tagFetishDavid's Tall Girls' School Ch. 05

David's Tall Girls' School Ch. 05


(It was late autumn of 1960 and I was 20 years old and was following my hobby of bird watching. I had unfortunately been captured by Amelia Wiff-Naseford, headmistress, for being a Peeping Tom in the grounds of 'Dentwood Finishing School for Tall Girls aged 18 to 20 years old'. There were 120 girls registered at the school.

I had decided not to get the police involved by agreeing to submit myself to the 'traditional' Punishment Rules of the School. This involved being stripped naked, spread-eagled on the headmistress' study carpet, and fettered to the floor with ropes and leather straps to four metal rings set in the floorboards. I was then required to orally pleasure the 'whole' school. This is part five of my tale)


After the comparatively long time it took to pleasure the first eleven girls in form 1A Miss Wiff-Naseford was beginning to regret having started on the punishment session. At least there may be the opportunity to follow the spirit of the law rather than the letter; she thought mulling things over in her mind.

The remaining girls looked rather bored as they watched me and Michelle getting cleaned up. She was disgusted at having her mouth overflowing with my semen and swore at me in French.

Matron squatted in front of me wiping my face and hair and spraying more Eau-de-Cologne on me attempting to make me more presentable for the remaining nine. She even combed my hair as I lay on the floor unable to move.

"Now girls," the headmistress said clapping her hands to get their attention. "We are going to streamline the procedures from now on so that we can get class 1B in here and started as soon as possible after lunch."

"I shall only allow you one minute each with our 'Tom' and I do not expect you to achieve orgasms. Is that understood?"

"Yes Miss Wiff-Naseford," the tall eighteen year olds replied in unison. I sensed they were disappointed.

"The two girls who are having periods will remain until the last, the rest of you will form a line here," she said and demonstrated where the line should begin and end.

"Sarah Lister you stand here," she said to a very slim brunette with hazel eyes wearing small wire rimmed glasses. She stood with her feet astride my waist, facing me.

"Dianne Miller you stand here," she said to a girl with wide hips and curvaceous legs. She stood behind Sarah.

"Rebecca Newton, Antonia Nugent-Horton, Alicia Prowett, Elizabeth Slater, and Elysette Thomas please stand here, here here here and here will you please." From my vantage point I could see that they formed some sort of queue which stretched to the door.

"When you reach Sarah's position you will lift up the back of your skirt like so and pull your knickers down smartly in one movement."

Miss Wiff-Naseford lifted up her long grey pleated skirt and petticoat and exposed the waistband of her generous knickers which she pushed down a short way in order to show how easy it was. You then step out of them, take two steps forward and place your shoes adjacent to the 'Toms' ears and trap his head with the heels of your shoes, like so.

She stepped up to me and demonstrated. To be perfectly honest she was quite rough and my ears throbbed with pain until she finally let go. Thankfully she stepped off me and soon returned to her low leather arm chair positioned behind me.

"Matron, go and get Lesley's stopwatch and spare whistle please, it'll be somewhere in the gym office, thank you Molly," she said clearly now in complete control.

Sarah Lister looked down at me in a sneering and disdainful way. Clearly this was all beneath her and she projected an air of superiority towards me as we awaited Matron's return.

"Right Sarah you may begin please,"

I stared up at the girl trying to read her mind as she lifted her pleats up at the back and pulled her knickers down to her knees and stepped out of them. I could see that she would have liked to have dropped her soiled smelly panties on my face and have just walked away.

She however did exactly as her head teacher told her to do and straddled my face with her shoes and brought her hairy young vulva heavily onto my face. She rubbed herself over my tongue and nose and within fifteen seconds her juices began to flow. She relaxed into a slow tempo as I probed her, feeling her warm firm body reacting positively and comfortably. I sensed that she was actually enjoying my attentions.

The sound of a whistle behind me signalled her to get off.

"Dianne next, start,"

Her curvaceous, almost Rubenesque, physique caught my eye. She was tall and wide and must have weighed quite a lot for an eighteen year old. Her skirt was stretched tightly as she hauled down a large pair of white frilly knickers. She beamed down at me partly through embarrassment but partly because she knew most boys liked her body.

She walked up to my face and planted her four- inch high-heeled shoes firmly to each side of my cheeks. The space under her pleated skirt was immense. Her hips and arse pushed her skirt well away from her legs.

Her legs tapered impressively and were flattered by smooth fine denier black seamed stockings. Her white underskirt was finished in broderie and fine concertina pleats which hung down inside her skirt.

She opened her massive legs and brought her huge bottom and sumptuous moist hairy vagina onto my mouth. Immediately my penis stiffened and I extended my tongue to its physical limits.

