David to Dee


Author's note: This is my first attempt at writing erotica. It's turning into a longer story than I'd intended, but it seems that these characters have a life of thier own, and will tell it in thier own way. Hope you like it.


"Dave," she purred, "you know you can tell me anything. Surely you know you can trust me not to judge you by your fantasies."

He was squirming under her touch, his eyes tightly shut, trying to avoid telling her his deepest secrets on the one hand, and on the other, hoping beyond hope that she would wring it all out of him, and accept him for what he was in the darkest corners of his psyche.

Gina was cupping his balls, lightly stroking the area just under them with her fingertips, and breathing hotly on his cockhead. Dave's mind was a blur at the sensation. His legs were spread wide as they could get, comfortably. He yearned to tell her to slip those tickling fingertips into his clenching ass, to suck on his nipples, to make him open up and feel that fulfillment he so often dreamed of.

"I...I...oh god!" he gasped," please, Gina!"

"Please what, Dave? I did it for you. Tell me, Dave. What do you think about when you're all alone at night?"

" I think about you," he gasped, hoping against hope that this would do it for her. "I think about you touching me and kissing me everywhere, and making me really feel it!"

"That's so sweet, you little liar," she exclaimed. "I'm going to find out, you know. I guess it'll just take a little longer than I hoped." She sighed. "You know, Dave, this really bothers me. I hoped that you could trust me. I wanted to fulfill your fantasies and get even closer to you." She took his cockhead into her lips and slowly sucked down his entire seven inch length, her tongue dancing on his glans, her fingers gripping his balls tighter, tighter, until he opened his eyes.

She loved that expression...the mix of desire and fear...the yearning and the guilt...it was delicious! Gina honestly wanted to learn Dave's big secret fantasy, so that she could give him as much pleasure as he'd given her over the last few weeks. His reluctance really did bother her, though.

"What could be so bad that he'd have to keep it all to himself," she wondered. "I hope it isn't something involving kids or animals or something sick."

David's back arched up off the bed. He whined in that cute way of his as he reached his peak. Gina's pursed lips and writhing tongue quickly brought him up and over his climax. Some of his fluids leaked out the corner of her mouth, but she held her ground, gently sucking him until he shivered in ecstacy, then just holding his member in her warm wet mouth until it relaxed into it's flacid state. All the while she looked up into his face, trying to read his thoughts, his hidden desires.


The previous few weeks had been amazing for Gina. David was an attentive, curious lover, always asking her questions about what she wanted. Gina had opened up to him more than she ever had with anyone in her life. Even the best times with her ex, back when they were in their early twenties, hadn't been as fun as being with Dave over the last month and a half.

Dave had taken her to the park just last week, at 3 AM, and eaten her until she was sure that she couldn't come anymore. Then he'd fucked her on a picnic table, surprising her with yet another series of multiple orgasms as he teased her ass with a finger.

The week before, he'd fingered her in a movie theatre until she begged him to leave. He walked her around the building and pushed her up against the wall, where he lifted her skirt, knelt and ate her pussy and fingered her tight little butt until she begged him to stop.

Gina felt that she'd waited all of her 32 years just to be with this tall, slender, dark, incredibly creative lover.

But what did he think about when he jerked off? What was the one thing that would get him to lose his control?

Perhaps the secret was in the things he did to her...?


The next day, at lunch, Gina was listening to Frannie, her best friend and neighbor, tell her about how she'd used an eight-inch strapon dildo on her husband the night before.

"You should see his expression when it goes in, Gina," she laughed. "He doesn't know whether to shit or go blind!"

"Frannie," she giggled, "you're probably the scariest woman alive!"

"No, Sweetie-pie. I know what men want. They want the same attention that they give to us. They want to feel special, accepted, and attractive, just like any girl on the street. Besides, you'd be amazed at the control you can get over a guy once you've had your way with his ass! HAH! I can get Bill to do anything I want just by putting the damned thing on!"

"Well, I'm gonna find Dave's special spot soon. He just won't open up to me, Frannie. It's really nice, the things he does to me, but I want to see that look you keep telling me about on Bill's face."

