David to Dee


"Um...er...well...I just needed to take care of some stuff. You know, tax time and all..." He drifted off with another bite of his sandwich.

"No problem. Are you going to be busy all day, then, or can we spend some time having some fun?" she purred, rubbing her hand over his chest, lightly pinching his nipples.

Almost choking on his bite, Dave found his hips moving, his chest pushing forward into her grip.

"Looks like you might have some time after all," Gina laughed, grabbing his tit flesh in both hands now, and pushing it all together.

In his mind, Dave saw himself with huge breasts, and Gina playing with them. He felt his cock leak a bit into his panties...his panties! He had to get out of them before she found them on his body!

Jamming the last of the sandwich into his mouth, he gave her generous tits a squeeze, and mumbled around the food in his mouth", Be right back."

Nearly running to the bathroom, Dave turned on the shower again, ripped off the sweats, pulled down his panties & stuffed them deep into the clothes hamper.

"Boy, if I had a cock right now, I'd fuck that tight ass silly!"

He jumped out of his skin! There she was, the door swung open...had it been closed all the way? Had she seen his panties?

Blushing a deep maroon red, Dave glanced at his reflection in the mirror. Damn, did he ever look guilty!

"You have got to stop scaring me all the time!"

"What's wrong, love? Feeling a bit guilty about something?" She laughed. "My mom always said that feeling guilty makes a person jumpy. Are you feeling guilty about something, Dave?"

She moved closer to him, and Dave felt that lump of panic return to his throat again.

"Hmmmm? Something you're trying to hide from me, Dave? A little fantasy, perhaps? Don't think I'm going to forget about that, mister. You made me feel kind of bad when you wouldn't talk to me the other night."

"Aw, shit, Gina. I don't know what to say," he began.

"Nevermind, then!" she snapped. "We can talk about it all later."

She spun on her pink plastic heel and left him standing in the bathroom, naked.

Dave spent a long time in the shower, cleaning himself everywhere, trying to keep himself from jerking off to the memory of her hands on his tits and his panties. His mind was racing around, trying to figure out a way to distract her from his sexual secrets, while keeping her interested. He never felt he was that good at the mental game of sexual play that women seemed to be so comfortable with. The last time a girl had taken him to this point, the results had been very nearly disastrous.


"Does that feel good, Dave?"

Shiela was sucking on his nipples, and rubbing his ass with one hand, while she stroked his cock with the other.

"Oh my god, Shiela! I'm gonna cum soon!"

"Oh, no you're not!" she said. "First, you're gonna do some things for me!"

"Anything! Anything you want!" he moaned, lying there on the picnic table.

Shiela sat on his face, and made him eat her pussy for a long time that night. Then, with her finger up his ass, and her lips on his nipples, he came all over her hand. She wasted no time wiping it all off on his chest, making sure that his nipples were glistening with his sticky cum, and then she told him to leave it there until it dried.

He was just 16 years old, and his family had sent him to church camp for the last week of the summer. Dave was angry as hell that his last week of the summer had to be wasted on that, but his religious mother wouldn't hear any excuse. He would go to camp.

After the first three days, Dave found himself the target of Shiela's attentions. She zeroed right in on him. He let her take him out into the woods a few times, where she wanted to stroke his cock, and watch his face. She had a rather plain face, and was a bit tall, taller even than Dave. It seemed kind of strange to be with such a big girl, and to have her want him to cum so much all the time. Her hands were constantly on his ass or on his cock, at every opportunity. Sometimes even when there were other people around. His cock was up, then down, then up again, the entire last four days of the church camp.

She even snuck into his cabin one night, and rubbed his cock and fingered his ass until he came in her hand. Then she rubbed his fluids onto his lips, whispering", Be quiet! Shush, now!"

He lay there, his cum on his lips, and she leaned down and stuck her tongue into his ear.

"You look good with cum on your lips, Dave! I bet you'd make a great queer!"

Dave groaned at that. He'd never had any such thoughts in his short life. Then she told him about her boyfriend, Jerry. She told him how Jerry was always trying to fuck her, but she didn't want to get pregnant. Then he tried to fuck her ass, but she thought that would hurt too much.

"Be at my cabin tomorrow night, sissy Dave. Jerry really needs an ass to fuck, and I bet you'd really like it, too. We'll make you feel really good, okay?"

