tagGroup SexDavy's On The Road Again Ch. 05

Davy's On The Road Again Ch. 05


Wherein our hero, Davy, continues his vagabond RV adventure on the road through America and ventures into scenes and scenery one only dreams about.


My welcome into Aspen could not have been better. I was so glad to be with my old college roommates, Stephen and Sally. Our familiarity and comfort level was so very good that even not seeing them for years had not altered our intimacy. Their friend, Amy, was a welcome bonus, too. We got along like old chums although we had just met. I rather felt that she fit me like a kid glove and I was very taken by her. I felt the same vibe coming from her and I had a deep sense of wellness.

After breakfast, Amy pulled me outside and in a quiet voice, told me that she had to leave.

"Davy, I must go back home and take care of some things. It will take me several hours. But I don't want you to think that I'm running out on you. I've never said this to anyone before but I desperately want to see you again later. Please tell me that you feel the same way."

"Amy, isn't it obvious? But let me put it this way: I'll be 'okay' for the rest of the day but I won't be 'great' until I see you again. Yes, I feel the same way. In fact, I haven't felt this instantly close to someone in many years. I think that maybe you and I are onto something - something good. Yes, I want to see you later."

Her face could hardly contain her smile, "I know that we just met and have much to learn about each other but my intuition says that we are on the same side, so to speak. So yes, call me when you return."

I went to give her a little kiss but she pulled me close and hugged me to her. I could feel her ardor. She released me and ran into the house to say goodbye and then she was off.

Sally and Stevie were grinning like Cheshire cats when I walked back into the kitchen. "I think Davy and Amy are an item," said Stevie.

"So when are you moving in with her, Davy?" Sally inquired with twinkling eyes.

"Look you two, we just met. I mean, I'm not even here 24 hours, for God's sake! I really, really like her a lot but now it's time to take a deep breath, you know what I'm saying?"

"Yeah, I know what Davy's saying but what is Dick saying?" Sally could be so persistent and so basic.

"Well, let's just see what happens. Normally, I might say 'let's take it slow' but we're a bit past that!"

"Come on, Davy, we've got stops to make," Stevie hustled me off to get dressed. A half hour later, after I put Santo into a large outdoor pen with his bones, the three of us were driving scenic backroads toward Aspen. Good God, this place was beautiful. After a while ogling the hills and fields, we pulled into the town and parked in front of a little restaurant with small tables outside on the porch.

"Come in and look around. We're in the middle of lunch now."

Stevie went into the kitchen while Sally showed me around. Most of the tables were filled but the noise level was restrained. I took a look at a menu. The dishes all looked good and the prices were a bit steep. The least expensive sandwich was a Croque Monsieur at $11.00. Waitresses buzzed by with full trays. I walked around the place and noticed a second dining room as well as rear deck looking out toward the mountains. I quickly surmised that this was a good and thriving business. Sally led me into the kitchen and I watched as she tasted several pots on the stove and commented to the chef about one of them. I couldn't hear what she was saying but I could tell that she was instructing him. She walked over to the fryer and taking a foil plate, she filled it with fries. At that point, Stevie walked out of the office and they shared some private words. They said goodbye to each worker and led me out, back to the car.

"Davy, have some sweet potato fries. They're good." I scooped up a bunch and had to agree. Stevie was pretty happy as he scooped some, too. From there, we drove a couple of blocks and pulled into another place, which had more of a beer tavern feel to it. It, too, was bustling inside with several couples waiting to be seated. I noticed that most of the fare were hamburgers and beer. The prices were cheaper, too. Stevie and Sally repeated the same routine as in the first restaurant only a whole lot faster. We left this place and Stevie placed his receipts into a lockbox in the trunk. They led me across the street to a very fancy hotel and we strode into the restaurant. This place was very snazzy with white linen tablecloths. There was a quiet buzz in the dining room and lots of well-dressed people drinking mojitos and cosmos. While Stevie went to the office, Sally led me to a table toward the rear and we sat down.

"All of our restaurants do well but this place is a cash cow. The prices are absurd and we also supply the room service. I like to come in here a few times a week and cook. Stevie likes to bounce around all our restaurants but I like this one the best because I can use my culinary experience to cook French or Italian."

