tagFetishDavid Shaw, Victorian Messenger Ch. 03

David Shaw, Victorian Messenger Ch. 03


(It was 1892 and I, David Shaw, then aged 19 joined 'Maynard and Son, Purveyors to Gentlewomen and the Aristocracy' on Upper Richmond Road, Putney. The job involved providing 'underskirt services' to single women. This was my third day with the firm.)


Number Six, Paultons Square, Chelsea was an imposing four storey terraced Georgian house with impressive railings and a large blue door. I carried my bicycle down the steep steps to the area and rang the bell to the smaller servants' door.

"Good morning young gentleman you must be from Maynard's," said a stout women in her forties wearing a housemaid's uniform and carrying a duster.

It was 10 o'clock and the sky was bright with sunshine. I followed her in and sat with her while another younger housemaid ran upstairs to fetch the housekeeper, Miss Schlaefli.

Miss Schlaefli was one of those no nonsense women so typical of housekeepers in that exclusive area of London off the Kings Road. She had a surly complexion and held herself bolt upright as if her corsets were tied too tightly.

"The Mistress will see you shortly," she said looking me up and down.

I looked her over too and noted she had an ample bust and even more ample hips. She wore a dark grey dress and I spotted a tiny glimpse of white lacy petticoat hem. Naturally I became very stiff inside my trousers.

A bell rang and I was escorted upstairs. I watched Miss Schlaefli's large shapely arse swivel from side to side as I followed her up. I would have grabbed her there and then and thrust my head up her skirts and petticoats had I not been so well brought and knew how to respect my elders and superiors.

I was led to a small room and told to undress and put on a blue silk dressing gown. I was becoming used to being paraded naked , or near naked, in front of Mr. Maynard's clientele so did not balk at Miss Schlaefli's request.

I entered the drawing room where I was introduced to the Mistress.

"This is Mr. Shaw from Maynard and Son, Lady Huntington," announced Miss Schlaefli.

Before me, sitting on a chaise longue in a sumptuously furnished room, was an elegant slim woman wearing a very full 'day' dress. She must have been in her mid forties and wore her hair pinned back in a 'French pleat' with two elaborate silver hair clips fixed high on her head. She wore pearl earrings.

"That will be all Schlaefli, you may leave us now, thank you," she said to her housekeeper and beckoned me forward.

As usual I felt somewhat out of my depth in the presence of my superiors and hoped that I would swiftly be put to use under her generous silk skirts so that I could leave and return to normality in Putney.

"Well Shaw, off with your gown," she said looking out of the tall windows and at the Plane trees beyond.

I pulled apart the cords of the dressing gown and threw the garment to one side, and stared at the floor feeling vulnerable once again.

She turned her head and stared at my penis which bobbed around uncontrollably. She then fixed me with a steady gaze.

"Do you find me attractive boy?" she asked, and I told her that I did.

"Well I care not what you think as you are here only to provide me with physical relief; do you understand?" she said in an off hand manner and continued looking out of the window.

I confirmed that I understood.

"On the floor with you then, on your back now," she ordered and I did as I was told.

From my low vantage point on the Persian carpet I was able to observe her attire.

She wore a plain silk day dress which was gathered at the waist, or just above, and flared out in a very full and generous manner and ended in a series of overlapping pleats roughly six inches from the hem. Her dress was floor length.

The dress was in two shades of Sienna brown in a slight striped pattern. I observed that her bodice was not tightly tailored and she clearly was not wearing a corset. I also noted that, for some reason, she was not wearing a bustle which fashionable women wore in those days so clearly she found this dress far more serviceable and comfortable in her domestic pursuits.

She wore black slippers with two inch kitten-heels and I noted she also wore black silk stockings.

"You will not look at me," she barked, "Understood?" she emphasized.

I replied that I understood and stared up at the ceiling. My penis responded to her curt remarks and rolled to one side them stiffened considerably and lay along my belly.

" Good, good, I'm glad to see you are 'firm'," she said in a formal, almost courteous, tone, "At least we know that you are interested in your present circumstance," she continued breathlessly, and I felt her eyes wander up and down my somewhat puny, skinny body.

I was beginning to wonder whether I was merely a distraction to her as perhaps she only wished to watch my penis stiffen. I imagined that she took some sort of voyeuristic pleasure in watching me. I was to be proved wrong, very wrong indeed, however.

