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Davis Furniture


"Come on Mom. Everyone's waiting for me. I'm going to be late."

Angrily, Julie Davis replied, "For God's sakes Johnny, would you just wait a minute? Once we get the store closed, we'll get out of here. Ok?"

She turned and sternly said, "Dammit Karen. Will you hurry up? I don't have all night. Lock the front door so we can get the hell out of here."

Julie Davis had opened Davis Furniture with the money she received in the divorce settlement from Johnny's father. Bill Davis always thought it would be a bad idea to get into business, especially in this part of town. Now, 10 years later, the crime rate had increased and the area had deteriorated even more. No wonder he decided to move to the west coast afterward to start life anew.

Julie worked hard to make her business a success. However, success did not come without its costs. She had been divorced from Johnny's father now for 10 years and had pretty much sacrificed her social life. The long hours required to maintain a profitable business left little time for romance.

Not that Julie didn't get many offers. At 44, she was still quite attractive. Her long blonde hair was not nearly as blonde as when she was in her twenties, but the touches of gray were hardly noticeable. There was a wrinkle here and there, but all in all, her blue eyes shown as brightly as when Johnny was born. 5'-6", about 125, maybe 130 pounds. Her 36 C breasts were now D's with a little bit of a sag thanks to Father Time, but her legs, hips, butt and stomach remained relatively tight.

Really, it was a shame. Julie really needed a man now and then. At least that's what Karen thought. "If anyone could use a good fuck, it's that miserable bitch Julie," she would mutter to herself each time she got yelled at. Karen seemed to get the brunt of Julie's aggression but, seeing as how she really needed to keep this job, she kept to herself. Karen's husband Bill would always get an earful whenever she got home from a particularly brutal work day.

Now, Karen and Bill did the best they could, but in this economy, both incomes were necessary to keep their household afloat. Bill had a good job, thanks to the numerous student loans he took out to pay for college. Karen worked full time at Davis Furniture until they were in a better position to start a family. Then, she couldn't wait to give Julie a piece of her mind. But until then, she would continue to be the faithful employee she had always been.

Bill hoped that when Karen did get pregnant, she would keep her figure. God, he loved how sexy she was. Raven hair, strikingly blue eyes, to go along with her athletic figure, at 28 Karen was a true knockout. Maybe that's why Julie gave her such a hard time. Jealousy perhaps?

Or, maybe it was seeing how her son Johnny always looked at her, the lust in his 18 year old eyes. Ok, he lusted after just about any female that moved but Karen really was gorgeous.

After all, he was all hormones at 18. Tall, blonde hair just like his mom, Johnny was a good looking kid. Julie just wished he would find a girlfriend his own age. He had dated here and there, but nothing really serious throughout high school. "Use your brain and not your dick" Julie would think to herself.

Maybe that was the other thing that kept Julie so miserable. Neither one of them seemed to be getting any. Julie had wondered if he was still a virgin. Anyway, she remained celibate by choice. She hoped Johnny would out-grow his shyness.

"Sometime tonight, will you Karen?" Julie shook her head as she went about straightening the furniture displays.

"Mom. Let's go!"

Karen thought to herself as she walked toward the front door, "Please God, just get me through tonight." She reached to turn the lock when all of a sudden a large man, wearing a dark overcoat and ski mask, holding a very large gun entered the store. Seeing Karen, he pointed the gun at her and said, "Keep quiet bitch and lock the door!"

Karen stood there, petrified, afraid to move or even breathe. Her thin hands trembling as she clutched the keys. "NOW!"

Karen shook as she locked the door. The man pushed her towards the back of the store and the others. Johnny was the first to see him. He was much larger, a physically imposing figure standing there in the doorway behind an obviously shaken Karen. "What the ....." was all he could mutter as he remained frozen in place with fear.

"Shut up asshole. All of you keep quiet and no one will get hurt." The masked man pointed his gun at all three.

Julie turned around and stood face-to-face with the gun. Even in her shock, she managed to utter "Get the hell out of here asshole before I call the cops." She stood there in mock defiance, part anger, mostly fear, and partly playing the lioness protecting her cub.

"What the hell do you want? We have no money here."

The masked man cocked the gun and pointed it directly at Julie. She gulped hard, but tried as best as she could to show no fear. Deep down inside she was trembling.

"No one try to be a fucking hero and we'll all get out of this ok. Now, everyone over there." He motioned over to a back corner of the store, a display area featuring a large bedroom set.

