tagFetishDavid's Girls' Academy Ch. 03

David's Girls' Academy Ch. 03


(It was the autumn of 1960 and I was 20 years old and was following my new hobby of bird watching. In the grounds of Spathford Grange Academy for Girls I had been captured by five pretty 19 year old girls named Ingrid, Kasandra, Emily, Norika and Sarah. They had stripped me naked and had begun taking an interest in 'facesitting' me in their dormitory and making money by offering my 'tonguing services' to newly arrived eighteen year olds)

When the girls returned from the dining hall after high tea they appeared really excited at having a money making scheme going. The idea was, as I understood it, that each 'new' girl was entitled to a free tonguing from me but not to orgasm, and if she liked my style she could enjoy my attentions to orgasm for two shillings at a later date.

Penetrative intercourse was ruled out of course, so was anything above the waist, including kissing. They all thought it would be entertaining to see how the younger eighteen year olds would react.

I had misgivings and still felt that I was a mere commodity and not a person. At 10 o'clock the 'half hour lights-out' warning bell rang. There was a purposeful 'undressing and pulling on of nightdresses' session. The dormitory was full of bras, knickers and petticoats being peeled off and frilly lacy nightwear being put on. Again I had an erection.

The girls took turns to brush their teeth and wash. Someone had a shower. I pulled back my sheets and got ready for a good night's sleep. Clearly the girls were not at all embarrassed by my presence, in fact the opposite, truth be known.

Norika insisted on having a 'good-night sit' on my face. On all fours she backed her bottom into my face while I lifted up her pale blue flounced nightdress and pulled it over my head as she settled back on my pillow. She pushed her buttocks onto my face and pulled them apart so that she could trap my nose between them. I couldn't breathe so I had to resort to breathing through my mouth. She remained sitting on me until she had finished brushing her hair. Norika got up and went back to her bed smiling at me. The five minute bell went and someone passed me a toothbrush and some toothpaste.

"It's a spare, keep it." whispered Kassandra in her sensuous Spanish accent.

I washed, brushed my teeth and used some flowery talcum powder. At least I didn't smell strongly of women's genitalia I hoped. The lights suddenly went out and I was left in the bathroom stranded in darkness. I felt around for the light pull and it didn't work.

"The whole school must be linked to a master time-switch," I thought.

I felt my way to the door, held on and groped about for my bed. My foot hit the bed frame and I immediately got my bearings. I felt along the bed and got in but felt a female body in the darkness, "Shush." she whispered in her thick Spanish accent and kissed me to stop me shouting out. Clearly I thought I was in the wrong bed and apologised. Kassandra said I was in my own bed and it was she who was in the wrong bed. She said she needed male company. I apologised that I did not have a physique to match up to some big Latin bullfighter chap.

She told me to shut up, as her tongue explored my mouth. I slipped in beside her and immediately she was on top of me, her large thighs straddling my erection. Her pubic hairs stimulated my exposed glans as she guided me in. Clearly she was extremely aroused and well lubricated.

She moved into a position where she was in control. I pumped up and down clenching my buttocks at each thrust. Her thick hair was on my face. She put her hand over my mouth to prevent me from telling the rest of the school 'how much I was enjoying the nocturnal attentions of an Iberian beauty' in 'loud-groan-language'. We continued like this for many many minutes until I couldn't hold back any longer.

I tried imagining Tree Creepers and Nuthatches. 'The Nuthatch can walk both up and down tree trunks, but the Tree Creeper can only walk up tree trunks'. I imagined them as I tried to hold back.

Did she want me to pull out? I whispered to her "Shall I pull out?" in strained tones. She shook her head as I released my semen into her. Seven silent thrusts it took to empty my testicles. I collapsed trying to disguise my breathing. She smothered me in little kisses, her nineteen-year old breasts heavy on my chest. I asked her about 'possible impregnation' in not the same words. She told me that Spanish women know all about such things and her grandmother had taught her well.

Next morning it was a Sunday and it was raining heavily. I awakened at 10 o'clock and the dormitory was empty. Someone had left a note and a pair of soiled knickers on the table.


