Davy's On The Road Again Ch. 13


"Ahem...are you boys ready? First, we bought some clothes to travel in." They came out of the bedroom in cute little shorts and tees and new sneakers. They opened bags and boxes showing off more travel clothes, hiking boots and foul-weather gear. Then came bags with sunblock, other skin lotions and stuff from the drug and cosmetic counter. Next were some gifts for us: harmonicas, tees, a cool drum machine, and some notebooks and composition paper. Next came some bags of treats for Santo, which, of course, he had to sample. Finally, they stood up and stripped for us. They each wore a bikini panties with pictures of us on their crotches and their asses were inscribed with "Davy's Ass" and "Mark's Ass." It was very funny, especially with our faces on their pusses, each with a comic tongue hanging out. "We couldn't resist! Want a taste?" they teased us.

Amy walked up to me and rubbed her crotch into my face. I stuck my tongue out like on the caricature. Mark did the same and Deb snapped a picture of us. I pulled Amy back into my face and pulled the panties to the side to facilitate my pussy-lapping. This got her hot and happy. I stood up and lifted her onto my cock while I leaned against the wall. I started to fuck her hard as she dug her heels into my butt. Deb was straddling Mark as they sat on the couch and she was riding his cock as he pinched her nipples. Amy reached her hand down onto her clit as I rocked her. It was a tough position to maintain so she pointed over to the couch. I sat down next to Mark and Amy straddled me in the same way. As we pumped and rocked, the girls reached over to play with each other's clit. Mark and I rubbed their tits, pinching and pulling at their nipples. We developed a synchronous motion and I commented that it was just like playing music but as a quartet. The girls started bouncing a little harder as their fingers vigorously diddled away. The scent of their sex filled the bus as they became squishier. Amy came first and I flipped her around so that she lay on the couch as I pounded her. Mark came next in a rush of violent spurts and thrusts. He pulled Deb off and rolled onto the floor so he could lick and suck her snatch. With a push and some deep penetration, I came next followed by Deb's wailing orgasm. Amy said she was coming again so I stretched her out and we began to sixty-nine. As she sucked the juice from my around by bulbous little head, I burrowed deep into her puss and was rewarded by a sno-cone of cum and pussy juice. We all lay in a heap, cum happy.

"Ain't this a happy, smiley bunch?" I commented.

"Yeah, but didn't get to try out the double dildo we bought today. Oh well, there's always tomorrow!"

"I love the smell of orgasms in the evening! It smells of victory!" said Mark.

I flipped on the TV to check out the Weather Channel and was pleased to see that while it would be a bit cooler over the next few days, at least it would be sunny. The extended forecast (which is more akin to fortune telling) called for warmer days but the possibility of showers by the weekend. No matter. I was looking to head east by then. I got dressed and took Santo out for his walk and the RV park was considerably more deserted now. Upon our return, everyone was in bed so I hopped in and snuggled up to Amy.

"Goodnight, Davy!"

"Goodnight, Deb!"

"Goodnight, Mark!"

"Goodnight, Amy!"

"Goodnight, John-boy!"

We set out early for Menlo Park and reached the Tesla plant by 9:30. I had my first bit of trouble with the bus as we rolled down 880. My graphic display went dark and didn't come back on line. When we pulled in, I went over my checklist with Elon and Amy went over her log. They pulled the bus into a dock while Elon gave us a tour. There were a line of Tesla Roadsters awaiting delivery and they looked very cool in the red, silver, dark blue and racing green colors. Elon showed us the new Model S and I liked that model better than the Roadster. We all took turns driving it around the test track and the handling was spectacular. And talk about fast off the mark, this car was a monster. Back in his office, he showed us designs for the next models, including an SUV crossover. He went off to check on the progress of the bus and when he returned, he gave us good news.

"It should be ready in about an hour. The graphics display problem turned out to be no big deal, just a loose grounding wire. We've updated all the modules again and made some modifications to the software based upon your driving readouts...and I must compliment you on the way you've been handling it, you're getting very good mileage and nearly optimal compression ratios...you'll do even better on flat open roads. As per Amy's log, I tweaked a few things but nothing major. Oh, and I had a conversation with Graydon yesterday. I'm flying into New York next week and we're going to have lunch. Maybe I can sell him a Model S."

Mark was tripping over the Model S and asked Elon if he could place an advanced order for one. Elon made a note and said that when Mark returns to L.A., they should meet at the showroom to finalize any custom details, colors and things like that.

"I know one thing," said Mark. "Deb and I love that dark blue finish."

