Davy's On The Road Again Ch. 11


"You have a lot of hair here, buddy, and a lot of it has turned gray. I'm going to make it all young again."

She shaved around the sides of my legs and spread them wider. With one hand, she pushed my balls to the side as she shaved. When that job was complete, she warmed up the washcloth and placed it around my sac.

"Now for the hard part. Put you knees up to your chest. Yes, like that."

I held my knees up as she first used the scissor to clip the long brown curlies that surrounded my scrotum. Then with small motions, she began to shave it clean. It reminded me of getting prepped for my vasectomy and I told her so.

"Don't worry. No blood and no stitches this time."

"Whew! That's a relief!"

When she completed this, she wiped me clean and applied lotion all around me. It felt cooling. She told me to turn over onto my hands and knees and went to work on my asshole and down around the base of my sac. Her gentle caresses around the area was getting me hard and with one hand, she lightly held my cock and balls up. She wiped my clean and applied lotion around the area. Placing a glob of lotion into my asshole, she slid her finger in until she was rubbing my prostate. My cock was now standing at full attention.

"Mmmm," she said as she caressed the area, "soft as a baby's ass. What do you think?"

I looked down at my bare hairless crotch and smiled. "It looks cute!"

As she wiped me down and dried me off, she said, "there's one more test."

She cleared all the shaving gear off the bed and removed the towels which were covered in pubic hair. She climbed back onto the bed and crawled up to my head, placing her legs on each side of it. Leaning down, she began to lick and feel my cock and balls. Her moist pussy was inches above my eyes and it smelled wonderful with her musky scent combined with the lotion. I tried to get my tongue into it but she was too high to reach it. Her mouth licked and sucked my sac, gently taking in each testicle and rolling them around. It felt great and she kept murmuring, "so soft, so soft." Her gentle hands cupped my balls as she dipped lower and rimmed me. My cock was flapping against her chin as her hands grasped my cheeks and tongued deep into me. She replaced her tongue with her finger and massaged my prostate. She began to deep throat me, too, and I was lost somewhere in paradise.

"I need your vagina."

"Coming right up! Or down!" She swung around and pressed it into my face. It was a frisky sixty-nine with lots of moving around, humping, bouncing and slobbering and it was just fine. She wiggled her slit into my face and every one of my features was covered in her wetness. I slurped at her clit whenever it neared my lips but she seemed intent on sliding it back and forth over my nose.

She spent a lot of time licking and sucking on my shaved balls while stroking my stiff cock. I felt us both tremble a bit so I rolled her over and repositioned my cock over her juicy cunt. We banged each other hard and with fast strokes until she cried out that she was cumming. I felt her flood me and for a few moments while I was pumping, I couldn't feel myself inside her at all. But as her orgasm peaked and subsided, I could feel her grip me and I let my cum fly, exploding out of my piss hole and washing into her, our juices mixing and spilling out of her with each one of my hard bursts. We were bathed in sweat and hugging each other. We began to laugh and said, at the same time, "Thanks, I needed that!" and laughed even harder.

"I want to clean you up. I need to..." she said as she rolled out from under me and went down on me again, licking and sucking off any juices that remained. Not to miss a good thing, I buried my tongue into her and began to clean her out. Gobs of cum filled my mouth mixed with her sweet pussy flow. We were both completely sucked dry, or as dry as we could be, and we met in the middle of the bed for some deep kisses.

"So good," she said, "I don't know about you but that was one of those orgasms I want to put into my scrapbook. God, that was great."

"Yeah, that was some unexpected fun."

"We just make the best love, don't we? There's like nothing we can't do with each other. I cannot ever remember a lover who would eat out my cum-filled pussy. And, since you've done that to me, it's always like the icing on the cake."

"I like it, too. It's all good and, to me, there's nothing gross about it. It's a part of our fun. My ex would never let me do that. After I came inside her, she'd rush to the bathroom to wipe herself. I was left feeling abandoned. But with you, it's always amazing. And another thing I have to tell you, when we play with others, it's fun and it feels good and uninhibited and all that, but I will always love sex with you and you alone the most."

"I can't agree more. Our sex is the best. This is real connoisseur sex...like a 5-star Zagat rating. Oh, Davy, how I love you."

The phone interrupted our sweet talk but I let it ring. It starting to ring again and I decided to take the call. It was Elon asking if he could send someone over to pick up the bus tomorrow morning.