I marveled at the stunning decor when a waitress stopped by and asked Sally if we wanted anything. Sally thought for a moment and told her to bring us a large sampler platter for three because Stevie would be joining us. Within a few minutes, another waitress came over and opened a bottle of Pinot Noir. Pouring out three glasses, she left the bottle. Moments later, our first waitress set down several small platters with Black truffle asparagus salad, Citrus poached lobster, some beef tenderloin as well as some other tasty treats. As soon as the plates were set out, Stevie joined us.

"Oh, good, I love the asparagus salad," he said. He and Sally took small tastes of each dish. Over one dish, a lamb coulis, he waved over the waitress and told her to send out the chef. The chef promptly arrived.

"Yes, Mr. Stephen. Is everything alright, sir?"

"Yes, Raymond, everything is delicious although I think you put a little extra truffle on the asparagus salad for Sally."

The chef smiled, "My secret."

"I have a question. What did you do to the carrot-saffron coulis?"

"I decided to try using caramelized carrots to see if I could sweeten it just a little. Also, there is a pinch of mint. Do you like it?"

"I love it. I noticed it the mint right away. The carrots are a nice touch. What do you think, Sal?"

"Mmm...yes, I like it but I think you could use a tiny bit more mint...make it a little more pronounced, make it more distinctive...also, you've given me an idea with the carrots. When I come in on Wednesday, let's try a tsimmis, it will go well with the chops."

"Excellent, Miss Sally. Is there anything else? I have to check in the dinner vegetable delivery."

"No, thank you, Raymond...oh, and Raymond, you're off on Tuesday, right?"

"Yes sir."

Stevie got up from the table and slowly walked with Raymond toward the kitchen. I saw him place some money in Raymond's palm and the chef was effusive in his thanks. When Stevie returned, he told us that he's covered Raymond's green fees and clubhouse lunch.

"Raymond doesn't know this yet but we'll be taking over the clubhouse kitchen next month. I instructed him to be observant and let me know what their Tuesday numbers are."

We finished our meal and headed for their last restaurant. This one was on the edge of town and it was a cantina.

Sally looked at the full parking lot and said, "This is my least favorite cuisine but it is, by far, the most profitable. With a minimum of ingredients, you can make the maximum amount of different dishes. Absolutely nothing is wasted. I'd offer you something but the last meal was delicious and I don't want to kill the taste."

I agreed. We walked around the outside of the restaurant and all the outdoor tables were filled. This was busier and noisier than the other places. The prices were cheap and the beer flowed. Stevie came out of the cantina and we drove off to the bank.

"Pure profit," he said happily, "I love that beer!"

After the deposit was complete, we headed off back in the direction of their ranch. I commended them on their business savvy.

"Yeah, we're doin' better than we ever did," said Sally, "and the golf clubhouse is going to make us a tidy sum. Stephen, I want to make a different special every day each month...I think we should publish our specials to draw more diners in...what do you think?"

"Well, let's see after the first couple of months. We may have a pretty large built-in clientele already from what I can see. We may not have to advertise at all."

They went on about this until we passed a large piece of property. Stephen pointed out that it belonged to Hunter Thompson.

"You two would have loved each other, Davy, although he was pretty tough toward the end."

We pulled up to the Woody Creek Tavern and parked. Lots of large umbrellas surrounded the place and you could hear lots of noise behind the fence. The place looked very funky. I noticed the very casual attire of the customers.

"My favorite competition! How are you guys? Too busy to hang out these days?"

"George, you old bastard, how are you? Damn you look old! You ready to sell to me or what?"

They all hugged each other and we pulled up chairs. Sally went off to the Ladies' Room with her phone in her hand. George ordered some fish tacos and a pitcher of "Doggy Style Amber." Immediately, I fell in love with this place. I loved the funky decor and all the pictures hanging on the wall. Pictures of Hunter Thompson and Bill Clinton, Thompson with Johnny Depp, Thompson and Jann Wenner and others. It reminded me of the old Blue Parrot back in the good old days of East Hampton before Ralph Lauren bought the village and ruined it. The Woody Creek Tavern was the real thing - a great local hang.

As we chowed down on the tacos and nachos, people came by to shoot the shit with George, Stephen and Sally. Finally George said, "You gonna introduce me to your friend here or just be rude?"

"Davy Harper," I said and put out my hand.

