David's Friend Vivian Ch. 04


Then she took my erection into her mouth and began milking me. I had not been prepared for this and wondered whether the middle-aged woman knew that her daughter had done this to me during our day together. Perhaps she was jealous? Perhaps Mr. Lloyd had been neglecting her sexually speaking?

None of this mattered at the time and I reveled at being sucked off by this prim and proper friend of my parents. No matter how hard I tugged at the belts and dog leads I could not extract my hands, and I couldn't touch Mrs. Lloyd or get my fingers into her clothes.

"You can 'come' in my mouth if you wish," said Vivian's mother wiping saliva off her chin where it had gathered and dribbled onto my thighs.

She squeezed my balls and laughed to herself. She flashed her eyes at me and continued her sucking and licking. To be honest I found her the most sexually attractive woman I had ever met; she appeared to be ten times more experienced than Vivian, which I suppose went without saying but also it was the fact that she was so mature, and I was ...well...young, and knew practically nothing about sex.

"Oh wow, wow Mrs. Lloyd," I groaned as I felt semen gather at the base of my shaft. "I'm almost there, don't stop," I squealed as I tried to delay the inevitable.

Then it happened. I shut my eyes and held back. I waited until I reached the final second when the pressure became intolerable. Then I exploded inside her and pumped out five long slurps of warm creamy slime into her mouth. Her sucking became more intense and I felt her 'vacuum up' every remnant of semen from my penis. I even felt her suck semen from the very centre of my urethra. All these sensations felt so new.

I lay back panting and watched my parents' friend wipe her mouth with a tissue and then smile at me like a tigress having caught and eaten its prey.

"Now it's time for you to pleasure me, don't you think David?" said Mrs. Lloyd standing up.

*** My Face under Mrs. Lloyd's Dress

I wondered what Mrs. Lloyd had in mind. I had imagined that she might have decided to 'impale' herself on my penis and ride me. I had read in dirty magazines at school that women liked to be able to control the speed and intensity during fucking and this was the best position for them.

"Take off your glasses David, here let me take them from you," she said and placed them on the bedside table. Now I understood what I had to do; she was clearly going to sit on my face and get me to tongue her between her legs.

"Well if my daughter can enjoy the pleasure of having a boy's head between her legs then so can I," said Mrs. Lloyd, clearly unperturbed at having an 18-year old, young enough to be her son lying naked on her bed.

"I'll try not to squash you, young man," said the slim woman lifting her dress. I now saw her clothes in a new light. No longer was she just Mrs. Lloyd wearing her black knee-length day dress but she was Mrs. Lloyd the seductress, temptress and whore.

"Oh wow," I whimpered as she swung her leg over me and straddled my chest and smoothed her dress around, and over, me.

For a split second I had seen her underwear. Her white nylon slip was wide and flared and trimmed with deep lacy scallops; her dark brown stockings were supported by white plain nylon suspenders with metal fasteners; she also wore white French knickers finished with wide lacy scallops to match her petticoat.

I felt as if my head was bursting with excitement at the thought of where my face was to be placed. Mrs. Lloyd was happy just to kneel astride my chest with her knees touching my cheeks. My chin rested against the hem of her dress and I could feel her body heat spread over my warm body. Her clothes made my torso tingle and shiver as I felt the smooth coolness of nylon scratch against me.

"Do you like my stockings," she suddenly asked and slid up her dress to reveal her thighs as far as the dark brown welts. I strained my head to obtain a better view. Her legs were perfect, just like Vivian's and I marveled at their shapeliness and fullness.

"Yes, yes they are very nice," I spluttered feeling my penis recover and roll into an upright position along my belly. I felt a small dribble of semen spill from its tip and was unable to tell whether it was from the remnants of my previous orgasm or whether it was precum.

"I put them on especially for you David, as I guessed you'd prefer dark stockings," she said and looked at me as if to tell me that Vivian has divulged my penchant for black stockings.

"I don't own any black stockings so I hope that these will do," she winked at me in a slightly insane manner and I stared back grinning like an idiot. I watched her smooth her dress against her body as if to check that her figure was acceptable for her young visitor. I looked at her with fascination as she undid the lower three buttons of her shirtwaister dress.

"We want plenty of space for movement don't we?" she whispered and then undid the two top buttons. I could now see the lacy top of her bra or it may have been her slip. I noticed as she moved that there were two sets of shoulder straps so she must have been wearing a full slip.

