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David's Story

byAll Red©

This story has been written to run parallel with 'Cathy and Sharon Ch2.' It doesn't matter in which order the stories are read but to see the whole picture you should read both. In any case both of them follow the original part of 'Cathy and Sharon' and this should be read first.

David's Story

David waited at the barrier with a small card in his hand. It simply read ' Sharon'. He had been waiting for over two hours for her flight to arrive; departure delays at Adelaide had made it late arriving in Los Angeles.

As he stood there he wondered, for the first time, if he was doing the right thing. Would his mother appreciate him meddling in her private affairs? It was too late worrying about this now, events had long passed the point of no return.

As he stood there those events went back through his mind. His mom had met Sharon a little over a year before when she went to work in England for a few weeks and they had become close friends. Since her return they had kept in touch by telephone and email and even the fact that Sharon had since moved to Australia hadn't dampened their friendship.

David had thought that it was just a straightforward friendship until one day, a couple of months before, he had accidentally come across one of those emails. He didn't make a habit of reading his mom's personal mail but one or two words attracted him to the missive like a moth is attracted to light. The words 'pussy' and 'orgasm' shone out from the page like beacons. He found himself reading the message from start to finish and was left with the conclusion that they had become much more than just good friends. Sharon had written that she couldn't wait to hold Cathy in her arms again, to kiss and caress her and to make love as they had on that last evening together.

At first David was disgusted and angry. His mom a lesbian! How could he face her knowing now that she was sexually attracted to women. He was going to have words with her, tell her what he had read and put her straight. He didn't though. When he next entered her bedroom he looked at the photograph of Sharon that stood on the cabinet beside his mom's bed and noticed just how attractive she was. The smile was captivating. She was a really attractive girl. He then realized just how much his mom had changed since her trip. Gone were the depressions and emptiness. She was now so full of life, always cheerful and smiling, especially when she had been on the phone chatting to Sharon or had just read her latest email. Slowly he began to accept the relationship for what it was, a loving one between two willing partners. He had decided to say nothing and keep to himself his discovery.

Then, a short while later he had come up with an idea, something to thank his mom for all the help that she had given him as he tried to establish himself in the small carpentry business that his grandfather had left him when he had died a couple of years earlier. His mom's birthday was also fast approaching so he had decided to pay for Sharon to visit. He now only hoped that he was doing the right thing and that it wouldn't all blow up in his face.

The passengers started to trickle through from the arrivals lounge and he held his little card up. He hadn't of course seen her in the flesh and didn't know if he would recognize her. Then he saw her, looking a little bewildered, but unmistakably the beautiful young woman from his mom's photographs. She was gorgeous. She saw his card and a broad smile lit her face as she struggled towards him, trying to carry her cases and keep her balance. He stepped forward and took them from her and she kissed his cheek saying, "I hope you are David, if not I'll feel like a complete idiot!"

" Yes, I'm David and no, you're not an idiot" he replied. This made Sharon laugh.

David led her through the terminal building to his car and they talked as they made their way. He told her that he had booked her into a hotel for the night, about a mile down the road. He didn't want his mom to see Sharon until the time was right.

When they arrived at the hotel he booked her in and they walked to her room. They talked for a while, discussing the plans for the next day. He would pick her up at 11am and then take her for a quick tour of the city before he returned her in time to get changed ready for her evening reunion with his mom. He would then take the cases onto the house leaving her and Cathy to enjoy themselves.

Sharon was very tired after her journey and so declined his offer of a drink at the hotel bar telling him that she hoped that he wasn't offended.

David bade her farewell and started the short journey home. He got there a few minutes before Cathy arrived giving her the mistaken belief that he had been home all evening.

In the morning he left early as he needed to visit his workshop. He employed a 19-year-old girl called Keli whom he had known since their early school days. She was tall and very slim, with long, straight jet black hair that she always wore up and was usually dressed in a shapeless work coat and jeans. They worked very well together. He originally employed her just to keep the workshop clean and tidy and to make coffee and answer the telephone but realized very quickly that she had much more to offer. She wanted to try to learn how to make the products and when given the opportunity proved herself very quickly. She had now been with him for over two years and was able to do most things on her own to a high degree of quality.

David liked Keli, he always had done. He had often thought of asking her for a date but was afraid of causing her offence, so had resisted. He gave the outward appearance of being very self-confident but was in fact very shy, especially where girls were involved.

When he arrived she was already there, going through the worksheets to see just what was required and when. David told her that he would be out for most of the day and that he wanted her to take the van and do the days deliveries. He told her that when she had finished she could take the rest of the day off.

He helped her to load the van and then headed back to the hotel where he had left Sharon the previous evening. She was waiting, as arranged, in the coffee shop. David joined her for a coffee before they headed off for the wonders of Los Angeles.

Sharon needed to buy a few things for her stay and he took her to a shopping mall so she could make her purchases. He was very comfortable in her company and they got on very well. He had warmed to her more easily then he expected and could see why his mom was so taken with her. She was always smiling and before the afternoon was over they were walking with their arms linked as if they had know each other for ages.

