tagFetishDavid's French Tutor Ch. 07

David's French Tutor Ch. 07


(It was 1885 and, as a nineteen year old boy, I was staying with family friends at their large house in the English Midlands. I was there to learn French conversation under the tutelage of Miss. Marie; the family had two 18 year old twins, Anna and Sarah who were also learning French with me, this is part seven of my tale.)


I could see and hear Sarah's and Anna's bodies moved inside their crisp well laundered 'Alice-in-Wonderland' dresses above me. Beneath their skirts masses of petticoat lace peeped out rhythmically froufrouing as they moved their stocking feet over the tenderest and most sensitive part of my body over and over and over again. They glanced down at me smiling dreamily and cheekily. It had gone on too long.

I felt seminal fluid welling up inside me like a Tsunami and held back for as long as possible before seven violent thrusts of semen exploded from me in thick slimy strands. This covered most of my stomach and a pair of black stocking feet.

It was clearly time to get undressed for bed.

The room appeared very familiar by now and I revelled in the realisation that I was obliged, by the two young ladies, to stay with them as their protector and defender for the whole long dark night. They clearly were not going to let me out of their sight, and above all I had been told that I would not be sleeping in my own room. I was desperate for a pee and retrieved the chamber pot from under the bed. The girls were now sitting on the fine cotton eiderdown and stared at me wondering how men urinated. I knelt over the receptacle, looked at them, and pushed down my Bengal-striped baggy underpants.

"What a rude and shameful young gentleman you are Mr.Shaw," said Anna, "Urinating in front of young ladies indeed; have you no respect or dignity?" she continued clearly play acting at being shocked and repulsed by my pose.

"You can hold it if you'd like to," I retorted, anxious to get them used to fondling my now stirring penis.

"Why Mr. Shaw why should a young lady of high breeding wish to touch such a disgusting thing?" she said trying not to laugh.

"Oh come on Anna," said Sarah, "let's touch it and see what it feels like," she continued, smirking and slightly red faced with embarrassment.

I remembered that Anna had cupped my testicles earlier when my head was under Sarah's skirt but I knew Sarah had never felt my private parts so that I was secretly pleased that she was interested in doing so.

I knelt bolt upright with my hands by my sides and watched eagerly as Sarah knelt next to me and with her right hand held my penis around the centre of the shaft. As soon as I felt her cool thin fingers lightly grip my far from flaccid penis it appeared to jerk upwards and stiffen noticeably. It was going to be quite a difficult operation to aim the flow into the chamber pot.

"Oh my goodness gracious me," Sarah exclaimed with mock horror, "It's got a mind of its own."

I told her that I had little control over it and any lewd activity involving the opposite sex would stiffen it up in no time.

"Then how shall you pee Mr. Shaw?" she said and I replied that it was going to be difficult.

She tried to push it down but it just leapt out of her hand like something on a spring. I wanted to help but I was enjoying her attentions too much. I watched her face as she opened her mouth a little way and screwed up her eyes with concentration. Her little tongue emerged slightly and for some strange reason I found this to be ever so exciting. I was overtaken by lechery and lust and my penis grew in strength and slipped upwards again. She was clearly annoyed with it and spoke very curtly.

"You are a very very naughty penis, and I shall be very cross if you don't behave," she said frowning at it and then frowning at me.

Anna watched spellbound as her twin sister tried to direct my somewhat massive appendage into a 'below horizontal' position. I smiled and thought that this was surely the best evening of my life.

"I'll only tell you one more time Mr.Penis, if you don't behave I'll get really cross," she said pouting with a little-girly pout that made her look far younger than her eighteen years.

I tried my utmost to think of other things to force my erection to dissipate but no non-erotic thoughts crept into my mind. I tried to empty my mind completely but to no avail. The girl kept trying to push my penis out of it's erect position but the more she prodded and stroked it the stiffer it remained.

"If you kneel behind me Sarah, you could try both your hands on it," I suggested to the prim looking young lady wearing her brown striped Alice-in-Wonderland dress and white starched apron.

