David to Dee Ch. 02


"Bill, wouldn't you like to touch her? You may, if it's okay with Frannie, of course."

"Not before I do, Gina," Frannie interjected.

Frannie scooted her chair over to Dee, and ran her hands all over her belly, her ribs, down her sides, over her hips, then she suddenly grabbed Dee's cock, leaned down and licked the tip. Dee, to Gina's growing pride, stood stock-still, hands overhead, her eyes on Gina as Frannie stroked her, licked her, and sucked her cock in deep. She spread her legs for Frannie when the woman's hand went up between her thighs. Frannie, for her part, was a very accomplished cock-sucker, her tongue dancing over Dee's glans, the heat of her mouth combined with the tickle of her fingertips behind Dee's scrotum bringing the poor flushed Dee to the brink rapidly.

Gina quickly took the dishes from the table as Dee stood helplessly, trying not to cum. As soon as she returned, she ordered Dee to sit on the bare table. The break from Frannie' s expert blowjob was badly needed, and Dee gave Gina a look of gratitude as she complied, sitting on the edge of the table.

"Have you fucked her with that strapon I saw in the hall?"

"Yes, Frannie," Gina laughed. "She's taken all of it, to the balls. On several occasions. Haven't you, dear?"

"Yes, " Dee whispered. "Many times."

"Bill," Frannie looked at him. "That is one tasty stick pussy. You really need to try it."

Dee watched helplessly as Bill scooted his chair between her legs, looked up into her eyes, and slurped her entire length into his mouth. After noisily working on her for a bit, he let it out, and sucked on her balls, making her feel even more vulnerable, if that was possible. Then he started licking down behind her balls, and her legs raised of thier own accord, exposing her ass to his oral attentions. Soon he had his tongue working up and down her crack, over her cheeks. She leaned all the way back onto the table, and when his hot licking reached into her depths, her hands went right to her false breasts, palming those incredibly hard nipples.

She knew she was going to get fucked. It seemed so natural, somehow. Dee couldn't even remember how she'd come to this, but it was all so overwhelming, she was just going with the flow. Dee was surprized at herself. She always thought that she'd have to stop things before she let a man have his way with her, but here she was, opening herself up for him, right in front of Gina. She shut her eyes as she felt the delights he indulged her with.

"Now stop that, Bill," Frannie broke in, and Dee's reverie was interrupted by the woman pushing Bill away, and moving between her legs.

Dee opened here eyes to see the neighbor, naked now, but for her stockings, shoes, and a strapon jutting proudly from between her thighs. As Dee looked to Gina for guidance, Frannie had Bill lift her balls, squirt some lube into her passage, and hold the tip of the phallus at Dee's vulnerable opening.

Gina merely nodded, and Dee looked back at Frannie as she pressed the head of the formidable dildo into Dee's slippery ass. Dee raised her legs even higher as the tool popped into her, and gasped while looking into Frannie's eyes. Dee's legs bent around Frannie's waist. She hooked her feet together, and she actually pulled Frannie into her ass. Her hands went to the woman's tits, and she weighed them in her hands, like she did with Gina, wondering what they would feel like if they were her own. Looking back at Gina, Dee saw that she had stripped, and was playing with her pussy under the table as she watched Frannie fuck her girlfriend.

Turning her head the other way, Dee saw that Bill was stripping. He wore some crotchless pantyhose without any underpants. She noticed that, like herself, Bill's entire body was shaved, except for a little heart shaped patch of pubic hair that had been bleached out, and dyed blond. It was his cock, however, that amazed Dee the most. For a man that stood only about five foot eight, his cock was really big...much bigger than Dee's own.

Dee looked back at Gina, her fingers tugging gently at Frannie's nipples, when she felt the table shift. Bill was crawling up, and in a moment he was straddling her face.

Dee heard Gina cum loudly when her lips went over the tip of Bill's cock. She was feeling so many conflicting things right now. On the one hand, she was ecstatic that she was finally living out her dream, and was being forced to do it all. Still, there was this niggling little voice in the back of her mind calling Dave a faggot for sucking that cock, for being dressed like this, for letting these people fuck him, for letting a woman turn him into her personal cocksucking whore. She couldn't yet silence that voice. But it seemed to be getting dimmer, less forceful. There was yet another voice inside calling out for more, more, more! She sucked that cock with gusto, thrilling to the hoops in her ears as they swayed with her motions. But the most intense physical feelings, as always, were centered in her ass. And Frannie's fucking was reaching a frenzied pace as she plowed into Dee's vulnerable frame again and again, showing her no mercy as she tried to reach her own peak from the friction on her side of the strapon tool.