Dave froze. There was no way he was going to let some strange guy fuck him, no matter how good Shiela's finger felt in his ass.

"If you don't, I'm gonna tell everyone what a little sissy you are."

The next day, Shiela told several people that Dave had tried to get her to "do things" to him. The camp counsellors took him aside. and asked him lots of embarassing questions. Even Father Timmons never looked at Dave the same way again.

It had been a valuable lesson. The shame was more than he could bear, and he swore that no woman would ever get him into that position again.

But the experience had changed Dave deeply. After that, his fantasies all revolved around a strong woman forcing him to accept the feminine role. To dress like a slut, and to act like one, even taking big toys and large cocks from men and women in his mouth and ass. In his mind's eye, he saw himself with monstrous breasts that clapped together when he was fucked doggy style.


While David showered. Gina went back to the secret compartment of his walk-in closet. She took out the nine inch dildo that she found there, and snuck it into his bedroom, tucking it under the mattress.

"Wow!" she thought", that thing is huge! I wonder if he sucks on it, or if his butt can take it..."

The water in the shower finally shut off, and Gina readied herself for the rest of her plans. Checking her purse to make sure that the soft leather cuffs were right on top, with the lubricant and the scarf she intended to use as a blindfold.

As Dave dried off, he noticed that his hands were shaking. Hell, even his legs were shaking. He was getting way too close to Gina, and taking too many chances, having been so close to being caught in drag with his toys and movies, not just once, but twice. He feared that he would either have to break it off with her, or hide away his alternate self for the duration of their relationship. He sighed sadly as he wrapped the towel around his waist after drying off, and padded off through the bedroom to the walk-in closet for some clothes.

"Stop right there," Gina said softly.

Dave paused, startled by her low demanding tone.

"Take off that towel and climb up on the bed, Dave."

He hesitated, looking in her brown eyes, then unwrapped the towel, folded it and placed it on the overstuffed chair by the bed. He felt his cock thickening as he crawled up onto the shiny black satin comforter.

"Lie on your stomach."

He complied immediately, carefully pressing his cock down so that it pointed between his feet as he lowered himself face down on the bed.

Gina grasped his hands and gently placed the leather cuffs on them, keeping them behind his back as he groaned.

"Just relax, love," she whispered in his ear. "I really want to do this."

"Okay, Gina."

She tied the scarf over his eyes, then grabbed his cock and pulled downward, making him squirm toward the foot of the bed. She quickly tied each of his ankles to the legs of the bed frame, keeping them spread wide. Finally, Gina took off her panties and stuffed them in his mouth, and tied them there with a stolen stocking from his closet.

"Mmmmmm," she whispered sultrily in his ear. "You look so delicious like this. I think I like you helpless. Can you get away?"

Dave writhed on the bed for a moment, before shaking his head and chuckling nervously into her panties.

Suddenly, he felt a slap on his vulnerable bottom. He twisted in his bonds, but couldn't escape as another blow landed on the opposing cheek of his ass.

"You've been naughty, Dave. You've been hiding things from me." She took the dildo out from under the mattress, and smacked his ass with it.

"Did you think I wouldn't find out, Dave? Don't you think it's awfully selfish of you to hide all these pleasures from me? Are you afraid of me, Dave? Maybe you should be!!!"

He groaned as Gina told him about sneaking into his closet, about perusing through his femdom and crossdressing magazines.

"And guess what else I found, Dave," she whispered, rubbing the thick-veined heavy fake cock over his ass cheeks. "What do you think I should do with this?"

She prodded the fat latex cock-head at Dave's rectum, noting his tense fear.

"Afraid I might slip and ram this in without lube, Dave? I probably should, you know, to make you sorry for hiding these things from me! But I think I'll do something even meaner! I'm going to show you all the fun we could have had, if only you'd been more open with me, sweetheart. I'm sorry, Dave, but I can't stay with you if you hide things from me."

Dave groaned, tears were wetting the scarf. He was excited at Gina's domination, but this seemed to be the end. It was all his fault! His cock went flaccid at his shame. He was overwhelmed by an empty feeling of sadness.

"Aw, am I scaring you? Why aren't you hard as a rock, little girl? Isn't this what you always wanted?"

She hit his ass again with the toy, hard.

"Well, ya know, Dave, you don't really look like the girl of my dreams right now. But you will, soon enough!"