"Good news, hon. Elon from Tesla Motors is sending someone over to pick up the bus tomorrow morning. We have to call Mark and Deb to make arrangements. But you know what this means, this means we can leave L.A. sooner than we expected.

The phone rang again. This time it was the researcher from Ferguson's show. She asked me about twenty generic questions and I filled her in. It was quick and easy.

The phone immediately rang again. This time, it was Danny calling from New York.

"Listen, Davy, I'm flying out to L.A. tomorrow. Warner's wants to have a meeting on Friday with us and I want to discuss everything with you first. I also have some papers for you and Amy to sign. I've been in contact with her business people and we're all on the same page with everything. So, what's your schedule like?"

"Let's see, tomorrow is Wednesday, right?"

"Last time I checked."

"Ok, tomorrow, Tesla is taking the bus for a couple of days to upgrade it. Amy and I will be staying with the O'Flannerys. Tomorrow afternoon, I'm taping the Craig Ferguson show. When are you flying in?"

"I'm landing late and so I'll go straight to the hotel. I'm staying at the Beverly Wilshire...and I'm bringing Kathy...so I think it's safe to assume that we'll meet up on Thursday. I'll call you when I get to the hotel, okay?"

"Sure. I'm looking forward to this."

"Yeah, me too. It's about time we kicked their ass. And, by the way, I have a whole dossier assembled on our Mr. Avinet. I've done my homework and a few calls."

"Gooood. That fuckhead was a Godsend, wasn't he."

"More than you know. Okay then, I'll talk to you tomorrow night and fill you in."

I called Mark immediately. "Listen, Mark. I'm thinking that we should be doing "Breadbasket" on The Ferguson show and talking about the Food Pantry Benefits."

"I like how you think. Gadd and Hillman are up for it. I asked Flaco, too. I just loved it when we soloed together."

"I like the way you think, Mark." I told him about the bus plans and my schedule over the next few days.

"Deb already has the room made up. She also said that she and Amy have plans for us but I'm not scared. Are you?"

"Well, maybe a little." We laughed.

"So we'll do the taping tomorrow at seven and be home to watch it. Very cool. What are you guys doing for dinner? Want to meet at The Ivy?"

"No. I hate what Ralph Lauren did to my town, East Hampton, and I don't want to make him wealthier. What else do you like? And, by the way, no sushi either."

"Man, you're tough. How about Mastro's in Beverly Hills. I like that place - great steak."

"Excellent. I'm in the mood for meat."

"Let me make a reservation. We'll pick you up at seven, okay?

"Very okay I'll see you then." And we hung up.

"Amy, Mark and Deb are picking us up for dinner at seven. Mastro's in Beverly Hills. Steak."

"That's good. I haven't had a good steak in weeks."

I took Santo out for a walk. The rain had stopped but it was still overcast although it was brighter and far less threatening. When we returned, Amy was at the computer.

"I spoke to Debby and she said to get dressed up, this place is on the fancy side. I just checked the menu too, and it's expensive."

"So what. Like my old man said, 'What the fuck, it's only a buck.' Not only do we have it to spend it but I'm also going to pick up the tab. I'm feeling euphoric these days. And after we leave L.A., restaurant prices will go down considerably. We're going to have costs when we start down the road again and this summer, we're going to do lots of benefit work. But why worry? Not only to we have lots of money but we're going to make lots more in the next few months. Sorry if I sound a little lavish with our money but let's go a little crazy. What the fuck..., right?"

"You're right. I don't know what it is, maybe my old life is in the back of my mind. And I don't know why...hey, check this out."

She had YouTube up and the videos had gone viral. The benefit videos were running about 250,000 a day and the Aspen video was up well over two million.

"Wow. Wow. Wow. If all this interest in me can be converted into cash, what are you worrying about?"

"You're right. You're right. I'll stop it now and take a shower. I'm still dripping from that great sex, you animal!"

"Look who's talking! Takes one to know one."

"Nyah, Nyah, Nyah." She said slipping into the shower.

I fixed Santo his grub and ripped up some chicken into it. I fixed a couple of joints and sat back to get laid back.

When the shower turned off it was my turn and I walked in. Amy said that she was going to look especially good tonight. I found that thought odd as I've never seen this woman look anything less. I dried off and took some extra time to rub some talcum powder into my crotch. When I walked out, Amy was in her new lingerie set. A cream colored skirt made of soft leather sat on the bed and a dark blue blouse to match her bra was on top of it.