Mrs. Lloyd took off her shiny waist belt and threw it on the floor and then announced that she was ready.

She knelt up and shuffled her knees onto, then over, my shoulders at the same time opening her thighs. Again I saw her French knickers which were very generously fashioned to say the least. All the overlapping white lacy scallops were so loose that I could already see glimpses of pubic hair beneath.

I groaned with sheer pleasure and adoration as she lifted her arse off my neck and placed it over my chin. At the same time she rearranged her skirt and wide slip around my head so that my face was well and truly imprisoned under her petticoats. My wrists felt sore. I dearly wanted to caress her curvaceous buttocks and wank at the same time but I could not, and felt somewhat cheated by her.

She placed her full body weight on my face and my nose pushed its way tightly into her loose French knickers. I smiled inwardly at being in such a warm erotic atmosphere, hidden amongst her underwear and dress.

Her odours surrounded me and I noticed that they were several times more intense than Vivian's. I wondered whether older women smelled differently and imagined her to be like fine wine, improving with age. Mrs. Lloyd's knickers were full of pungent aromas, musky and spicy, both sweet and stale. I picked out the smell of cunt which pervaded the narrow airless space between her legs. I also breathed in her expensive perfume combined with that of urine. I sucked up lungfulls of this heady mixture and as I did so I felt my heavy penis extent to its maximum length and girth.

I remained inert under Mrs. Lloyds skirt until I heard her tell me to 'lick her out'. I watched her kneel up from the bed and saw her petticoat slide inwards as she pushed her hand under her knickers and pulled the leg to one side. There, briefly, I saw her glistening lips waiting for my tongue.

"Ready now David," she cooed and sat squarely on my face again.

I now felt her engorged outer lips over mine. They felt colder than I had expected and more wrinkled. Immediately I had wormed my tongue between them and up into her moist channel. I felt her buttocks flinch slightly as I wriggled my tongue further up into her.

"Ooh, yesss," she hissed somewhere above me

I could hardly hear her because my ears were buried under her fleshy thighs and underwear. I moved my tongue in and out of her hairy orifice, flicking it along the inner walls of her outer lips and under the hood which protected her clitoris. My experiences with Vivian were now paying off. I knew how to 'pleasure' Mrs. Lloyd and I was now determined to do so. I felt as if I had to prove to her that I could do what was expected and in a warped frame of mind I felt that I wished to 'earn' my apology regarding her daughter.

Her petticoat rasped against the smooth nylon of her stockings. It set off little crackles of static. Her full weight bore down on me and my head was pushed firmly into the mattress beneath the under sheet. I have to admit that I could hardly breathe except through the loose nylon of her knickers which lay stuck to my nostrils. In the darkened space beneath her black dress and white nylon slip my head felt deliciously trapped. I remembered Vivian doing this to me and now wondered whether 'facesitting' was a family trait and whether she had inherited the desire from her mother. Either way I was enjoying every second lying on my back naked with Mrs. Lloyd sitting on my face.

I only wished that she had not strapped me to the bed as my stiff penis flailed around aimlessly seeking sweet relief. I would have gladly paid Mrs. Lloyd anything to untie my right hand.

"Faster David, if you please," grunted Mrs. Lloyd as she began jerking herself rhythmically against my nose and mouth. I slid my tongue up to her clitoris and probed and prodded at it as if it were my only raison d'être. We established a slow tempo with my tongue sliding up and down her cleft and circling her clitoris.

"Firmer on my clitty," she barked at me sliding her well lubricated lower lips backwards and forwards over my nose.

After several minutes of solid tonguing Mrs. Lloyd's grunting became louder, coarser and more urgent. Her pelvic jerks and thrusts became more forceful and painful.

I pulled on the tethers and tried to resist her wilder movements as she wrenched my neck to and fro. All of a sudden she grabbed the top of my head through her dress and I was forced to remain static while she slid her cunt over my nose, mouth and chin. She appeared to be seeking the perfect position for her clitoris to jerk against my facial contours as if she were trying to scratch an elusive 'itch'

For me it was like being tossed in a stormy sea as her movements were so exaggerated and furious. Her hips thrashed around wildly as she wiped her dribbling smelly orifice all over my face. The gusset of her French knickers was completely sodden with her vaginal secretions seeped steadily out and into my nostrils and eyes. The air under her petticoat was now stagnant and stank strongly of cunt.