"Yeah, I know. You want him to think about you when he jerks off at night, right? I'm telling you, hon, shove a dick up his ass and he'll be yours forever. Once you get a guy like that, he has no one else to talk to about it. You think that guys talk like we do? Hell, no! He'll only have you, and only you, to share that with. Unless, of course, you decide to let someone else in on it. I, for one, would love to watch!"

They laughed until tears fell over that.


David drove home from work that night in a daze. He kept thinking about Gina's fingers teasing right behind his balls.

Oh, if only she'd figure out his need. He was never going to be able to tell her what he wanted. It was just too embarassing. Besides, if he told her, he'd most likely lose her. No woman wanted to play like he wanted to be played with.

He pulled into the parking garage, and into his spot. He had two whole days to play all by himself in his apartment. His company was in the process of moving, and so he had nothing to do until Thursday. He'd stopped at the adult bookstore, and picked up 3 movies of his favorite subject, as well as some lube and a brand new 9 inch lifelike cock, with a suction cup on the base. The next two days were going to be bliss!

He didn't have a date with Gina until Friday, and he was sure that he could get in some quality time with his newest acquisitions without any interruptions.

He dropped the bag on the kitchen counter, and stripped off his clothes down to the sexy little pink panties he'd worn under his suit. Next, he went straight to his walk-in closet, and opened the panel at the back, where he kept all of his "frillies." He chose a pair of black 5 inch heels, black seamed stay-up stockings, the purple bustier, and the long brunette wig from his rather impressive collection. He scooped up the DD false breasts that had cost a small fortune, and took off the panties.

After donning his sexy apparell, David returned to the kitchen, poured himself a tall glass of wine, opened the frustrating packaging that held his newest toys and movies, and simpered into his living room to have an evening of private delights.

The first movie was titled "Bitch Boys In Heat." He popped it into the DVD player, turned on the plasma TV, and sipped his Chardonnay.

Before the menu came up, there were advertisements for phone sex girls and trailers of up-coming movies. Dave enjoyed watching the huge-breasted women slaving over cocks, shoving dildos inside each other, getting splashed with cum, but his favorite action was when one woman was getting fucked from behind, doggy style, and he sighed as he watched her huge tits actually clap together as she rocked on the cock.

His hands went to his stuffed bra cups, feeling the hard nipples molded into the forms, wishing he could feel those sensations himself, the heavy weight on the chest, the swaying and the impact of those huge tits as they slapped against each other. His cock sprang up, and he fingered it casually as his mind wandered, wondering what it would feel like to actually have those huge breasts on his own chest...to have men and women sucking those big nipples...to feel that beautiful...that wanted...

After replaying the tit-clapping scene at least 10 times, Dave fingered the remote to see the menu, and touched "play."

The movie opened with an odd camera angle on a woman's heels. As it panned upward, the camera showed a very feminine, large-breasted woman, in full Domme regalia, wearing a huge strap on dildo, talking on the phone. The camera panned back even further to show another figure tied over a bar stool. A few moments later, it proved to be a she male, her ass gleaming with lubricant.

Just then the phone rang, startling Dave into spilling his wine onto his false breasts.

"Shit!" he exclaimed, reaching for the phone. "Hello!"

"Oh my!" It was Gina."Am I interrupting something important?"

"Oh! No, sorry. You just scared me into spilling my drink."

"Why don't you come over and fuck my little slut?" said the woman in the movie.

"Ack!" Dave hit the remote just a second too late to mute the movie.

"What was that? Do you have company, Dave?"

"No, why?" He sounded so nervous!

"Did I just hear a woman tell me to come fuck you?"

"What? No...um...uh...so what...er...how are you?"

"I'm fine, or I was," Gina nearly sobbed. "What's going on, Dave? I know what I heard!"

"No. It was a thing on the TV."

"I'm coming over, Dave. I really want to talk...tonight." She hung up on him.

Dave was frantic. He gathered up all the movies, grabbed the lube and dildo, and tripped over his heels trying to get to the closet.

He hadn't noticed the caller ID. Had she called him from her cell phone? She could be in the parking garage!

He kicked off the heels, grabbed everything he had carried and stuffed it all into the back panel of the closet. Struggling with the bustier, he finally got it off, dropped the huge falsies, gathered them back up, stuffed them in the secret compartment. He nearly had the stockings rolled down when the doorbell rang.