She arose from her chair and approached me. As she did so I heard the tantalising swishing and froufrou sounds of silk petticoats sliding against each other under her heavy silk dress.

"Makes you stiff eh boy?" she said somewhat crudely as she circled me slowly. I kept my arms firmly by my side and continued staring at the ornately molded ceiling.

She walked around me several times flicking her skirt hem outwards at every turn. The sounds of her petticoats were almost deafening.

"I'd wager that you'd like to see my petticoats eh boy?" she whispered and continued her tour around my naked body.

I tried not to watch her but could not help but stare up at her somewhat haughty regal face, she appeared a lot taller too from my position naked on the carpet.

"Well, answer?" she ordered me.

"Yes m'am," I retorted.

"Yes m'am what boy?" she said, this time more forcefully.

"Yes please m'am I should like to see your petticoats," I spluttered almost incoherent with excitement.

She could clearly see by the way I clenched my buttocks and the involuntary jerking of my heavy penis that I was indeed 'interested in my present circumstance' as she put it.

"Well we shall see then shan't we," she hissed.

She walked up to my head and ordered me to watch. I turned my head where the pleated hem of her wide full dress lay only a couple of inches from my nose.

I could smell the heavy scent she used. I briefly looked into her eyes and noticed an expression of contempt mixed with triumph.

"Well boy, you shall see," she said.

She lifted her skirt hem by three or four inches to reveal an extremely ornate ruffled cream silk lace edge to her outermost petticoat. It was in fine gossamer silk with a 'Valenciennes' pattern. I watched her slowly lift this hem up to reveal yet another cream coloured petticoat, this time edged with a 'Guipure' lace design, again in fine silk.

She pulled up this petticoat to reveal a third cream silk petticoat. This was trimmed with a very intricate 'Duchesse' lace and 'Maltese' lace design.

Beneath these there were three other cream silk petticoats trimmed with 'Point de Rose' lacework of the highest quality.

I noticeably squirmed with delight at sight of her under trappings and felt my penis lie ramrod stiff against my belly.

"Well young man," Lady Huntington said in a somewhat breathless manner, "few boys have seen what lies beneath my dresses," she announced and shook her dress down and returned to her chaise longue. "So you are privileged,"

I lay there and felt my heart beat like a steam hammer inside my head. I wanted so much to 'make love' to this woman but I knew my place, and knew that it could not be, nor never be.

'Underskirt boys' in Victorian England were paid only to do one thing and that fell far short of penetrative sexual intercourse. I stared at the ceiling as Lady Huntington rang a small bell. Two minutes later there was a knock on the door and a housemaid appeared.

"I'll take tea now Perkins," she told the young girl who stole a glance in my direction and turned bright red. She curtsied and hurriedly left the room.

"Well boy you clearly are a connoisseur of petticoats, that is for sure," she told me as I lay still staring at the ceiling.

Her tea arrived and she took her time sipping it and looking me over once more. From time to time she would stare over Poultons Square at the houses opposite. I could hear the sounds of horses and cabs in the street below.

Lady Huntington noticed that my penis had shriveled to the size of a gherkin as she finally put her cup and saucer down and stood up.

"Well boy we had better make use of your 'talents' shall we not? Eh?"

"Yes ma'm," I replied.

She slowly circled me again and the rustling sounds of her dress, filled with silk lacy petticoats, drove me wild the indescribable lust. She could clearly see that my penis was becoming visibly stiff and I lay there watching her slippers and generous arse sway beneath her slim waist.

She remained stationary at my feet and stood staring me in the face. "You may look at me now boy," she announced, as clearly this was going to be part of 'her game' or whatever way it may be described.

She lifted her dress to shin level then walked forwards straddled my feet. She placed her black two-inch heeled slippers to each side of my ankles. I watched her cream petticoats appear then disappear from view as she dropped the hem of her vast dress over my lower legs.

The touch of silk lace against my feet was driving me insane. I was in a state of high tension and she watched me like a hawk.

I now knew what she was going to do. She was going to walk up my body dragging her petticoat hems over my naked flesh. I had never ever experienced anything so lewd or tactile as that in my life and I couldn't imagine what it would be like or how I would react.

