tagBDSMDavid and Kaitlyn: Chastity

David and Kaitlyn: Chastity


David had always been successful. It came with the territory. His family had set him up with a large trust fund, a great education, and he had made the most of it. Five years managing hedge funds had set him apart as something of a financial wizard. Socially, he had stayed close to his college friends who had moved to New York seeking fame and fortune as well. They too had done well.

Then there was Kaitlyn. They knew each other in college, though she was a bit younger, but it wasn't until last year that their relationship had blossomed once she moved to the city.

Kaitlyn was the one person who could wrap David around her finger and she did it routinely and effortlessly. You would never know it from the way he bragged about his sexual conquests, but David loved it too. She controlled him and he let her. More than that, he craved it.

Even in New York, Kaitlyn turned heads. Tall, slim, and beautiful in a way that was both classic and slightly unique. She had turned down offers to model and was working in an advertising agency where she was already making waves, producing a number of the house's top campaigns in her first year.

Together they were a powerhouse. David proposed to her and Kaitlyn accepted.

A week later, Kaitlyn started what she feared would be a difficult conversation.

"David, you may have noticed I can be a little bossy sometimes," she said directly.

He nodded. "I don't mind. In fact, I kind of like it," he confessed.

"Well, I am glad, because it is going to get worse, especially if we get married," she warned him.

"I understand," he said softly, "I can afford you. You can have anything in the world you want. Is that what you are worried about? You can quit your job. I want to take care of you," he told her reaching out and taking her hand.

She shook her head. "I don't think you do. I am not talking about you buying me things or taking care of me. I am talk about you obeying me. Doing what I tell you, or..." her voice trailed off.

"Or what. I don't understand," he said, genuinely confused.

"Or," she paused for a moment. "Or, I will punish you."

He laughed a little and smiled. "Ohhh, sounds kinky."

She didn't smile back. "Some people might call it that. But to me it is more than that. It is how I want us to live together. I've never been able to even admit I want that, much less tell someone. It is scary to tell you this, but I want to control you and not always in ways I think you are going to like. In fact the part the excites me the most is controlling you in ways I know you won't like."

She wasn't looking at him anymore.

"Hey, hey, look at me," he said. "Like what kinds of things?" He asked gently.

She look a long inhale and let it out slowly. "I am not going to tell you. I don't want you to know. I want you to agree without knowing. In fact, I need you to."

He started to speak and she interrupted. "The reason I am telling you this is that it is how I need to spend the rest of my life. I really, really need to. The thing is, I think you do too." She smiled a bit and looked at him, reached out and took his hands.

"Last night," she continued, now looking into his eyes, "when I was giving you that handjob. Remember David?"

Now it was his turn to grow silent and blush a bit. "Of course," he said shyly.

"Remember how I kept stopping right before you were about to cum?"

He nodded, blushing more.

"I wanted to keep doing that to you all night, until you were begging me, crying, desperate. I wanted to see you that way and then tell you no and watch you react and cry for me."

David felt his heart race and he was flushing a bit.

"And that roll of tape on the end table, David. That was for you. I was going to use it on you. Do you want to know how?"

He nodded and she smiled, now squeezing his hands tighter.

"Then ask me to tell you, David," she prompted, her voice getting ever so slightly more stern.

"What were you going to do with it?" he asked in almost a whisper.

She shook her head, "Ask me properly and address me as Miss."

He was squirming in his chair now, unaware of anything around him other than Kaitlyn's eyes watching him.

"How would you use the tape on me," he paused before adding the last word, "Miss?"

Kaitlyn felt a rush. She was tingling all over and the feeling awoke in her something even she wasn't aware of.

"Well, David," she said, almost patronizingly. "First, I would tape your hands up behind your back, so that you couldn't get in my way." Her eyes narrowed, watching every reaction. "And then I would slip off my panties and show you how wet they were from listening to you cry and beg." She waited, watching. "And then I'd stuff them in your mouth and tape your lips, so you could taste me all night while I continued to tease you over and over again."

She could feel him trembling.

David bit his lip. "Yes Miss," was all he could think to say.

Kaitlyn slipped off her shoe and raised her stocking clad foot, pressing it between David's legs, pressing against his crotch. She wasn't sure what she'd find, but to her delight, she felt his cock stiff and throbbing, "Oh so, little David likes the sound of that too," she said, her tone growing lighter.

He smiled. "Yes, he does. Both of us do."

Kaitlyn reached into her purse and handed him a small white box, wrapped with a pink ribbon.

"You gave me such a beautiful ring, David," she said holding her hand up and admiring the gorgeous stone in her engagement ring. "I felt like I should give you something to."

She smiled. "You have 30 minutes to go to the bathroom and put this on for me. If you aren't back in 30 minutes, you will find my ring here, but I won't be."

His looked at her unsure of what to say.

"So if," she waved her hand and cut him off. "No questions. Either you obey me or you don't. Now go. It is a complicated task and you may need every minute," she looked at her watch, "Tick tock David."