He'd torn a big hole in the left stocking, so he ripped off the right as well, and threw them both into the back panel of the closet. Then he grabbed his robe, and shrugged it on as he went to the door.

"Hi, babe!"

She stormed right through him, exclaiming "Don't you 'hi, babe' me! Where is she?"

"Huh? I told you no one's here, Gina!"

Gina stood there, her eyes tearing up, and she hugged herself.

"Ah, c'mon, Gina." David reached for her, but she tore herself out of his grasp.

"Why can't you open up to me? And whose voice did I hear on the phone?"

"I told you..."

"David, I hoped I could trust you. I hoped that you could trust me. I just don't know right now what to think about our relationship!"

Sobbing, Gina went to the living room and sat on the couch, where, just moments ago, Dave had been readying himself for some private quality time with his toys and clothes. She kicked off her heels, curled up her legs under her and looked in her purse for a tissue.

"Look, let me get you a glass of wine and we'll talk, okay? I was just getting ready to take a shower."

She nodded through her tears, so, he left her.

Pouring the wine, Dave didn't hear her come into the kitchen.

"So, " Dave jumped yet again, once more spilling wine, this time on the kitchen counter.

"You seem a little jumpy, Dave. Feeling guilty about something?"

He looked into her eyes, thinking about how quickly he'd become so very close to this woman in every way, with the only exception being his secret sexuality, and sighed sadly. He got a dish towel and wiped up the spilled wine.

"Gina, you keep scaring me. That's all."

He handed her the glass of wine, kissed her cheek, took her hand and led her into the living room.

"Look, hon," he said quietly. "Let me take that shower. I just walked in the door. We can call out for a pizza or something, and have a nice evening. Okay?"

"Sure," she answered. " But I meant it when I said we have to talk, Dave. I'm worried about things right now. Am I moving too fast with you?"

"Gina, just relax, okay? I'll just be a few minutes, then we'll talk." He knew he needed the time to come up with something to distract her from her never-ending quest to discover his hidden sexuality. She seemed very determined to get to him, and he was sure that she'd dump him as soon as she found out. Gina was very feminine, and he couldn't imagine her wanting him as he truly wanted to be wanted.

Feeling like he was walking on egg shells, David kissed her lips lightly, and headed for the bathroom.


As soon as she heard the shower running, Gina went to the kitchen, and looked in the garbage, where she found the packaging for the dildo Dave had bought. She gasped when she saw the pictures on the packaging. There was a shot of a woman pulling a huge dong into herself as she sucked an equally large cock. Lower down, there was another picture of a statuesque brunette fitting a huge plastic realistic-looking organ into a strap on contraption that hugged her hips.

Gina listened for the running water as she headed to Dave's bedroom. Satisfied that she still had a few minutes, she rummaged through his drawers, finding only his clothes. She found a few magazines under the mattress. They all showed men and she-males being taken from behind by women, men, and she-males. There was even one portraying a man who'd been feminized, wearing a corset, wig, heels and hose, tied with his hands to his ankles, hanging from some metal framework, being fucked by a machine, while a woman forced his face into her crotch.

Her heart beating fast, Gina spied the closet.

"Yes!" she whispered as she nearly ran to the little room. She was puzzled that she wasn't finding anything, when she saw the edge of the secret panel in the back of the walk-in closet pulled out from the trim at the edge of the floor.

She grasped it with her nails, and pulled it out. Inside were quite an array of feminine fetish clothes, dildos, butt plugs, a stack of femdom movies, and a series of books on the "art of being feminine."

Grinning from ear to ear, Gina gently returned everything the way it was, just as the water in the bathroom turned off. She practically skipped into the living room, so pleased she was with her new discovery. Never for a second did she question what she needed to do to get into the deepest recesses of Dave's psyche, now. She gulped her wine, and slipped out the door.

She wanted to talk to Frannie before she did anything else with him.


Dave dried off, shaking all over. He slipped his robe back on, and tip-toed out to the living room, peeking around the corner. Puzzled that he didn't see her, he checked the rest of the apartment, calling her name.

