tagFetishDavid's Friend Vivian Ch. 03

David's Friend Vivian Ch. 03


(My name is David Thornberry.

It happened when I was just 18 in 1958. I was alone in my parents' house with Vivian, the 20 year old daughter of some neighbours. I had always thought that she was unworldly and I would have to coax her even into letting me see her knickers. She surprised me in her interest in sitting on my face and wanking me off. This is part three of my tale.)


On my back on the lounge carpet I looked down and saw the evidence of my fifth orgasm of the day. It was on my shirt and stomach, on the carpet, all over Vivian's hands, skirt and blouse. There was a tiny string of semen on Vivian's chin.

I had a sudden idea how I would like her to 'bring me off' for the sixth time, and it would not require her to use her fingers.

"Can I sit on your face again Davy?" Vivian asked.

"Well I don't know Vivian," I said trying to steer the conversation towards getting her to 'suck me off'.

Once again inside my fevered brain I was remembering articles I had read in 'PlayHouse' and 'Pentopolitan' magazines regarding oral sex. 'The woman stimulates the man's erection just using her mouth on his sensitive exposed 'knob end' whilst she scratches his balls and inner thighs' I seem to recall, but I could not remember which position each partner had to be in.

I stood up and raised my underpants and trousers and trudged off to the downstairs toilet to wipe myself down for the n'th time that day. I left Vivian wiping her clothing with paper tissues and telling me that she thought I was a 'mucky pup'.

Whilst urinating I wondered just how I could get her to slide my penis into her warm mouth. I could think of no way other than just blatantly asking her to do it. If she refused I would have lost nothing and besides she was still eager to face-sit me and toss me off manually. My mind turned cartwheels as I practiced asking her. I tried out several alternatives in a soft voice.

1) "Vivian, did you know that semen contains lots of nutrients and trace elements which are good for the female complexion and I don't mind giving you some."

2) "Vivian, the most precious gift I can give to you, to show that I care for you and trust you, is a mouth full of sperm."

3) "Vivian, would you mind awfully if I placed my penis in your mouth and jerked myself off, you don't have to swallow it, but I don't mind if you do." I said and agreed that the third alternative sounded best.

Immediately I felt my hair being ruffled. It was Vivian standing behind me. She had removed her shoes and I hadn't heard her creep up on me.

"Yes I don't mind you putting your penis in my mouth you silly boy," she said with a flirtatious glint in her eye. My penis still hung over the toilet but by now it had risen to a horizontal position and was beginning to point at the ceiling.

"I didn't hear you come in," I said, "You weren't supposed to hear me."

"I don't mind," said my long legged guest elbowing me out of the way. "But I need to wee," she said lowering the toilet seat and her knickers at the same time.

I coughed and made a move to leave the room. She grabbed my hand. "There's no need to leave," she said, "let's do it here Davy."

*** The Downstairs Toilet

I had never ever seen a woman urinate before. At 18 years old it is something I had never even contemplated.

To be honest I hadn't even considered whether girls pissed backwards, downwards or forwards. Vivian sat down on the toilet seat and smiled up at me. She held her skirt and underslip up around her waist and told me that she didn't mind weeing in front of me. My unzipped erection bobbed about aimlessly in front of her.

"Are you sure you don't want me to go?" I said and felt my heavy erection stiffen further. and point directly at her face.

"Of course I don't you silly old Davy," said Vivian releasing the first fast trickle of warm urine.

The very sound and odour made my penis twitch uncontrollably. I stared down between her outspread legs at the flow of clear yellowish liquid which splashed against the bowl. Now she was in full flow and I couldn't help myself but kneel between her legs and place my face between her thighs. Her hands stroked my neck as I stared transfixed by the flow.

"You're just a big silly," she said to me as I kissed her thighs above her black stockings and nuzzled her black suspender clips.

The flow suddenly stopped as she depressed the cistern lever. I stood up just as the water flushed her urine clean away.

She pulled me towards her and whispered "Give me your penis."

I didn't wait to be asked twice but shuffled forward and stood between her open legs. I avoided her French-knickers which lay stretched tightly between her ankles.

"Let me suck it for you Davy," said the twenty year old blonde sitting on the lavatory.