I felt as if I wouldn't survive her onslaught; every sinew of my neck felt sore as she slid her vaginal opening savagely up and down my face. I found myself closing my eyes as if I was enduring some terrible punishment. All around me her thighs, stockings, suspenders and petticoat threshed about in a blur of frantic movement. As nylon slid quickly over rustling nylon I withdrew my painful tongue and attempted to lick at only whatever was within reach. Mrs. Lloyd clearly did not approve of what I had done.

"Get that fucking tongue up me you shit," spat the middle aged woman, now clearly completely out of control.

She gripped my head and levered if of the bed thrusting her arse downwards. Suddenly I found my lips glued to her vagina and now my tongue and her cunt were again united.

"For fuck's sake move it," she shouted at me clamping my head firmly between her hands.

I pushed my tongue over her most sensitive part and she grunted approval. I felt my face being shaken violently again as she extracted her sexual gratification from the sticky features of my face. I lost count as to how many times she jerked her clitoris over my nose and mouth. I managed to keep up with her movements only with superhuman effort ensuring that my tongue remain in contact with her clitoris as far as was physically possible.

"That's wonderful," she screamed as she pumped her pelvis brutally against my face.

Soon I was almost passing out with pain and I prayed that she would soon reach her orgasm but Mrs. Lloyd seemed to take an age to satisfy herself.

"I'm almost there," she screeched then speeded up her thrusts to breakneck speed.

I lay there enduring the torture until she stopped and pushed down on me, suffocating me under her. Her thighs quivered and twitched as I felt her buttocks tighten then something inside her juddered.

I pushed my tongue deeply up her and then I felt it. It was like a tidal wave of miniature muscular pulsations which gripped my tongue then slowly passed. I was thankful she had orgasmed as I felt I just could not have withstood any more of her violent hip jerks.

I was so busy 'servicing' Vera Lloyd that I hadn't noticed that my penis had been dribbling precum on my stomach. I felt the woman twist her trunk as she turned to look behind her. She evidently noticed the colourless fluid as she said, "Oh David, have we been neglecting you?"

I nodded and gurgled a pitiful "Yes," from under her dress and between her legs. Mrs. Lloyd's thighs were sticky with sweat and I found it difficult to breathe. Her French knickers were completely sodden and my mouth was filled with stray pubic hair. Mercifully Mrs. Lloyd slid off me and I gulped in cool fresh air.

"Goodness me we are in a mess aren't we?" said Vivian's mother staring down at me as she shook her dress out and adjusted her stockings. I noticed that Mrs. Lloyd's hair was sticky with sweat and she had an unkempt lock falling across her forehead.

"I must look a mess too," I said and struggled to free myself from the ties.

"Not just yet David, I need to go to the toilet and wee, but I'll be back soon," said the middle aged housewife old enough to be my mother.

I heard her put her shoes on and stared up at the floral wallpaper as she walked across the landing. Her footsteps sounded very aggressive and menacing but for some strange reason I found myself experiencing a huge 'hard-on'. Even the sound of the lavatory flushing made me stiffen noticeably. I looked down the bed and watched my erection grow to enormous proportions, or so it seemed.

Her high heels clunked across the landing as she re entered the bedroom. "That's better; now we can sort you out young man can't we?" she said in a very casual manner standing at the side of the bed slipping her shoes off again.

In my naked state, tied to the bed with the world's largest erection on display I began to feel vulnerable. For some unknown reason I pictured Mrs. Lloyd with a large kitchen knife and wondered why she hadn't untied me.

"Now it's my turn to 'wank' you off, or whatever youngsters call it nowadays," she said and grinned at me.

"Well if you untie me maybe I can save you the effort?" I remarked, eager to extract myself, and masturbate myself into oblivion.

"No David, I insist," said the woman wearing her black dress and dark brown stockings.

She sat on the bed then straddled my chest facing my feet. Very gingerly she lifted her arse and backed herself over me and sat squarely on my face.

"Mrs. Lloyd you have..." but her buttocks stopped me in mid sentence. I was going to remark on the fact that she had removed her knickers and that her bottom looked really delectable.

