tagFetishDavid's Girls' Academy

David's Girls' Academy


It was the autumn of 1960 and I was 20 years old and was following my new hobby of bird watching. Walking along a quiet country lane near Spathford one Saturday morning, I was on the look out for Nuthatches and Tree Creepers, small birds which literally walk up tree trunks.

I passed a large Oak wood, hedged off from the lane, and with my binoculars I saw something. I was not sure what it was so I ran swiftly onwards hoping to find an entrance to the wood, After half a mile a came across a large impressive Victorian gateway opening onto a long gravel drive which curved gently into the wood..

Beside the stone gateposts was a sign announcing 'SPATHFORD GRANGE ACADEMY', 'FINISHING SCHOOL for YOUNG LADIES aged 18 to 20 years'. In smaller lettering underneath it said 'TRESPASSERS WILL BE PROSECUTED'.

I decided to ignore the warning and sauntered into the Academy grounds. I heard some birdsong with which I was unfamiliar, so strode quickly through the wood.

The trees seemed to extend back from the lane by a couple of miles. I still couldn't find what I was searching for. The wood ended and I found myself on an extensive lawn. I walked further across the grass and scanned the edge of the wood with my binoculars.

I was wearing a waxed jacket, wellington boots and corduroy trousers. Because it was breezy I also wore a woolly hat pulled over my ears. I found it difficult to hear so I was surprised when I felt a tap on my shoulder; I turned round and looked up into the impassive eyes of a tall blue-eyed blonde girl wearing a grey calf length cape. I looked around and saw four others of similar stature and of similar dress surrounding me. I felt rather vulnerable being so short and skinny and people often assumed I was several years younger.

"Yes?" I enquired, realising I had been caught trespassing.

"You are a snivelling little peeping-tom, aren't you? You 'toe-rag.' We've been watching you with those pathetic binoculars. Give them here," demanded the blonde one.

I handed them over, visibly trembling. I was told that I would be marched off to the headmistress's office where I would be dealt with once the police had been informed.

As we traversed the lawn three of the girls closed ranks and began whispering to each other and giggling. I felt very ill at ease and asked if they couldn't just let me go please. A dark haired Spanish looking girl, one of the three who had been conferring, said that I needed to be punished.

They escorted me into the academy's main entrance vestibule which appeared deserted. I was led through an echoing dining hall which smelt of stale cabbage and floor polish. I noticed that a sign saying 'PRINCIPAL'S OFFICE' pointed in the opposite direction. We were clearly not going to see the headmistress. I felt relieved, but this was short lived.

At the back of the hall I was led up some narrow wooden stairs which creaked loudly. The blonde girl walked in front and I admired her shapely legs which moved not only gracefully, but also sexily, under her calf length cape. She wore black seamed stockings and black court shoes.

On the second floor I was escorted along a narrow corridor to a door which was simply labelled 'DORMITORY SEVEN'. I could sense a trap and began to panic; I turned round and tried to make an escape but the girls blocked my passage. I was forced reluctantly into the girls' communal sleeping area.

I looked around the room while the door was locked behind me and noticed six beds, three on each side of a central space,

There were wardrobes and desks and also pin boards filled with photos of pop stars and horses At the far end of the room was another door labelled, 'BATHROOM' The door was ajar and I made out three cubicles, two being toilets and the other the bath. There were also small hand basins.

'OK toe-rag, this is the way things are," said the tallest girl with long straight dark hair. She was almost breathing in my face as she glared down at me. "We hate little smelly perverts like you but we have decided that we may not tell our headmistress if you remain here for the next few days and keep quiet, and do as we say. Do you agree?"

"Well no actually, I was hoping to convince your head teacher that I had simply lost my way and....."

Before I had a chance to elaborate I was pushed onto an unoccupied bed, next to the bathroom, and held down as someone pulled off my boots and socks. Someone else removed my hat and scarf. My jacket came off, then my sweater. Another pair of hands unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off. My trousers were unfastened and yanked off unceremoniously.

I was just about to shout for help when someone pushed something white and frilly into my mouth. I waited for the inevitable as the five girls gathered around me in their long capes. My underpants were slowly pulled down and my penis emerged looking a bit shrivelled and I felt very self conscious and ashamed.

"So Mr. 'toe-rag', not only are you a pervert but you've got a tiny willy." A Japanese girl said, giggling at my manhood. The others joined in, smirking and grinning at each other.