My penis twitched heavily and remained pointing lewdly at her face. I felt that this was the most audacious thing I had ever done in my life. I had always been taught not to expose my willy to anyone, particularly girls, and here I was with my erection sticking out of my trousers with its glistening purple head within a couple of inches of a stunningly beautiful girl's mouth.

"Are you sure you don't mind," I said looking into her large eyes.

"Of course I don't," said Vivian weighing my erect member in her slim fingers.

The merest touch of her set my penis bobbing. To see my stiff stretched manhood so close to her warm soft mouth almost made me want to 'come' there and then. Her hair shone in that small room and I wanted so much to touch it.

Vivian leant forward and blew on my tip. This sent tingles down my spine and I watched with amazement as she ran her tongue slowly along the underside of my shaft.

"Oh, great, fantastic," I croaked, still not quite believing that she was actually doing this to me and that it wasn't just a dream.

"Do you like me licking your willy Davy?" she asked, but all I could do was nod my head.

She looked up at me, smiling like a seductress, and rubbed her chin over my most sensitive part.

"I suppose you'd like me to put it in my mouth now?" she said, as if she were making a statement and asking a question at the same time.

"Oh yes Vivian, please suck me off," I said and surprised myself at being so overt with my sexual language.

I had read somewhere that 'sucking someone off' was the correct term for a 'blow job' and I couldn't work out how a woman could administer oral sex by blowing. My school friend, Simon, told me that 'blow' was short for 'below' so it now all fitted together. Here was Vivian with her face 'below' my waist teasing me with her lips and tongue.

"I'll gladly 'suck you off' Davy," she said, "but I have to ask you to do one thing."

"What's that Vivian?" I gurgled watching her nuzzle my knob end with her nose.

"That you squirt into my mouth and not pull it out at the last moment as I don't want your semen all down the front of my clothes like last time. Do you understand?"

I nodded insanely at her as she parted her lips and I slid in. I had no intention to pull out and could think of nothing more erotic than spurting my 'seed' down the back of her throat.

Her mouth felt like nothing I had ever experienced in my life. For many years I had assumed that the ultimate pleasure would be to push my penis up into a warm vagina and feel female muscles grip me. This, however, felt far more exciting. I actually now had my penis inside a woman's mouth. I was actually 'fucking a girl's face' and she was sucking me like a big thick lollipop.

My penis felt as if it was on fire as every nerve ending along my shaft and on my glans appeared to be so ultrasensitive. As Vivian slowly sucked me into her mouth and stared up with her doleful, expressionless eyes I found it hard to hold back. Selfishly I wanted these moments to last forever.

"Oh, you're fantastic," I blurted holding her hair and swaying backwards and forwards.

Her tongue lapped at the underside of my bulbous head as I slid my erection between her lips, marveling at the exquisite pressure she applied to the tip.

Vivian gurgled incoherently and her eyes were full of smiles. I held her head firmly as I eased my stiff thick penis into and out of her warm soft mouth, luxuriating in the sensations. Gradually I upped the tempo of my movements and watched her move her hands to my buttocks and hold me firmly to her. Likewise I gripped her head more rigidly to allow myself to control the speed and pressure of my masturbation.

I slid my penis in and out of her mouth in a continuous 'sawing' movement. Vivian fortunately let me do most of the work and remained static awaiting her role as a receptacle for my expelled semen. She seemed not to mind taking part in, what seemed to me, an amazingly dirty and obscene sexual act.

As I slid in she would slide her tongue under my penis and guide it towards her throat. She was not skilled enough to swallow it but I knew when to stop pushing when I felt the tip slide against the back of the roof of her mouth.

Once again she gurgled and attempted to smile. I just slid my erection along her tongue and began jerking more frantically as I approached the 'point of no return'.

I glanced down at her open legs and stocking tops held up by her suspender clips. I could also see her black bra under her lacy blouse. Her hair felt like silk in my hands and I ruffled it until she frowned up at me. Suddenly Vivian dug her sharp nails into my buttocks as if to tell me to speed things up. I gripped her head and literally 'fucked her face'.

For five glorious minutes I jerked my penis quickly backwards and forwards inside her tight mouth. Her grip with her lips increased and I exercised perfect control over my movements. It felt far better than self-masturbation and ten times more erotic.

Soon I had reached the 'short strokes' and gradually approached my climax.