Gina climbed off of his tethered torso, and opened her purse next to his ear.

"Hear that, love? I'm getting ready to show you how it feels to be a girl. First, I have to remove all your body hair. This," she whispered, shaking the bottle next to his head, "is a depilatory cream. I'm going to rub it all over your body. Get ready. It might feel a bit cold at first."

Dave felt Gina's hands spreading the cream over his legs, his ass, and his armpits. She tied a string around David's ball sack, and he grunted as he raised his ass up to her.

"I'm going to untie your legs, now, honey. Don't think I'm going to let you off just yet. We have to wash off the cream. Let's go...back to the shower for you!"

She led him, blindfolded, into the shower. The hand held shower sprayer turned on...cold...then it warmed up as Gina's hands went over Dave's legs. The feeling was intense as he felt his hair rinse away. Gina undressed and joined him in the shower, turning off the water again, and drying him.She pressed her breasts into his back as she rubbed more generous amounts of depilatory cream onto his chest.

"We can't call such a gorgeous creature 'Dave' anymore, can we? I think we'll have to call you 'Dee'"

Dave was blushing a firey red. His cock had grown again, and was leaking pre cum.

"I can't use the cream on your clit, Dee. It would feel kinda uncomfortable. Might give you a rash." Gina turned the water back on. "Time to rinse, Dee."

After the rinse, Gina rubbed copious amounts of what she called "finishing cream" into his skin. Dave was leaking pre cum freely, startling and jumping at her every touch. Gina was loving his reactions, but was determined to make him feel like he was being forced to open up to her. That seemed like it really was triggering him, and she knew it would only increase what he would come to think of as her control over his sexuality. She was surprized to find that, yes, she truly wanted that control.

Tugging on the string around his balls, she had him walk to the kitchen and sit on one of the tall stools he had there. She made him spread his legs, and she applied lots of shaving foam onto his genitals, and even had him raise up his ass and place his feet on the counter, so she could rub the cream on his ass as well.

"This will teach you to hold out on my pleasure, Dee! How dare you keep things from me!"

Dave, as Dee, now, moaned something incoherent, as Gina began to scrape the triple edged razor over his tenderest parts.

Soon the job was done, and Dee was completely hairless from her nose to her toes. Gina wiped off the foamy remains with a warm wash cloth, and tickled Dee's ass a bit with the tip of her finger.

"Ooooooooh," she moaned into his ear. "Someone likes having her little hole teased!"

Dee whimpered, his ass moving on its own volition, seeming to try to get her fingertip inside. She bent forward and sucked his nipple into her lips, and he gasped audibly. At the same time, she noticed, his legs spread, and his little puckered hole seemed to kiss at the air.

"Oh my goodness," she laughed. "Well, little girl, I'm gonna have some real fun with that hot little hole tonight." She took off the stocking tying the panties into his mouth, and removed the panty gag.

"Please, Gina!"

"Oh, I am quite pleased, Dee. I'll even be more pleased when I have you dressed like the slut you are, taking my cock in your ass!"

"Oh god," he whispered, as she sucked hard on his little nipple, and tickled his ass again, while her other hand grabbed his tit flesh and squeezed tightly.

"See how good this feels, love," Gina whispered. "And to think that we could have been having this much fun for months! I really feel betrayed by you, Dee. I just don't know if I can be with a girl that acts like a selfish man when it comes to our sex life!"

She grabbed his cock, and led him back into the bedroom closet, still blindfolded. She made sure he could hear her rummaging through his most private collection of women's wear, while making him stand perfectly still in the closet.

"Now, I like this...and this...oh my goodness, Dee! Look at the size of your tits!!"

She fit the huge bra around his chest, freed his hands long enough to pull the straps up his arms before recuffing them, and stuffed the bra with the huge DD breast forms. Then she stood behind him, rubbing her naked breasts on his back as she ran her palms up his torso, and over his huge stuffed bra. Then she carefully rolled up a brand new pair of stocking up his legs, and hooked a garter belt in place . Fixing the snaps to the stockings, Gina told him how hot he looked in his lavender bra, and white stockings. Then she placed his four inch white heels on his feet, and led him to the bed, where she told him to "sit tight!" Finding the black wig, she returned to him, and pinned it into his hair, and brushed it out.