There was no need for her to pull Frannie's ass with her heels, and she couldn't keep up with the her, anyway, so Dee spread her legs wide. Frannie placed her arms under Dee's legs, slowing her fucking actions for the merest of moments, before Dee's legs found themselves up on Frannie's shoulders as the woman forced that toy even deeper into Dee's belly.

Now the newest girl on the block was totally helpless, fucked at both ends as her girlfriend watched and came again.

Frannie's movements became more erratic, and Dee sensed she was about to cum. She pulled harder on Frannie's nipples as she approached her peak between Dee's thighs. As Frannie came, her hands went to Dee's false breasts, grabbing them roughly, her hips jerked in spasms that shook the whole table. She stood there, buried to the hilt in Dee's ass, watching her husband thrust into Dee's lips, for a long while before she backed that fleshy rod out of her butt. Air rushed into Dee's gaping hole for a few seconds, and she mused how it would feel after a man's load had been deposited there. Just then, the real cock in her mouth began to flex and pulsate. Dee felt those hairless balls pull up and tickle her chin just before the first spurt hit her dancing tongue. Dee tried to swallow, but the next jet followed too soon, making her gag a bit. So she just let the cock cum in her mouth while her tongue teased the glans, and let the fluids run out of the corner of her lips.

As Bill slowed his movements, and then stopped, Dee help him in her lips, careful to give him the warmth of her mouth without giving it too much action. Having a prick of her own, Dee knew how sensitive it is right after cumming. She liked a bit of further attention, but not too much friction at that point. So that's just what she did for Bill.

When Bill finally, reluctantly, pulled that softened cylinder of flesh from her lips, Dee turned her head and looked once more to her mistress, and smiled at her, the cum still dripping off her cheek to puddle on the table. Gina was strapping on a cock of her own, and looking into Dee's eyes with such heat and desire that she looked like she might spontaneously ignite at any second.

Gina climbed onto the table, and drew the tip of that plastic member across Dee's cheek, gathering a glistening bit of Bill's cum on the end.

"I want to be the very first to pump some cum in your ass," she whispered in Dee's ear.

Soon the neighbors were watching Gina step between Dee's thighs to push her way through Dee's portal of pleasure. She didn't just jam it in, but once the tip touched Dee's sphincter it never stopped until it bottomed out in her depths. Once in at the deepest point, Gina started to stroke, and soon Dee felt as if her lady would pound her right through the wall into yet another neighbor's view. That thought excited her, and she looked down to see her cock leaking fluids like a faucet. swelling and drooling with her every heartbeat. Her heart filled with the strongest emotion she had ever felt in her life. Dee could never have described exactly what it was that she was feeling. It was too intense. It was beyond love. It was that thing that one can only feel after total surrender to another, stronger power. That power was Gina. Dee's entire being became centered in her ass, trying to get Gina over the peak. She grunted. She pled. She prayed to Gina. She worshipped her with her eyes, her hands, her ass.

Gina, for her part, was completely out of control. If the pope himself had walked in at that point, she would have continued pushing and pulling that thing lodged so firmly in Dee's bowels. The scene she had just witnessed had put her over the top. Later, she would admit to Dee that her second orgasm had come completely spontaneously, without even touching herself. It had been a pure reaction to watching Dee get double-fucked by thier attractive neighbors, from knowing that Dee had given herself so thoroughly for Gina's pleasure, and had enjoyed it for her mistress' own sake.

Soon, Gina was jerking and spasming in Dee's nether regions just as Frannie had. Her peak went on and on. She was having multiple orgasms between Dee's splayed thighs. Her hands were all over her shaved slut, gripping the flesh so hard that Dee winced. Finally, she shook with a final gasp of pleasue. As she settled down, and lay her torso onto Dee's, the two of them looked up, surprized, at the couple who came for dinner.

Frannie and Bill were wide-eyed, frozen, as they sat at the table watching Gina use her girl.

Finally, when Frannie spoke, her voice sounded harsh after all the animal sounds that had emanated from the fucking duo.

"That was the most spiritual thing I ever saw," she whispered.