Her hole was cavernous. I could lose myself inside her vagina. My tongue made feeble attempts to excite her, but as she opened up completely her large clitoris glistened at me as I licked it wildly and longingly hoping she could feel me. She flinched and came to life riding my face slowly but firmly.

The sound of a whistle signalled her to step off me. Dianne looked at me with a sad half-smile and stared at Miss. Wiff-Naseford challengingly as clearly she had been denied her orgasm.

Rebecca Newton was a tall slim blonde with shoulder length hair. Her uniform was immaculate. She slid down her cream coloured lace trimmed knickers and placed her two-inch high heel shoes to each side of my face. Above me her cream petticoat filled out the space between her black stockings and the inside of her skirt. The lacework on her hems were crisp and precise. She was a very well groomed young lady.

Above me her legs parted and she lowered her vagina onto my mouth. I could hear Miss Wiff-Naseford behind me whistle as she saw what I saw.

Rebecca's pubic area was completely hairless. I had never seen a shaved one before so with excitement I probed around it and inside it with my tongue and nose. It smelt different too. I flicked my way to her clitoris which was easily accessible and nibbled it gently rolling it about with my tongue. She gasped and relaxed, her tender spot clearly sensitized to my touch.

The whistle sounded and Rebecca stood up, again like Dianne she was disappointed at not achieving her orgasm.

Antonia Nugent-Horton was another tall slender girl with short wavy hair. She had rather prominent teeth which made her appear horsy. Her uniform was old and I imagined it may have been a 'hand me down' from a sister or even her mother. She pulled her knickers down and threw them to one side. She placed her shoes firmly against my cheeks and squatted down on my face.

Her petticoat appeared rather worse for wear and again I imagined it may originally have belonged to someone else. I licked her firmly over and between her outer and inner labia which quickly opened up as I began my probing for her clitoris.

I was aware that time would quickly run out and felt sorry for these young girls I had tongued and that I couldn't take them to full orgasm. Again the whistle sounded.

Alicia Prowett was an Afro-Caribbean girl with very short black hair. She had mid brown skin and beautiful teeth. Her skirt pleats moved as if they had a life of their own. Her bottom appeared very firm and high. Alicia stepped out of her knickers which were 'split crotch' in design and very lacy.

She placed her two-inch heeled court shoes on each side of my neck, opened her knees and squatted on my face. Her vagina was fantastic. It resembled a rare fleshy orchid and tasted of nectar. I could have happily spent the rest of the day with my face between Alicia's legs. My joyous tonguings and snortings were cruelly ended by the whistle

Elizabeth Slater was a slightly shorter girl with mousey hair and a large bust. Her uniform was well laundered and she was full of smiles. She waved at me before removing her plain cotton knickers. She stepped up to me and placed her three-inch high-heeled shoes to each side of my ears.

She blew me a kiss as she spread her legs and bent her knees. Inside her skirt everything was white. Her nylon slip had a simple scalloped hem and her suspenders were plain. I started on her outer lips which opened readily. I felt her become quite vocal as I found her clitoris. She was clearly already worked up and thought it may take a comparatively short time for her to achieve orgasm in my experience. We had just got going with her juices flowing nicely when the whistle blew.

I sensed her anger at Miss Wiff-Naseford particularly as she had witnessed other girls achieve their orgasms almost two hours previously. I was beginning to think that these girls were receiving punishments for something that they had not been responsible for. My heart went out to them.

Elysette Thomas was a pouting dark-haired girl with black flashing eyes. She appeared balletic in build and clearly was strong as well as being graceful. She looked high-spirited and confident.

Elysette slid her knickers off in one movement stepping out of them theatrically.

She placed one high heel shoe next to my right ear and her other high heel shoe next to my left ear. Above me she flexed her knees, parted her legs, and rubbed her pubic hair over my face. She pushed firmly down so that my nose was inside her vagina. My nostrils were squeezed and I fought for air through my mouth which began filling up with her juices and pubic hair. I almost felt I was drowning or becoming asphyxiated.

I tried to push her off me but she was too heavy. I felt panic and indescribable humiliation at being treated this way. The whistle blew and she got off me almost pulling me up with the suction from her vaginal lips. She sneered down at me as she swung her pleats off me. She gave a triumphant smirk to her classmates swinging her hips in an exaggerated swagger.

I felt that I'd wish to avoid that young lady at all costs.

"You may go back to your form rooms all those who have been pleasured or have punished our uninvited 'Tom', " the headteacher said in a loud voice.

The door was flung open and they dashed out chattering loudly and giggling. The two girls who remained were those who were having periods.

"Emma Dixon at what stage is your period please?"

"Well it's quite heavy Miss," said the girl.

"Ask Matron to have a look at you please."