"Davy Harper, the singer?" he asked.

"I was once, "I said.

"Damn, boy, I got the 45 you did with Jimmy Buffett on the jukebox inside. He was here the other day and played it. No shit! Well, I'll be damned! And it took you this long to come by old George's place?"

"Way too long, George. I love this place. I should have come out here years ago but I never got booked out here. I apologize."

"You want to play here one night? It'd be great?"

"We'll see," I said, waffling.

Sally jumped in, "Let's see what his lady has to say about that. Here she comes now. I took the liberty of calling her before."

Amy walked up to the table and gave George a kiss. He looked at me and with wide eyes said, "If you've hooked up with Amy Bieler, you have my undying respect, Mr. Harper. She's the best woman within a thousand miles, bar none." To Amy, he said, "Could you convince your buddy here to come by and serenade us locals one night? Do you for me, baby Do it for George?"

"It's all up to him, Georgie, but I'll put a good word in."

"Okay, okay," I said. "How 'bout tomorrow night? But here's the deal - no cover, absolutely free in exchange for some of your barbeque."

"You got a deal, son." we shook hands on it.

We finished up our lunch and I loved the loose vibe. Everything was very cool and laid back. Something happened that hadn't happened in a long time - I began to write a song in my head. Amy saw that I seemed preoccupied and told Stevie that she was stealing me away for a while and that we would return for dinner.

"You better because Sally and I are whipping up something special tonight."

We hopped into her car and roared off.

"Okay, Yankee, why are you so quiet? Is anything wrong?

"Wrong? Are you kidding? What could possibly be wrong? I love this place. I'm kinda quiet because I'm writing a song in my head."

"Awesome! Tell me..."

"Okay but it's not cooked yet...It's vaguely about this whole area...and my friends...and the tavern...and you. The chorus is based around the line, '...in the key of me...'. Do you have a scrap of paper?"

"In the glove compartment...there's a pen there, too."

I started to scribble down my thoughts and phrases. The song was rushing out. I paid no attention to where Amy was going nor how much time had passed until she pulled up to a clearing and parked. We got out of the car and I realized we were on the top of a mountain looking out at miles of spectacular terrain. The air was crisp and cool but the blue sky made me start to palpitate with excitement and wonder.

"Oh my God. This is paradise."

"Yes, it's my favorite place. Here, come with me." She grabbed a bag from the car and took my hand steering me along a wooded path as we climbed higher still. We came to another clearing. There was a rustic wooden cabin facing a long grass covered slope. She unlocked the cabin and flipped on the furnace and water. There were large floor-to-ceiling windows with that amazing forever view beyond. She pulled a bottle of Veuve-Cliquot from the fridge and uncorked it pouring two glasses.

"This place is yours?"

"Yup, all mine. It's my retreat. But today, it's our secret place."

It was cold inside but I could hear the furnace pumping.

"Come over, boy toy." She seated me on the couch facing the windows and handed me a glass of champagne. She grabbed an ash tray and lit a pipe. Then she grabbed a large fur blanket and threw it over me. She crawled on the couch and we snuggled together, drinking, toking and watching a pair of hawks circling in the sky. We sat quietly absorbing the serenity. My breathing began to calm, I felt myself centering and I began to silently meditate.

We sat for a long time until she whispered, "Come back, Davy. Come back to Amy." I quietly turned to her and smiled. I kissed her softly on her forehead, on the "third eye."

I began to whisper, "If I am circling with the hawks high up in the air, I know I'm there...If I'm in the redwood tub all naked and bare, I know I'm there...If I'm at Woody Creek Tavern eating fish tacos, medium rare, I know I'm there. There must be something in the water, I think you'll agree...Something that makes everyone so happy and free...That something is In The Key of Me."

"Amazing. Davy, that's great. I think it will be the new Aspen anthem. Do you have a melody yet?"

"When I get back, I'll work out some ideas on my guitar. Maybe Stevie will help me. We haven't written together since forever."

"I love it. And I have to tell you a secret. I've always loved your music. And I think I could be falling in love with you, too."

"Shhh...don't talk about love...not yet...too soon"

"Okay, I agree. Don't be mad at me. I feel like a young girl again, that's all."