I was aware that the only way I was going to get rid of my erection would be through masturbation and I was keen to get them to carry out that service for me. In the meantime I was determined to get them both to touch me between my legs as often and as long as possible. I knew that I must resist actually penetrating these two as my life would not be worth a farthing if their father were to find out. The thoughts of their father suddenly had a dramatic effect upon my erection. It appeared to be less strong and began to shrivel.

Sarah had positioned herself behind me. I could sense her breath between my shoulder blades and felt the crisp texture of her apron and cotton skirt full of petticoats against the backs of my thighs. Her slender hands slid around my waist and small slim fingers slipped down my belly and into my curls and sought my manhood. I gasped with relish as she grasped me, pointing the tip towards the chamber pot.

"There's a good penis," she said brushing her blonde hair out of her eyes using my back to rub against.

Her cool hair and her use of the word 'penis' suddenly reversed the effects of my thoughts regarding her father and I felt my penis become firm again. It was quick-wittedness which forced me to urinate and it came out in a strong and consistent flow.

"Oh sister it is so incredible," said Anna staring at my pee as it gushed in a short arc into the chamber pot.

Sarah stared around my chest and watched as I finished with three vigorous squirts followed by a fart. Sarah said that I smelled of cabbage and pinched her nose. I'm afraid I just laughed and took the opportunity to stand up, step out of my underpants and wipe my willy with one of the towels in the room. I was beginning to look forward to bed as I was quite cold in my naked state. The fire had gone out and the room appeared very chilly.

I pulled the bedclothes to one side and slid under the sheet, blanket and eiderdown and looked at the girls. They suddenly appeared to be embarrassed at my waiting there for them. They were both still fully dressed except for their shoes and I noticed that Anna's stockings still appeared sticky with semen.

"Come on you two, hurry up and get undressed or you'll be up all night at this rate," I admonished them with a sly frown which turned into a wry smile as I stared at their clothes and looked forward to seeing what was underneath them.

Anna, who was generally more outward going, undid the bow of Sarah's apron and pulled it over her head and carefully folded it. Sarah's waist looked so small. It was as if the flared shape of her skirts appeared to emphasise the slimness of her midriff. I stared in wonderment at her slender figure and felt my heart beat faster even though she had divested herself of hardly anything.

Sarah turned her girlish attentions to her sister and untied the large bow on the back of her butterfly sleeved apron. I admired the crisp whiteness and starched stiffness of the garment as she pulled it over her head and folded it on top of Sarah's.

There then followed an episode of mutual unbuttoning of dresses. Both girls appeared to have dozen's of tiny buttons on the centre line of the backs of their 'Alice' dresses and I watched in fascination as the secret pleat which covered them was folded back and the unbuttoning was carried out from nape to buttock level. By the time they had finished both dresses were gaping open and the waist 'gathers' appeared less tight and spilled forwards. Anna was the first to push her bodice forwards and pull her arms out of the short puff sleeves and push her dress down to the floor and step out of it. Sarah followed but looked coy.

"Really Mr. Shaw, have you no manners. How dare you observe young ladies of genteel breeding removing their clothing? Tut tut tut," she said and waved her finger at me and smiled.

Both girls now paraded around the room in short white lacy camisole tops which ended at the waistband of their two cotton petticoats. I looked at the hems of these magnificent items of underwear. Once again I stared almost open mouthed at the frilly laciness of layer overlying layer upon layer. Sarah pouted with her 'little girl' expression and jerked her hips from side to side with a finger in her mouth frowning at me for watching her. I watched the layers froufrouing and swaying as if they were like billowing clouds.

Anna stood and twirled around as she noticed that their petticoat hems appeared to mesmerize me. I felt like a cat dazzled by lamplight. They continued with their jerks, thrusts and twirls and slowly drove me mad with lust and sexual yearnings. Beneath the heavy bedclothes my most active member pushed itself firmly into the vertical position. It was now ramrod stiff and felt gigantic. I slipped a hand under the sheet and toyed with it.

"Oh Mr.Shaw," said Anna now emulating her sister in a coquettish and flirtatious manner," I do believe that you have your manhood in your hands and you are being very rude to play with it in front of your hostesses." I blushed but smiled back at them and told them to remove their underwear.