I showered and brushed my teeth and used more of the 'flowery' talc. Instinctively I had actually shut the bathroom door, unlike my hosts who appeared to take delight in advertising loudly their bodily functions to the rest of the dormitory.

On opening the bathroom door my mouth opened in amazement. Instead of the usual five girls in tartan skirts and sweaters in the dormitory they were all wearing their Sunday clothes.

These consisted of shirtwaister dresses with wide skirts shaped underneath by net petticoats, full skirts, again supported underneath by nylon net petticoats, blouses and cardigans. The girls wore low heeled shoes and medium tone stockings or white socks. The scene was a riot of colour. Yellows, pale blues, pinks, floral patterns, stripes and wild geometric shapes.

The girls' hair appeared different to normal. Some wore pony tails or Alice bands but Norika's hair was in cheeky bunches. Norika wore a plain yellow shirtwaister. She told me that she must have her 'morning face sit' as it would be 'very unlucky' if she didn't.

I agreed and lay with my head at the foot of the bed. She grabbed a book and skipped over. I noticed she wore white knee length socks which made this nineteen year old look like a large puppet. Her face was beaming with pleasure as she pushed me down.

She straddled my waist then slid herself up. As she approached my head she lifted up her skirt and petticoats to reveal pure white plain cotton knickers. Her petticoats were made of paper nylon net and froufroued as each layer slipped over the next. As she slid her crotch towards my face she dragged stiff scratchy nylon net over my penis and stimulated a truly 'large' reaction.

She eased her pubic area into my nose and said that "My nose had visited her friend" so I had to bow to 'her friend' many many times until she told me to stop.

This appeared to stimulate her and I noticed a small damp patch in her gusset. Above me her petticoats descended and were spread out evenly over my head and torso, then her yellow dress was smoothed out and everything went cream. She shuffled around and tucked her feet under as I took in the view. I was aware of her reading above me, my penis lost amongst her petticoats. After an hour or so I was aware of other unfamiliar voices in the room.

Norika said "Good morning everyone and how are you all today?" She eased off me and I looked up to see six very fresh looking eighteen year olds including Gillian Russell and Jennifer Bush standing around the bed staring down at me.

They mostly wore shirtwaisters or gathered circular skirts with polo necks or blouses. Gillian wore a pink dress.

Norika was clearly in charge and asked who wanted to go first. Gillian declined but Jennifer was game. This clearly was a 'taster', literally, so Norika did not want me to do too much under their dresses. Norika helped Jennifer to step on the bed. For some reason she insisted in walking down to my face, her feet straddling my torso.

I pulled my arms in and she wobbled around above me looking very unsteady, her dress swaying wildly above me. Two girls held her hands as she placed her nyloned feet next to my cheeks and squatted down. Immediately I was buried under numerous layers of white stiff nylon net. Jennifer's inner petticoat was fortunately less scratchy and made of tulle.

There was a damp patch in her panties. She was either excited or incontinent. I hoped it was the former. Her dark skirt shut out some light but quite a bit of light came from the front where she squatted knees apart. I was aware of Noriko peeping under her skirt seeing what I was up to. She told me to 'bow to my new guest' which I took to mean another long 'nosing' session. I nosed her knickered vagina until Norika told me to stop. My penis appeared to be 'firmly' happy with greeting our guest.

Jennifer stepped off me and Helena, a dark haired suntanned girl, stepped up onto the bed; she was wearing a monochrome black and white skirt consisting of 'cats in aeroplanes'.

For some reason she decided to get on the bed at my feet then walk up me, straddling me until she got to my upturned face. She looked like a tall goddess. Her skirt was so wide I was aware of nothing else as I stared up; there were numerous layers of pink nylon net petticoats. The outer one was trimmed in white lace while the inner one was trimmed in leaderline which gave it its fullness.

Hands supported her as she placed her knickers on my nose. She succeeded in offering me her vaginal cleft by shuffling around slightly. Norika, behind me, lifted up her skirt and me told me to begin my 'nosings'. Several minutes later She got off me then it was Tina's turn then it was Susan's turn.