I selected a pair of black slacks and a black cowboy-cut shirt to go under a loose Tom Ford black jacket. I pulled out my black boots and gave them a quick shine.

"You look hot, mister. Kind of reminds me of Johnny Cash."

"Yeah, it's my 'outlaw' look. And you look like dessert to me"

She put on her turquoise brooch and a set of diamond earrings. We looked at each approvingly. Mark and Deb pulled up and they looked hot, too.

"Don't we look like a bunch of fucking stars? We look radiant!" said Mark.

"Aptly put," said Deb. "Especially after that interlude this afternoon!"

"You, too," shrieked Amy. "We steamed up the bus!"

I passed a joint to Mark as we stood around. Amy and Deb were giggling privately and I asked them what the joke was. They both turned to us and lifted their skirts.

"We're wearing our new lingerie!" they laughed.

I closed and locked up the bus and we headed off towards Beverly Hills for dinner. Amy said that she'd read the menu and knew exactly what she was going to order. Mark and I began to fight when I told him that I was picking up the tab. I won.

Deb said, "You know, Mark and I had a bit of an argument today about how much money we've been pissing away. As usual, Mark settled me down."

"Davy and I went through the same discussion and the result was the same."

"Listen Amy, I thought about what you said and I decided that I'd be more careful - but not stingy - from now on. I decided to only buy you small diamonds."

"The hell you say, wise ass. I'm one classy broad, you know, and I ain't cheap...or not that cheap! Actually, sometimes I like being cheap."

The restaurant was as good as Mark said it was. Amy had a Shrimp Cocktail appetizer set in dry ice and it made quite a presentation. I had my favorite salad, a wedge of iceberg with bacon and blue cheese. I had a Filet Mignon that melted in my mouth while Amy went for the porterhouse. Our steaks were even better with the Joseph Phelps 2005 Insignia Cabernet. When the check came, it was over $400.00. Was it worth it? Is any meal worth that much? Well, for that moment, it was worth every penny. I tipped well because the service was also superb. Amy tried to sneak a peek at the bill but I wouldn't let her.

As we left the restaurant, a paparazzo approached us, camera flashing. "Davy, look this way." We ignored him, as celebrities are supposed to do, and got into the Caddy.

"Let's go for a nightcap,' suggested Mark. "We can go across the street to the Beverly Hilton, or a few blocks down to the Tower, the Chateau Marmont, ooh, how 'bout The Magic Castle? Let's go there."

"Yeah, let's do that. I love magic."

We drove to the castle in Hollywood Hills. We passed a little motel where I once rented a room for a month while I was recording at Warner's. The motel still looked the same and in need of a paint job. There was a line behind the velvet rope as we pulled in. A valet took the car and ushered us in. The reason for the line was because both Penn & Teller and Ricky Jay were there that night. We sat by the bar and watched as Ricky sliced playing cards in half from fifty feet away. It was great fun watching his show while he kibitzed with Penn.

We stayed for over an hour as Jay's set ended and Penn Gillette bounded onto the stage for an amusing face off with Jay. Gillette asked for a volunteer from the audience and pointed right to Amy who refused to participate. "No knives being thrown at me, thank you," she yelled. He pointed to Deb who also shook him off and then selected a woman near the front. He blindfolded her and from behind he pulled her bra off and waved it at the crowd. Jay screamed "Fraud!" and reached behind Penn and seemingly, pulled a bra off him to the roar of the audience. Penn shrugged and sent the woman back into the audience. We left not long after that.

We piled back into the bus and lit up another bone. Mark and I took it with us as we walked Santo. We agreed that Amy and I would drive over to their place after the bus was picked up. From their house, we'd head to the TV studio. They left and Amy and I agreed it was a great night and the Magic Castle was the topper to a great meal. It was late so I turned on the TV in the bedroom and we watched Craig Ferguson, just to pick up his vibe. It seemed like it would be easy enough and I was not the least bit worried. We fell out just as it ended.

The next morning, we were up at 7:30 and packed by 8:30. I cleaned out everything we needed and packed up the Bentley, which fortunately had a huge trunk and back seat. Santo had to sit under Amy's legs which he didn't seem to mind. Elon and two assistants showed up at 9:30.

"You know, you can always come over to the showroom and pick up your stuff. You didn't have to jam it all in the car. And anyway, I want to you come by everyday so you can check our progress and approve the interior changes. If you do that, I promise I'll have it back to you on Saturday."

