tagGroup SexDavid Wilde Returns Home Ch. 08

David Wilde Returns Home Ch. 08


Light streamed in the window against my closed eyelids. A red aura filled my brain as the bright beams played on the network of blood vessels sending the crimson wave into my retina.

I turned my head away from the light and opened my eyes carefully. Alex lay on her side in the crook of my arm, still sleeping. We were half covered by the sheets, the only defence for our nakedness against the slight chill in the room.

My eyes drifted down from her face, half covered by her shimmering raven hair to her soft breasts. Her perfect mounds formed an alluring valley that drew my eyes in. The firm orbs moving slightly with the rise and fall of her chest as she breathed. Her long nipples, now soft sat in their small circle of tan coloured areola.

My free hand moved and cupped the upper most breast, feeling the weight. It was warm and heavy and oh, so soft. My cock twitched and swelled slightly at the feeling in my palm.

Kneading her breast gently, I positioned my hand so I could roll and pull her nipple between my thumb and finger. It stiffened under my ministrations and suddenly the pace of her breathing increased.

I looked back to her face. A smile was growing on it and her eyelids fluttered slightly before opening slightly.

As she woke she started to look upwards and I bent my face down and kissed her. Her tongue reached out as our lips met and I accepted the wet organ into my mouth, sucking it in and licking it.

"Mmmmmmm," she moaned into my mouth and my cock swelled, becoming erect as I licked the underside of her tongue. She slipped it out of my mouth and I followed it to its hiding place where she reciprocated my action.

"Mmmmmmm," I hummed back into her mouth, kneading her breast harder. Her nipple was now very stiff between my fingers and I pulled harder on it.

I disengaged my tongue from her and met her gaze. Emerald eyes fixed me with a stare of lust.

"Mornin' goddess of my dreams," I whispered.

"Mornin' my well hung stud," she purred back. "Do you know what you've awakened?"

My hand left her breast and slid down over her taut belly to the mound between her legs. As my fingertips slid over the slope she opened her legs, giving me full access to her sex.

"Let me see," I said, driving my hand onwards. My fingers slipped lightly over her labia then stopped and held them. They were hot and incredibly soft.

I stared into her eyes as my middle finger dipped down and probed her entrance. Fluid was already leaking out of her hole and down the crack of her ass.

Her hand snaked out and felt for my turgid cock. Cool fingers wrapped around my hot flesh whilst I dipped a finger into her honey pot and felt her warm moist folds.

"You are so wet!" I whispered.

"I'm always wet for you David," she responded in a low husky voice. "You could take me anytime and my pussy would be slick and tight for your cock."

Her eyes closed as I swirled my finger tip around her swelling entrance then slid it in and pushed up feeling for her G-spot.

"Ohhhhhhh, yessss," she hissed. "Rub me there."

I stroked her vaginal wall, feeling the slight bump inside growing under my finger tip.

She was panting now, short breaths in time with my strokes.

"Yes, yes! That's it!"

Her eyes opened, iris' flashing a deep green. "Oh fuck! I'm gunna cum David!"

I bent my head to kiss her as her tongue thrust out to me. I captured it in my mouth and let her thrust her oral organ into and out of me as she started to tense up.

"Mmmmmmmph!" she grunted into my mouth as I felt her pussy tighten on my digit.

I held her tongue in my mouth as the climax washed over her shuddering form and a muffled moan escaped our lips. Her fingers gripped my cock like a steel band causing the glans to bulge deliciously.

Wetness flooded over my palm as I kept up the stroking of her G-spot and slowly as she came down off her high I stopped and just held my finger inside of her spasming cunt.

"Oh god!" she exclaimed as she collapsed back on to the bed panting.

"Nice?" I asked innocently.

"It was horrible!" she replied with a smile. "You need more practice."

"Like this?" I questioned and started to stroke her vagina again.

"Shit yes!" she groaned.

Her legs opened further and I moved my arm around for easier access to her pussy. I stroked harder and faster over her G-spot till she shuddered again, hips thrusting up off the bed in a primal fucking motion.

Again I stopped my stroking of her as she came back down. Her body glowed and a sheen of sweat was forming on her skin.

"Oh fuck David!" she panted.

I lowered my head to kiss her and she savaged my mouth with her lips and tongue. As she did I started stroking her vagina again. Almost immediately she had an orgasm, humping my plunging finger, gripping my head to hers with strong hands.

"Mmmmmmmmph!" she grunted into my mouth.