In a short time, we were told that Big Chocolate was ready and Elon took us down to the Main Entrance where it sat waiting. As we approached the door, I noticed some fine writing freshly painted on it. It read "Big Chocolate". "I had to," said Elon. We waved goodbye and headed back north toward Marin County. Everyone let out a cheer - our trip had begun. The graphic display was up and working again just fine and the bus was handling fine.

I called Meg and put her on the speakerphone. "Hiya, Meg. It's Davy. I have you on speakerphone while I drive. I'm heading north on 880 to the San Mateo Bridge and then across the Golden Gate. We should be there in our big brown bus in about an hour and a half. Is that good?"

"Davy, can you meet me at my office in Mill Valley instead of the house in Tiburon? I think I'll be moving into my place here for a while."

"So Larry isn't around?"

"No. Turns out, to my surprise, that Larry is in Seattle. I'll tell you all about it when you get here, okay. I really can't wait to see you and to meet Amy and your friends. So hurry, okay?"

"Sure, Meg. Just give me directions and we'll plug them into the GPS."

Her directions were pretty easy. Take Route 1 past Sausalito to Miller Avenue and follow it north until we reach her office. Mark plugged it into the GPS and then selected some tunes. He put on Van Morrison's "Hard Nose The Highway" album as I cruised back through San Francisco and then over the beautiful redwood colored Golden Gate Bridge.

"Hey kids, dig the first takes,
Ain't that some inspiration,
When Sinatra sings against Nelson Riddle Strings,
Then takes a vacation.

...I was tore down at the dead's place,
Shaved head at the organ,
But that wasn't half as bad as it was, oh no,
Belfast and Boston.

...Seen some hard times,
Drawn some bad lines,
No time for shoeshines,
Hard Nose the Highway."

Along the way, I pointed out sites like Coit Tower and Alcatraz. We drove past the exit for Sausalito and arrived in Mill Valley just a bit later than I'd predicted. Meg's office was a cinch to find and it was a very cool piece of real estate. She'd converted several old western-style clapboard houses into a complex of offices without losing the flavor of the original design. We pulled into the driveway and into the lot at the rear of the complex, which, from the rear, appeared to be a big maze of buildings. Big Chocolate consumed nearly the entire back boundary of the lot.

Meg ran out to greet us and, while it had been nearly 25 years since I'd seen her, she looked like the same fresh-faced colleen I remembered.

"Holy shit!" she declared, "You said 'a bus' but I never expected this! Davy, you handsome hunk, you look terrific!" I introduced her around and she was very impressed with Mark, who, it turns out, is one of her favorite artists. As she led us into her office, she was arm and arm with Amy and very happy we were there. I could hear Amy asking her about the architecture and design of her complex.

"I have no appointments for the rest of the day but the rest of my staff will be busy, thank God." She showed us around and then up into her living quarters which was quite large and comfortable. It was furnished with antiques and knick-knacks, just as I expected it would be. It reflected her taste just the way I remembered. We flopped down around her living room which opened onto an enclosed balcony. There was a large tree that grew up though a large cut in the deck, a hot tub and a meditation shrine in the corner. The whole place breathed Meg. She poured some wine all around.

"So, what's going on with you and Larry," I asked.

"Oh, Larry," she sighed. "First off, he left this for you" She handed me a nicely filled bag. "Larry is such an asshole and lately, a real prick. I filed for separation this morning. Fortunately, it should be an easy divorce because there's no custody and no money haggling. Charlie, my son, lives in Santa Rosa with his family and Clara, my daughter, lives in Chicago with hers. About ten years or so ago, Larry and I got tired of each other, I think it was as simple as that. He became very peculiar and into some dark stuff...stuff I didn't care for. Anyway, we split up the money and the property into his and hers accounts. Over the last couple of years, I've been doing a lot better than he has and he became very jealous. We've actually been living apart for the last year and I've grown to hate the place in Tiburon. It's just not me, you know what I mean? It's Larry's and he's built some weird shit there."

"Like what?"

"Like a shooting range...like a bondage room in the basement...shit like that. Plus he has these weirdos around him, too...big ugly biker-types, guys into being members of militias...and worse. He called me this morning to tell me that he's in Seattle with his skinny little girlfriend - a heavily tattooed biker chick and, frankly, I just don't care. I feel relieved."

"You sound all right about it," said Amy.

"Yes, well it's good to be a trained professional and to practice what you preach. Plus, it's also good to feel alive again. Since we separated, I've become I guess what you might call a MILF or a cougar. For a while, I have a little herd of some young studs but it's been a while. It was my 'Free Again, Free Again' stage. As for Larry, we had some good years and a whole lot of very weird years...so he's moved on and so have I. Do I still want to fuck him? No. But it's easy for me to say, "Fuck him!"