"Sure, Elon, whatever you say." I introduced him to Amy.

"Elon, we really love this thing. Can you really make it better?"

"Amy, I promise you - you have my word - you will love this even more. What do you say to an environmental bath instead of a shower. It's not only nicer and more luxurious but it's more environmentally conscious. It's one of Ed's great ideas. In fact, I may hire him as an advisor, he's amazing."

"Yes, Elon, he really knows his stuff," I agreed. "What else can you tease us with?"

"I'd rather surprise you but I'm pulling out the washer and dryer and replacing them...how's about interior LEDs that change color according to your mood...and a 60" HDTV? That's all I'm going to tell you now, you'll have to wait. Amy, let me ask you something, do you like the fabric colors as they are? Right now, they're kind of a nothing beige."

"I like earth tones," she said, "but you can add some variations."

"Good. I like earth tones, too, but I like them a bit warmer. We'll talk tomorrow about this, alright? Now, I want to drive it back to the shop. I haven't driven this since we first built it and I want to see what the miles have done."

"Elon, I'm curious about something. Can you tell me why Ferrin gave it up?"

"Oh, sure. What I was told that he was uncomfortable driving such a beast. He preferred his custom Hummer that pulled his custom Airstream. He shipped them both to Africa where he's currently working. I'm glad that it ended up with you guys, that makes me very pleased. I'm really proud of this project...and I can't wait until you see what we can do now. We'll talk tomorrow, my guys are waiting."

His assistant connected some computers and modules to some outlets in the cockpit and we watched them drive off. Amy and I stopped at the trailer park office and paid the bill. On the way over to the O'Flannery home, we stopped for some flowers and another quick stop for some bagels, cream cheeses and smoked fish. Amy called Deb and told her that we were on our way and to have coffee ready.

The CD player blared as we pulled into their driveway:

"Look at that mountain, Look at those trees

Look at that bum over there, man, He's down on his knees

Look at these women, There ain't nothin' like em nowhere

Century Boulevard (We love it)

Victory Boulevard (We love it)

Santa Monica Boulevard (We love it)

Sixth Street (We love it, we love it, we love it)

We love L.A."

"Ha, ha! Funny, man. Very funny!" Mark was loving my choice of music. "Do you know Randy Newman?" he asked.

"I met him once a long time ago at a concert he did with Jackson and Bonnie Raitt. I was when they were first coming up."

"Randy's one funny cat. He used to live over there." He pointed to a house on the opposite side of the canyon. "We had some fun times."

We settled into the house and sat down for some bagels and lox. We talked a little about the changes Elon was making and about our plans to leave once the bus was done. Mark said that he had a gig up in San Francisco next weekend so we could hook up there. After breakfast, we pulled out our instruments and started to toss tunes around.

"You've got to hear this song Amy just wrote. Amy, get the lyrics." I fiddled around with a melody line and worked out some of the chord changes with her. I started to play as Amy sang.

"Call me on the telephone,

Pick a time when I'm home alone,

Put on your deepest baritone, and

Talk Dirty To Me.

Tell me your deepest hidden fantasies,

Describe a part of me you'd like to squeeze,

You raise my body heat by ten degrees when you

Talk Dirty To Me."

Mark added some cool fills and by them we reached the end, Debby was in tears. We applauded Amy and I said, "Tell me, how great is that?"

"Oh yeah, that one is a keeper. Audiences will love that. Nice going, Amy. You two make some team! You should cut that ASAP. Maybe we'll sneak into a studio in the next couple of days."

"Good idea, Mark. We really should."

We spent the rest of the morning laying around the pool and smoking dope. I fell asleep for a little while and was awakened when Steve and Chris showed up. Flaco showed up about a half hour later. We went over "Breadbasket" a couple of times, nailing it each time. But each time we played it, Mark and Flaco only got tighter. Mark made Amy sing "Talk Dirty To Me" for them and now, with a chord chart, we nailed that one, too. Amy was thrilled when she heard it with a full band. Mark asked if they would be willing to record it some time in the next couple of days and Steve said, "Yeah, sure. Are you going to go out on the road because I wouldn't mind joining you."

Mark filled him in on some of the sketchy summer plans we had with Crosby, Nash, Browne et al.

"Count me in," said Chris. "Graham already told me a little about it and I'm pumped."

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