tagFetishDavid's Tall Girls' School Ch. 02

David's Tall Girls' School Ch. 02


(It was late autumn of 1960 and I was 20 years old and was following my hobby of bird watching. I had unfortunately been captured by Amelia Wiff-Naseford, headmistress, for being a Peeping Tom in the grounds of 'Dentwood Finishing School for Tall Girls aged 18 to 20 years old'.

I had decided not to get the police involved by agreeing to submit myself to the 'traditional' punishment rules of the school. This involved being stripped naked, spread-eagled on the headmistress' study carpet and fettered to the floor with ropes and leather straps to metal rings set in the floorboards. I was then required to orally pleasure the whole school. This is part two of my tale.)


Muriel Browne was a timid looking teacher. I gather she taught classics. Amelia W-N had ordered her to lower her knickers and straddle my face. The headmistress sat on a low leather chair behind me so she could witness the punishment take place more clearly.

Anyone squatting on my face with knees apart would present a clear open view of their underwear and my face to her.

Miss Amelia Wiff-Naseford took it upon herself to decide when to end each session and to keep records of each member of staff or pupil who took part. She read the rules again. The English was a little archaic.

"1, The Peeping Tom shall remain shackled to the floor until every female member of the school and staff is completely sated to climax and are spent emotionally and physically within their genitalia......

2, Climax shall be enforced by fierce rubbing of the exposed outer vaginal labia upon the upturned face of the 'Tom'......

3. The 'Tom' is required to explore the inner labia and clitoral area vigorously with his tongue. Failure to do so will result in all the sessions being repeated from the beginning.....

4. Each session will last a minimum of three minutes of the clock.....

5.Female staff will include mistresses, and other learned staff but shall also include all chambermaids, ladies maids, parlour maids, cooks, scullery maids and laundry maids.

Geraldine Maxine Bliss-Frampton, Headmistress 1889."

"Well Muriel what are you waiting for? Get on with it woman" said Amelia in an exasperated, annoyed tone.

Miss Browne stood above me, legs apart so I could see clearly up her tweed pleated skirt. She reached under and nervously slid her knickers down which landed across my face tightly stretched between her ankles. She tried to extract her shoe from a knicker leg but it was too tight and she struggled above me on one leg, her knee raised.

The head teacher's eyes on her did not help the awkward situation.

She muttered, "Sorry," to me for almost treading on my neck and shoulder. Eventually she managed to extricate her feet from her shoes and her knickers from her legs. She spread her legs above me and lowered her bottom firmly onto my face. Above me was her 'petticoat world' of ivory coloured nylon and delicate nylon lace which drooped over me.

Her thick tweed skirt obscured any light from her beyond her buttocks or to either side. My torso and outstretched arms felt the tweedy roughness of her clothes as she began rubbing herself over my face.

"Well Muriel It's not so bad is it?"

"No Amelia, it's quite pleasant actually," she said flinching as I exposed her clitoris.

Her vaginal secretions began to flow and glisten above me. Her stocking welts rubbed against my face as she built up her rhythm. My penis throbbed almost painfully as I was denied from relieving myself. With all this tactile, visual and aural stimulation above me and my wrists firmly fettered I could not work out how I was going to last the rest of the day.

Suddenly Miss Browne's vaginal muscles spasmed and I felt an orgasm grip her from deep inside. My neck and hair were running with fluid as she screamed out unexpected violent expletives and collapsed on top of me her legs spread out leaning back on my torso whimpering.

I looked down and saw the inner parts of her thighs were gleaming wet and had seeped into her dishevelled petticoat. A suspender clip had come loose and a stocking was sagging.

"Well 'Tom' you certainly know what to do." Said Amelia, clearly enjoying the spectacle before her.

" We've got Class 1A waiting outside and as soon as Muriel's cleaned herself up we'll bring them in. Come on Muriel get those knickers back on," she barked at her Classics mistress.

Celia, the school secretary put her face round the door as Muriel, red faced and shaking, resumed her seat on the sofa.

"1A are here now, shall I show them in?"

"Yes do," the head teacher retorted, fearful of the amount of time required for me to pleasure all her girls.

"Matron, clean him up a bit can't you," she said as Matron squatted down in front of me and wiped my face with a face flannel she had the foresight to have with her.

My eyes wandered to her magnificent lace covered crotch. She had a wide gap between her thighs and I secretly looked forward to thrusting my tongue into her later on.

I heard a shuffling and clatter of high heeled shoes as about twenty young eighteen year olds walked in. They appeared to fill the lower end of Amelia Wiff-Nasefords large Victorian office. The girls were whispering to each other nervously and one giggled and was immediately shushed.

"Girls, as you are aware we have caught a Peeping Tom in our grounds this morning and following our '1889 School Rules on Punishment' the school is obliged to administer a somewhat archaic but effective mode of dealing with such perverted intruders...."

She explained what they had to do and arranged for them to line up in alphabetical order. "Which one of you is menstruating at present?" A few girls said that they were.

"Thank goodness," I thought, "that's a few less to have to 'service'".

"Well if you are menstruating, or are just about to have a period, you may keep your knickers on!" she explained to my horror. I did not want bloodied knickers rubbed over me or squelchy sanitary towels.

"Mary Appleby, step forward please." A tall blonde girl walked purposefully towards me and stood between my open legs staring rather embarrassedly at my erection.

"Take off your knickers please Mary," her hands disappeared under the back of her navy-blue tartan pleated skirt and removed her white nylon panties. The atmosphere was electric. I struggled against my tethers pulling hard against the leather straps and rope. Mary looked rather fearful.