My penis stiffened and crawled further up my stomach as I watched her slowly place one foot then the other to each side of my knees.

"Oh my goodness," I murmured to myself as I felt all six of her petticoat lace hems tickling my skin.

I reached down to my erection and fondled it. I was preparing for her next slow advance up my body.

"You will not touch yourself in front of me. How dare you," she spat and I swiftly withdrew my hands and kept them rigidly my my sides.

A swishing sound accompanied the movement of her left foot to my thigh level. This was followed by her right foot so that she stood astride my upper legs. The backs of my hands were in contact with her kitten-heels as she stood above me and observed my painfully twitching erection.

A bead of pre-cum had formed at its tip and it glistened in the morning sun.

"Good, good, you are clearly enjoying my attractions," she whispered and she slowly slid a foot along my arm to waist level.

This was followed by the other and she remained standing over my erection which was buried amongst her petticoats. I felt the trapped heat from her body under her skirt and the smoothness of her silk stockings against my elbows.

She stared down at me again like an eagle observing it's prey. I was red faced and shaking with excitement and nervousness. I would have thrust my hands and head up her dress right there and then but with great strength I controlled myself.

I was wondering what would happen next as I wanted so dearly to tongue her and explore her between her legs. Lady Huntington appeared to take great pleasure in teasing me and slowly stimulating me beyond endurance. I now lay perfectly still and perfectly flat on my back. Our eyes never wandered from each other as she placed her right foot adjacent to my chest and slid the other one up to join it on the other side.

She now stood astride me with her huge dress hem resting against my chin. I felt her slippers move inwards and apply pressure to my shoulders. The heat from under her dress was intense and overwhelming.

" Would you like to see my petticoats from the inside of my dress?" she whispered with only my head and face within view.

I was almost fainting with pleasure and replied in a high pitched falsetto voice. "Yes please ma'm."

I watched as she dragged her right kitten-heeled slipper from my shoulder to my cheek. I felt and heard the rustling of silk layers slide up my chest then over my head. I watched her shuffle her left slipper from my shoulder to my cheek and the rest of her lacy hems slide over my head. She remained standing with her feet to each side of my face. I was inside her dress and I looking upwards.

It was dark and warm beneath her petticoats and there was an insidious muskiness which clearly originated from her vagina. I stared up in awe at her cream silk open-crotch bloomers with their many layered lace flounces just above her knees. It was too dark to see her pubic curls but I could just make out where her stockings ended at her thighs.

"I assume you approve of what you see boy?" said the woman who stood astride my face.

"Yes ma'm," I spluttered but she did not hear me because of the six petticoats and heavy silk dress which surrounded me.

"What did you say?" she asked again.

"Yes ma'm," I shouted and hoped she woulld hear.

All around me from the top of my head to my stomach I was enveloped by her dress. I felt almost giddy with excitement and longed to masturbate. Her odours were clearly building up inside her inner cream petticoat with the 'Point de Rose' lace hem.

I could almost taste the lace as she shook her clothes from side to side and picked up, then dropped, her petticoats and dress over me, over and over again until I could hardly take anymore. A droplet of precum now lay on my stomach.

From far above me I heard her laugh. Then she suddenly stopped teasing me and I noticed her knees begin to bend and her legs begin to open.

Slowly but surely she squatted on my face. The rustling and swishing of her petticoats announced the slow descent of her fanny onto my upturned nose and lips. Her shoes splayed outwards and her thighs opened above me. Around my head her petticoats fell and folded into luscious luxurious creases filled with silk and layered tiers of lace. I was now completely buried beneath her underclothes and my erection felt 'white' hot.

"Do your duty boy," I heard her say through the rustling sounds above me.

Her open-crotch bloomers allowed me unhindered access to her vagina, perineum and arse. I slid my tongue along her cleft which was already oozing lubrication and smelled sweet and bitter at the same time. I had not, as yet, become use to the scent of an aroused woman but could only describe it as a magnet to my nostrils and plunged my nose into her.

"Bliss," she whispered and, through her clothing she held my head still. Almost immediately she began wiping her dribbling fanny up and down, over my nose and tongue. First my nose would enter her then my tongue, then my nose and then my tongue. This went on for many minutes and the cycle was repeated over and over again.

"Oh bliss, heavenly bliss," she whispered loudly many times.