David took her back to the hotel and went to the coffee shop while she got ready for the evening ahead. When she appeared he was stunned. She looked stunning in her short black dress and with her face lightly made up. "Do you think I'll do." She asked "You will take her breath away." He replied.

They arrived at the restaurant and David peeked through the door to make sure that his mom was there. He told Sharon to walk in the door at the other end and approach his mom from behind, saying nothing until Cathy had seen her. The surprise was the whole key to the evening.

David made his way to his mom's table and saw Sharon come into the other end of the room. He sat down and Cathy made a remark about his clothing before telling him that Keli had called to see her that afternoon in some distress and saying something about seeing someone special to her with another girl. He said that he was going to see her and Cathy told him that he was supposed to be having a meal with her. That's when her told her to turn around because her birthday present was standing behind her. Cathy looked and was speechless. She hugged Sharon and kissed her on the cheek. Cathy was dumfounded and both she and Sharon were close to tears. David thought that it was a good time to make his exit.

When he arrived back at his car he took his cell-phone from his pocket and started to call Keli. Before the call was connected he pressed the cancel button. Was he over reacting? Was it him and Sharon that she had seen that had upset her so much? If so, why? Did she really care for him as much as he secretly cared for her? He kept passing these questions through his mind. He knew that she would be making deliveries in the same area that he and Sharon had visited. For once in his life he decided to take the bull by the horns and call her.

The call was connected but she didn't answer. He hung up and tried again. A dozen times he tried. Still no answer.

"Hello,..............." At last.



"Where are you Keli, I need to talk to you"

"Won't it wait until the morning?" She asked. David could hear a quivering in her voice.

"No it can't wait. I need to see you. I need to see you now. There is something that I have to tell you. Where are you?" There was no answer, "Where are you Keli?"

"Why? Do you really need to come and see me? Can't you tell me over the phone?"

"No, I need to see you, and to tell you face to face" Again his words were met with silence. "Please answer me Keli. Tell me where you are"

"I'm sitting on a bench by the children's play park just down the block from home." There was a pause, before she continued "But I don't know if I can see you. I don't know if I want to see you. . . . . I don't really mean that, it's not that I don't want to see you, it's,. . . . . . . Oh David, I don't really know what I want or what I mean . . . . . . I just know that if I see you it will end up with you thinking that I'm stupid or something. It would be better if you just left me alone. Better for both of us."

"No it won't. It won't be better at all. Stay there. Don't move. I'm only about five minutes away. Will you wait?" There was silence. "Will you wait for me?" he asked again. She didn't answer. "Please Keli, answer me. Will you wait for me?"

There was a long pause then Keli answered him. He could hear that she was starting to cry. "Yes. I'll wait. . . . I'll always wait. . . . I'm good at waiting" Then she hung up her phone.

David arrived at the play park a few minutes later and as he parked his car he could see Keli sitting on one of the benches. She was still wearing her work clothes. He walked towards her and as he approached she looked up at him. He could see that she had been crying. She looked back towards the ground between her feet.

She kept her eyes on the ground as she said to him, "David, before you say anything I have something to say to you."

As David sat down beside her he said, "Yes, I'm listening."

"I'm leaving. I don't think that I can work for you anymore. I have been silly. I want something that I realize now that I can't have. Something that I have longed for, for as long as I can remember. It would be best if I left."

"What can't you have?"

"Everything. I want everything. I've always wanted everything, but up until now I've been happy with what I could have. . . . . and that has been just to be with you, in the same room . . . . .just to be in the same place as you . . . . But not any more . . . . . . I want you, all of you. I've wanted you since we first met at school." Keli kept looking at the ground. "You always had the pick of the girls, they were always hanging around you. I never stood a chance. They always seemed so pretty and there was I, a ten-foot tall stick insect, thick braces on my teeth and no tits. You never looked at me, not in the way I wanted you too, and why should you have done? There was no reason for you to notice me like that at all. I was just a friend, a pal, someone to have a laugh with. But what I really wanted was for you to notice me as a girl. I wanted you to want me, even back then when I was just entering my teens, you were the only boy I ever wanted. You're still the only one that I want."

David never said a word, he let her carry on.

" I always thought, deep in my mind that if I just waited, one day you would notice me, and maybe even realize that I wanted us to be more than just friends."

She looked up from the ground and fixed her watery eyes on David's.

"What has brought this on, all of a sudden?" David asked, already knowing the answer, but wanting Keli to open her heart up even more. A girl had never before told him that she wanted him.

"Today, when I was out in the van" she continued. "I saw you." She paused as she gathered her thoughts, "I saw you with someone else. She was so pretty and you were so happy together. Then, about an hour later I saw the pair of you leave the jewellers. When you said something to her and she responded by hugging and kissing you I knew that you had someone else. That's when I realized that I would have to leave. I don't think that I could bear being with you now that you've got someone else." Tears started to trickle down her cheeks as she started to stand.

David put his hand on her arm before she could leave her seat. "Before you go Keli will you just answer me one question?" he asked her.

She simply replied "Yes"

"Will you trust me?" he asked. "Don't you see?" Keli answered, "I love you"

"I know that" he said, "but that's not what I asked you. Will you trust me?"