I continued stroking her sopping hole, concentrating on the large shallow bump on the wall of her vagina until finally, after what seemed an age her body stopped thrashing beneath me.

"Oh my god David!" she groaned between breaths.

"Would you like some more?" I asked.

"Wait!" she blurted out before I could start to stroke her again. "I need you in me. Somewhere, anywhere!"

"Take me in your mouth," I ordered. "Put your pussy onto my face and deep throat me."

"Okay, but don't lick my clit until you start to cum. As soon as you touch it, I'm going to explode! I want us to come together."

"Take me quick then. My balls are churning with cum!"

Alex quickly moved into position over me dangling her hot swollen vulva above my face. I reached up and slipped my tongue into her wet hole as she grasped the base of my shaft and fed my knob over her tongue and into her throat.

"Aghhhhhhh!" I groaned into her pussy hole as my cock slid into her and gripped me.

She held me for a few moments deep inside before withdrawing and plunging her face back down onto my straining erection.

The need for release suddenly welled up in my groin as her expert oral skills bought me to the edge.

My head fell back to the pillow as I gasped, "Oh fuck Alex! Make me cum!"

Her hand squeezed the base of my shaft as the other gripped my testicles and held them tight and she impaled her throat full onto my manhood.

"OH FUCK!" I cried and pulled my face back to her dripping pussy and sucked her clit into my mouth.

Alex bucked and her throat gripped my cock tightly as a surge of cum welled up from inside of me and blasted down her tight orifice into her stomach. Stream after stream of hot liquid surged from my member as she shuddered in climax above me and her throat spasmed around my shaft.

As the last of her orgasm subsided she pulled me from her throat, saliva flooding out in the wake of my cock.

"Fuck Alex!" I gasped. "I don't know how you do it, but you can get me off so fast like that."

She raised up slightly and looked at me from between her hanging breasts. Oh god! what a glorious sight! Pussy, breasts and face all in a line directly in front of me.

"How is it that you don't bite my cock off when you come with me in your mouth?" I asked.

She just smiled. "Secret women's business," she replied and gave a little laugh.

"Okay. You win," I said resignedly and let my head rest back down on the pillow.

She gave my wilting cock a squeeze and kissed the glans before turning around and laying next to me, nuzzling her head on my shoulder and draping a leg and arm over me.

"Mmmmmmmm," she purred. "That was a nice start to the day. What do we do now?"

"We get clean, eat and head to the office to work on yesterday's shoot. And then... Oh shit!" I exclaimed. "I forgot to ask. Mike invited us for dinner tonight. Can you come?"

Alex raised her head and looked at me. "Sorry honey, but I've promised a close friend to go to her hen's night tonight. It's been arranged for a while."

I sighed. "Crap! Guess I'll be going solo then."

"How about Amber?" Alex replied.

"I thought she's still busy with exams."

"She only has one more to go and she could really do with the break."

"Really?" I asked expectantly.

She nodded. "Phone her. She's missed you a lot lately."

I reached for the phone on the dresser at the side of the bed and searched for Amber's number.

"Hi David!" Amber's sweet voice chimed in my ear.

"Amber, honey pie!" I replied cheerily as Alex tried to tickle my ribs. I was hard pressed to remain calm.

"How would you like to go out with me tonight?"

Her voice was excited, "Wow! Sure! Were we goin'?"

"Mike and Lisa invited us over for dinner tonight." Alex's fingers were digging harder into me and I started to squirm around on the bed to avoid them.

"Really?" she asked slightly awed.

"Yep. How about you wear something revealing? You know, a short little number, and could you put your hair into twin pigtails? I want you to look really sexy!"

"Sure!" she chimed enthusiastically. "You want me looking hot then?"

"Scalding," I replied huskily. "Aghhhhhh!" Alex's fingers found a sensitive spot on my ribs just then and I cried out half in agony and half laughing.

She took the opportunity to pluck the phone from my hands as I doubled up.

"Hi sis! What's up" she said cheerily to Amber.

Alex listened intently and nodded her head from time to time with the occasional "Uh huh" and "Yep".

"Oh yeah," she eventually said. "I've warmed him up for you well enough," her voice cheeky as she winked at me.

Warmed up! I flopped my head back onto the pillow. Worn out more like!

"Okay sis, catch ya laters!"

She handed the phone back to me and I arranged a time to pick Amber up before finishing the call.

Alex piped up as I hung up the call, "What ever have you got in mind Mr Wilde!"