"I never imagined..."Bill stammered.

"You were really in another world, weren't you?" Frannie's eyes still were glued to Dee's, wide in her awestruck expression.

"I think so," Dee's voice sounded strange, felt strange, like it was stuck in a feminine register. "I don't know what happened. It was kind of scary, yet I couldn't have stopped it if I had wanted to. It was like someone, or some thing else had taken over and I was just there for the ride."

"Yeah," grunted Gina. Her voice, too, souded odd, like she was someone else entirely. "I feel like I've been changed forever. What was that? What did we just do?"

"It wasn't just sex, that's for sure," Bill whispered. "It was way beyond sex. More like meeting God or something."

Gina slowly lifted herself off of Dee, and the big toy slipped out, to Dee's disappointment. As she sighed, Gina spoke again, in a more normal tone of voice.

"You don't want more, do you, love?" She smiled down at Dee softly, reached down and stroked her sticky face.

"No, I was just hoping that you'd stay there awhile longer," Dee whispered gently. She didn't trust herself to speak out loud, wasn't sure what it would sound like. She was still spinning from her ultimate fuck, and looking down, she saw her belly, and Gina's, and Gina's tits, covered with a huge amount of cum. Funny, she didn't remember cumming, but she must have, and really hard, too.

Usually, after cumming that hard, after being fucked for so long, Dee would have been sleepy. But right now she felt energized, completely refreshed. Like she had just had a shot of some super tonic laced with B-12 and cocaine and loads and loads of healthy infusions. Her asshole was a little sore, but even it felt new and refreshed. She felt totally clean, inside and out, guiltless for the first time in her life. As if she had transcended life itself, and gone on to a heavenly reward, then returned with the gift of perfect grace.

Bill and Frannie kissed them both, thier warm hands running all over both of them, before they dressed, excused themselves, and walked out, leaving the two lovers still cuddling on the dining room table.


Over the next two months, Dee and Gina saved thier money, worked hard, and fucked with thier neighbors as often as they could. They never again reached that spiritual plane, but they sure had a lot of fun. Still, Dee wondered why Bill didn't fuck her. Finally, she could take it no more, and asked Gina about it one night after the couple had left.

Gina smiled in the dark as they lay in bed. This was yet another hurdle that she'd waited for Dee to cross.

"I was waiting for you to ask for it," she responded. "I didn't want you to feel like I had forced you to let a man fuck you. Are you sure that you want a real cock in your ass, Dee? Once you do that, you'll never be able to forget it. I know how you can get to feeling guilty sometimes. I need you to ask me for a real cock, to be sure that you're doing it for yourself, not just for me."

"I'm sure, Gina," Dee whispered in the dark. "I want it. I want to feel his cum shooting into me. I want to feel filled up with cum."

"Maybe next weekend, dearest," Gina whispered, grinning from ear to ear.

They soon slept in each other's arms, thier nightgowns as tangled as thier limbs.


Gina called Frannie the next day, and told her of her plans for Dee. Even Frannie gasped when she heard what Gina told her.

"Are you really sure about this, honey? It's an awfully big step for her." Frannie was very concerned. "I'm just hoping that you don't push the poor dear over the edge. The way you two are, I could see you both going places far beyond where you really want to be."

"I'm sure, Frannie. I'm really sure. I know Dee's going to love this. Would you like to come along? I'm sure that Bill would like to be Dee's first. He deserves it, too. He's been so patient, but I know he's gotta be pawing the ground thinking about getting into her hot little ass. He's got a real nice cock, too."

"Yes, of course we'll be there," Frannie answered. "I couldn't let you peddle her out to some stranger to bust her last cherry, ya know!"


It was the night before they were to leave on thier vacation, when they would be married as mistress and wife. The next few weeks would be spent 24/7 as lesbian lovers, as two very attractive ladies in love.

Gina had been positively giddy with excitement for the last three weeks. She had set things up perfectly, and the whole thing started out tonight! Dee had never seen her so anxious before, and asked again and again what she had planned. Sometimes she felt apprehensive, but after the last few months, she found that she trusted her lover so completely that she began to get all excited herself, without even knowing what was in store for her. She just knew that with Gina, it had to be great.