My heart thumped like a steam-hammer as I watched them untie and unlace the drawstrings to their petticoats and let them drop onto the carpet. They neatly folded the four items and placed them on a chair. In front of me the two eighteen year olds cavorted around in their white cotton camisoles, lace hemmed bloomers and black cotton stockings. For some reason they tickled each other and chased each other about the room. I assumed that they felt much at liberty having cast off their heavy cotton dresses and white lacy petticoats. Now they appeared as free spirits and giggled and laughed at each other and at me.

"Pray Sir, are you still playing with your manhood?" enquired Anna sticking her tongue out.

I must have looked a real sight. There I was, overtly watching every curve of their delightful young bodies moving about inside their loose underclothes, While sitting up in bed with a massive erection only just concealed by the scented cotton sheets.

All of the sudden the girls jumped on the bed and bounced around as if it were a fairground ride. I felt seasick as they made the bed rock violently from side to side. I watched their firm young breasts jiggle about, only just restrained by the thin straps of their camisoles.

"Oh Mr. Shaw, I need to piss," said Sarah unexpectedly to me and her sister.

Both girls got off the bed and appeared to be quite breathless. I watched Sarah undo her bloomer ties and step out of it and pull the chamber pot from under the bed and begin to urinate with her back to me. I looked at her buttocks which appeared very wide in her squatting position and secretly desired to have her and to hell with the consequences. Her sister watched and handed her a flannel to wipe herself. As she stood up I admired her legs still encased by black stockings and held up by broderie lace garters.

Her sister removed her bloomers then squatted down, this time facing me and smiling as I watched the small stream of urine dribble then spurt out of her. I stared at her thighs as she wiped herself thoroughly and readjusted her garters.

"Well here goes," both girls said as they unbuttoned their chemises and dropped them on the floor.

All they had on were their black stockings and garters and in the flickering candlelight with their blonde hair cascading over their shoulders they looked like the most delectable human beings I had ever set eyes upon.

"Let's keep our stockings on," said Sarah to Anna.

"Yes you're right; my feet are always cold and I can't be bothered to find my bed socks," Anna replied.

I watched, with complete adoration, their beautiful breasts bounce around as they walked to each side of the bed and pulled the sheet back to reveal my naked body and my hands covering my enormously stiff penis. For some unexplained reason I felt embarrassed and also felt more naked than naked.

This had been the first time in my life that I had been in a bed with a naked woman and I suppose I wasn't prepared for it to happen so quickly. I had only known the two twins for a few weeks and unfortunately I was beginning to think of them as friends, or even sisters. I snuggled down as they pulled the sheet then blankets over us and Anna blew out the candle on the bedside cabinet next to her.

In the gloom I heard the wind blowing around the house through gaps in the window frames and under doors and down chimneys. The gale had, for the most part, ceased but strong gusts remained and took an hour or so to abate.

In the darkness I heard them breathing excitedly. I assumed that they were virgins but did not wish to have to find out by forcing myself on them.

"David," Anna whispered to me, "do you want us to touch you, know down there?"

"Oh let's do," said Sarah butting in and pushing herself firmly against me. I felt her nipples stiffen against my chest hair.

I now felt as if I was a novelty in their bed and perhaps they were more curious and eager to finger my erection than I thought.

When I was at school in the dormitory at night I often used to imagine what it would be like to have my balls and willy touched by a woman. I tried to imagine but I couldn't. Even when I touched myself and pretended it was Rowena Armstrong, the headmaster's daughter; it always felt like me touching myself, never her.

The twins pushed themselves against me while I lay on my back with my arms under the small of their backs. They both turned and I slipped my arms around their waists and pulled them even closer. Their hair spread over my neck and shoulders and I felt their exquisite breathing tickling me as well as stimulating me beyond endurance.

"Oh Mr.Shaw what a wicked young gentleman you are to be nude in bed with two innocent sisters of such high integrity and breeding," she said licking my ear with her warm wet tongue.

"Yes and we will have to get you to swear an oath that no one else shall hear of your ungentlemanly behaviour," said Anna entering into the spirit of the play acting. Anna tilted her head back and brushed her mouth against mine and in an instant we were kissing passionately in the French style with out tongues intertwined and my penis on fire. Sarah's small slender fingers grasped my manhood and began squeezing its tip in jerking rhythmic movements.