"Amber, whom you might regard as your sweet, innocent little sister, isn't eaxctly so innocent any longer."

"Well, I know you deflowered her and she's done some interesting stuff with you, but what are you talking about?" She looked at me with a slightly quizzical look.

I looked back at her, trying to find the correct words.

"Well, ummmm..." This was going to be difficult.

Alex's voice suddenly went all silky and soft, "C'mon David, you can tell me." Her hand trailed up my thigh, and stopped between my legs to cup my balls and knead them gently. I was either going to be in pleasure or pain in a moment.

"Well, Amber seems to have this sexual appetite that is becoming hard to satisfy."

She raised an eyebrow at me. "And?"

"I think I've awoken some nympho beast in that young girl."

Alex replied with a rising interest, "Really? Tell me more." Her hand started to kneaded my balls more firmly. Now it was getting difficult to concentrate.

I continued, the effect of her warm hand on my testicles driving me to distraction. "She, she's wanting more." I hesitated, only to feel my balls being pulled and her now deep emerald eyes burn into mine.

"Amber wants a threesome, man or woman, or both, I guess; and probably more that I haven't guessed at yet."

"Well!" Alex said surprised. "So sweet little sister is a sweet little slut! I'm so proud!" she exclaimed.

"Huh?" I uttered intelligently as sensible thought slowly slipped from my brain to the expanding cock head between my legs."

"Oh David! You just can't understand. Amber just needed the right man to bring her out of her sexual shell. It's been simmering for a few years just below the surface. I've seen the tension, the anguish and disappointment. The conflict between her outgoing personality and suppressed sexuality couldn't continue with out something breaking."

"Ummm, yeah," I replied stupidly.

A big grin spread across her face and her hand squeezed my testicles hard to point where I started to wince slightly.

Her eyes bored into me as she whispered, "Do you have this effect on all women David Wilde?"

"Ahhhhh!" I hissed. "Not if you crush my nuts I won't!"

"Oops! Sorry!" came the apologetic response as she quickly released me from her emasculating grip with a little chuckle.

I heaved a sigh of relief as my jewels found their freedom.

"So," Alex continued as though nothing had happened. "What's the plan with the short dress and pigtails." A sly smile had come across her face as she said this.

She repositioned herself, laying on her stomach next to me, elbows on the bed, chin in hands, staring at me intently as though awaiting a prophecy from the Oracle of Delphi.

I looked at her tanned naked form next to me. The sleek lines of her body, breasts resting lightly on the bed, the curve of her shoulders. Raven hair a shimmering cascade half way down her back, the dimples above her tight buttocks that led to the swell of her thighs and calves.

I was in heaven with a goddess. She was the most perfect woman I had ever known. Love was only a four letter word that could not describe my feelings or attraction to her.

"Earth to David!" Alex's voice broke my revrie.

"Oh! Yes. Ummmm, where was I?"

"Not in this dimension! Now what's the plan for tonight?"

"Right!" I responded. What was the plan? I closed my eyes momentarily to put the image of Alex's perfect body from my mind and gather my thoughts.

"Okay," I said as I opened my eyes. "I figured that if Amber wanted to explore a bit more then I should at least play it safe and involve only people I would trust implicitly. Mike is family and the obvious choice."

I felt quite proud of my logic.

Alex looked at me thoughtfully for a moment. "So you pitch this at Mike and what's in it for Lisa? Assuming Mike wants a threesome with you and Amber?"

I felt an invisible noose slipping around my neck. I wasn't sure whether I should manage the truth or just tell it.

"Alex," I started with some difficulty. "I, I need to tell you something. Something you must keep secret, very secret. Can you promise me this?"

She looked at me, realizing the seriousness in my voice. "Yes," she whispered.

"Before wet met, I was invited to a wedding along with Mike and Lisa. We, along with some of the other guests were invited to stay overnight as it was up country and a long trip back. During, during the night I was woken up by Lisa sucking me and then fucking me in my bed."

I looked at Alex for any sign, but only her eyes had had become wider open.

"Apparently, she had gotten up in the night and returning to her room had mistaken mine for hers and Mikes. They are very similar."

I hastened to add, "And it was dark and we're twins. It was an honest mistake."

"You didn't tell her before you fucked her?" Her voice was neutral, emotionless.

"I was asleep. I was barely awake when she impaled herself on me and I thought it was one of the single guests paying a visit. God Alex! It's hard to resist a beautiful woman when all she wants to do is fuck my brains out." I looked directly at her as I said this, recalling our first time in my office.

