tagLoving WivesDavid and Janet Ch. 01

David and Janet Ch. 01


My name is David and I have been lucky enough to be married to my beautiful wife Janet for the last 15 years. Janet was my high school sweetheart and we dated until we went off to college. Now we tried to keep in touch, but I had earned a scholarship to Texas State while Janet went off to Oklahoma State.

We would hook up during summers and the occasional holiday breaks. I had moved off to Dallas after graduating from college and lost touch with Janet for a while. My parents died in a car crash a few years later. They were killed by a drunk driver about 5 years after my college graduation.

I quit my job and moved back to San Antonio to take care of my parents estate. Both of my parents were doctors and after the life insurance policies paid out I was set for life. With good investments in place and as long as I didn't go spend crazy I would be comfortable to pursue whatever things in life I would want.

Purely by accident I ran into Janet at the local grocery store while shopping one day, shortly after my parents funeral. We made some small talk after looking each other over. She said she was sorry to hear about my parents passing away so suddenly.

After talking to her I realized two things. First was that she had returned to our childhood neighborhood shortly after college. Secondly even after all this time just being near her made me want her again.

We made dinner plans so we could really talk and catch up after all these years. We went out to eat at a local Italian restaurant and to a Starbucks for an after dinner drink. I found out that after we had pretty much gone our separate ways during or senior year in college Janet had fallen into a rather wild crowd. She really wouldn't say what she did at that time, but did tell me she had been raped just shortly after graduation. She had returned home to recover and chose to make a life for herself here in San Antonio.

One date led to another and before we knew it we were quickly becoming a couple. After my loss I had decided to take things slowly and had not pursued a sexual relationship aggressively with Janet which seemed to be fine with her and we slowly worked our way towards it. About 3 or 4 months in after a fun night of dancing, clubbing, and drinking we wound up back at my place. My place being my old house which was left to me in the will as well as everything else.

We started to make out in the living room on the sofa. Our tongues eagerly re exploring each others mouths after so many years apart. I tasted the alcohol on her tongue as my taste buds scraped against hers. My hand moving up under her shirt as our breathing started to become labored. I soon had her shirt open as my fingers gently massaged her heaving breasts. Janet was blessed in that department with a very healthy pair of 42 double D's.

I was nibbling her earlobe and kissing her neck as we lay on our sides on the sofa.

"Are you sure your ready for this Janet?"

I asked her because she had told me during our dating that she had not had sex with anyone since the rape. I had true feelings for her and didn't want to scare her off at this point in our new relationship. Hoping that she was OK with things I continued to kiss her and deftly unhooked her bra clasp from the front. My fingers finally touching once again her familiar yet strange flesh.

Feeling her flesh beneath my fingers once again after so long a time apart sent jolts of electricity up my fingertips and through my body to my mind. I suddenly felt nervous and happy all at once. My mind was reeling as I continued to kiss her neck and mouth. Why I felt this way I didn't understand at that time. I felt her nipples harden beneath my touch. She had large areolas that were almost red in color capped with beautiful 1 to 2 inch nipples.

Again I asked her if she was sure that she wanted to continue. She moaned as I kissed her and rubbed my thumbs back and forth over her nipples.

"YESSSS" she hissed .

Being a male I needed no further convincing and lowered my head to her breasts and started to take one nipple then the other into my mouth and lashing them with my wet tongue. Again I was rewarded with a moan escaping from her lips. Her hands running up and down my back as I placed my knee between her thighs and began to apply pressure against her crotch.

"Oh God, David! That's it baby, right there!"

I continued my assault on her nipples as i now started to softly bite and pull them with my teeth. I increased the pressure with my knee and felt her starting to softly rock back and forth against the pressure. After a few more minutes of this I decided that I needed to feel her pussy again after so many years away from each other. Slowly my hand moved down her stomach until I felt the button at the top of her jeans. I quickly went to work opening the button and tugging the zipper down. My fingers dug their way under the lip of her panties and I could hear her labored breathing as my fingers inched their way over her shaved lips.

I ran my fingers over her labia and felt the incredible heat coming from her sex. I became aware of her juices starting to ooze and coat my fingers as I continued to rub her outer lips. I stretched my neck upwards and mashed my lips hard against hers and felt her mouth open against mine. Our tongues for the second time that night danced together sliding back and forth against one another. Her hands that were softly rubbing my back were now running through my hair on the back of my head. Finally I couldn't take it anymore and plunged my index and middle finger deep inside her.

Janet's box was on fire now and her juices burned my fingers like molten lava. She started to thrust and grind her hips hard against my hand. I was rock hard in my pants. My cock strained against the fabric begging to be released. I needed to let my manhood breathe soon or I was going to ruin a good pair of pants and boxer briefs. Janet reached down and pushed her jeans and panties downward to give me more room to play.

