Davy's On The Road Again Ch. 14


"My partner and I were in the midst of a fight and we weren't having a good time. It was our first time going to this kind of party and we thought it would help us both. But it didn't. She went off to another room and I found myself with Alan, who couldn't stop staring at me. The woman who brought him to the party was into the group scene and it was Alan's first time; she left him alone so she could join an orgy in another room. We left a little while later and went to his place. We haven't been apart since."

"Have you had any group scenes since?" asked Deb.

"Yes, a couple of times. We had threesomes with a few women...and we talk a lot about our fantasies. And what about you four? It must get pretty close in that bus."

"Actually, there's lots of room. It's really very well designed," said Amy, "but as long as you asked, we're all bisexual and we have lots of fun together. This is our first vacation together and we're on our way to Yellowstone for some business and pleasure."

The hot tub was soothing and we melted into the warm bubbling water, our bodies closely attached. We were all playful with each other as feet found their way into laps and crotches. I wondered whose toes were playing with my balls. As there was so much subtle movement, it could have been anyone's and might have been, at different times, everyone's. Mark was the first to get up and out of the tub.

"Ooh," squealed Anna, "your balls are shaved. That looks so cool."

"Yes, and so are Davy's. As I said, we have lots of fun together."

"Can I see?"

Mark approached her and I got up and stood next to him. She reached out and felt them saying how nice they felt. She leaned over and whispered something into Alan's ear. He slowly lifted his hands to our balls and felt them. Anna smiled at him.

"Alan has some bisexual fantasies. I've been encouraging him to indulge but so far we haven't done anything...I mean with another man, just with my vibrator. Maybe tonight's the night." She looked at him and smiled again.

"Ahem...I think maybe we should take this inside. What do you all say?"

I knew they would all agree and after they all toweled off in the cool night air and put on their robes, I let the water drain from the tub. The tub, by the way, came with a hose to drain the chemical-treated water into the waste tank. Nice feature.

I entered the bus and poured a glass of wine. Alan handed me a joint. Amy had just finished the tour and asked everyone to join her in the bedroom.

"I need an orgasm. Who wants me?"

Amy sat down on the bed and tilted the top up a little. She spread her legs apart and Anna dove right in. The rest of us crawled around her and kissed, sucked and played with different parts. The six of us moved around the bed randomly touching and feeling each other. Deb began to laugh and scurried out to her bed and suitcase. We were curious to see what was so funny. She returned with her glass dildo and holding it in one hand and holding Alan's dick in the other, she was right. They did look alike. We all cracked up. I lit another joint and sipped my wine as I watched them get into it again. Meanwhile I got hard from watching this hot scene.

Anna lifted her face from Deb's puss and looked at Alan. "Come on, honey, now's your chance."

She held Mark's cock in front of his face. He stared at it. "I've never been this close to another cock before." She took his hand and placed it on Mark's testicles. We all watched him as he felt them and then moved up his cock to slowly stroke it. Anna whispered encouraging words to him and he move closer. His tongue snaked out and licked the head. Mark's cock bounced at the tentative lick. Alan seemed intrigued with his first taste and very slowly took it into his mouth. Anna leaned down and whispered more and kissed him. She reached in and held Mark's cock at the base and fed it to Alan. Alan seemed to take to it like a duck to water and he became more demonstrative. Mark groaned his approval as we sat and watched, absorbed by the scene before us.

"Will you take his come?" whispered Anna, "Will you do that for me? Will you share his cum with me?" Alan pulled away from Mark and shared some tongue with his wife. "I can taste him."

I'd set the mood lighting into a soft red and it made it gave us a faint glow of badness, like a classic New Orleans bordello. I set the music to The Rolling Stones to add a touch of hedonism. I got up from the bed to make it a touch louder and when I returned, Amy and Deb had made a space for me between them. I made a quick short stop before getting between them in that as I passed Anna's upturned ass, I stuck my tongue between her cheeks and lapped her ass.

"Oh, Cherry, oh Cherry, oh baby,
Doncha know I'm in need of thee,
You don't believe it true,
Why don't you love me, too,
It's so long I been waiting,
For you to come right in,
Now that we are together,
Is make my joy run over."

"Alan, Davy is rimming my ass right now." Alan was now enjoying his first cock and could only moan at the news.

I got between the girls and they rolled onto my sides, humping their snatches against my legs. The three of us got into a three-way kiss, more like a face fuck as they devoured me. Their hands stroked my cock as I put my arms around them. Feeling their dampness as they rode my thighs made me throb very quickly as the room filled with the scent of pussy. Amy and Debby leaned away from me and began to kiss each other as I rubbed their backs.

Mark moved Alan onto the bed so he could lie back, His head was between my legs and in a great position to lick some pussy as Amy shifted over to him. "Hey, make some room for me," said Anna as she pulled him lower on the bed and sat down on his face so she could watch Alan. Leaning forward, she was getting a close up look as well as holding Mark's stem.

"I'm going to cum soon, Alan, so get ready." Alan increased his sucking on Mark's crown while he pumped the stem. "Oh, shit. Here it comes. Here it comes. Yeah, man. Drink my cum." His cock erupted in the rising cum that flowed into Alan's mouth. Alan was keen on swallowing it all but Anna pulled him up to get Mark's final spurt. She then frenched Alan and cum passed between them.

As we had stopped our lovemaking to watch, we broke into applause. Alan smiled and remarked, "That was cool. Your cock felt good in my mouth and I liked the power of making you cum...of giving you pleasure. Now I see why sucking cock is so good...from the other end."

