tagFetishDavid's French Tutor Ch. 03

David's French Tutor Ch. 03


(It was 1885 and, as a nineteen year old boy, I was staying with family friends at their large house in the English Midlands. I was there to learn French conversation under the tutelage of Miss. Marie; the family had two 18 year old twins, Anna and Sarah who were also learning French with me, this is part three of my tale)


I did not see Charlotte for several days. She was busy at the other end of the house with the housekeeper clearing the West Room which was to be redecorated. I did see her once through an open window, and she smiled and curtsied at me in her full-Holland apron, and appeared both friendly and seductive.

Our French tutoring continued with Miss. Marie setting us more and more challenging conversations. We had finished with the 'present tense' by Thursday and we had moved on to the 'past tense'. Our conversations centred on what we had done the previous day and whom we had met, what the weather had been like and so on. We managed to keep each conversation going for several minutes despite stretching our joint vocabularies to their limits.

Miss Marie appeared pleased and overlooked our many mistakes, even our basic errors. Anna's vocabulary had increased rapidly and Sarah and I often looked to her to dig us out of trouble. To me, it seemed as if Miss. Marie's 'embarrassment' punishments had been forgotten and it had just been a ruse from the outset. I began to doubt the authenticity regarding her story about Carlo, the young Italian boy. I was proved to be completely wrong as I found out on Friday.

Our lesson had begun well but Sarah and Anna were behaving in a 'frisky' manner. They kept tickling each other, or jabbing one other in the ribs.

Miss. Marie was far from pleased and reprimanded them both for their childishness. I noticed that sometimes when they slid around on the sofa well-laundered petticoat lace would flash out into view under their dark pink 'Alice' dresses then disappear again just as quickly. Both wore white cotton petticoats over black stockings and pink shoes. Their blonde hair shone in the sunlight.

"We will start with what we had for breakfast Sarah, and you, David, can ask her if she enjoyed it and if it was pleasant to taste. You begin Sarah."

Sarah began her conversation but then had a fit of giggles. She started again but broke down in uncontrollable laughter to Miss. Marie's evident disgust.

"You begin instead David and ask her what she had for breakfast." In my worst French I asked Sarah if she had jelly for breakfast? and we both began laughing, tears running down our cheeks as it was so funny.

"Stop," shouted Miss. Marie. "You will behave sensibly in the schoolroom, and not like little nursery children,"

"David go and kneel on the floor immediately in front of Sarah." She snapped. The laughter stopped dead and Sarah and I stared at each other aghast.

I walked slowly over to her, kneeled in front, and shuffled forward so my knees touched her shoes.

"Now David put your hands behind your back and lean forward."

This I did, feeling undignified.

"Sarah you will lift up your dress and your petticoats to your waist, so David can see what you are wearing beneath your clothes." Sarah turned bright red, open mouthed in horror, holding her skirt firmly down.

"No Miss. Marie, you are horrid, I cannot, it's rude and unbecoming, I will not do it," pleaded the beautiful eighteen year old shaking her head, and stamping her foot, her blonde hair bouncing around her face.

"You will Sarah; you will do it now, or I shall tell your mother, so quickly lift up your clothes. Do it now if you please,"

Reluctantly Sarah lifted up her dress, and Anna helped her arrange her petticoats.

There in front of me was a pure white, perfect display of unbelievably frilly underwear. Her cotton petticoats were edged in layer upon layer of ruched flounces made of broderie, pin pleats and gathered ruffles. Stiff lace trimmed each of the four tiers, creating a very full petticoat. Beneath that was a similar petticoat finished with fine concertina pleats edged in broderie and similar stiff lace. Clearly both petticoats were designed to be worn together.

Beneath these Sarah's loose legged bloomers ended above the knee in a deep flounced 'volante,' edged with several layers of broderie and eyelet lace trim. There were also wide pale blue satin ribbons tied in elaborate bows at each knee. Further up her bloomer legs were decorated in numerous overlapping flounces of eyelet lace. Her open crotch was loosely secured by several little bows in white ribbon down the front behind which a tiny tuft of blonde pubic hair peeped out.

Sarah's jet black fine cotton stockings contrasted dramatically with the rest of her underwear and were secured high up at each thigh with ribbons beneath her bloomers.

I stared spellbound. I was utterly captivated. My eyes wandered over every detail in sheer joyful adoration.

"I hope you two are sufficiently embarrassed and that we can now continue with our lessons," exclaimed Miss. Marie sternly from across the room. In my state of intense excitement I nodded my head insanely finding it difficult not to stare at Sarah's freshly-laundered under trappings. I was transfixed.

I turned towards Miss. Marie and she could tell by my eyes that perhaps I was not as embarrassed as much as she had hoped. Sarah started to lower her petticoats but Miss. Marie stopped her.

"David it appears you need to be embarrassed further, Place your face on Sarah's lap please." She said staring challengingly at all three of us.

"But Miss. Marie that would be very rude and vulgar," interjected Anna, trying to save her sister's reputation, appearing visibly distraught. Sarah had turned an even brighter shade of red and I thought she was about to burst into tears.

I wondered whether I should refuse to conform to our French tutor's immodest request but then realised that this may be my one and only opportunity to enjoy one of these two girls at close hand over the next seven weeks together.

"On Sarah's bloomers please, your face, downwards, quickly, David please." "David do it now please!" said our tutor getting more and more exasperated. I stared at Sarah and said that I was sorry and hated having to do it.