I broke my kiss and with my free hand finished pulling them down for her. Janet reached for the hem of my polo shirt and pulled it up over my head. Then with a slight smile on her face reached for my pants button and zipper. Once she had them open she wasted no time in yanking them down. We were naked before each other once again and it seemed so right, so natural. It was at this moment that I knew we were meant for each other and knew that I would one day be calling this beauty my wife.

I moved back in and proceeded to kiss her breasts and nipples as I continued to slide my fingers in and out of her. Sawing my hand back and forth I added my ring finger and pinky to the other two fingers already in her gushing wet pussy. Then I felt her pushing my head downward towards her overheated sex. I took my time with her savoring this feeling and desire inside her.

"Oh God, baby! PLEASE! Don't tease me any longer." she begged me.

I couldn't deny her any longer and trailed soft kisses down her stomach broken only with my tongue as i slid my way down towards my reward. I dipped my tongue ever so slightly inside her navel and kissing over her pubis mound. Her clit was erect and poking just slightly out from beyond her hood and lips. I smelled Janet's sex as I fastened my lips around her clit and sucked it hard into my mouth. Running my tongue against her clit while sucking it made her jump like she had just been shocked by an invisible bolt of lightening.

"YESSSS" she hissed again.

Her legs came up over my shoulders and she grabbed two fists full of my hair as she shoved my head into her dripping pussy. As she drove my head inward she used her legs leveraged against my body to push her pelvis against my face. I sucked and sucked on her clit for all I was worth as my fingers continued to pump in and out of her soaked sex.

"Please don't stop now David" she begged and pleaded. "I'm so close now baby and it's been so long since anyone has made me cum. Give it to me baby I need it so much!"

Well who was I to stand in the way of this beautiful woman (and in the throws of passion) from cumming. So I tightened my lips as hard as I could and sucked for all I was worth. I started to flick my tongue back and forth, circling around and around. My fingers were buried deep inside her and I rotated them and started to rub her G spot. It only took a moment of this and I was rewarded with a very loud moan. Then my mouth was flooded with her sweet cream as she came all over my face.

"Oh David! Eat my pussy baby! OH GOD! It feels so good! I love you David please don't ever stop eating me."

Janet finally let go of my head and relaxed her legs as she slowly came down from her orgasm. Slowly her breathing returned to normal and her heaving breasts slowed down to a steady rhythm. I watched her breasts rise and fall as I continued to lick the cum from her inner thighs and from her sex. When I looked up again she had a smile on her face and a glint in her eyes.

"Mmmmmmm baby that was so damn good. Now let me thank you properly" she said.

With that she pulled me up her body as my cock dragged along up between her breasts until it came to rest on her chin just below her smiling lips.

"I think it's long over due for me to get my lips wrapped around that hunk of flesh again."

Janet opened her lips and mouth and snaked her tongue out to touch the head of my cock. Spearing the tip just ever so slightly into my piss hole and pulling away with a drop of pre cum that stretched from the hole to her lips. Out shot her tongue once again and the strand disappeared altogether. My God how I had forgotten just how fucking hot she was in bed. She reached up with her hands and clasped my butt cheeks in her hands and pulled me forward. I watched as my cock slowly sank inside her hot and loving mouth.

I felt her tongue wrap around my hard cock as I sank forward. Then I felt and saw her cheeks hollow as she sucked hard on my erection. Now I'm not hung but I do have a decent sized cock at 7 1/2" long and about 4 inches thick. She started to moan again as she pulled me back and forth in her mouth. As she moaned against my cock I could feel the vibrations running the length of cock to my balls. I truly had forgotten how good a blow job she could give. I felt the suction as my cock head slowly ran over her tongue.

As she sucked the head she brought one of her hands back around and grabbed a hold of the base of my cock. With her other hand she started to play with my balls. Now I am only human and after about 5 to 10 minutes of this was ready to blow my load in her mouth. So I pulled my cock from her mouth and told her that unless she wanted a mouth full of cum that she needed to stop now.

Again I asked her if she was ready to go all the way and finish what we had started.

"Janet, are you sure this is what you want? Once we do this it can't be undone."

"I know baby. I have been thinking of this moment since we started seeing each other again. I trust you. I know that you would never do anything to hurt me and no matter what I do will always love and care for me, won't you?"

I was stunned by her statement and honored that she would trust me so completely.

"Of course I will Janet. You mean the world to me."

"Then yes, David. I want you inside of me now."

Now in High School and even in college I always had used rubbers when I had sex with Janet. Better safe than sorry, my mother and father had always taught me. As I reached over to the nightstand to grab a condom Janet reached out and grabbed my wrist.

"David, you don't need a rubber. You can't get me pregnant if you wanted to."

I was taken back by her statement to say the least.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean since the rape, I can't get pregnant. The doctors say that I will never be able to have children."