I felt like explaining to them that it was usually a lot bigger when the weather was warmer. The cold autumn day, and the fear of facing the headmistress clearly had all taken its toll on the size of my 'best friend'.

The girls wandered off to their beds, clearly disappointed in their prisoner and took off their capes.

Underneath I saw that they wore grey v-necked sweaters over white blouses. Below this they all wore smart green pleated tartan skirts which ended at the knee. These skirts were very full and were gathered at the waistband. Each girl wore black fine denier stockings and black two-inch heel court shoes.

Most of them had kicked off their shoes and my eyes wandered over their legs, heels and toes attracted by the darker reinforcements in their stockings. They all wore seamed stockings, as was the fashion in 1960.

I removed the frilly object from my mouth; it was a soiled pair of cotton panties. "Yuk!" I thought holding it up to my nose and inhaling something attractive. My penis twitched slightly.

The girls were either sitting at their desks or lying on their beds reading.

A curly haired 'young lady' was lying on her stomach on the bed opposite me. Her long legs were bent at the knees and held in the air, her ankles crossed. I stared at the reinforced welts on her stockinged toes. I wanted desperately to touch them and suck them and lick her soles.

My penis rose as I looked around. The Japanese girl in the middle bed opposite me was on her back reading a book which she held above her face. Her knees were bent and apart. Her skirt had slid down her thighs and I was treated to a view of white petticoat and black stocking tops. Her knickers were just out of view. I earnestly hoped she would open her legs wider.

'Spanish girl' stood up from her desk next to me and walked to the bathroom. I heard her pull up her skirt and then listened to a long trickle as she urinated loudly. My penis reacted instantly and perked up. I sat still naked on the edge of the bed not knowing what to expect next. The loo flushed as the Spanish girl returned. She noticed my erection which looked quite impressive because I was so puny in comparison.

"Well girls, toe-rag here has something to show us," and smiled at me licking her large Latin lips. I just sat there at the foot of the bed, my skinny legs on the floor looking pleased with myself.

The girls looked up. 'Japanese girl' spread her legs widely as she slid off the bed and I my eyes feasted upon her white lacy knickers, a frilly suspender belt supporting black stockings and a white delicate lace trimmed petticoat. She deliberately held this pose as she noticed me peeping at her. Her smile was absolutely gorgeous and she clearly did not feel at all immodest or embarrassed.

They gathered around the bed and stared at my crotch. I have to admit that even I was impressed with its size and I'd seen it quite often. The curly haired girl squatted down on the floor in front of me to take a closer look. I moved my legs apart staring at her breasts beneath her sweater.

My erection was twitching vigorously and bobbed around wildly. 'Blonde girl' and 'Tall straight haired girl' leaned over me and began licking both my ears, which made me cringe but increased the strength of my erection. Other hands touched me and fingers explored my testicles. I leant backwards so I was flat on my back facing the ceiling beginning to enjoy life again.

'Japanese girl' got on the bed and knelt behind me then moved forward, lifting her skirt and petticoat as she did so. Her smooth stockinged knees brushed against my hair and ears and finally cheeks as she shuffled forward and spread her young legs over my face.

She dropped her petticoat then her pleated skirt and lowered her panty crotch onto my nose. Her buttocks slid over my upturned mouth and face and her lacy panties felt both rough and smooth. I reached up under her skirt and caressed her warm thighs and suspender belt. It was dark and 'aromatic' between her legs, She smelt of warm damp vagina and it had an almost fishy smell. She ceased swivelling her buttocks about and settled down with her anus over my nose. I couldn't move my head at all and I felt deliciously trapped.

The other girls were probing, rubbing and pulling at my erection. Small cool hands appeared all over my lower exposed body squeezing my heavy testicles. I felt long hair and warm breath tickling the inside of my thighs and groin.

From my navel upwards I was hidden under Japanese skirts and petticoats, so it must have looked a very strange sight with my thin white legs contrasting with my large engorged erection. I felt precum dribble from my knob head.

I removed my hands from 'Japanese girl's' thighs and began masturbating. One girl joined in, squeezing my balls in time with my gyrations. Other hands caressed my thighs and stomach. I was delirious with pleasure and squirmed ecstatically.

I felt tongues on my legs and belly as I increased my tempo breathing in 'Japanese girls' female juices which were soaking through her panties.

My wanking increased in rhythm while other hands grabbed it and joined in. I let go of my penis to allow the girls to take over, I told them to do it faster then firmer. One of them must have been an expert because I felt I could hold back no longer.

