tagBDSMDavid and Kaitlyn: Chastity Ch. 02

David and Kaitlyn: Chastity Ch. 02


The next morning Kaitlyn called David, just like she did most days. She told him not to mention his chastity or how he was feeling about having his cock locked up.

"I am not in the mood to hear about it right now," she explained. "So just keep it to yourself."

The day passed without much incident, for Kaitlyn at least.

For David, there were a lot of struggles, ranging from random attempts by his cock to get hard in its cage, to the realization that every time he needed to go to the bathroom, he was going to have to use the stall and sit down.

As she was getting off work, she sent David a text. "Why don't you come over tonight? 9:00?"

His answer was immediate and enthusiastic.

The hours passed slowly for David, but at 9:00 sharp he was at the door, flowers in hand, ringing the bell.

"It's open," Kaitlyn called from inside.

He stepped in, just as he had done every time before, but this time something felt different. He slipped off his shoes and found Kaitlyn in the kitchen cooking.

"So," she started, "How was your day?" She was smiling, as she stirred the pot.

David laughed. "Frustrating, I guess you could say."

"Good," she responded. "I am ready to talk about it."

David took a deep breath and started to speak. He didn't know what he was going to say, but some of it surprised him. He told her about the frustration, the desperation, and how controlled he felt. How it excited him to be so helpless. How he loved knowing his most intimate area was no longer under his control.

She smiled.

"So you love it?" she said laughing softly.

He nodded. "And I hate it too. It is hard to explain." There was a brief pause. "So when are you going to unlock it?" he asked.

"Well," Kaitlyn explained calmly, "I haven't decided. A lot depend on how things go, how you respond, whether I get what I need from you." "At this point," he joked, "I'll do anything you want."

"Well that is just it, David," she continued. "It isn't doing things. I mean don't get me wrong. I like it when you do things. I like it when you obey me. That excites me. But what I want from you is something much deeper. I want you to truly feel helpless and desperate for me. I thought about this a lot last night. I want to see you break down. I want you to suffer for me."

She dipped her finger in the saucepan and held it up to David's lips. "Taste this. Too salty?"

He swallowed hard and licked the tip of her finger. "No, it's perfect."

"It's perfect what?" she scolded him.

"It's perfect. . . . Miss," he added.

She smiled and he blushed, shifting his weight back and forth nervously. His cock started to strain in its cage.

Kaitlyn reached down and cupped his balls through his pants, squeezing gently. "Oh, they are getting full aren't they?" She giggled at him, squeezing just enough to make him groan.

"Well, no more masturbating," she said with a twinkle in her eye.

David blushed more. "I know you do that. Or I should say did that, because you won't be doing it any more. At least not with careful supervision."

David felt his heart pound. His cock was desperately trying to get erect, causing him to grow more and more uncomfortable.

The rest of the night, Kaitlyn and David spent together on the couch, with her giving him little rules to follow. When he leaned over to kiss her, she stopped him. "When I want to kiss, I'll kiss you. Understand?" He nodded and accepted her direction with a softly spoken "Yes, Miss."

There were small things that made him feel more and more controlled. Asking permission to do things, learning how to rub her feet and massage her back just how she liked it, and getting drinks and snacks and serving them to her.

They were little things but they all had an effect.

Midnight came and they retired to the bedroom.

David was wondering how things would change. Most nights, they would make love bfore falling asleep curled up beside one another. Tonight would be different.

Kaitlyn slept like a baby, peacefully getting her eight hours. David squirmed all night, in and out of consciousness, his cock occasionally waking him up, straining in its cage.

When the morning came, Kaitlyn explained a new ritual.

She took out a pair of cuffs and gently buckled them on David's wrists. Each hand was then attached over his head to two rings on the headboard of the bed.

He smiled at her and she smiled back. She opened the nightstand and pulled out a key and dangled it in front of David's face.

"You know what this is?"

He smiled and nodded.

