtless wondering what is the captain doing wandering around up here.

Most were lining up to get to food or drink or chatting to friends as he sprinted past along concourse 2. He saw isle seven and made his way along the long wide hall away from the ground until he came to the right door. Looking back over his shoulder he noticed that despite the obvious curiosity, no one had followed him. Knocking gently he was relieved that the door opened when tested it and he made his way in.

She was relieved to see him. Her direct order to come at such a time she knew was a risk. He may have made other arrangements and in fact decided to come clean and confess to the authorities which indeed would have put her at risk in a criminal sense.

Seeing him there like this, dressed as a gladiator ready for battle filled her up. She swelled with lust, power and yearning.

"Hello, rugby boy, how are you going" she asked in a composed looking manner with a raised eyebrow.

Despite everything, David couldn't help but think how good it was to see her. Even getting the text made him react like had never before. Running full tether until he got here. His cock became secondary for some reason and just getting to see this woman who controlled him was a driving force.

"I'm well thanks my mistress" he managed with a kind of grimaced smile. He didn't want her to know he was enjoying himself. God, things were weird enough as it was.

The biggest day of his playing career and he had fled the changing room like a frightened schoolgirl.

" You got here quickly" she said, "I like that, good boy"

The syndicated gambling office that Helena worked for owned the office and being able to book it out when ever she needed it had made it ideal for tonight's purposes. Luckily no one else wanted it despite the big game. It was sparsely decorated but her needs tonight required little need for furniture. There were a few corporate office chairs and a meeting table in the main room with a small offshoot bathroom attached.

"Come here rugby boy," she instructed him from her seat.

His cock was pressing out against its constraints at just the sound of her voice. He felt it fill the tube and his balls press against the ring and lock.

When he arrived in front of her chair she looked up at him grabbed the hem of his shorts and lowered them to his ankles. His spandex underwear followed them shortly after. His caged manhood popped free in front of Helena.

She dramatically licked her lips and removed a chain from her neck, which was connected to a familiar looking key.

Undoing the padlock she slid the tube over David's cock. It was a tight fit and though it stuck a little she managed to free his cock with some gentle manipulation. Davids manhood sprang free and began to rapidly grow into the free space. She then took off the ring as David stood statue like before her. Her grip was like satin and every touch was setting off pleasure fireworks along his entire length. His newly released manhood seemed to be finding new growth as he expanded in her hand.

"Follow me, she instructed" as she stood and led him into the small bathroom – her hand around his hardening, warm log. The basin was filled with soapy water and a hand cloth. Squeezing the excess from the small towel, Helena began to bathe David's cock.

He tilted his head back slightly but managed to not make a sound as the warm water and cloth caressed his unsheathed sword.

When Helena had washed and dried his member she led him back into the small meeting room. His awkward shuffling around the room would have appeared extremely comical. By now he was as hard as granite though and cared little for how he appeared.

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