Davy's On The Road Again Ch. 13


Amy and Deb applauded us. "Wow, that was hot!"

"Oh, yes. That was one great fuck, boys." said Meg. "Cream Pie, anyone?"

"Me, me, me" shouted Amy and Deb and they ended up taking turns cleaning Meg out. At one point, Amy was in her snatch as Deb ate out her ass. Meg just lay there cooing until she began to pussy fart and expel her juices. Amy and Deb looked up and laughed at their cum-smeared faces. We all lay for a while until we took turns in the shower. All cleaned up, we sat around on the bed and passed a stub around.

"I can't tell you how envious I am of you guys. You're all so sexually healthy and you heads seemed screwed on, too. That was the first time I've ever had a true bisexual orgy. It's always been one-on-one with me but once I had two guys at once and I always wanted that again. So thanks...and thanks for your fun company, too. I needed to be with a bunch of real hippies again. The hippies here, and while it seems like there are a lot of them, they're all worried about their portfolios and 401ks. Believe me, I know, I hear enough of their whining. But you guys? You just seem to travel on another wavelength and that's very refreshing. Thanks again. If I tell you that I needed that, I'm not kidding around."

"You know, Meg, it wasn't always like this." I said. "It took us all a long time and hard work to get to this point and we're all very lucky in lots of ways but very lucky that we found each other."

"How I wish I was going with you. Not so much for the sex, but that would be nice, but for the freedom - the spiritual freedom...well, maybe someday."

"Someday soon, I hope," said Deb. "You should take a week off by yourself and go visit Callie and Lillian at the spa. After a few days, you'll feel very free and this load will be off you...plus there are all these young hunks looking for a hot cougar."

"Or even Esalen," added Amy. "Davy and I spent a half day there and it was very uplifting for both of us."

"Yeah," said Deb, "but I think Lillian will straighten her out if the Sybian doesn't!"

"Oh, wow...remember that? My pussy just vibrated thinking about it!" Amy said with a chuckle and a big smile. As they described the Sybian, Meg was all ears. Soon she began to play with her pussy. Deb went to her bag and pulled out the new double dildo. Amy slowly rubbed it around the insides of Meg's lips and around her clit. The dildo was a good ten inches on each end and a large fistful around. Amy slowly began to penetrate Meg. She pulled in up and back rotating it a few times. It looked like it was really filling Meg as Amy moved around and inserted her end. She slowly moved forward until they had a see-saw going. I sat behind Amy and helped hold her up. Mark and Deb did the same to Meg. It was very hot when Deb leaned her face in and daubed their clits. Deb got into it as Mark's hand fiddled her hard little nubbin. Meg and Amy were pinching each other's tits and smiling at each other. It was too much for Meg who let out a banshee's wail as she withdrew the monster. Amy was still sitting up with her end of the dildo still securely wrapped. I slowly lifted her up and slid her onto my cock. Her ass sucked me into it and squeezed her sphinter around my root. Mark took over on her clit until she cried out those gutteral sounds I loved to hear.

We stayed the night, fucking and sleeping in a pile. We did all kinds of stuff by playing "What's Your Fantasy" and then fulfilling them. Deb got another DP and Amy got her four-on-one cum bath. Meg got to be blindfolded and tied up while we filled her holes. Mark and I seemed to be the available penises on-call but Meg did request that we blow each other and so we fulfilled that wish, too. In the morning, after a parting orgy, I reset set her guitar during breakfast.

We said our goodbyes. Meg said that she would stay in contact and would think about that spa trip. Then we set off for Bolinas, a place where I lived for almost a year. A bucolic little cowboy town on Bodega Bay, it was a magical place for me. Pulling around Bodega Bay and down the peninsula took me way, way back. As I pulled through the village, I was pleased to see that the dirt roads and the wooden sidewalks were all still there. Nothing seemed to have changed since I left it. I parked the bus in front of my little house and we walked out on the beach.

"Over there was where the Airplane had a house. I remember a "morning after" where I woke up on the lawn in front of their house facing the water. The fog was thick and white and as I stumbled around, I was lost in a moonscape. Some artist-in-residence had created concrete craters and sort-of-like-stalagmites rising up form the ground. In fact, it was the morning after the Annual New Year's Party the Dead threw at Winterland. We all hauled up here to continue the festivities. I remember wandering around Bodega Bay and the little community hall where Tracy Nelson & Mother Earth and Aum and The Youngbloods and Carlos Santana jammed all night. I remember catching a lift back down here with Marty Balin and someone in the car handed me a couple of reds to smooth out with and come down gently. Next thing I recall was waking up on the beach here. But if you want to talk about 'laid-back', this is Ground Zero...truly a hippie paradise."