"But, I can't exactly stand up at the moment," he said, eyes wide.

"Not my problem, David. 28 minutes," she said twisting her ring on her finger.

He stood up, embarrassed, the bulge in his pants noticeable, as well as a widening wet spot.

He briskly rushed to the bathroom, found a stall, sat down and opened the box. Inside, he found a small, brightly polished metal cage, which appeared to be the exact size of his limp cock.

Inside the box was a card. "If you choose to place this on, your cock will belong to me for the rest of your life."

His hands were shaking and his mind was racing. What did that mean? Was he really going to do this? Is this all a game? It felt real.

He loved Kaitlyn, maybe more at this moment than ever before. Something he had always denied, always repressed was calling to him now. He lowered his pants and boxers around his ankles and tried to figure out the cage. It had two strange locking mechanisms with keys that slid in the full length of the locks. He opened it up, figuring out the first ring, circled the base of his cock behind his balls. He slid it shut, finding it snug, but not uncomfortable. He twisted the key and slid it out. The mechanism gave a small click. He felt his cock twitch at the sound.

Looking down he realized there was no way it was going to close now with his cock hard.

He tried everything he could bend and stuff his cock in the cage. Nothing helped. He looked at his watch. 5 minutes left.

He started pinching and slapping his cock, harder and harder until his erection started to subside.

Eventually he was able to close the cage around his cock. He withdrew the key and again heard the small click.

This time it was uncomfortable, his cock now trying to get hard in the unforgiving cage.

He got back to the table with just a minute to spare, sitting down to see his fiancee's smiling face.

He placed the keys on the table and slid them over.

"You will probably want those," he said sheepishly.

She shook her head. "You can throw those away. They are only used to lock it. You need a whole different key to unlock."

"Which you have, I assume."

Kaitlyn smiled and shrugged. "Not your concern any more."

"Well look at the time," she said, "I need to be back to work. Pay the check David."

Kaitlyn walked away without saying a word.

David's cock was still throbbing in the cage. He slipped the keys into his pocket and waited for the check to come. His mind was spinning with all kinds of thoughts. What had he done? What was going on with Kaitlyn? Why was he not more upset by what had just happened?

How bad could it be, he thought. He loved her and the little game they were playing so far was exciting. She was the most beautiful woman in the world to him and he was obviously getting turned on by her newfound role.

Back at the office, Kaitlyn was finding it impossible to concentrate. It was a huge step for her, one she had never been able to take before. For as long as she could remember, the idea of having a man under her control had excited her beyond belief. Now it was really happening.

Something about David called to that part of her. She had seen in him her counterpoint and now she had him, not just as a fiance, but as her partner locked up in chastity. She took the key from a small plastic bag in her purse and slide it onto a golden chain which she placed around her neck. The cold key dangling between her breasts sent shivers down her spine.

She smiled and grew lost in her thoughts. She wouldn't call David tonight and if he called her, she would refuse to answer. She wanted him locked up and completely alone. She wanted him to deal with the fact that his cock was now locked in a titanium cage to which he had no key.

She smiled, imagining him examining it, seeing if he could get free or slide out of it. Over the past few months, Kaitlyn had managed to get just about every dimension of his cock, so the cage fit perfectly. It was designed to be both inescapable and prevent any possibility of masturbation.

She arrived home and changed into her pajamas and curled up on the sofa.

At 7 o'clock her cell phone rang. It was David. After the first ring, she hit reject, sending him to voicemail. Another call an hour later. Soon after that, every ten to fifteen minutes. By midnight, there were 25 voicemail messages.

She smiled as she listened to them, each one growing more and more desperate. By the end, she could hear the absolute neediness in his voice. There was a mixture of begging and pleading, threats, apologies, and finally, futility.

She was surprised that he didn't come over. She was ready for that too. The door was double locked and there was a note taped to the door simply saying "Go Home."

David was having a bad night. The more desperate he became and the more he begged her to free his cock from its chastity, the more it tried to get hard in its cage. Her coldness and her distance was exciting him and it kept growing worse.

He started to close his eyes as he pleaded, imagining himself kneeling before her, while she sat imperious, cruelly ignoring his desperation, enjoying his pleas. As much as he wanted to be free of the cage that was imprisoning his cock, he couldn't help but feel it was also exciting to him. His cock was hers now, he had committed to that and now he was paying the price.

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by Emirus03/08/18

What’s the future

An interesting beginning to the story. If you intend to continue it as a serial whether it will continue to develop depends on which course you choose. Something different or something mundane whichmore...

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Very focused

Tightly told and she made her intention clear about control,but there was also the feeling that the cage would never come off and that he was just going to be locked and abandoned which meant that theremore...

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Lovely indeed!

Hope to see where this goes! 5 so far from me!

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Great start

And erotic as hell. Love it. Nice writing style too.

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Oh yes, my word ...

... more of this,please, Ma'am.

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