We laughed and congratulated her. Fortunately, Meg was still a fine piece of ass. At about 5'4" with a great set of tits, maybe 38s, with a minimal of sag and a tight little butt, she could still turn heads. I asked her if she's like a joint and she said yes but offered her own saying that it came from a hydroponic grower up in the hills and that it was primo. It was the same as the stuff in my bag. She also asked us if we might want to unwind in the hot tub and we all liked that idea, too. She offered to put us up in the house for the night but she really had her eye on the bus.

"Would you like to see our bus, Big Chocolate?"

"You know, it really looks amazing. Can it climb to the top of Mount Tam?" She pointed toward Mount Tampalais, which you could just see over the deck wall.

"Probably. Why, you want to try?"

"You'll love the view...especially now that we're getting buzzed. It's sort of tradition in these parts."

"Oh, jeez, Meg, you bring+ back memories of lost days in Bolinas...So, you guys want to? The sunset is coming soon. I don't want to sound like Larry but let's show off our yacht."

We ran out of the house and, like a band of Merry Pranksters, we jumped into the bus. Santo was quite surprised at our arrival as we was dozing on the couch. He jumped off acting like he was guilty of something and he was caught in the act. We headed up the squiggly zig-zag road slowly. Meanwhile Amy was showing off the features and giving Meg the grand tour. It took just a few minutes to get to a cul-de-sac near the top. Fortunately, there were only a few bikers on the narrow road and no cars because I don't know how they could pass me. We hopped out to take in the view looking toward Stinson Beach and out into the Pacific. The breeze blew our hair and everything smelled so green. We stood gazing out at the water transfixed. Even Santo, after peeing about ten times stood and looked. My spell was only temporarily broken when Mark passed the roach to me.

"Nice bus, Davy and Amy...nice." toked Meg.

As he headed back into the bus, Amy pointed out the upper deck. Meg asked to see it so Amy climbed up and slid the floor out. "Oh, my God." was all we heard from them. We had to see the view, too and so the three of us started yelling for them to come down and give us turns. "There's room," shouted Amy, "Come on up." Deb went up next, then Mark. More oohs and aahs. I climbed up last and there was just enough room for me to stand, although I was on the top step of the ladder. And they were right. With another ten feet of elevation, and a bit higher than some of the trees, it was truly spectacular. Meg snapped a few phone-photos and then I made my way back down as the others slowly followed suit.

Amy folded the floor back up and mentioned that, in the storage bin was a hot tub and a guitar amp and speaker system. Meg was amazed and asked for a little concert. I passed and told them to get back in. Extremely slowly, I turned the bus around and we made it back down the mountain into Mill Valley.

"You guys hungry? Want to stop for some chow? We can go over to the Balboa. Or Bungalow 44. That's great place, too. Or if you just want to get sloppy, there's Pearl's Phatburgers." As the munchies had set in, Pearl's seemed like a good idea. We voted and Pearl's won. We parked at Meg's and walked the few blocks to the restaurant and let me tell you, this was a loose crowd. Maybe a little too loose for any restaurant but what do I know? It's Mill Valley. And it turned out that Pearl's was a great choice. I had a Prized Bobb with Bacon and Blue Cheese with a side of Frings. Mark had a Mushroom and Jack Burger and the girls opted for an Avocado Chicken Sandwich, a Hawaiian Chicken Sandwich and a couple of Veggie Burgers. I bought a big cheeseburger for Santo. We stumbled and bumbled back to Meg's place. I think I farted steadily for half the trip.

Amy, Deb and Meg went to get give Santo his dinner. She continued to show off the bus, opening the slideouts, playing the sound system and the TVs, and so on. They were all laughing hysterically and silly as they all come out. Santo ran around the parking lot.

"What's so funny?"

"We were just telling Meg about our sleeping arrangements."

"I always knew you had it in you, Davy."

Mark and I shook our heads. "Stoned," he said and I agreed.

We returned to the house and Meg refilled the glasses. As we stood on the deck and took in the Mill Valley ambiance, she turned on the tub and said it would take a while to heat up. I took the opportunity to hit the john and to call George and fill him in on our itinerary. He said that he and his squeeze Sarah might rent an RV and meet us at Yosemite but that he was still working on it. I hung up and joined the lunatics in the living room again. Meg had brought out her old Guild acoustic and asked me if I'd tune it for her. I went out to the bus to get a set of strings and returned with my guitar and Mark's fiddle. When I returned, they were in the tub already. I dropped trou and stepped in.