"Can we go for a dip here, Davy? This beach is dazzling." Amy asked.

"Sure, why not. I don't see anyone around so let's go." We stripped off our minimal attire and dove in. Santo set himself up on our clothes and looked like a king surveying his silly subjects. We splashed around and played for a while and then went into the bus for showers. While they putzed around in the galley, I headed back north around the bay and then north to Point Reyes. Several times, we stopped the bus to take it all in. From there it was northeast to Santa Rosa and then east into the Napa Valley. We'd seen several different topographies and eco-environments by the time we pulled up to the Napa Valley Inn in Yountville where Amy had reserved a suite for us.

With views of the rolling hills of vineyards, we found ourselves revisiting France. Amy had made reservations for dinner at the French Laundry but after looking over their sumptuous menu, and after noshing all day, none of us felt that we could handle such a meal nor do it justice. In a town filled with gourmet restaurants offering incredible culinary delights, it was a bit difficult finding a place that agreed with all of us but the adhoc café seemed to be the popular choice. And a good choice, too. We sprang for a Chef's Tasting Meal with a Flight of Wine Tastings and it was simply superb. A little of this, a little of that and a lot of good wine, it was a big win with all of us. Chef Thomas Keller came out of the kitchen and chatted with us as we thanked him for the great meal. We drank a bit more wine, stumbled out and headed back to the Inn. Someone, I don't remember who, said that we have to stop living so well and was met by hoots and catcalls.

The room was just lovely with a large bathroom featuring a Japanese style soaking tub for 2. We all slept soundly and in the morning, after our champagne buffet breakfast. We headed south, down through the valley. We had a full day of traveling and buying wines and touring wineries. Santo loved this area with all it's fragrant trees to piss upon. It was a beautiful day-trip and clearly a place where I could spend more time soaking in the lush terrain. I called Elon and he emailed his instructions for the Green Symposium in Berkeley. It was night by the time we pulled into a cheesy little RV park in Vallejo. But, as the park might have been somewhat seedy, our digs were not. After tending to Santo, we closed up the bus and turned on a movie. I let them choose and they argued over The Searchers (Mark), This is Spinal Tap (Deb) and Time After Time (Amy). Feeling a strong need to laugh, I voted for Spinal Tap. Amy and Deb had never seen it before and so they were unprepared for all the side-splitting dialogue and riotous cameos. Billy Crystal, as the mime waiter, is still one of my favorite parts. We had a great night and truly, my sides hurt and I was stoned dizzy by the time I hit the bed.

The next morning, we packed away our gear, cleaned up Big Chocolate and then drove into Berkeley. Amy made some breakfast (the last of the bagels - toasted, of course, and cream cheese) and coffee. I pulled up to Pimental Hall on the UC Berkeley campus and saw Elon and Ed waving to me. They directed me toward a roped off area near the entrance to the hall.

"You made it! We were getting worried." said Elon, "How'd it ride?"

"Like a dream, Elon. Like a dream." I hugged Ed as the others joined us.

"I hope you don't mind but I made some arrangements for all of you. I have you in the Hotel Durant..."

"It's a green-certified hotel and it's pet friendly," added Ed. "I'm staying there, too."

"...and I have two Tesla Roadsters at your disposal."

"Sweet!", said Mark. "We'll take one and the ladies can have the other. Come on, Davy, let's burn rubber!"

Elon smiled. He could tell Mark was teasing him. He looked sternly at Mark and then snickered, "Yeah, Mark. 'Born to be mild'...Let's get you moved into the hotel. I have a detailing crew to clean up the bus. What we're going to do is set up a tent against and around the front door. I have a computer presentation and some videos of it while it was being built, you know stuff like that."

"I'd love a copy of that, Elon."

"Not a problem, Davy, we'll leave it in the bus. Anyway, nobody goes into that vehicle except me, Ed and the two females who work for me in Sales. During the day, I want to set up the roof terrace..."

"I love that terrace," said Amy. "A couple of days ago, we went to the top of Mount Tampalais and then climbed one flight up. It was very cool."