Matron lifted up her skirt and turned her nose up and said that it was quite heavy but she could remove her knickers and sanitary towel for a short time. Matron walked over to me and placed some paper tissues next to my face.

I was not looking forward to pleasuring Miss Dixon for one instant. The head teacher repeated that I had to pleasure every woman in the school irrespective of their menstrual cycle.

Emma slid off her knickers and sanitary towel. Her knickers did look heavily stained. She placed her feet on either side of my face and squatted down. It was terrible. She rubbed her vagina over me and blood and discharge covered my face.

Matron stopped the proceedings and Miss Wiff-Naseford agreed that we shouldn't go on. Poor Emma felt embarrassed and I did too.

Matron cleaned us both up and wiped us down with damp flannels. She sprayed me again with Eau-de-Cologne as I shut my eyes avoiding it's sting. She adjusted my pillow which felt damp with vaginal secretions.

Rachel Twydell-Green was left standing at the back of the room.

"What stage is your period at Rachel?" asked Miss Wiff-Naseford, thankful that she was the last girl from class 1A.

"It's my last day Miss,"

"Have a look please Molly," said A W-N behind me.

"She's as clean as a little whistle Amelia." She confirmed smiling at me.

"OK Rachel I'm going out now to see how many more we can squeeze in after lunch. You carry on with the 'Tom'. It's now 1.00 o'clock and we'd better pack up soon and have some lunch. Molly get Mr.Shaw tidied up and cleaned and do something about that old pillow, it's a disgrace."

She ushered the remaining members of staff who had been sitting reading on the sofa and left Rachel, Molly and I alone.

"Well Rachel," I said, "do carry on," and I smiled up at her. She was another gangling tall girl. Her legs appeared too long for her body but she had a terrific arse which created a beautiful outline as seen from the side.

Her hair was long and tied in two bunches which hid her ears. She spoke in clipped aristocratic tones as she asked me if I was 'ready for her'. I told her that as 'old misery Wiffle Nosebottom' had left we had plenty of time. Molly looked up and nodded.

"Pull those knickers down Miss Twydell-Green." I ordered her in mock authority.

"Oh Sir, I cannot expose myself to a common 'Peeping Tom'." she said with an exaggerated melodramatic voice fluttering her eyelashes at me.

"Actually we all know that you are a stupid bird-spotter and it's only because of Miss Wiff-Naseford's stupid short-sightedness of the true facts that you are trussed up on the floor in the first place,"

"What? So the girls all realise I'm an ornithologist but the staff don't? Is that it Rachel?"

"That about sum's it up,"

I was shocked and looked at Matron. "Amelia sometimes lives in her own little world and can't see the wood for the trees so there you are David," she said looking forlorn.

"My brother's name's David," said Rachel pulling down her white lace trimmed knickers which she dropped on my face. She stepped up to me and placed her four-inch black high heeled shoes on either side of my head.

She swung her pleats from side to side and stuck her tongue out at me in a very provocative manner. She shimmied over my face allowing her white nylon flounced petticoat to froufrou over her black stockings creating a rustling scratchy sound. My penis began to stiffen. She looked behind her and saw the result of her skirt-flirting.

My eyes followed her concertina pleated hems and flared flouncy lacy petticoat hems as they moved and twirled out above me. She lowered her knees and stood up, her feet remaining static. She twisted one way then twisted the other while her flared pleats extended and swayed above me.

The whole experience was like a moving swirling erotic dream. Her movements became more exaggerated as she dropped down to my level then stood up. She did this several times. The air under her skirt seemed to give it life. She twitched her hips from side to side above me and her pleats swayed and swung, her lacy petticoat sexily reflected her hip movements.

She suddenly stopped and removed her knickers from my face. Spreading her knees she squatted on top of me. Immediately my tongue entered her vagina. There was urgency in my tonguings I wanted desperately to take her to orgasm.

I felt that someone had loosened my wrist straps. The ropes had been unravelled at the rings. My hands were free to explore Rachel's body more fully. I inserted several fingers inside her as she squirmed above me.

My tongue stimulated her clitoris as she made tiny yelping sounds. Her breathing became laboured. I felt cool fingers on my erection and it was not Rachel's. Molly had clearly been the one who had released my wrists from the shackles and was now milking my penis with her experienced hands. Molly seemed to be able to judge both speed and pressure.

Rachel was approaching her orgasm, her breath coming quickly and urgently. I felt her buttock muscles clench then she spasmed violently above me, cursing and swearing. Her orgasm swept over her for several moments and I could feel involuntary twitchings and shivers as it passed over and left her.

Within a couple of seconds I felt my penis fill with seminal fluid then eject long warm strands of slimy semen over my stomach.

Molly said that she was very pleased she had stayed behind and said we both deserved some pleasure.

Clearly Molly was correct.

(Continued in part six)

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