David to Dee


That sight sent Gina over the edge, and she came along with her partner in lust.

Dee left the dildo up inside herself, her legs still open, but shaking. Gina took Dee's hand off of her cock, and raised it to Dee's lips. As Dee licked the cum off her hand, Gina shuddered in her aftershocks, and kissed her face all over.

"Oh my gawd you're so hot!" whispered Gina. "I never would have thought of something like that, Dee. I want to do it to you. Do you have a way to attach it to me so I can fuck you?"

"Um...no. I never had a reason to buy a strap on," Dee answered in a high whisper. She noticed that in her new persona, her voice went up a few registers to fit her feminine personality.

Dee reached down to remove the dildo, but Gina stopped her.

"No, wait. I like to see you like that. Is it uncomfortable?"

"No, just different being seen this way, Gina."

"You mean that you never shared this with anyone...ever?"

"No, never. It's kind of hard to bring up the subject, if you know what I mean."

"Well, I know now, and I really like it," Gina said. "You will have to dress like this for me all the time, now. Things between us will never be the same. You know that, don't you?"

"Yeah, I guess. Do you really like me like this, Gina?" Dee's eyes were wet as she looked into Gina's.

It was obvious the poor transvestite had visions of rejection in her mind all along. Overcoming these feelings would take time and patience on Gina's part, but Gina felt up to the task. It really did seem like a whole new world had opened up for her. Gina could explore her lesbian fantasies safely, without actually being with another woman. And David, as Dee, could explore some of his bisexual fantasies with her, without actually being with a man. He needed some help in the feminizing department, though, if he was going to pass as a girl.

And Gina was certain that she could get him to pass in public. Even with other women. All it would take was a bit of training, and she was certain, now, that Dee would respond to training.

An idea occured to Gina.

"I want to take some pictures of you like this. Where's the digital camera?"

Dee reddened and began to panic.

"No way! Someone might see them!"

"Oh, come on, Dee. You still don't trust me? That's it. I give up." Gina got up off the bed, leaving Dee with the dildo sticking out of her ass. "Enjoy your jerk-off lifestyle, Dee. You don't have to share anything with me."

"Wait!" Dee cried." Okay. The camera's in the desk drawer. I'll get it. I'm sorry. I'm just scared, Gina."

"No, you just sit there like that. If you're so afraid of me, I should go. Don't worry, you're secret's safe with me."

"No! Please! I'm sorry. Get the camera. I'll tell you anything from now on. I promise. Please stay," Dee found herself pleading. "I'll do anything you want."

There it was, the phrase Gina wanted.

"Anything? Do you mean that, Dee? I'm going to call you Dee in front of people, even if you're dressed like a guy. Eventually, my love, I may even want to make you dress up and go out to a movie with me. Or to dinner. I expect I'll be spending a lot of time with my new girl friend, Dee, getting to know her..." Gina paused for effect,"...inside and out!"

Dee blushed even deeper. He wasn't planning on actually going out in public. This was going so fast! But then again, his fantasies always seemed to revolve around being forced to be a girl. Maybe it was time for "Dee" to go out and see the world as a girl sees it. To feel the breeze blowing up under her skirt. The men's eyes on her tits. To be able to actually try on the clothes she craved in the store, rather than guessing her size and hoping for the best when she got home.

And best of all, "Maybe Gina would get that strap on and fuck me," Dee thought.

"Okay, Gina. Anything you want."

"I'm the boss, right? You seem to be afraid of doing things for yourself. And I know how to make you look better, love. You need to put yourself in my hands. You need to trust me, Dee. Absolutely. Without hesitation. Do you think you can really do that? I don't know."

"I can, Gina. After this, I have to trust you, don't I? I really don't have a choice."

"That's true. I guess I really do have a bit of a hold on you, don't I, sweetie? Well, let's get that camera. You stay just like that. Don't take it out. I want a picture to remember this moment by." Gina grinned and thought to herself,"...and the picture will give me absolute control, too, won't it, my dear little slut-wannabe! A few of those and I'll be able to get you to do that anything you've promised me."