When he saw that she was definitely gone, he sat and tried to figure out what to do. He didn't want to lose her. He was so afraid of her disgust if she didn't want anything to do with his little secret. He was also afraid that she might, in her anger that he wasn't "all-man," go and tell everyone in their social circle that he was a little ass-fucking sissy in his mind.

Maybe it would be better just to end it all quickly, with no chance of getting either what he wanted with her, or the possibility of his exposure to the community at large.

With those thoughts running through his mind, Dave layed down on the couch, his eyes tearing up, and he eventually slipped off to sleep.


"You look surprized, dear," Frannie said. "You'd be amazed at how many men think about things like that. Of course, finding one that actually looks good and can take a good-sized cock is pretty rare."

"I just never imagined that Dave, of all people, would be into that," Gina said. "He never gave me an incling that he was bi or gay or that he wanted anything out of the ordinary."

"He's scared, Gina. If any of his drinking buddies found out about his kink he'd be in trouble. You can use that, you know, to get him to open up to you, if you're smart."

"What do you think I should do, Fran?"

"Well, if it were me, I'd fuck his little ass until he couldn't walk like a man anymore! Then I'd make him wear his panties & hose & bras all the time, just so's I could keep a tight little leash on his poor little pea-brain! Just like I do to Bill. In fact, why don't we get them together to do a little lesbian scene for us? Wouldn't that be a hoot?"

"Oh my god, Frannie! You are too much!"


Dave woke the next day feeling a bit miserable. Gina would surely dump him once she found out. Once again, he knew, he'd have to put away all his playthings, and hide them away if he wanted to keep her.

Could he do it?


Gina woke up with a slight hangover. As she took three aspirin with a glass of water, she thought about how she could share Dave's fetish in a way that would satisfy them both.

She thought about his slender frame, his height, his long legs. Yes, he'd look good in heels. Might even give him more of a butt. His face wasn't overly masculine. He had great eyes, and the longest lashes! This would be fun. Like having a living, breathing, Barbie-with-a-cock!

A thought struck her...Dave always snuck a finger up her ass, just at she reached the point of orgasm. He loved to tease her there, and, in truth, she liked it, too.

The next time they were intimate, she was going to explore his little bottom. She would work on his little nipples, too. Let's see if he'll open up with a bit of physical sensations that were more used on women than men.


The phone rang, just as the woman in the movie was guiding a huge dildo into the poor hero's ass. Dave paused the film this time, before answering the phone.


"Hi!" it was Gina. "I thought that you might like some breakfast. I stopped at the diner and got us some egg sandwiches."

"Okay, where are you? I kinda need to wake up."

"I'm in the parking garage, love. I'll be up in a jiff." She rang off.

"Dammit!" he yelled. He ran into the closet, and just got out of the bra when the doorbell rang.

Dave pulled up a pair of sweat pants over his panties, yanked a t-shirt over himself, and tried to calm himself as he strode to the door.

Gina looked radiant in a little pink tube-top and daisy duke shorts. Her tiny feet were in pink plastic sandals with three inch heels. Her make up was perfect, and her long brown hair seemed bigger and fuller.

As Gina took the bag of food into the kitchen, Dave remembered the movie paused in the living room. He ran in and took it out of the DVD player before she could see the scene plastered all over the TV screen, the glistening realistic toy poised at the little star of the hero's ass as he looked over his shoulder at her, his eyes pleading.

His cock grew in his black panties in spite of his near-panicked state. Shaking his head to get the images out of his mind, Dave walked into the kitchen, where Gina was unwrapping the sandwiches.

"And good morning to you!" Gina giggled, eyeing Dave's throbbing erection in the sweats. She gave him a little squeeze, noting the slippery feel of the panties under the pants.

He gasped, nearly running away when she grabbed his cock, fearing that she would find the panties. He froze in place for a moment, then relaxed as she let him go after giving him a sensual rub.

He chuckled a bit nervously, and grabbed one of the sandwiches to distract himself.

"So what are you doing today?"

She looked him up and down for a moment before answering.

"Well, I thought maybe I'd come see why you're off work. You could have told me you had some time off this week. We might have planned something special."

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