Dee had taken special care with her preparations, lately. She seemed very determined to pass in front of every person she met, whether they be doctors or female impersonators or rednecks or whores. This time, Gina had laid out her fishnet hose, the black satin corset she'd acquired, and the DDD bra for Dee to wear under her regular male clothes. Dee was disappointed that she would be spending yet another night in what she'd come to think of as her "man-drag."

Still, knowing Gina, all would be revealed and enjoyed, if she was patient. She stoicly donned the apparrel, and presented herself to her lover. They gathered thier coats, and went to the parking garage. Gina let Dee drive, letting her enjoy the male role for the moment as she directed Dee to the adult bookstore.

Puzzled, yet intrigued, Dee opened Gina's door, and escorted her into the dingy building. Gina wandered around, looking at the dildos, the movies, and she gathered quite a few bisexual swinger magazines, toys, and lubricant before announcing that she wanted to go in the back to see a movie.

Dee left the things Gina had chosen with the surly clerk, and bought $30 worth of tokens to watch the movies. Together, they walked hand in hand to the back room, where the scent of men having sex assailed thier senses. It was then that Dee noticed the huge over-the-shoulder bag that Gina was carrying. She shuddered inside, sure that this was leading up to the event that had had Gina so excited over the last few weeks.

Gina spent a long time perusing the menu of movies available for viewing before opting for one, she led Dee into the dark booth. Before they sat together on the wooden bench, and Gina put several coins in the slot to start the movie, Gina asked Dee to remove her shirt. After she complied, Gina pressed the appropriate button for her choice, and Dee gasped as he saw a naked man getting a blow job from a naked she male. In the movie, the she male's hands were stroking her own cock as she sucked.

"Is that a glory hole," Gina whispered in her ear.

Dee looked, and nodded in the gloom, her anxiety growing exponentially..

"I want to watch you suck an anonymous cock," she said.

As Dee turned to the hole in the wall, Gina told her to wait a moment. She reached into her bag and took out two leather cuffs, a battery-operated screwdriver, and some screws. She put the cuffs on Dee's wrists, and fastened them to the bench with two long screws through each cuff. Dee was facing the hole. She could pull back, turn her head, but her ass was raised high, and when she looked forward, it was at the hole where a cock would soon be jutting.

"Kick off your shoes, love. I want you nearly naked for this," Gina whispered.

As Dee kicked off her left shoe, Gina reached into her huge purse and pulled out a pair of Dee's highest heels, in black patent leather, and fitted one onto her foot. She put the other onto her right foot, and Dee thanked her for not making her stand barefooted in all the cum and cigarette ashes on the floor. Gina then put Dee's darkest wig on her head, pinned it in place and brushed it out.

Then, movement caught her eye, and Dee saw what she'd been waitiing for. A cock. Not a particularly large one. It was hard, glistening at the tip with precum, and angry looking. She kissed the tip, ran her tongue all over it, and sucked it in her lips. Gina, meanwhile, was opening her pants, pulling them off Dee's legs. As Dee sucked on the faceless man's pulsing member, Gina got the DDD falsies out of her bag. She proceeded to apply the adhesive and stuff Dee's bra with the huge tits as the man's essence pulsed onto her tongue. Dee kept her face to the wall, the man's cum dripping from her lips as Gina squirted her bottom with a copious amount of lubricant, smearing it all over the globes of her ass. Next, she held the tip of the bottle right at Dee's puckered hole, and squirted even more directly inside her as the cock withdrew from Dee's wet lips.

When another, larger cock poked its huge fat head through the hole, Gina snapped a picture. She took a lot more as Dee went down on it.

Dee did her best to please her mistress, and it showed, she was sure, on film. Her SLUT ring danced in her navel as she rocked her face to the wall and back. She was really into it, now, sucking with a vengeance, and Gina had been taking a lot of pictures, from a lot of different angles. She didn't notice when Gina must have slipped out the door.

The man's fluids dripping from her lips, she turned to see that she was alone. She couldn't see the entire room, but when she whispered to her mistress, Gina didn't answer.

Her first thought was 'Too bad...I bet that would have been a great pic.' Then she began to panic as she realized that she was tied to the bench, dressed like a shaved whore in heat, her fully lubricated ass raised high and pointing right at the door. It was a deliciously thrilling feeling, but she wondered that she wasn't more frightened. Her trust in Gina was that total, that deep. She was apprehensive, but not frantic at her situation. This was going to be a wild ride, Dee knew, but she would be forced to ride it out. Gina would never actually put her in real danger. Still...

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