Karen quickly walked to the display, followed by Johnny and finally Julie. With her back to him, the gunman grabbed Julie from behind and held her there with the gun to her head.

"That will do. Now, nobody do anything stupid and this will all be over soon." Karen and Johnny turned to see the gun next to Julie Davis' head.

Johnny yelled out "MOM!"

"Now, now, that's enough out of you Junior." Reaching into his coat pocket, the masked man pulled out a roll of gray duct tape and flipped it to Karen. "Hands behind your back Junior. And you Missy, tape 'em tight."

Julie gasped and the gunman pulled her close. "Don't be a hero. Everyone will be alright if you all do as you're told. That especially means you Mom." He pressed the gun tight to her head and Julie stood motionless.

Johnny looked at Karen and put his hands behind his back as he was told. Karen, her hands still shaking, tore off a large piece of tape and wrapped it around his wrists again and again.

When the intruder was sure he was bound secured, he said "Tape his mouth as well." Karen obeyed and tore off a section of tape and secured it over Johnny's mouth.

Once Karen had finished, the gunman pushed Julie over towards them. He pointed his gun at the two women and said "Give Mom the tape and put your hands behind your back as well." Karen handed Julie the tape and quickly obeyed. Julie did as instructed, thrusting her chest forward and turned to face the gunman.

"Now, take what you want and leave us be" Julie said.

"All in good time Mom. First, since I'd have to put the gun down to tape you and I'm not about to do that. So, we'll have to be a bit more creative with you. Strip." The masked man raised his gun and pointed it right in Julie's face.

"The hell I will! Fuck you, asshole!" Julie snarled at the intruder.

She was ready to do just about anything he said, but this latest order was too much for Julie. No way was she going to stand there naked, in her own store, in front of her son, employee and this guy. Even if he had a gun.

The masked man stood there, pointing his gun at Julie for a minute, then two. Saying nothing, he slowly made a half turn towards Johnny, pointed the gun at him and waited. Finally, he said, "Are you sure about that Mom?"

Julie stood there, frozen, as the gunman stared down her only son. Anger mixed with fear inside her. She started shaking and seconds seemed like eternities. Slowly, ever so slowly, fear for her son's safety overwhelmed her defiance and Julie finally said, "Ok. Enough."

The masked man lowered his gun a bit but still kept it pointed at Johnny. Staring at Julie, he said, "Good. Now strip."

All eyes were on Julie. In a final moment of surrender, Julie removed her jacket. Dropping it on the floor in front of her, Julie stared down at the discarded garment as she began to unbutton her blouse.

One button after another opened to reveal Julie's full cleavage framed nicely in a shear white bra. Julie pulled the material from the waist of her skirt and slid the blouse off and dropped it on top of her jacket.

She kicked off her shoes. Still staring at the growing pile of clothing, Julie turned to her side and unhooked her skirt. She quickly unzipped it and pushed it down over her full hips, to her feet, and kicked it over towards her other clothes.

She stood with her hands held together in front of her, head down, not making any eye contact. She stood there motionless for a long time.

Finally, the gunman said, "All of it Mom!"

Julie could feel the tears building inside but she thought of what might happen to Johnny if she didn't obey. Resolved to the inevitable, Julie reached behind her back and unhooked her bra.

She hesitated for a moment and then slid the bra off and dropped it next to her other clothes. Julie's large nipples began to stiffen in her excited state.

Still with her head down, Julie placed her hands at the waistband of her panties and quickly slid them off. She stood there for a long time, naked, in front of them all. Johnny and Karen tried not to look, but the gunman stared blatantly at her.

"Not bad Mom. Not bad at all. Nice tits. Nicely trimmed pussy. Round full hips. Perfect handles for fucking from behind. Doggy style. Turn around and show me that ass."

Julie's head shot up and she glared at the man with the gun. An overwhelming anger began to burn deep inside her as she slowly obeyed his commands. As she turned, she could see first Johnny's, then Karen's eyes as they moved over her naked body.

"Very nice, Mom. But I'm still not so sure about Junior there. I'm afraid he'll try and run. Take off his pants."

Julie looked at the masked man, confusion on her face, but seeing the gun, she turned toward her son. In a low voice, "It will be ok Johnny. We'll just do as he says. He won't hurt us." She reached over and unbuckled Johnny's jeans. She then unbuttoned and unzipped them, pushing them down his legs to his feet.