I gripped her face and suddenly, almost unexpectedly emptied myself into her with six furious thrusts. Her eyes appeared frightened but I held onto her until she pushed me away. I slid out and a long 'harp string' of semen slid out with it.

"Wow, that was great," I said with schoolboy enthusiasm.

Vivian remained sitting on the toilet and I heard her urinate again. She swallowed then wiped her lips and smiled up at me. Her mouth still showed signs of the warm milky slime which had once been inside me. I laughed with embarrassment but also with triumph. I couldn't really believe what we had just done and felt great.

*** The Lounge Carpet Again

Vivian took some time to clean herself up. I made both of us a cup of coffee and we went back to the lounge. We spent some time chatting about school, about the village and about our parents.

Sitting next to her on the sofa I couldn't help but notice her long stockinged legs. Her black A-line skirt lay neatly across her lap and appeared to be beckoning me to slide my hand under it and into her knickers. Her black lacy slip peeped out at me and naturally my penis began to stiffen once again. It was roughly 3.30 pm and I seriously felt like having my seventh wank of the day.

I smiled at Vivian and leant over and kissed her. I whispered "Again" and I sheepishly stood up and lay on the carpet, face up, at her feet.

She knew exactly what to do and stepped over me so that she stood astride my head with her back to my feet.

"You are a silly old Davy," she said as she parted, and bent her knees and sat squarely on my upper chest. She rearranged her skirt and slip so that it was spread over and around my face. I smiled insanely at her as she slid forward, splayed her thighs and rammed her black lacy French-knickers into my nose.

Immediately I breathed in the sweet musky smell of vagina and urine. Her knickers stank of her odours and I thanked all my stars that she was sitting on me and that I was underneath her. It took less than a few seconds for me to unzip my jeans and push them down to my knees; these were soon followed by my underpants and my penis cart-wheeled into the upright position pointing ramrod stiff at my navel. I felt Vivian look over her shoulder.

"You are a naughty Davy; it's always stiff; do you never get tired?" said my blonde haired guest sliding her thighs firmly against my cheeks.

I lay on my back with my head deliciously trapped between her legs. All around me was black slippery nylon. The sounds of her underslip sliding over her scratchy stockings were slowly driving me wild. I gripped the end of my penis and began wanking furiously. This time I wanted to 'come' quickly and violently.

I really could get enough of Vivian sitting on my face. I felt as if I was in a secret warm paradise with just my tongue, my nose and her damp knickers pushed together inside her slip and skirt.

"Do you want any help?" said Vivian to me snorting for breath and moaning deliriously beneath her skirt.

"No, no," I yelped between breathing in her odours and licking her soft inner thighs.

Soon my wanking became frantic. I pulled and squeezed ferociously at my foreskin as I felt Vivian ruffle my hair.

"Silly boy," she said as if she were talking to a younger brother.

By now I didn't care what Vivian thought; I just wanted to erupt. Before long I felt the familiar gathering of semen at the base of my erection. I knew I was just seconds away from my orgasm so I increased the speed and pressure as Vivian fondled my head through her skirt and underslip. Soon my breathing became erratic. I threw my head from side to side then firmly into her sopping snatch.

"Fucking fantastic hell yesss," I snorted as I spurted out seven long strands of semen all over my hands, stomach and shirt.

"Wow, that was really really fantastic," I said between catching my breath.

Vivian pulled up her skirt and stared at me through the thin nylon of her slip. I saw her familiar smile. I lay in paradise beneath her and blew the wispy black nylon off me and watched it spread over me again. Vivian pinched my nose through her slip and I laughed aloud. I felt so content and happy but wondered lecherously where and when I would have my eighth wank.

*** My Eighth Wank.

The late afternoon sun shone into the lounge through the large patio doors. Vivian and I were drinking tea and holding hands. We kissed between sips and she curled up in my arms on the sofa.

"I feel as if I have known you for years Davy," she said, and I suppose it was true.

Our parents had been friends for a good ten years or so and we had been to various childhood parties together and yuletide gatherings.

I watched her knees as she tucked her heels under her bottom and then smooth down her skirt. I had now fully recovered from my seventh orgasm and was once again raring to go.