A little smile crept across her lips. She remembered too.

She whispered back, "You got me there. Guilty as charged. Does Mike know about this?"

"No, and Lisa did work out what happened in the morning. I'd managed to return her to her room after she fell asleep without waking anyone."

"So now you're figuring Lisa will cut Mike some slack because of her indiscretion?"

"Not figure, I know. She confided in me later and..." I trailed off.

"And?" she prompted.

"She, she wants more from me and is interested in some lesbian action with Amber." There, I had committed myself to the deep with concrete around my ankles.

Alex raised up off her hands, eyes now very wide.

"Oh my god! David! This goes from obscene to perverse!" she cried.

"I know. What am I supposed to do Alex?" I asked desperately.

Her answer surprised me. "Perhaps I can help out?"

I stared at her blankly.

"Well," she continued. "I can take some of the focus off you. Lisa is attractive and Mike is very handsome. I mean he is your twin!"

A pang of unreasoning jealousy stabbed into my heart at the suggestion. I wasn't sure I could accept her fucking another man. I fought at the emotion. I couldn't be two faced about it.

I reached out a hand and held her face. "Alex," I said in a low voice as I stared into her eyes. "Do you love me? Absolutely?"

"I do," came her hushed reply.

Emotion welled up within me. "Alex, know that I love you. I love you so deeply that your absence makes a void in my heart that none other can fill. Whatever happens, I will love only you and none other."

Tears formed at the corners of her eyes and rolled down her cheeks as she reached her hand to mine as it held her face.

"Alex, I could not deny you your passions or desires as I cannot deny my own. I would rather us live in an open relationship of mutual trust and respect, aware of each other's actions and to share and delight in them than to be secretive and dishonest behind a false veil of fidelity."

She looked up at me, her eyes moist as tear tracks stained her face.

"Oh David!" Her voice was low and slightly broken. "That's the most beautiful thing anyone has ever said to me. I love you so much. And yes, it's true I have desires that a normal relationship could never satisfy. Thank you for being so understanding."

Her eyes were reddening and she sniffled a little as I spoke. "It's I who should thank you Alex. For being so wonderful, and understanding."

"Will you love Amber?" she asked.

"Yes. I love Amber, as I love you, but you are my only true love."

"Thank you," she whispered tenderly and moved to lay on top of me. Holding my face in her hands she bent her head and kissed me gently, our lips bonding with the tips of our tongues just touching together.

Eventually we broke our oral embrace and Alex looked at me.

"Look after Amber tonight won't you? She trusts you completely you know."

"I'll keep her safe."

"I'll want all the details of what happens too," she added with a grin forming on her face.

"Oh! You'll get all the gory details! Don't you worry about that my sex goddess!" I quipped back and sealed her lips with a kiss.


I had picked up Amber in the work van at her house. When she had come outside I almost fell over at the sight. She had a bright blue dress that hugged her athletic physique perfectly. Every curve was accentuated by the thin material. The dress started from just above her bosom and ended mid thigh. Two thin strips of blue material ran over her shoulders from the top of the dress. No bra was evident and her pert breasts strained against the cotton. Her nipples made noticeable indentations as the cool outside air hardened them slightly.

She had arranged her hair into two long pigtails that draped down her front reaching to her midriff. White athletic pumps topped off her attire.

My mouth gaped open. She looked so sweet and innocent and so incredibly sexy. Every boy's masturbatory dream stood before me. My cock swelled and I wanted to take her on the spot.

"Hi David!" she said cheerily and stepped forward to hug me. Her soft, firm body pressed into me, fuelling my desire even more. Our lips met and we kissed. I felt her tongue drive into my mouth and she squirmed against me, grinding her hard belly against my now almost erect cock.

"Mmmmmph!" I grunted as her tongue filled my mouth. I almost had to pull my face off hers.

"Hi Amber!" I panted. "You look absolutely fuckable tonight!"

A big grin broke out on her face. "I feel absolutely fuckable tonight too! Any chance of a quickie before we go?"

I kept holding her close, feeling my cock against her warm belly. "Sorry hun, we need to be there in a few minutes, and besides I don't want to ruin your dress with any unmentionable stains"

She chuckled, "How about with some mentionable stains? Like cum and pussy juice?"

She was incorrigible. I smiled at her. "Not even that. Not now anyway." I winked at her as I finished.

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