I knelt forward and, because my hands were behind my back, landed on Sarah's lap more forcibly than I would have liked, the weight of my head pushed her legs apart. Again I apologised.

"Sarah, you may cover David's head now, put your skirts down over him, all of them if you please." Clearly Miss Marie was in complete control of the situation and was evidently enjoying it.

I tried to ease my head back but it made things worse as Sarah's legs opened wider. I suddenly felt the weight of petticoats and skirts descend over the back of my head, neck and shoulders pushing me further down onto the inner petticoat beneath her legs. I was struggling for breath, my head held firmly between her thighs encased in the girl's frilly bloomers.

With my arms still behind my back I found it difficult to pull my head out so I pushed it forward gasping for air. I nuzzled up between her legs unable to move. Sarah flinched noticeably and moved her legs further apart attempting not to touch me with them. This had the effect of exposing her soft haired cunny, now clearly visible behind the ribbon bows. Her ties had become stretched and unravelled from her crotchless bloomers so her little private world was now on full show. Her bloomers had an odour of urine and were slightly stained but I adored the smell and enjoyed being so close to her secret places.

My penis had now almost doubled in size and was aware that Miss. Marie may have noticed it from her position at her desk in the window.

"Pull your skirt further down at the front Sarah, I want to see as little as possible of our disruptive young friend," she shouted in a mocking tone.

I felt Sarah smoothing down her skirts firmly over my head and shaking out the hems, covering me more fully.

"Can we can now proceed, Anna? Anna we will start with food, ...Je voudrais de la moutarde."

"Bien madame, Quel genre de moutarde? " The conversation went on without me, and above me, for at least fifteen minutes. I could hardly hear what the three of them were saying under Sarah's petticoats and skirt. My knees were sore from having to stay in one position on the thin carpet. I still had problems breathing as it was so very hot, and dark under her skirts between her legs.

Sarah squirmed and tried to close her legs instinctively but gave up. Her bloomers were moist, and I became aware of a strong odour, which was not urine, coming from the hairy entrance to her cunny, which was almost tickling my face.

I felt Sarah squirm; presumably still experiencing embarrassment at having a nineteen year old boy's head up her dress. I felt so sorry for her and wished I could help her retrieve her modesty. I felt her squirm again.

Clearly she was uncomfortable. She squirmed a third time. I noticed that instead of pulling away she was pressing forward. She slid imperceptibly forward so that her cunny lips were touching my nose. I pushed my tongue towards the entrance of cunny and held it there. I moved it slowly but firmly up and down her fleshy slit and felt her lips part as they became more and more lubricated. My tongue was held firmly out, nestling between her cunny lips.

I heard Miss. Marie's sonorous voice correcting Sarah's grammar. Sarah's reply resonated loudly into my ears via direct contact with her thighs which gripped me firmly. She squeezed my head playfully beneath her skirts. As the new conversation progressed I felt her hand pat my head gently through her skirts as if I were a puppy.

I took this to mean that she liked what I was doing to her. She coughed several times which I assumed was my secret cue to delve further. She slid forward an inch as I eased my tongue out as far as I could, listening to her French vowels through her thighs.

My penis had trebled in size making my trousers painfully uncomfortable. I felt a dribble of pre-cum forming.

Sarah reacted to my tonguings and nosings. I located her clitoris and licked at it continuously in little flicking movements I felt her respond to each flick over and over again. She was clearly in a state heightened sexual tension and anticipation, probably for the first time in her life too.

"Une reponse Sarah s'il vous plait, maintenant merci. Vite vite." I heard Miss. Marie repeatedly pleading to her in a muffled voice, penetrating the many layers of clothing while I was delightfully deeply trapped between this beautiful eighteen year-old girl's thighs, tonguing her secretly. "Une reponse, merci mademoiselle, qui?"

Female juices covered my nose and mouth and dribbled over her perineum and on to her inner petticoat. After further tonguings I felt her muscles tense as she gripped my head solidly with her inner thighs and slowly orgasmed, feigning a loud coughing fit to disguise her pleasures to the other ladies. I could hear her breathing quicken as wave after wave swept over her.

Miss. Marie, in some distress, rang a bell to summon one of the servants. As I removed my head rapidly from between Sarah's legs Charlotte appeared at the door curtsied to Miss Marie and asked her what madam wanted.

"A glass of water for Miss Sarah please Charlotte, and be quick about it,"

Without any facial expression Charlotte looked me up and down and turned and left. She probably wondered what I was doing apparently molesting one of the young mistresses.

I felt I ought to explain to her that it was my punishment for being a silly ass earlier on. I felt that Charlotte and I had a sort of an understanding and that perhaps she would repeat her face-sitting for me next time she was off.

I felt, however, more concerned for Sarah who looked very fragile and flushed and clearly required calming down. Anna helped Sarah to smooth down her petticoats and skirt which I had left exposed and her Victorian skirt training ensured both her feet and knees slid together returning her full modesty.

Sarah looked quizzically at me. as Charlotte reappeared with a large glass of water. She smiled at Charlotte. Charlotte gave me a neutral look but her eyes said everything.

Miss. Marie felt concerned that her 'embarassment methods' may have triggered Sarah's coughing fit, although I wondered whether she really knew what had happened under Sarah's petticoats. Anna clearly could not understand her sister's condition but was soon to find out.

(Continued in part four)

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