"Is it safe Miss Wiff-Naseford? "she asked in a soft sexy Scottish accent staring down at my face. I reassured her that I would not bite, but she still appeared nervous and apprehensive.

"It will be fine Mary now place your feet on either side of the 'Toms' head, bend your knees and squat on his face."

Above me her pleated skirt descended and I entered another 'petticoat cave'. She wore a pink petticoat trimmed with white lace which draped all around me except for the opened leg view towards Miss Wiff-Naseford. Her black seamed stockings slid over my ears and hair.

"Rub yourself over the 'Tom's' nose and mouth as if you were scratching an itch down there," the headmistress told her.

Mary started off slowly and clearly picked up the rhythm instinctively and naturally. I responded to her young thighs and vagina by slurping my tongue blade around her outer lips and penetrating her inner lips with my merciless tonguings and nosings.

I felt Mary relax above me as we both pushed on towards her climax. Five minutes of persistent fierce stimulation eventually paid off. She tensed up above me her buttocks clenched tight as she spasmed and screamed out lots of little screams in her delightful Scottish accent above me.

I was in awe of the powerful force she had unleashed and she was clearly surprised at her emotions. Gasping she lifted her heavy body off my face and grinned to her headmistress who winked at her smiling. Matron gave me another view of her large lacy knickers as she wiped down my face.

"Jennifer Bentley, please step forward please,"

A second eighteen year old tall slim girl stood in front of me between my legs. Her hair was cut in a long bob and she had very deep brown eyes.

"You know what to do so knickers off Jennifer if you please"

Miss Wiff-Naseford was in her element. Clearly this was far more interesting than her main hobby of horseracing. She summoned Celia and asked for some tea to be brought in for her, for Matron and the other staff. Muriel Browne appeared to be in need of a stiffer drink I thought.

Jennifer Bentley lifted up her pleats at the back and slid her knickers off. They were very lacy and pale blue in colour. She dropped these on the floor next to my knee. She walked up to me and looked down.

"No biting please," she said in a Yorkshire accent staring down.

She looked the height of the ceiling from my low vantage point as she towered above me. Matron made a swift adjustment to my pillow which had slipped slightly. I peered up her pleats to where her pale blue slip was hidden; her black stockings appeared to ascend for ever until gripped by four suspender clips. Her lacy suspenders were pale blue also.

She placed her three inch heels firmly against my neck as her naked buttocks and vagina descended onto my waiting face. Her body odour was intense, almost overpowering.

She smelt of sweat and urine. I moved my nose away gasping for fresh air but she took this to be part of my stimulation. She reached down and gripped my head and held it firmly against her writhing pubic hair.

I tongued her for the benefit of her head teacher who was clearly intent that her girls should receive similar attention. Jennifer came to an orgasm in twenty juddering thrusts which I thought could have damaged my neck. My penis was dripping with precum and was almost stuck to my belly. Mercifully Matron cleaned me up and was treated to another view of her huge thighs and stocking tops.

"Delia Chapman, please step forward."

A third eighteen year old stood between my legs. She was clearly intrigued at my penis which was almost reaching up to shake her hands. This girl was stunning. Her face was angelic with pouting lips and very bright sparkling eyes. Her hair was pulled back behind an Alice band and appeared very long behind her back.

She shook her head in order to keep her hair out of her face; she clearly couldn't take her eyes off my penis and kept glancing down at its exposed purple head and testicles which appeared to have a life of their own. My ginger pubic hair contrasted with my other body hair and I often wondered why.

"Knickers off please Delia." Said the headmistress sitting behind me.

Delia told Miss Wiff-Naseford that she had started her period and that should she keep them on.

Miss Wiff-Naseford asked Matron to have a look under her skirt but apart for a bit of staining she should be alright. I was not too pleased at the situation but had little choice.

Delia walked up to my chest and placed one foot next to my ear. She swung her foot over me and placed her other foot next to my other ear. She gripped me with her three inch patent leather heels.

I stared up her wide flared pleated skirt above me and examined the underside of her white flower-laced petticoat which hung down around her stockinged thighs.

Her stockinged legs appeared like slim black columns supporting a petticoat ceiling. She bent her knees and opened them widely as her knicker clad vagina landed on my mouth.

I noticed in the half light underneath her tartan uniform that her knickers did have brown bloodstains on them and other stains. I was also aware that she was wearing a sanitary towel attached to a little narrow belt above her suspender belt.

The towel felt damp and clammy and I wondered whether it was at all possible to tongue her. I felt that Delia should take the initiative. I prodded her with my nose and moved it up and down. She took the hint and having said something to the headmistress continued bucking her buttocks over my face.

After several minutes I noticed vaginal discharge soak into her knickers and she mewed slightly, but clearly I had not taken her to orgasm.

I felt disappointed for her and heard her headmistress say something about another go without her knickers later on. She stepped off, lifted her shoes, swirled her pleats above me exposing her suspenders and stockings and returned to her classmates near the door.

The tea arrived and Miss Wiff-Naseford dismissed the first three eighteen year olds and they left with Miss. Browne.

Matron gave me neck massage and scratched various parts of my body which had become uncomfortably itchy. She wiped my face down with a flannel and sprayed me with Eau de Cologne to keep me fresh smelling. A she stood up her huge bottom beckoned me as my penis probed the air desperate for attention.

"Gillian Goulding-Ashby please step forward," said the headmistress sipping her tea. I looked down the room to see another long legged eighteen year old striding towards me.

(Continued in part three)

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