Gina quickly found the camera, and returned to take several photos of Dee in her slutty splendor. She made Dee pose with her legs spread wide open, holding the dildo in various angles and depths to show that she was really fucking herself. Dee got a little carried away, and Gina got some very good shots of her jerking off, shooting a small load of cum, and licking it off her fingers with the dildo still deeply embedded in her pert little assole. Since Dee was wearing no make up, it was pretty obvious in the shots that it was Dave. That was all she would need to control him.

Gina put the camera in her purse, and smiled at Dee.

"I'll just keep this. I'm going to download it onto my computer. I'll make some prints for you, Dee. We should start an album to show how you develop as my girlfriend."

"Um....okay, I guess," Dee was blushing again.

Gina liked that little pouty blush. This was going to be more fun than she'd ever imagined. Next, she took a tape measure out of her purse, and measured Dee's hips, waist, chest, and the length of her spine. She took notes after each measurement. When she was done, she tucked the notes and the tape into her purse.

"I'm going to go home, now, Dee. I have to do some things today....for us. There are some things I'd like you to do, too, darling."


"Well, first...I want you to go to the bookstore and get me some things. You might want to write this down..."

Dee gently pulled the huge cock out of her bottom, and put it on the bed. She rose unsteadily on her heels, and stumbled off to the desk, where she got a pad of paper and a pen.

"Walk with smaller steps, Dee," Gina coached. "And place your heel in front of your toe, like you're walking a tightrope...See? That makes your butt move just right...That's it, love...wiggle that hot ass for me! Now...slowly lower your bottom into the chair...that's it...stick your butt out and gently settle it into the chair...mmmmmmm...you're so pretty!...Okay, first, I want one of those strap on things. Can't have my girl going without the cock she deserves, can we? Just make sure that whatever you get will feel good to me, too. And get some more of those feminizing movies that you like so much. We have some studying to do. I think I might want a whip or something, too. And get lots of lube, Dee. You're going to need it. One of those sex swings might be fun, too. Also, take a look in the back, where they show those movies. I want to know if there's those 'glory holes' I've read about in there. Oh, and while you're out, I'll need a key to the apartment, too."

Dee shuddered as she wrote these things down. What did Gina have in mind? Surely she didn't think Dee was really gay, did she?

"Now don't worry, Dee. I'm not going to 'out' you unless you tell me you're ready. But you can expect to spend a lot of time like this....with me."

"Okay, Gina."

"Oh...one more thing. You might as well write this down, too...on another sheet."

Dee obediently pulled out another page to write on.

"Title this page, 'Rules.' Got it?" Dee nodded. "Good. Number one...Gina makes the rules, and must be obeyed...always."

Dee glanced up to find her smirking.

"Number two...every morning you must shave your body, give yourself an enema, and rouge your nipples."

Dee gasped. Her hand looked like it was shaking, but she continued to write. When the last line was complete, Gina carried on in a matter-of-fact tone.

"Number three...every day you will wear stockings and panties. If you're in men's clothes, you will wear these under them. Number four...whenever you have a day off, you will prepare yourself as my girl friend. That includes make-up, bra, breast forms, wig, nails painted, and heels. Your heels will never be less than three inches in height. The only time you can wear men's clothes is when you are at work. All of your free time belongs to me, now. And I want my girl to look pretty."

Dee had tears running down her cheeks as she wrote.

"That is all, Dee. Now go get all of your sex toys, and your clothes, and pack them up in a suitcase. I'll take it with me. Before you go out, Dee, print up a couple of copies of the rules on your computer. And when you're done at the bookstore, just go straight to my place. Here's a key. If I'm not there, pour yourself a glass or two of wine, take off all your clothes, and wait for me in the living room. You can watch one of the movies you're going to buy until I get home."

"Yes, Gina."

"And don't go playing with yourself, Dee. Wait for me, love, okay?"

"Yes, Gina."


As soon as Gina walked out of his apartment, Dee frantically looked for the digital camera. No such luck, however, Gina had remembered to take it.

Trapped! That's what he was. Gina had him trapped as surely as a fox in a steel-toothed trap. And there was nothing Dave could do about it.

This was much worse than what he'd gone through with Shiela. He'd actually kissed the dildo before slipping it into his asshole...right in front of her!! And all those pictures she took!

Gina knew everything. There was no way he could ever get out from under her heels. She had him by the balls...by the tits, if you prefer. Better get going on what she wants, then.