"Where did you learn how to do that?" I blurted between Anna's kisses.

"I watched you when you did very rude things to yourself when your head was beneath my skirts," she explained, "..and you squirted your willy-juice into my face," she went on. I thought about our earlier activities and my penis stiffened even further.

It felt as if my foreskin had been turned inside out.

Anna had joined her sister and both of their fingers found my tip and continued to milk me with long firm strokes. I had to concentrate hard so as to not 'come' there and then.

In the light of the half moon I watched Anna's eyes half shut and twinkling. She had the talent to be able to smile and kiss at the same time. I was spellbound and savoured every touch and caress. Our tongues delved into each others mouths as if passionately searching for something. Each movement felt more urgent.

Sarah behind me licked and nibbled my earlobe and neck and I shivered with excruciating pleasure.

Meanwhile their hands alternated between cupping my balls and squeezing my penis. I could not have wished for more attention. Their movements became more rapid and frenzied to the point that it felt painful.

I savoured every second of stimulation as their young finger tips explored every nook and cranny of my chest, stomach, thighs, testicles and penis.

"Excuse me young ladies but may I beg you to slow down your squeezings and milkings and concentrate all your efforts upon the tip," I said in my best English, trying to sound courteous and gentlemanly.

"Oh Sir we are just innocent young innocent ladies and do beg your pardon," said Sarah almost giggling with gentility and at the 'unusual' situation she was in.

In polite Victorian society there were clearly no codes of etiquette pertaining to 'wanking' or masturbation of the opposite sex.

It was Sarah who now continued with my milking as Anna touched and stroked my testicles and hairy chest. I, in turn, fondled their backs and bases of their buttocks which felt both smooth and cool. I turned my head away from Anna and towards Sarah. In the dim light I noticed her gritting her teeth with concentration. She appeared to be taking my masturbation very seriously.

"Kiss please," I murmured and instantly her lips were upon me and she kissed me in an almost feverish manner.

Her tongue felt as if it were half way down my throat. Her skin smelled of flowers.

Anna leant over me and licked my nipples. To be honest I was close to boiling point. I knew that I would suddenly spurt so began thinking of other things in order to delay as long as possible that one millisecond of pure refined pleasure.

To one side of me I felt Anna nibbling my chest and neck whilst scratching and squeezing my balls, I felt her blonde hair covering my chest and neck. On the other side of me my lips and tongue were at work with Sarah's. We kissed fervently and almost savagely in the French style. Sarah's fingers were wildly jerking the very tip of my heavy erection in an almost merciless manner. Clearly it was only a matter of a few minutes or less before I exploded.

It happened very quickly. I groaned and shut my eyes and pulled away from Sarah's soft mouth.

I felt seminal fluid gather at the base of my 'massive' penis. The wanking continued and then suddenly I shouted "aaagh," as gallons of semen spurted out, or so it seemed.

The milking continued until my balls were completely empty and my belly was covered in sperm. Sarah pulled my mouth to her and continued kissing and moaned that she loved me. I told her I loved her too. Clearly it was the situation talking and I knew she couldn't possibly love me, nor me her.

Now it appeared to be Sarah's turn to nibble my nipple and stimulate my chest with her long blonde hair. I pulled Anna to my mouth as she gripped my now flaccid penis and coaxed it back to life. Anna's eyes remained shut as we kissed and our tongues wrapped themselves around each other with undiluted lust and passion. We continued kissing as I slipped my hand from under her back and eased it under her and onto her pubic curls. I felt her moan into my mouth as I began stroking her thighs she eased herself onto her back and spread her legs over mine. In an instant my middle finger had found her damp cleft and wormed its way inside. I tasted her moaning and felt her heart beat faster.

It took me every ounce of will power not to throw off her sister and mount her there and then. Will power I had and it would remain so throughout that night.

I slid my hand from under Sarah's arse and laid it on her curls. She pushed my hand into the little gap where her thighs met at the top of her legs and lay on her back, parting her legs. My middle finger entered her sopping vagina. Sarah in turn began licking my shoulders and neck and bit me gently with her pure white teeth. In the half light which precedes dawn I saw that she was smiling.

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