Dee was trembling. Was this supposed to be punishment? Was she making fun of him? He still wasn't sure. It seemed to be taking an awfully long time in the preparations, and while he was excited to the point of dripping, he still felt like she would betray him, belittle him, or take pictures and pass them around to his friends. Oh horrors! He couldn't let that happen.


"Yes, Dee?"

"I'm sorry. I think you misunderstand..."

"Oh? Are you telling me that you're holding onto these things for a friend? Are you gay? Is he well-hung?"

"No! Oh my god! No!...I mean...please believe..."

"Go on, Dee, tell me...How is it that you have these tits..." she fondled his chest again," these clothes..." she rubbed her hands up his legs, "those shoes....Were they in the apartment when you moved in? And what about that movie I saw in the DVD player, Dee? Was that something you didn't know was there? And what about that big cock you have here, hmmm?" She rubbed the tip of the toy onto his lips, down his chin, and stuck the head into his cleavage, leaving the base with the suction cup sticking up comically from his bra.. "Is this all a mistake? Am I jumping to conclusions, Dee?"

She grabbed his head, and leaned it forward until the balls of the toy hit his chin.

"Lick those balls, Dee. Or tell me something to convince me that I'm making a huge mistake. Or tell me to leave, and I will. Just do something, Dee, don't just sit there trying to show me how miserable you are!"

He started licking the balls. What else could he do? Any other answer would be such an obvious lie, and he was sure that she would leave if he lied.

"That's it, you hot little bitch! Lick them like you want it!" She stage whispered," Get on the bed and spread your legs for me."

Now he felt like he truly was a hot bitch named Dee. Climbing onto the bed, he layed on his back, and spread his legs wide, all the while licking the latex ball sack of the toy.

"That's it, you little slut! Show me how much you want it," Gina gasped, running her hands all over his smooth body. "Damn! This is hotter than I ever imagined it could be," she thought. "Maybe I will introduce 'Dee' to Frannie and her husband!"

Dee found herself out of control, honestly trying to put on a great show for Gina. Her hands were still tied, but she found herself clenching them, twisting them, wanting them free so she could rub them all over her smooth skin. Her hips were bucking like she was getting fucked, her legs splayed, her cock dripping fluids down over her ball sack. Her ass was flexing as she imagined another toy pounding into her butt.

Gina took it all in, and began masturbating herself. She yanked off the blindfold so she could see Dee's eyes, and then reached down under her to untie her hands. Dee's hands immediately went to her cock, and she started to stroke it slowly, as her eyes finally focused on Gina's.

She grabbed the cock out of Dee's tits, and placed it in her hands.

"Show me how you like it!" She handed Dee the lube, after letting a bit drizzle onto her own palm. Gina then rubbed the greasy fluid over Dee's ass, slipping a finger inside her.

Dee, meanwhile, was panting as she let a generous glob of lube dribble onto the head of the latex cock.

"Show me!" Gina yanked her finger out of Dee's clenching asshole, and she sat back on her heels to watch her slut toy in action.

Dee gripped the cock, kissed the slippery tip, and reached down to position the head at her opening. She felt the muscles of her ass kiss the tip, then she began to push it in. Watching Gina's eyes all the while, she held the pressure on herself until she felt the head begin to open her back passage.

Gina watched Dee's eyes go unfocused and incredibly wide as the head popped into her bottom. She rubbed her wet pussy as she saw the massive thing go into her previously oh-so-shy boyfriend's flexing ass, and moaned out loud in tandem with Dee.

"That's it, Dee," she crooned. "Take it all! Fuck yourself with that big cock!"

Dee complied, happily, pushing and pulling and pushing again, until the entire length was buried in her hungry ass. Then she looked Gina in the eye, grinned, and pulled it out halfway, before ramming it back home again, with a sexy whine.

"But will you still respect me in the morning?"

Gina burst out laughing, and replied. "Hell, no, you're way too much of a slut to expect any respect! Go fuck yourself!"

With the ice between them finally broken, Dee cheerfully did just that, holding the rubber cock with one hand, and her own hard prick in the other, stroking both with increasing speed until the inevitable rush began in her spine. Gina saw her reaching her peak, and encouraged her on her way by leaning over and pinching on a nipple. Dee grunted in a most unladylike manner as the first shot of cum spurted out of her cock, arced high in the air, and landed right on her own cheek. Gina watched, entranced, as Dee stuck her tongue out and wiped it up as her seed flowed out of her.

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