This time I wanted to try something different. I had read about a position called 69, or 'Soixante Neuf' in a dirty magazine at school. The other chaps at school had told me that the man was always underneath and Simon, my 'best' school friend had drawn a diagram on the blackboard to show how everything fitted together. Unfortunately the math's master, Eric (Murky) Gray, saw the diagram, which was very badly drawn and asked what it was. I told him that it showed a new technique for artificial respiration following a drowning accident. He looked at it and said that it was 'the worst diagram he had ever seen' as he rubbed it off the board with his chalk eraser.

I didn't know whether Vivian would be interested in trying it out so I decided to mention it during another bout of 'passionate' kissing.

I grabbed her chin and pulled her lips savagely to mine. Within a couple of seconds our tongues were inside each others mouths and my hand was up her skirt and stroking the front of her knickers.

"Vivian?" I said, between tongue thrusts.

"What?" she replied, breathing quickly.

"Do you want to do it again?" I enquired, struggling for breath.

"Yes of course," she spluttered and opened her legs further.

"On the floor," I said, surprising myself at my audacity, and kissed her again furiously.

Vivian groaned and kissed me with such abandon that I felt that I was drowning under her onslaught. She appeared to be out of control and kissed my ears, forcing her tongue into my auditory canals.

"Hey that tickles," I said laughing aloud and pushing her away.

It felt like physical torture and she grabbed me again and wiggled her tongue into my ears. It felt like being eaten alive, particularly as she growled and dug me in the ribs while I rubbed the front of her damp knickers.

"Do you want to try it 69?" I said trying to pull her onto the floor.

"What's that?" said the lively smiling blonde nibbling my neck.

"I'll show you," I said and threw myself on the floor on my back.

"You have to kneel over my face, and err, err suck my penis while I make you nice and wet," I spluttered, almost hysterical with ardour.

"Alright Davy," said the long legged guest standing astride my face. I stared up her black skirt at her loose legged French-knickers while I unbuckled my jeans.

"You are so beautiful under your skirt Vivian," I said laughing at my slender 'giantess' friend who swayed from side to side above me.

I unzipped, then pushed down, my jeans and felt the hardness of my penis inside my underpants.

"Can you see my knickers then you silly saucy old Davy?" asked Vivian and bent down so that her crotch was just inches from my face.

I watched as she stood up again and at her suspenders and stocking tops hidden amongst the folds of her lacy black slip. She swiveled her hips and teased me by holding her skirt tightly against her body then allowing it billow out so that I could see clearly up it. She did this several times, driving me insane with lecherous thoughts.

I lost no time in pushing down my underpants and I felt the coolness of the evening air on my now exposed genitals.

"Goodness you are perky again Davy," Said Vivian lowering herself onto my face. She pulled her knickers leg to one side and I slid my tongue into her pubic hair.

"So I'm supposed to sprawl over you and suck your penis while you make me wet with your tongue? Is that right young man?" said the girl squatting on my face.

"Err, yes, that's the general idea," I said with a very 'matter of fact' tone of voice.

With that I lay back and watched her kneel forward so that her legs were splayed over my neck and head. This created a very lewd sight. Her skirt and slip had risen up to reveal her knickers and suspenders.

From my low vantage point her arse appeared massive. I grabbed a cushion from the sofa and placed it under my head. I could now see every curve and contour of her pert derriere. This surely was a sight to die for and I felt privileged to be lying there with Vivian's thighs open for my pleasure, and hers too.

I felt Vivian's cool blonde hair fall over my thighs and penis. This was something altogether new and unexpected. I hadn't realised how erotic the feel of a woman's hair could be on my naked skin. It felt like a million snowflake kisses on my most sensitive part and I felt my heavy penis crawl further towards my navel in appreciation.

"You are so big Davy," said Vivian backing into my face so that my lips were touching her prominent vagina.

Her thighs gripped my head then she moved them apart and I placed my hands on her buttocks and pulled her down on me. For some strange reason Vivian told me to cover her bottom with her skirt as she felt cold. I wasted no time in pulling her slip over my head, then her skirt so that I was once again deliciously 'trapped' beneath her clothes.

"Oh, wow, great oh," I mouthed as I felt my penis slowly slide between her lips and into her mouth.

The bulbous end of my erection felt so incredibly sensitive and Vivian appeared to know just what to do to it. Her fingers lightly masturbated me as she supported my shaft in her warm soft mouth. I felt her suck it in then release it many times while still jerking on my foreskin.

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