We passed one of Meg's hydros around and had goofy conversation. Meg was envious of our trip and asked numerous questions. She wished that she had the time to just take off with us but, unfortunately, she had a raft of clients scheduled. "Maybe one day," she opined. The girls got to talking about their skin and their bodies. Amy and Deb told Meg of Lillian's Magic Semen Cream. We told her about the Palm Springs Spa and how she could go there. "Oh, I could never go there alone," she said so we offered to have her join us on our next trip there. I couldn't take my eyes off her fabulous tits and I knew that, considering her current state of mind, she could eat the boys alive.

The smoke and the tub and the air took it's affect upon us and we all started to settle down. I stepped out of the tub and stood naked looking out at the green hills and the mountain above. A few minutes later, the others stepped out and joined me. In the tub, I hadn't noticed Meg's tattoos but now, naked and next to me, I surveyed the flowers running up one ass cheek to the small of her back, the flowers on each thigh framing her neat pubic buzz cut and the flower under her left breast. We stood in a circle and smoked up. Meg complained that she seemed horny all the time and that she had to keep buying new batteries. Mark placed her in the middle of the circle and we four closed in on her. We began to touch and caress her and she responded with a deep sigh. Standing behind her, her rubbed his cock in her ass. Amy and Deb stood at her sides and caressed her breasts. I stood in front as she rubbed my penis into her belly.

"Can we take this inside," she asked. "I can hardly stand...and I am so horny...I haven't touched skin in a while...dicks and vajayjays...welcome to Meg In Paradise..."

We followed her into her large bedroom and placed her in the center of the bed where we continued our caresses. Her hands flitted everywhere as if she couldn't get enough of us. Amy and Deb returned to suckling her breasts. Mark moved between her legs and began to lick her slit. I sat near her head and watched her hand snake up to my cock and stroke it. She pulled it to her face and she licked under the head right where the crown divides. She cried out that it felt so good...that she needed this...that she wouldn't last too long. Mark moved away and let Deb take over. Amy covered Meg in kisses and caresses. Mark and I just sat back and watched as these three luscious women began to devour each other. Mark reached over and took my rod in his fingers. The women moved around so that they formed a daisy chain, tasting each other and moving in concert. True to her word, Meg began to thrash and jerk her hips which only caused Deb to lick her clit with more intensity. As she began to come, she spread her legs wide and pushed up against Deb's lips. Her breasts heaved as her orgasm rose. and her head tossed from side to side. Her nipples jutted up and her hands flew wildly to them, squeezing the nipples. She began to peak and emitted little squeals of joy. "Oh, God...oh, God,...ye...ssssssssssssssssssss." She flopped back on the bed smiling.

"That was great, Deb. Thanks. But may I have some cock now?" I placed my dick at her entrance and slid easily into her soaking cooch. Mark squatted over her head and fed her his baton. The girls watched us fuck Meg until they returned to each other in a sixty-nine. I leaned over Meg and sucked on her nipples. "Harder, Davy," she cried. I sucked on them harder and I sawed in and out of her, sometimes I thought I might be hurting her with my forceful sucking but it only excited her further and made her react more forcefully. In the back of my mind, I considered that a little of Larry's taste in bondage and discipline had rubbed off on Meg. Mark's dick popped out of her mouth as she popped her cheeks around it. Waving in my face, I tasted it, too, much to her smiling pleasure. For a few minutes, she leaned up on her elbows to watch me. "More cock," she growled. We moved around to see what she wanted and she straddled Mark and lowered her ass onto him. Spreading her legs for me, I re-entered her pussy. We were in a tight clutch as we penetrated her. She was very forceful and rough as she bounced her impaled ass. Her pussy was flooding me while her hand vigorously swiped and diddled her clit. I could feel Mark through the thin membrane that separated us and it felt neat as we rubbed up against each other. "Yeah, that's it," she hoarsely growled, "don't stop...almost there...harder...yeah, yeah..." Her bouncing became furious and I grasped Mark to keep her between us and prevent myself from slipping out as she was so wet and slippery. It was difficult but somehow, we stayed together. I felt Mark begin to throb and I could feel his cum escape up her chute. She was pouring now and beads of sweat formed on her skin. She pushed down on him, taking every inch and let out a loud whoop as she began to cum, flooding me even more. I pushed into her as hard as I could and was literally banging her when my cum began to spray into her, producing a warm cum soup. The three of us held tight as we calmed down and slowly withdrew.

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