"Oh! Janet, I'm so sorry baby. I didn't know"

She softly smiled and laughed. "It's OK David it's not your fault and you didn't know."

She reached out to me and pulled her into me so I could hold her tight. Holding her naked body against mine even after what she told me made my cock even harder than before. I leaned in and kissed her as we fell back onto the bed. I rolled over on top of her and she reached between our bodies and lined up my hard cock with her opening.

As my rock hard cock sank inside of her I looked directly into her eyes and buried myself slowly. For not having sex with another person in over 5 years she felt nice and tight but not overly tight. Soon I found my rhythm and found myself thinking back to the days when we would fuck like rabbits all day and night long. This was the same yet different. Maybe it's just that we had matured or maybe it was because I found myself really caring for her.

My balls sent out a steady slapping noise against her ass as her juices ran down my cock and over my ball sack. She felt so nice around my cock that I never wanted this feeling to end. I pumped in and out of her slick hole. My cock getting more and more wet with her juices with each thrust. Janet suddenly rolled over and so I rolled with her not wanting to be out of her ever again. As she settled on top of me she leaned forward and let her breasts dangle in front of my face. Her nipples mere centimeters from my lips.

Janet started to ride my cock as trapped one nipple at a time between my lips and teeth and started to pull. Not one to be out done she started to ride my cock harder and harder. With each new thrust onto my cock the closer I got to cumming inside her. I started to pull harder each time she raised up away from my body. The harder I pulled on her nipples the harder she fucked and the closer she got to cumming. She was moaning like a bitch in heat and I was grunting like a madman. We were both close and I could tell it wouldn't be long now before we both came.

"I'm going to cum soon baby. Your pussy feels so damn good!"

"Oh! YES! I'm gonna cum David!"

"YES! Cum for me Janet! Cum just for me baby. Let me feel and hear how much you want to be mine!"

Janet arched her back and her head shot backwards. I'm amazed she didn't get whiplash with as fast as it went. Then not but two seconds later she moaned louder than I have ever heard before and she slammed herself down hard on top of me. Her muscles tightened hard around on my shaft and milked me for all I was worth. I couldn't hold back any longer and grabbed her by the hips and rammed her up and down a dozen more times. I stiffened up arched my back and shot my load deep inside her.

I felt my seed ripping out of my guts and shooting so hard and deep inside her! I found myself wanting my seed to impregnate her. Needing it to impregnate her. Wanting to claim her and make her mine. To possess her mind, body and soul and never let her go. When I came down from my euphoria Janet was looking down at me with a smile on her face.

"What?" I asked her.

"Nothing." she said with a chuckle and rolled off me.

"No, please. Tell me, what was so funny?"

"Well, from where I was sitting, I would say that someone enjoyed that every bit as much as I did."

I just reached over and pulled her close to me. Enjoying that feeling that comes from sharing such an intimate act as that together. I couldn't deny it I had enjoyed it as much as she did, if not more. That was when it struck me that I was really falling in love with this woman.

After we woke up the next morning still snuggled into one another the first thing I did was slide out of bed while she continued to sleep peacfully with a slight smile on her beautiful face. Quietly I slipped from the bedroom and made my way down the stairs to the kitchen to start the day.

The first thing that I did was to start a fresh pot of coffee brewing. Then I looked into the fridge to see what i had to work with. It was the middle of the week and I wouldn't go shopping for a few days yet so I would have to make due with whatever I could find. Luck was with me today as I had a dozen eggs, an onion, tomatoes, tomatoe sauce and bacon. As the coffee brewed I chopped up the onion and tomatoes and threw them into a pan to cook while I heated the bacon up in another pan. Once the bacon was cooked I removed it and used the drippings to cook the eggs.

As I was adding the eggs to my sauce mixture Janet came into the kitchen wrapping her arms around my naked body and kissing me on the back of my shoulder.

"Mmmmmm good morning" she said.

"Morning" I replied, "Help yourself to some coffee, I just brewed a fresh pot".

"Yeah, that's actually what woke me up" she said as she began to pour herself a large cup.

"Have a seat at the table and breakfast will be ready in just a minute after I pop some toast into the toaster."

I reached up above the fridge to grab the loaf of bread and popped 6 slices of bread into the toaster. I started to clean up as the bread toasted and then got our plates ready just as the toast came out. We ate in silence looking at each other from time to time and made small talk. Sitting in front of each other as naked as the day we were born comfortable with each other. I finished my food first and rinsed my plate and left it in the sink to do later. I told Janet that I was going to take a shower and that she could just rinse her plate and leave it in the sink with mine and I would get them later that day.

If you have ever lived in Texas you know how brutally hot it can get in mid summer and add to that being in the kitchen cooking it should come as no surprise just how good the cool water felt running down my body.

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