Printing out the two copies of the rules, Dee kept her fem gear on, thrilling to the feel of the breasts rubbing against her arms as she typed at the keypad...the gentle caress of the hose on her thighs...the straps of her bra cutting in oh so softly with the weight of the breast forms...the arch of the heels on her feet. Could she really wear these clothes all the time? She'd surely go mad with the constant reminders of sex...sex...SEX!!

Taking off the wig, Dee placed it onto the foam head, and tucked it together with the breast forms in the round wig box, and zipped it round to close it. Then, without even thinking about what he was doing, he pulled a sweater over his head, over the bra, and donned some Dockers without even putting on panties. He slipped his feet into his shoes, grabbed the heels he'd been wearing, along with the wig box, and walked out to his car.

During the drive to the adult bookstore, his eyes kept going to the wig box and heels on the floor on the passenger side. His cock kept rising every time he thought of what he'd just done with Gina, and what she was promising to do with him in the near future. He barely missed having an accident as his mind wandered, the tires screaming as he slammed on the brake, having almost missed the fact that the car in front of him was turning. The driver flipped him the bird, and the car behind him blew the horn. That seemed to wake him up, and he drove the rest of the way without incident.

He always had felt a bit uncomfortable whenever he'd walked into this store, but this time he was nearly in a state of panic.

Dee pulled the paper out of his pocket, read it, and went to look at the strap ons. The woman behind the counter came over to help him.

"Um...are these designed to make the wearer feel...er...good....too?" Dee stammered out the question, blushing a deep red.

The clerk laughed. "Not those. They're not built right. I use this one, here," she took a package out and handed it to him

It cost $97. Seemed a bit much for a little dildo holder and a nine inch plastic dick, but Dee wasn't the type of girl to complain.

"My girlfriend likes this one," the woman took out another that cost $117, and handed it to him. This one had an eight incher in it.

Looking over the packages, Dee couldn't tell if they would really make Gina feel good. They both had vibrating things in them, but they didn't say if they were on the dildo end, or the strapon end. The more expensive one had a dildo attachment on the inside of the harness. Dee couldn't decide what to do, so she told the woman she'd take them both.

Next on the list was movies, and Dee quickly found four films of women fucking thier men, while having them dressed as women. She didn't spend much time reading all about the films she was buying. She was anxious to get out of there.

There was an entire wall of S&M gear, with whips and outfits and paddles and cuffs. Dee chose a rubber flogger, about two feet long, with hundreds of thin strands.

Then Dee steeled herself, and asked for some tokens for the movies in the back.

"You can't take any of this stuff back there until it's paid for," the clerk told Dee in a bored tone. "And it's a five dollar minimum."

"No. I understand. Just hold it all here for me, okay?" Dee handed her a five, and walked to the back doorway.

It was dark and smelly back there. A musky scent. Very masculine. There was a bunch of pictures on a wall, telling her what movies to expect in each booth. Dee chose to just try any booth at random.

The first booth Dee entered had a dim red light on. There was a wooden bench to sit on, facing the TV screen. Looking about, Dee found a hole, about three inches in diameter, about three feet from the floor. There was also one on the other wall.

She found eight booths in all that all had at least one 'glory hole' in them. In three of them, men had been sticking thier fingers through the holes, presumably to lure her into pushing her cock into them for a blowjob.

Remembering Gina's parting remark, Dee passed on the bj's, and returned to the bright store to finish her shopping list.

A pint of lubricant, and a box holding a sex swing, with padded cuffs to hold someone in place, and Dee was ready to pay. Before doing that, however, she grabbed some TV magazines on impulse. And there was a ten inch dildo that looked so real, she shuddered at the sight. Finally, Dee saw some nipple suckers that she just had to try.

The bill came to $530 and change. It all went on the charge card.

Leaving the store, Dee drove to the huge new hardware store, and bought Gina keys to her apartment. She also got some rope, and a pulley that would hold up to 500 lbs, to hold up the sex swing.

She started to shake on the way to Gina's apartment. I can't believe I'm doing this, she thought. Still, minutes later, she was pulling into Gina's parking lot. Gathering up all of her purchases, as well as the apparell that Gina had left her, Dee stumbled to the elevator, and punched in Gina's floor.

Steeling herself with a deep breath, Dee walked to Gina's door and knocked.

There was no answer.