"Underwear too."

Julie shot the gunman a glare and turned back to face her son. He looked at his mother, humiliation behind the tape, as she grasped his waistband and pushed it down to rest with his pants.

"Much better. But I was only kidding when I called him Junior. Not much of a cock on him, is there ladies?"

Julie, in anger and humiliation for her son, and Karen, in fear and with some inquisitiveness, looked down into Johnny's groin. His penis was small, most probably in fear they reasoned.

Julie turned toward the gunman, "Fine. You've humiliated him enough. Get what you want and get the hell out of here. Leave us be."

The masked man pointed the gun at Julie and said, "Keep cool Mom. Don't be a hero." He walked over to the display next to him and grabbed a large, sturdy chair. He pushed it toward the foot of the bed and said, "Sit down Junior. Tape his feet to the legs of the chair. I don't want him running."

Johnny sat down in the chair. Julie knelt down, in between the foot of the bed and in front of her son. She undid his shoes and slid off his pants and underwear. "Socks too," said the gunman.

Johnny sat there, looking down at his naked mother in just his t-shirt, his cock a few inches from her face. As much as he tried, he could not help but stare at her large breasts. They hung down and swayed as she knelt between his legs.

Julie focused on the task at hand, taping calf and then the other to the chair. Having bound her son securely to the chair, she stood and faced the intruder.

He motioned with his free hand and she flipped the roll of tape to him. Catching it, he placed it back in his coat pocket.

"Very good, Mom." He turned to face Karen, still pointing the gun at Julie, and said, "But one of these things is not like the other ... Your turn Missy. Oh, your hands are a bit occupied, aren't they? You'll have to undress her Mom."

Both Karen and Julie gasped and looked at each. Julie said, "Come on now. Enough already."

Karen pleaded, "Please. Don't do this to me. Not in front of him. Take what you want but leave us alone. Please."

Fear and anguish was obvious on her face and in her voice. "Please."

Angrily, the gunman replied, "I'm getting tired of you all arguing with me." He purposefully strode over to the chair where Johnny sat bound. He placed the barrel of the gun to the side of his head, cocked the trigger and said, "NOW!"

Julie moved over to Karen and stood in front of her. She looked her in the eyes and whispered, "Just let me do what he says and this will be over soon, ok?" Karen reluctantly nodded her head in surrender.

Julie reached up and began to unbutton Karen's blouse. With her arms taped behind her back, Karen's breasts pushed forward and Julie's hands brushed against them as she unbuttoned her blouse.

Once she had finished, Julie turned to face the gunman and said, "I can't take this off of her with her arms taped together like that."

"Push it down and wrap it around her wrists."

Julie did as she was told. Frightened, almost scared out of her mind, Karen looked into Julie's eyes, searching for any form of comfort and safety she could find. She stood there, defenseless in front of this animal with a gun.

"Bra too."

She looked down and saw that Karen's was a front clasp. Julie placed her hands over Karen's breasts and pushed the black bra together to unclasp the hook. She then slid it down off of her shoulders, down towards her wrists and her blouse. Julie wrapped it around her wrists as well, leaving Karen with a large ball of clothing and tape as her hands rested at the top of her ass.

Julie then knelt in front of her, grabbed the hem of Karen's skirt and pulled it down. The elastic waist slid down easily, hugging the curve's of her ass and hips. Julie let it fall down towards Karen's feet.

Karen stood in just her heels and black lace thong. Her nipples hard from fear and the chill of the air, she looked down into Julie's eyes. Julie looked back up at her employee and placed her hands on Karen's hips. Without a word, Julie pulled down the lingerie and let if fall with her skirt.

"Wow! Very nice. Tits aren't as big as Mom's there, but really, very nice. And I love the landing strip just above your pussy. So do all of the guys I bet. Junior here does, don't you Junior?"

Both Julie and Karen looked at Johnny and could see the growing erection in his lap. Angrily, Julie shot back, "Now, you've humiliated all of us. You've had your fun. Get the hell out of here!"

The gunman moved away from Johnny and around the bed. "Not just yet. Gather up all of those clothes and slide them over here Mom."

Julie did as she was told and stood near her son at the foot of the bed, leaving Karen to stand along the side. The gunman reached down, still pointing the gun at Julie, picked up the clothes, and threw them to the other side of the store.

Returning his gaze to Karen, he said "You look really uncomfortable standing like that Missy. Go lay down on that bed. On your back."