"...I love that feature, too, Amy. I also want to open the amp compartment and I want to fill the hot tub. I want to show just how sexy Big Chocolate can be while also being so green. I hope it's okay with you."

"Not a problem, Elon. Do whatever you like. We have some stuff to take with us but we're leaving a lot in there so I trust it will be protected."

"Yes, I have two security guards around it at all times. And, by the way, you're welcome to come by and visit at anytime...maybe even sell some product for me."

We started to fill the Roadsters with our gear. I realized that we'd have to make a second trip. Ed gave me directions to the hotel which was right off campus. We made it over to the hotel and unpacked. The girls wanted to drive back into San Francisco to do more shopping. Mark and I thought we might walk around the campus and visit the School of Music. Other than that, we really had no plan except to get more gear out of the bus. We waved goodbye as the girls zipped off. Amy insisted on taking Santo with them and he didn't argue. She and Santo made a very cute couple.

Mark and I drove back to the Pimental Hall where the Symposium was now underway. We left the Tesla next to the bus and locked our instruments into it. We strolled through the Hall and bumped into Ed who was hanging out near his merchandise booth.

"I'm selling green cleaning products and signing autographs. That's my gig. I have a lecture to make in a couple of hours and then I'm on a panel tomorrow. You guys want to hang later...do dinner?"

"Absolutely, Ed. We're pretty loose today and tomorrow. Tomorrow night, I'm sitting in on John Sebastian's show at Zellerbach Hall. After that, we're going to Yosemite and hooking up with Clooney."

"Sounds like fun. You're out of here on Saturday, then? We'll make good use of Big Chocolate until then."

We told him we'd cruise for a while but make it back to hear him speak. We strolled around the hall and picked up little samples and info brochures. We were into an interesting conversation with a couple of inventors and greenies when we saw Ed waving to us. We followed him into the lecture hall and then enjoyed (and I mean, really enjoyed) his presentation which was chock full of great information and some of his witty off-beat humor, too. When it ended, the three of us walked out to the bus where, to my astonishment, was a large crowd. Elon was pitching hard when he saw us.

"Here's the owner and some of his friends...Davy, can you come over here?"

I was peppered with questions and the three of us were inundated with autograph requests. I answered every question posed to me about the bus and my travels. I emphasized that between Bran Ferrin's original design, Elon's masterful technology, Ed's green consultation, Amy's interior design suggestions and Mark's friendship made Big Chocolate feel like a very comfortable and luxurious home. I pitched Tesla and told folks that they had seen nothing yet...just wait. I noticed that the tent covered the amp storage bin, still in the bin was my old Telecaster. I'd forgotten that I even had it. I pulled it out of the bin intending to put it into the car when calls of "Play something!" rang out. Elon came over and asked if I wouldn't mind so I agreed to play a couple of tunes. Mark got our axes from the car and I handed Ed my Martin. His eyes nearly popped out of his head when I asked him to join us. As I hadn't tried the amp and mic mixer yet, I explained to the crowd that this was a first time experience for all of us. We tuned up as the flashes popped.

Mark called the first tune. "Hey Davy, do you know "Harvey's Tune?"

"You mean like off the Supersession album?...Harvey Brooks?"

"Yeah, that's the one. Great cat, that Harvey."

"Yeah, his brother, too, Gary...good sax player." He kicked into the song and it just sounded so sweet, we riffed on it for about ten minutes. And that's really funny when you consider that the original track was about a minute and a half in length. "As long as we're having a Supersession, how bout "Man's Temptation?"

You know these feelings that I hold inside,
Just won't let me be,
Now this woman won't leave me alone,
She's trying to ruin my happy home,
With a man's temptation...

...I know I've got to be strong,
I've got to fight this and carry on,
So afraid of what I must do,
I got to choose my woman or you.

I'm sorry little miss,
That's the way love is,
I'm sorry I can't stay,
I got to be, got to be on my way.
I'm sorry little miss,
That's the way love is..."

It sounded very cool as Ed added a bass part and Mark filled the holes. It's such a good song to begin with. The crowd liked it too. After each song, I pitched Tesla and answered some questions about the bus. It was a very loose and easy-going set and it lasted about an hour before we broke. We were surrounded by autograph seekers and well-wishers.

"Davy, how did you know I played?" asked Ed.