We began to kiss...kisses like starving beggars at their first meal in months. Under the fur coverlet, the heat began to rise as we grappled each other. Our lovemaking became a frenzy as we tore at each others clothes. The cabin was warm now and we tumbled off the couch onto the carpeting and the pelt in front of the windows. Her fingers dug into my back as we rolled around. This was fiery sex, this was urgent and animal lust. I sucked at her nipples, I sucked at them hard. She sucked on mine and bit them, not gently. I pushed my penis into her and her rolled and humped, grinding and banging against each other. She rolled me onto my back and I slapped her tush. I rolled her onto her back and pumped into her with a powerful force. She returned the thrusts. We grunted and yelped. This was not sex, this was not fucking, this was rutting. As I felt my climax boiling up from my balls, I looked out the window and I was suspended in space. I was fucking in the clouds. I was in free fall. Amy felt it too as she held me close, our bodies dripping in sweat. She pushed her hand down to her clit and began to frantically rub and strum it. I pulled her up onto my lap and we began an orgasmic seesaw. I began to cum and I arched my back and threw back my head. We were flying through space and I felt myself levitating. She cried out and pushed her cunt down on me, her cum flowing over me. We were floating, carried by the wind. And then we were quiet, nestled in each others arms.

"I know how you are feeling, Amy. I'm feeling the same. You, too, are in the key of me and I am loving every minute of it."

"Shhh...don't talk about love, Davy...not yet...too soon."

I smirked and spanked her butt. She returned the spank and we fell over, giggling like little kids.

"Wiseass! Amy, at one point, we floated outside the window and made love in the clouds. Did you feel that?"

"I did, Davy, and I wondered if you also felt that. We were flying. We were like in free fall without the parachutes but it was okay because you were my parachute."

"And you were mine. I felt like I was tripping."

"Do you think that if we ever have bad sex, our affair will be over?"

"I don't think we will ever have bad sex. I don't think it's possible."

"Do you believe in fate?"

"I believe that I have waited my entire life to be here, in you, right now. And I am glad."

We lay silently on the carpet, covered in fur and enjoying the feeling of our sweaty bodies against each other. She rolled toward the window and my moist dick slid between her ass cheeks. We silently stared out at the panorama and we were at peace, flying with the hawks.

We lay together for what seemed an eternity, floating in a cosmic void.

"This place is so spiritual. It is a religious experience."

Yes, it is. It's been that way for hundreds of years. Just beyond the trees, over in that direction, is a place where Indians have always come to meditate and sometimes hold ceremonies. I hid this place away from that place. I didn't wan to distrb their serenity. I gave the cabin a small footprint and blended it into the land so it would be obscured. This is my sacred place. And, I'll tell you a secret. I've never had anyone here with me before. You are the first. Please don't tell anyone about it. Promise."

"I promise that it will never pass my lips. I'm honored to be here and I thank you for your trust."

"Yes, Davy, I do trust you. I felt the vibe immediately. I felt we were kindred souls."

"I have that vibe, too. I feel secure with you. Throughout my life, people have betrayed me but I know that you won't."

"Never, Davy. Never."

I kissed her neck and she hugged me. We lay welded together, spooned tightly. I began to get hard again.

"No, baby. It's getting late and we have to go back." She grabbed my hand and pulled me up. "Come on, let's shower."

She pulled me into the bathroom which was also an amazing space. One wall was all window. Lots of wall space filled with mirrors reflected the sky. Amy placed some towels on a special warmer and we stepped into the open shower space. We soaped each other and I examined every inch of her. At one point, she leaned her hands against the wall and I slipped myself between her buttocks and into her tight rear entrance. She pushed back at me as I squeezed her breasts and we fucked like that for a few minutes. Toweling off with the warm towels in front of the window made it seem that we were showering outdoors. Everything about this woman, her demeanor, her lifestyle, even her space was sensuous.

We dressed and straightened up the cabin. She locked it up and we strolled down the trail to her car. The ride down the mountain was exhilarating and when we reached the base and stopped at a crossing, I took her hand.

"That was a very special afternoon for me. I cannot thank you enough. Your secret is secure with me. I swear to that."

"You're very welcome, darling. For a long time, I had the desire to share that space with someone but never found the right one...until you. You are the right one."

"I'm impressed that you even found that location and built on it. How did you do that?"

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