"Of course I will." She replied.

"Right. I'm going to take you home so that you can get washed up and changed. I want you to put on something special, something that you would wear if you were going on a hot date with someone that you really wanted to be with. I don't want you to come out of the house wearing a baggy top and a pair of jeans, I want you to wear something that makes you feel really good. Will you do that for me?"


"You said that you would trust me. Now please trust me. I'm not going to do anything that will upset you. There is something that I need to show you. Will you do it?"

"Yes, I'll do it. Can I wear anything I want, even if you might think that I look like a slut?"

"Keli, I've never, ever, thought of you as a slut. Wear whatever you want, just as long as it makes you feel special"

With that they both stood and made their way to David's car. On the short drive to her house David told her that he had a couple of things that he had to do, things that just couldn't wait and said that he would be back to pick her up in an hour.

"Won't you tell me what this is about?" Keli asked as she was about to get out of the car.

"No, you'll see. It will be better if you see what I have got to show you rather than me just telling you about it. You wouldn't believe me if I just told you. Another thing, about you not working for me anymore."

"I don't think that I will be able too."

"Don't take this as it sounds Keli, but I decided a few weeks ago that after tomorrow you won't be working for me anymore anyway. Don't be upset by me saying this. I'll explain what I mean when I come to pick you up."

He leaned over towards Keli, placed a hand on the back of her head and gently pulled it forward so that he could place a single kiss on her forehead.

Keli didn't know how to react to this. It was the first time in all the years that she had known him that he had shown any sort of affection to her. She got out of the car and walked towards the house that she shared with two other girls. She heard David drive off and turned to see the car turning the corner before it disappeared out of sight.

David visited a flower seller on his way home and carefully placed the two small identical boxes that he purchased on the seat that Keli had left a few minutes earlier. He still couldn't believe Keli felt that way about him. He had wanted her for so long but had been too shy to tell her. But things were going to be different now. Very different.

He pulled into the driveway in front of his house, got out of the car and opened the door before returning and removing Sharon's cases from the trunk. He took these into the hallway of his home before returning once more to retrieve the two boxes from the seat.

He carried the cases down the hallway to his mother's bedroom. He tried the latches on the smallest one to see if it was open. It was. He was glad to see that a nightdress was on top of the contents and he removed it and closed the case. He placed both cases at the foot of the bed and put Sharon's nightdress at the top of the bed beside his mother's.

One of the boxes was carefully opened to reveal a single red rose. He lay that between the nightdresses and wrote in the small card that came with the flower. He left the room and closed the door. He opened the second box and wrote on the card before returning it and after putting back the lid he placed the box on a table in the hallway. Next he had a shower and changed into clean clothes. He looked at his watch, he had fifteen minutes in which to get back to Keli, just about right he thought.

David arrived at Keli's with a couple of minutes to spare and parked up outside. He though about how he was going to handle the events that were likely to unfold in the next few hours and came to the conclusion that he would just let things take their own course. Five minutes passed and there was still no sign of Keli. He was beginning to think that she had changed her mind. The sun had started to set, and everything was covered in a bright but eerie yellowy orange electric glow.

He still waited, hoping that Keli would step out of the house. After another few minutes he decided that he would go and knock on the door, at least that way he would know for sure if she was going to come. Before he could get out of the car the door opened, and his heart started beating faster as he saw her walking towards him.

It was the first time for as long as he could remember that he had seen her in anything other than her work clothes. He was taken aback, she looked terrific. Her hair was down and flowed across her shoulders. She was wearing a short red top and a black skirt that finished about eight inches above her knees, leaving a gap of five or six inches between them revealing her navel. As she got closer he noticed that she was wearing a little makeup. As she stepped into the car he could smell her light perfume. He felt a slight stirring in his groin.

They both just sat there. David couldn't take his eyes off of her and just couldn't think of anything to say.

Keli broke the silence, "That girl I saw you with . . . "

"Her name is Sharon"

"Is she . . . . . Is she someone special?"

"Yes, very special"

"Then why am I here?"

David started the car. "Because I need you to know just why she is special. Things in life are not always what they seem, and this is no exception. Let me show you something at home and then you can tell me where we will go from there."

The fifteen minutes drive was almost in silence. David kept turning to look at Keli, he couldn't keep his eyes off of her. Her skirt had ridden up revealing her long legs and he was getting turned on more every time he looked at her.

They pulled up into the driveway and got out of the car. As they walked up the path leading to the front door David placed his hand on Keli's bare waist, she did nothing to stop him.

He opened the door and they stepped in. He led her down the hallway, putting his keys onto the table beside the box he had left there earlier before continuing on to reach the door of his mother's bedroom. He opened the door and they went in.

"Look at the cabinet beside the bed." David said, "Do you recognize anyone in the photo's?"

"That's the girl that you were with, Sharon. She's so special that you keep photographs of her beside your bed. I think that I want to leave."

"Look at the dressing table on the other side of the room, do you think that I use all those cosmetics? . . . . Look at the bed, I certainly don't wear nightclothes like those!"

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