"Ed, I see you as a renaissance man - always full of ideas, talents and surprises."

Elon was ecstatic. He had a packed house and he even took three advance orders. He just about begged for us to do another set later and then tomorrow but Mark and I waffled. Two kids from the campus radio station, KALX, asked if we would stop by the station for an interview. I agreed but said that we would do it now or never so they led to the studio. The three of us were in a fine mood and the interview was loose, funny, full of green information and plugs for Tesla, Ed's Cleaners and the Breadbasket Project. Afterwards, we parted ways with Ed who returned to the symposium while Mark and I cruised over to the Music School at Hertz Hall. We went straight to the Dean's office and asked if we could use their library which they quickly agreed to. As Mark and I pored through scores and music texts, a professor approached us and obviously knowing who we were, asked if we might be interested in speaking to his class about our profession. We thought it was a great idea as we both love to speak to students. Speaking to his class was a real gas. It turned us on to feel their freshness, to field their questions and give them advice about wading through the business end. As the class ended, we told them we were going back to the Symposium tent to play a short set and several of them asked if we would like a bass player, a keyboardist and a small drum kit. With our student band in tow, we set up again in the tent. Once we started tuning up, the tent filled. It was late afternoon and we had no intention of playing long but the music and the players were great. Toward the end of the set, Amy, Deb and Santo appeared from the middle of the crowd. Santo looked very tired. I waved them up front and gave Amy the mic while Santo pushed his butt into my leg and sat on my shoe. Amy sang "Talk Dirty To Me", Willie Nelson's "Crazy" and as our final number, "Breadbasket." I thanked everybody and we were done. It was a very satisfying day and it made Elon very happy, too.

We filled the roadsters with the rest of our stuff and headed back to the hotel. Santo was out cold on the floor. Mark and I both fell asleep for about an hour. When we awoke, Ed and the girls were chatting in the living room. Ed said he had the best restaurant in Berkeley. We called for a limo. It was an Indian place, Vik's Chaat, and it was fabulous. I had no idea what it was I was eating - basically I just pointed to different dishes - but it was delicious and filling. Back at the hotel, the girls were going to model for us but Mark, Ed and I smoked a doober and passed out in front of the TV.

The next morning, I awoke from a strange dream and it left me somewhat disoriented. It was a dream about my ex-wife and her family. They were visiting me while I was on the road. They were all angry with me about something although I couldn't tell why. I could hear my children crying in another room and, in my dream, I noticed that they were still very young but they coudn't be, I seemed to know that they were adults and it confused me. I awoke as my ex slapped my face. I had to wake myself so I headed for the shower and shook my head free of those ugly images. I really didn't know what to make of he dream but I recalled that my ex and my in-laws always seemed to be angry with me because I never seemed to make enough money to suit them. How times had changed.

I fixed myself some coffee and joined Amy and Deb on the terrace.

"Wow, Hon, are you all right? You look like you were just beat up."

"I just awoke from the strangest dream. It's unnerved me a bit." I told them about as much as I could recall.

Amy got up and rubbed my neck and my shoulders. She told me to shake it off as it most likely meant very little. Deb, who explained that she dabbled in dream interpretation asked me some questions about my relationship with my ex, her family and my children.

"It sounds to me that you still have some bitterness about how they treated you. This is hardly surprising because no matter what anyone says, feelings like that linger forever. Were there any objects present in the dream?"

"Yes, I seem to remember that my mother-in-law seemed busy reading a magazine and doing her nails. She didn't participate much. Also, there were guitars around the room. One had a big hole in it and there were various Tele bodies and lots of different necks stacked up, electronics on the floor...all the guitars were all in pieces. I remember that my red Stella I had when I was a kid was in the room, too."

"Hmm. It could mean that the guitars are a stabilizing force and that you ex represents destabilization as well as separation. Also the guitars might represent you...it's your room, it's your life, your doing what you do and are on the road away from them...you have your tools with you but you can't use them. Your young children crying could represent feelings of parental inadequacy as well as your desire to be apart from their animosity and your desire to be free. Whatever was going through your head is over now and you chose to wake up and end it when she slapped you. So your mind fought back and separated yourself in that way. And that's what a psych degree will get you! It's over now and you're with us and we love you, Davy, emphasis on the word you, the real person doing what he needs to do and not someone else's image of who you should be. Your dream is pretty definite on that."

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