I gripped the bed, clenched my teeth, closed my eyes and pushed my nose fimly up between 'Japanese girl's' pantied buttocks. I felt seminal fluid rising from my balls. I split second later seven vigorous thrusts dispensed thick stringy semen over the girls' hands and across my belly. My breathing was intense as my heart pumped furiously.

Under her warm skirt I calmed down. She didn't get off me so I was able to continue enjoying the experience under her derriere. I felt her and other girls clean me up. A warm flannel with soap was wiping my penis, testicles, thighs and stomach. Clearly I had jerked a lot of semen quite a distance.

Someone said it was on Norika's skirt and she knelt up feeling her skirt. I experienced some light as I looked under her lacy petticoat hems which surrounded me. The delicate nylon lace appeared quite different from inside her petticoat. The white slippery nylon appeared semi transparent and swished over her stockings noisily as she examined her clothes above me. All the white bits seemed dark grey.

Her hems shook as I felt her washing off my semen from her skirt front. Someone towelled dried my thighs and genitals, giving special attention to my testicles.

Norika told me that she needed to 'wee' but she would be back. She lifted her skirt and rolled off me lifting her knee carefully across her my face so as not to kick me.

I sat up. Everyone had returned to their beds or desks. 'Curly haired girl' was lying on her back on the bed opposite reading. Her knees were drawn up together and covered by her pleated tartan skirt but her feet were apart so I had a clear view up her skirt. I could see of a triangle of white knickers, white suspenders, black stockings and lacy underslip. As I looked over she smiled and waved to me, clearly unaware that she was giving me a private viewing of her underwear.

I lay back on the bed and swivelled around so that my head was near the foot of the bed with my feet on the pillow. As I turned my head I could see the two toilet cubicles through the bathroom door. Under one cubicle door I could make out Norika's stockinged feet, with her panties around her ankles urinating. The sound was quite loud in the echoing bathroom and I wondered why the girls never shut the bathroom door.

The toilet flushed and she emerged still rearranging her skirt and petticoat. She lifted her skirt to tighten a suspender clip, saw me and smiled. She shook her skirt down again, washed her hands and returned to the dorm.

"Sorry I have kept you waiting," she said "What is your name please?" She asked noticing I now had my face near the foot of the bed.

"David," I said." but everyone here calls me 'toe-rag'", I laughed. Those in hearing range laughed too.

'Spanish girl' and 'Curly haired girl ", adjacent to me and opposite, introduced themselves as Kasandra and Emily. I said that I was pleased to meet them.

"I'll just get my book" said Norika, as she crossed the room. I made myself comfortable. Despite being naked, the room seemed quite warm to me, so I lay there, hands by my sides looking forward to her return.

She quickly reappeared above me smiling demurely. She put one knee on the bed lifted her skirt, lifted her other knee and straddled my chest. I felt smooth stockings on my shoulders as she moved up towards my face. I slid towards her slightly as she raised her buttocks over my chest and pushed her panty gusset firmly into my nose. She smelt of fresh warm urine. She spread her legs so she was kneeling with her feet under her buttocks next to my arms. Her stockings ended near my cheeks and I felt warm thighs and nylon squeezing me tightly as she made herself comfortable.

Smiling down she rearranged her wide flounced lacy petticoat so that it was spread evenly almost in a circle around her waist including over my face. From underneath I stared up through the semi-opaque smooth white nylon and made out her face and straight hair moving about as if behind a veil. She had a doll-like complexion.

Under her petticoat I was aware of light from the window but everywhere else was white. Methodically she arranged her pleated skirt neatly over her petticoat and over me and everything went dark. I was completely enveloped under a young woman's skirt and petticoat. It was extremely quiet and relaxing. I had an enormous erection.

I felt her shift her weight as she finally settled into a comfortable position, Her skirt hem felt scratchy on my torso and contrasted with the smoothness of the underside of her slip which was cool and slippery.

I was aware of her asking Kasandra in the next bed to pass her a book. I could hear someone urinating loudly in the toilet. Norika was clearly reading as I heard her turn a page and cough. The odours from her vagina filled my nostrils.

A toilet flushed and Norika said something to Ingrid, the blonde haired girl. I was introduced to Ingrid through 'Japanese girl's' skirt and she must have heard a very muffled 'Pleased to meet you," from between Norika's thighs. Ingrid shook me by the penis.

(To be continued)

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