Dee set all of her purchases on the floor by the door, and fumbled for the key that Gina had given her. as she opened the door, all the packages fell over, spilling all the toys, movies and books about in the hallway. Frantically picking them up, Dee dropped them several times. An older yet attractive woman opened her door down the hall, and walked toward Dee, as she was trying to pick everything up before the woman could see the perverse pleasures she'd bought.

"You look like you could use some help," the woman laughed as she bent to pick up a DVD.

"That's okay," Dee grunted, "I got it."

The woman reached the movie box a split second before Dee. Her eyes took in the title,"Be My Bitch Tonight!" and her eyes narrowed as she handed it to Dee.

"You must be Gina's boyfriend Dave," she said. "My name is Frannie. Gina and I are very good friends."

"Um...nice to meet you, Frannie." Dee's hand shook as it clasped over the woman's. "Yeah, I'm Dave."

"You take good care of that girl, Dave, or you'll answer to me," Frannie said with a chuckle.

"I'll keep that in mind, Frannie."

Still chuckling, Frannie sauntered off to the elevator.

Dee stumbled into the apartment with sweat running down his face. Shit shit shit SHIT!!! he cursed to himself. This is getting way too complicated! Now that woman knows something about me!


Dee poured a huge water glass of Merlot, and gulped it right down. Then she looked for a wine glass, and washed out the water glass.

The wine hit her almost immediately. She felt that tingly warmth spread through her tummy as she disrobed, as per Gina's instructions. she popped "Be My Bitch Tonight" into the DVD player, and watched three men being forced into women's clothes. Then they were forced to suck each other's cocks for thier mistresses.

Gina returned just as the three mistresses were entering the asses of thier feminized slaves with huge strapped on dildos.

"Mmmmmmmmm! That looks like fun," she quipped. Her arms were full of packages, and Dee hurried to help her with them.

Gina had Dee take out all of the purchases she'd made, and oohed and aahed over the strap on harnesses. She made Dee put on the nipple suction cups immediately when she saw them. She used no lube on Dee's nipples to attach the little things, she just leaned down and sucked them hard. Then, after slobbering over them a bit, she squeezed the long cup-shaped biters, released them over the nipples, and let the suckers do thier job. Gina then took the lube, and greased Dee's ass quite liberally, and left her like that. The sensation of her slippery shaved ass was impressed upon Dee with every step she took, when the globes of her bottom would slide over each other, warmly and sensuously.

"There's some salad fixings in the kitchen," Gina said. "Put it together for us, while I make some more preparations."

Dee swivelled her slippery ass off to do as she requested.

Meanwhile, Gina tried on the vibrating strapon harness, and was pleased that she could feel the waves of pleasure through the five inch probe on her end of the contraption. She walked in front of the mirror, standing there in her heels and stay up stockings, with that surreal projection jutting out, and smiled as she wiggled her hips, making the cock dance in front of her. She turned off the vibrator, tucked the remote control unit in her stockings, while she imagined herself standing over Dee, making her suck that cock.

She grinned as she thought about the things she'd bought for her new girlfriend; three long wigs, one in chestnut, one in a dark black, and one platinum, several pairs of open-crotched panties, more stockings, nursing bras, strapless bras, breast developement cream and pills, various fetish lingerie for nightwear, tube tops, tiny little stretchy skirts, and three pairs of skyscraper heels. And then there was the corset. Mmmm, she thought, I can't wait to see her in that.

As Dee just finished making the salad, Gina strolled into the kitchen with her cock bouncing in front of her.

"Just seeing you wandering around naked has given me a woody," Gina's eyes narrowed as she stroked her cock. "Be a good girl and come kiss it for me."

Dee blushed, went to Gina and dropped to her knees. Looking up between Gina's breasts, into her eyes, Dee stuck her tongue out, and licked the tip of the toy before opening her lips to take it in as deeply as she could comfortably go in the first plunge. Then, still looking up at her goddess, she began to bob her head, swirling her tongue as if it could really give Gina pleasure. Gina placed her hands on either side of Dee's head, and began to thrust until Dee gagged. She chuckled and continued to fuck Dee's face for a long while before she pulled out.

"I'm hungry. Let's eat that salad, now."

Dee had a seven-inch, thick erection that Gina stroked, just once, as Dee stood up. She loved the way Dee's eyes glazed over when she did that.

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