Once again I was well and truly trapped under her white nylon slip and black dress. Her hind quarters seemed to mould themselves to my face as my nose was rammed into her anal sphincter. She smelled strongly of urine and had clearly wiped away the sexual secretions that had built up earlier.

"Do you like having your head up inside my dress David?" said Mrs. Lloyd, not expecting an answer from the eighteen year old under her heavy buttocks. If I could have answered I would have confirmed that I did enjoy being sat on but would have preferred not to be tied up.

I wasn't sure what she wanted me to do so I licked her perineum and felt the soft flesh between her legs with my tongue.

"That tickles but I like it," said the woman astride my face who squirmed deliciously over me.

"Do you like it slow or fast?" Mrs. Lloyd asked and I assumed she meant masturbation. I tried to reply but it was almost impossible to speak. She lifted her arse off me for a split second and I yelled out "Fast ple...." Then I was swamped again by female flesh.

This time she pulled her arse cheeks apart and bore down on me pinching my nostrils between her buttocks as she let go. I could hardly breathe but found that my penis stiffened once again to what appeared to be gigantic dimensions.

"Oh David you are such a 'big' boy," said my captor as she gripped the root of my shaft. I was completely at Mrs. Lloyds mercy and felt utterly overpowered and unable to move, and only just able to breathe.

If anyone at school had told me that I was to strip naked, allow myself to be tied down to a bed then the mother of a friend sit on my face while wanking me off I would have thought them mad. But here I was with my face up the bum crack of a middle aged woman with her dress and petticoat covering my upper body.

"Ready?" said the woman tugging furiously at my foreskin. I groaned incoherently and abandoned myself to the 'pleasures of the flesh'.

Under her dress the atmosphere was hot and sweaty and soon I detected the now familiar smell of Mrs. Lloyd's cunt. I couldn't have thought of a more erotic situation except, that is, actual intercourse. Mrs. Lloyd was indeed skilled at milking and her thin long fingers knew exactly where to apply pressure and what speed was needed.

Soon I was deliberately trying to hold back. My tongue circled her anus and she clenched her buttocks in response.

"That really tickles but don't stop," she giggled like a schoolgirl.

Her hand-wanking increased in tempo and pressure until I couldn't take any more. I felt the familiar warmth of semen gather for expulsion then I groaned. "Aaauugh," I moaned but my sounds were muffled by her warm cheeks and layers of clothing.

I jerked out five huge torrents of semen and felt it flood over Mrs. Lloyd's fingers.

"Good boy, what a nice big fountain." Said the woman sitting on my face.

I lay there and watched her kneel up, swing her legs off the bed then wipe my penis with a crisp white lace trimmed handkerchief. She untied my wrists, and then my ankles and I sat up and surveyed the room, looking and feeling completely 'shagged-out'. I sat on the edge of the bed with my head in my hands. My neck ached and so did my penis.

Mrs. Lloyd put her shoes back on and stood in front of me so that my face touched her black dress. She lifted it up, then her petticoat and threw them over my head so that I stared at her hairy 'triangle' framed by her suspenders and dark brown stockings.

I licked her exposed thighs above the tops of her stockings and she pulled me into her and parted her legs. Within seconds I was kneeling on the floor in front of her with my tongue up her vagina and her white nylon slip crackling with static as she jerked herself wildly up and down my face. Soon she was groaning and screeching. I continued, seeking out her clitoris with my tongue and with my thumb wedged up her too. All of a sudden Mrs. Lloyd swore and grabbed my head through her clothing.

"For fuck's sake harder you little shit," said the woman, now completely out of control.

I ploughed on until I felt her body stiffen, then shudder, quiver then pulsate.

"Fucking yes, yes, yesss," she hissed as if she had been hit by an express train. Her knees buckled as she reached her orgasm and my face was covered in sweat. The pulsations swiftly died away and Mrs. Lloyd lifted her dress and backed away from me. Her hair was disheveled again and she appeared to be close to tears.

We tidied up once I had dressed then went downstairs for a well earned cup of tea.

"I will not mention the episode with Vivian again only on one condition," said the middle aged housewife. "I can probably guess what that is Mrs. Lloyd," I said smirking insanely at her.

"You want me to provide a little 'service' for you now and again? Is that what you meant?"

"Absolutely correct David," said Mrs. Lloyd, "Absolutely correct."

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