She stood up and left the room, telling him she'd be right back.

When she returned, she had a small bowl of warm water, a sponge, a washcloth and a towel.

She sat down between his legs and unlocked his chastity device.

"Every day, I am going to make sure you are nice and clean," she told him, dipping the washcloth in the basin.

"Some days that might take a few minutes, sometimes, like today, it is going to take longer."

She slipped the device off his cock and unlocked the ring around the base of his cock. He grew hard immediately.

"Oh my," Kaitlyn teased, "looks like somebody missed me."

David pulled a bit at the cuffs. "I am not really sure we need these," he paused before adding "Miss."

"You may be right. But it won't be long until we will. Or rather, you will. I have a feeling you aren't going to do a very good job of controlling yourself, so we are going to use the cuffs. In fact, I don't ever want your hands and cock free at the same time. I know what you do when you can touch yourself."

David blushed more.

"So now . . ." she said, smiling as she wrapped the warm, wet cloth around his hard cock. She pressed her hands into the cloth, gently squeezing and pulsating, paying attention to every movement and sound he made. She used the tip of her finger to tease just below the head of his cock, watching as it twiched and throbbed.

She slid the cloth down and gently massaged his balls, feeling them swell at her touch.

Next, she coated her hands with soap, adding a bit of water, so they bubbled with suds. Slowly and methodically, she began stroking his swollen cock, watching intently and bringing him just to the edge of an orgasm.

He closed his eyes, struggling. He began to whimper and then to beg. "I'm so close. Please, just one more stroke, just one more please." He tugged harder and harder at his cuffs, his hips raising and bucking, desperate for any sensation.

Kaitlyn sat back, watching, drinking in his desperation.

She could feel herself getting wetter and wetter.

She started to stroke him again, carefully avoiding the most sensitive areas. She played and experimented, finding all the things that would drive him crazy, bringing him to the edge over and over.

Occasionally, she would cup his balls and squeeze, provoking more desperate whimpers and moans.

After almost an hour of teasing, Kaitlyn slid her fingers inside her panties and began touching herself as she teased him to the edge. Just as he was about to cum, she let go of his cock and rubbed her clit furiously, watching him beg and cry, desperately trying to get any sensation in his aching cock.

Kaitlyn came, crying out. Orgasm after orgasm. Watching her cum was torture for David. Watching what she was denying him.

After twenty minutes of constant orgasms, Kaitlyn collapsed against him. Her head just by his stomach. She teased the head of his cock with her fingertip, still wet with her own pussy juices.

All David could say was "Please Miss," over and over again, desperate and breathless.

Kaitlyn picked up the device and placed it on his belly.

She watched, saying nothing, waiting for his erection to subside enough to lock him back up.

She smiled at him, and wiped away his tears.

"I've never had an orgasm like that before, David," she shared. "It was better that I ever imagined. This is what I want you to give me."

Eventually, David's cock grew flaccid. Kaitlyn was able to slip the cage back on and slide the key into its slot.

She turned the key and as she heard the small click of the lock closing shut, she shivered as a small, but very intense, orgasm washed over her body.

It took her a minute to recover, as she slowly realized what had happened.

"I just came locking you up, David."

He looked at her with pools of tears in his eyes.

"I love you . . ." he whispered softly, "Miss."

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by Anonymous

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by Regrets02/27/19

Very sensual. Tightly controlled. A masterpiece.

The leisurely pace. The lack of argument. The care that has previously been taken about getting the right cage. Her own certainty about what she is going to achieve. Her gentle manner,her femininity. Hermore...

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by Joroincharge08/16/18


Needs tp be continued. All sorts of options here............

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by mrwidehorizons05/12/18


Love how she came from locking him, super hot! Another 5 from me!!

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by OneAuthor04/10/18


I hope there will be more, but even if this is the entire story it is terrific.

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by Twileklover04/09/18

Oh yes!

This story is just perfect! Please keep going!

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