It was now Joanna's opportunity to 'sample my wares' She was a sweety and quite petite too. She told Norika that she had turned eighteen yesterday and Norika said ' Suey nagaku ossia wasanee' which clearly meant something to her but to no-one else.

Again she stepped onto the bed near my feet and walked down to me supported by others. She wore a pale blue and orange checked shirtwaister. She had a very narrow waist which her bouffant petticoats emphasised. As she swayed towards me I was aware of her smile and hair in bunches and looking up I noticed that she too was Japanese, or part Japanese.

As I pondered upon her name her slim ankles gripped my ears and her petticoats and dress came tumbling down over me. Norika said something else in Japanese and Joanna went wild, rubbing her knickers ferociously over my face, particularly my nose and mouth. As quickly as she was on me she was off. I could almost see her bowing to Norika with gratitude but it was now Gillian's turn next.

Gillian did not mess about. She clearly remembered my wildness the previous day and I sensed she was trying to tame me. She got onto the bed and placed heels on each side of my face and squatted down, her knickers pushed firmly into my nose. I hadn't time to take in her underwear as everything happened too quickly.

As I focussed I was aware of very loose-legged jet black French knickers, her vagina wide open for inspection. The lace on her knickers was incredibly deep and stiff and slightly scratchy on my cheeks. Beneath these were frilly jet black suspenders. These were well tensioned just as her uniform one's had been on Saturday. Attached to her suspenders were fishnet stockings.

This girl had clearly gone to a lot of trouble, I thought.

Her petticoats were jet black and I was aware that her skirt may have been pink. Norika was again behind me urging me on like a stubborn mule. I appreciated Gillian's efforts to stimulate me so decided I'd take her to orgasm.

I tongued her outer lips and nosed my way into her moist inner lips. Her vaginal juices began to flow as I cranked up the tempo. She bore down on me heavily as I felt the mattress heave, My lips were stimulating hers. I probed my way to her clitoral hood and exposed her clitoris for furtherflickings and lickings. Her body flinched as she was clearly not used to such intimate attentions. We continued like this for several minutes.

I could hear Norika getting worked up about something but not as worked up as Gillian.

There was no going back now. Gillian was clearly close to orgasm. I flicked and probed her clitoris until she could take no more. Her muscles clenched and shook violently. There was a slight pause then some very loud swearing as she orgasmed above me. I continued licking until she could take no more. She gripped my head through her skirt to stop me.

My face was completely drenched with saliva, sweat and vaginal juices. Gillian stepped off me, visibly weak. Norika looked at me and scowled. Presumably I had gone too far and she would not be getting her two shillings for my efforts. I stood up my penis dripping with precum.

The other girls from the dormitory stood about and clapped. The six eighteen year olds looked embarrassed but all agreed thet they wanted a 'full session' with me, having witnessed Gillian's climax.

Gillian, in her pink chiffon jive-dress, put her arms round me and kissed me full on the lips. Again Norika was displeased.

Norika then had the cheek to ask Gillian for two shillings which she hadn't got, poor thing, I offered to pay as I had money in my jacket pocket.

Norika unlocked my wardrobe and I fished around until I found two shillings and gave this to Norika, Norika was all smiles with her stupid hair in bunches and pathetic white socks, I thought.

The eighteen year old girls slowly left and I remained with the other five from the dormitory. I decided to have another shower as my face and hair was still sticky from Gillian.

In the shower I heard the ten minute 'Sunday lunch' bell. This apparently was a very 'formal' and trditional do and parents often attended.

After my shower, in the empty dormitory, I noticed that the wardrobe door still had a key in it. I opened it and got dressed thankful that everything was there. My binoculars were hanging up on a hook at the back so I put these around my neck and pulled on my wellies. Walking along the corridor, I was aware of male voices. I followed the sounds to the dining hall and edged my way along a side wall. Several men were wandering around getting drinks from the bar, I breezed through and just as I was about to leave I caught Norika's eye. Her face turned black as I smiled back.

Half an hour later I was back on the country lane, in the rain, wandering whether it was a Tree Creeper or a Nuthatch I had seen the previous day


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