Karen quickly did as she was told, got on the bed and laid on her back, facing Julie and Johnny. Her hands, taped as they were, pushed her pelvis up in the air.

Instantly, Karen realized that, with her legs splayed on the bed, Johnny could see her vagina. She immediately closed her legs and looked up at Johnny, but she could see that the damage was already done. His face was locked, staring at her crotch.

The gunman noticed it as well. "You like that, don't you Junior?" Without waiting for a reply, "Who can blame you? She's a piece of ass. Isn't she Mom?"

Julie quickly shot him an angry glare. She replied, "Yes. Karen is very attractive."

"I bet Junior here would love to lick that sweet little pussy. Wouldn't you Junior?"

Without even knowing, Johnny slowly nodded, almost mesmerized. Noticing this little interaction, Julie angrily said, "Leave him alone. He's just a boy."

The gunman thought for a moment, and then said, "You know, you're right. Besides, his mouth is taped so I guess you'll have to lick that pussy for him Mom and tell him what it tastes like."

"FUCK YOU! THE HELL I WILL!" Julie stood there, shaking in anger, her fists clenched. If she could have, she would have killed the masked man right then and there.

Karen pleaded, "Please. Please. I'm a married woman. I'm not gay. Don't make her do this."

The gunman moved back behind Johnny and put the gun to his head again. Angrily, he shouted, "NOW!"

Julie looked down at her son and saw the fear in his eyes. Her anger subsided and her only concern became Johnny's safety. She looked back over at Karen on the bed. Karen looked up at her, her eyes almost begging Julie not to listen to him.

Julie stood there for a moment, then slowly walked over to the bed and climbed on. She knelt at Karen's side and looked down at her. Karen looked up and softly pleaded, "Please Julie. Don't."

Julie stared at her for a long time, and then looked back at the gunman. "I've never done this before."

"Just get on all fours, between her legs, and start licking her little pussy."

Julie crawled on the bed and faced Karen, her back to her son and the intruder. She placed her hands on Karen's ankles and whispered, "It will be ok."

Karen looked at Julie, fear in her eyes, and just shook her head 'no.' Julie began to push her legs apart and finally, Karen surrendered. As Julie bent forward, the gunman said, "Wait."

Julie looked up to see him move towards the side of the bed. In his left hand was the gun, still pointed at Johnny. In his right, a video camera. "Ok. Action!"

Julie snarled at him. She knelt there for a minute, and then returned her gaze to Karen. Looking down, Julie saw her neatly shaved pussy. With one final sigh, she lowered herself, stuck out her tongue, and quickly licked up along Karen's pussy lips.

Karen gasped at the touch from Julie's tongue. "Please. No," she begged.

Julie rested on her forearms and slipped her hands under Karen's legs, placing them on Karen's hips. She licked up again. Then again. And again. Her efforts were awkward and not very heart-felt.

However, Karen let out a soft groan. She looked down and saw Julie staring up at her from between her outstretched thighs.

The gunman said, "I don't think you're putting in the kind of effort Missy here needs. Better tell her what to do Missy. And Mom, you better make her cum. I don't want to have to hurt Junior here."

Julie picked up her head a bit and softly said to Karen, "Please. For my son."

Karen, seeing the concern in Julie's eyes, softly said "Spread me with your fingers."

Julie did as she was told. She took the fore finger and thumb of her right hand and spread Karen's pussy open. Never before had Julie seen a vagina up close. So soft and pink. She looked back at Karen.

"Lick me in between there" she said as she looked down at Julie between her outstretched thighs.

Julie looked back down and slowly, softly, licked in between Karen's pussy lips. Slowly, up and down. Karen gasped as Julie's tongue brushed her clit.

"That's it. Lick my clit like that." Karen stared into Julie's eyes, watching, feeling each movement of her tongue along her swelling pussy lips.

Julie kept on licking, tasting the sweetness of Karen's pussy. Each time, she brushed Karen's stiffening clit with her tongue. Karen began to roll her hips and moans escaped from her parted lips. Unconsciously, Karen closed her eyes and said "Put your finger in my pussy bitch."

With no hesitation, Julie slipped a finger inside Karen's pussy and slid it in and out. She kept licking Karen's hard clit, circling it with her tongue. Karen's juices now flowed freely onto Julie's mouth and hand. She kept on fingering and licking Karen's pussy. More and more, she liked the taste of her wetness.

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