In the darkness between her splayed legs I touched and licked every part of her with my tongue. I was particularly keen to touch her clitoris which I now understood was the 'key' to every woman's pleasure. I believe that she was allowing me to pace the approach of her orgasm as she was quite content to permit me to enter and re-enter the sticky space between her labia at my own speed.

"Gracious me, oh bliss," she continued as I started to circle her clitoris and coax it from under it's hood.

This had indeed 'unlocked the door', as it were, and her hands suddenly grabbed the back of my head in a vice like grip.

She suddenly took control and began rubbing herself vigorously over my slimy face. She had changed from a docile passive creature into one who knew what she wanted and knew how to get it,

" Head still boy," she shouted, and swivelled her feet together against my ears so that my head was now trapped against her two-inch kitten heeled slippers. It was painful to say the least.

She now literally rode my face as if she was out for a canter on 'Rotten Row' in Hyde Park.

"Oh my bloody, Oh my..." she shouted as she wiped her cunt up and down the contours of my face with increased speed and ferocity. I didn't need to use my tongue; she only required to rub herself off on something smooth and hard, She chose my chin and nose.

For the next ten minutes I had to endure Lady Huntington squatting on me and jerking herself wildly up and down my face. I had to put up with her cursing, swearing and blasphemy too.

All around me her petticoats thrashed, threshed and rustled violently. Above me her silk bloomers were almost transparent with her sweat and her black silk stockings had come adrift from their lacy black garters. My face was completely covered with her vaginal spendings and I smelled only of cunt.

" Come on boy, come on," she shouted feeling my head beneath her hands and now thrusting herself in a savage frenzy mercilessly over my face. Another five minutes passed and just as I felt that my head would become detached from my neck it was all over.

I felt her clench her buttocks then shake, then quiver, then judder and finally spasm. I felt her vaginal muscles ripple, then ripple further and eventually die away. She had achieved her orgasm at long last.

"Push me up please," said Lady Huntington.

She was clearly stiff from having remained in the squatting position for at least twenty minutes so I, as a gentleman, cupped her buttocks in both hands and pushed her off me. I heard her knees crack and watched all her petticoats disappear back into their respective positions beneath her wide dress. She would need help to rearrange them, I thought. She finally stepped off me and after shaking down her skirts she rang the parlour bell for Perkins, the young housemaid.

I lay on the carpet, a pathetic smelly sight, with my hair disheveled, naked with a string of precum hanging from my now flacid penis.

The slim tall girl appeared again at the doorway and looked me over and turned beetroot red. She must have been only eighteen and her freckles and ginger hair made her look like a country girl, perhaps she was.

"Now Perkins you can remove my cup and saucer but before you do I require you to help Mr. Shaw here with his predicament," said Lady Huntington once again a figure of authority.

"What am I to do m'am?" said the fresh faced girl in her starched white apron and black maid's uniform.

"I require you to attend to Mr.Shaw's needs, Understood? " she snapped at the helpless young girl who stood with hands held together staring at me and at my growing erection.

" Just stand over his face and he will do the rest. Do you not see?"

I must admit that I was expecting a bit more than being under the housemaid's skirt but that would be better than wanking into thin air without any visual stimulation.

The girl appeared rather reluctant to do as her mistress bade and I could tell that having a naked man before her on the floor could be rather upsetting. She watched my penis as she placed both her indoor-boots to each side of my face. I arranged her skirt and cotton petticoats over me so that I had a clear view of her cotton stockings and white cotton bloomers above me. I saw that her underwear was crudely trimmed with scalloped eyelet lace, and broderie and she smelled of sweat and urine.

The poor creature would have been busy since six o'clock that morning so her bloomers must have been soaked with perspiration.

"On your knees Perkins, let me see your arse on the boy's face," said Lady Alexandra Beatrice Huntington, to give her her full title.

With a few tugs and tucks Daisy Perkins knelt forward and aranged her two petticoats over me, and skirt too, and lowered her arse onto my face. The stench was overwhelming but I became strangely attracted to the distinct odour of warm fresh cunt which emanated from the gusset of her under-drawers. My penis was now half erect and as I breathed in the heady natural female odours it stiffened fully. I felt my foreskin being fully stretched and my bulbous knob lie fully exposed.

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