We sat around and shared some wine and some pot. Hands caressed body parts and wandered aimlessly. Amy suggested that Alan deserved a treat so she and Deb scooted onto him. Amy lay on her back as he penetrated her while Deb licked his stem and Amy's clit. His eyes closed and he was in heaven. Mark went to work - if you can call it that - on his wife's damp honeypot.

I turned Anna onto her knees and leaning into her ass, began to lick it down to her taint. I got up behind her and pushed my hardness into her butt. At first, she seemed to fight me but soon I felt her loosen up and accept me. As her ring relaxed, I slid in and made easy strokes. Her pussy was close to Amy's head and I pushed her closer so Amy could have a taste. Amy's hand reached up and caressed my balls as Anna leaned onto her gifted mouth.

The bed was shaking with all the movement going on and the shaking only increased as the intensity rose. I reached around and played with Anna's nipples while she thrust back against my cock. I knew that this would end soon with my cum in her bowels. Alan beat me to it as he began to moan and push himself into Amy. "I can't...I'm going to...aaaaaahhhhh." He humped her as he emptied his balls and then quickly slipped out with a pop. Anna immediately leaned down and proceed to drink his cum from Amy. They were in a hot sixty-nine with me up Anna's ass. Mark watched with his eyes popping out as I drove my cock into her. I couldn't hold out any longer and began to pump my cum into her. She was loving this as she arched up and pushed back against me. Deb gave out a squeal as she came soaking Mark's face. It squirted onto him and dripped down his grinning face.

My soft cock slipped out and I took that moment to take a leak. While I was peeing, I could hear Amy and Anna in the throes of orgasm. Anna was apparently doing a great job because I heard Amy's guttural, deep down growl followed by those great hiccups. I walked back in to watch Deb's fingers diddling Anna and she followed with shouts, giggles and a few high-pitched piercing yells...talk about being vocal! This woman let it all out and then proceeded to collapse atop Amy.

"Gee," I observed, "This place look like a tornado hit it...and it smells like the cheerleader's locker room after the big game, too! Did everyone have a good time?"

"When did you become the emcee?" smiled Amy.

"Yeah, Mr. Big Shot, the last I knew you were a performer!" said Deb.

"Ouch!" added Mark, "Sounds to me like a 'gotcha'!"

I raised my arms and shrugged. "Ok, ok. I get no respect." I lit a jay.

"Well I think that was great," said Anna. "Alan got some cock and I got a little of it,too. I got some 'gina, Davy nailed my ass, Amy got my puss and Deb got a piece of it, too. Mark filled Alan and there we go."

"Are we done already," asked Alan.

"No, baby. We're done here but we're not done. I want to go back to our bed, fuck you silly and then pass out. Does that work for you?"

"It certainly does." Alan rose from the bed and headed for the john. Soon, their robed bodies were down the steps. "If our RV's a-rockin', come a-knockin!" We wished them well.

Amy and Deb made a little snack of cheese and crackers as we sat around in a mellow, post-orgasmic glow. Agreeing that it was great fun, we settled in to watch some TV. Fortunately, we found some old Twilight Zones, the half-hour ones, on a nostalgia channel. It was the classic Burgess Meredith episode, "All The Time In The World".

In the morning, Anna and Alan stopped by for kisses and thanks before they pulled out towards Utah. We had a day to ramble around. After walking Santo, packing away the hot tub and cleaning up the bus, we looked over the map. We chose not to take the more direct route which would take us around the nuclear testing area. Instead, we'd head north on 33 to 22 to Dubois, under I-15 and then north on 22 to 20 ending up in West Yellowstone in the evening. Idaho was dreary country until we got up to Targhee National Forest. Here, the terrain became more colorful and dramatic. The hills had a reddish tinge and seemed more towering. Against the green of the trees, it was a fascinating sight, if not beautiful. We stopped to take some pictures of a box canyon in Harriman State Park and had a little lunch. Santo liked it here, or at least I think he did after marking the place about twenty times. Along the Montana border, the terrain changed dramatically again. Suddenly, we were in 'Big Sky Country', 'Marlboro Country', cowboy country. We stopped to take in Henry's Lake and to admire the snow-capped peaks off in the distance. The lake shimmered in the late afternoon sun. We watched a couple of fishermen unload their catch and some of those fish were huge. We crossed the border into Montana and headed for West Yellowstone.

As I checked in, the manager seemed awestruck and stuttering. I asked her if she was alright.

"I can't believe I'm meeting you. I love your music. I'm Rosie. Your song, "Rosie and Meadowlark" was my wedding song." She was blushing. "I have a pull-through next to Mr. Clooney, who arrived about a half-hour ago. Golly, he's so handsome. I can't believe what a day this has turned out to be! Now, if you will sign here...and could I take a picture with you, Mr. Harper?"

"Certainly, Rosie. I'm honored that you liked my song enough to..."

"Actually, I used it twice. My first husband skipped out on me not long after the wedding. When I married Wolf, I used it again. I just love that song. Now, if you'll just pull in and set up, I'll come over in a few minutes, if that's alright with you. Oh, and Ms. Liebovitz left a message for you."

Annie said that she'd be down in the morning driving in from her place near Bozeman. I pulled Big Chocolate into the space and we set about opening it up. George's RV was an over-the-cab rental with plenty of space between us. He and Sarah came over while we were setting up.

"Welcome, pilgrims." he greeted us. Amy and Sarah looked at each other for a moment and then burst out laughing and huggling each other. "You know each other?"

"We sure as hell do! Sarah worked as a waitress for me in Aspen. When I left to get married, she took over as the Seating Hostess. How ya' been, girlfriend? Small World! Look's like we caught ourselves some big fish!" They hugged and quickly jumped into Big Chocolate to chat and catch up. George, Mark and I took a walk around the grounds with Santo and talked about our trip.

"I'm sorry I missed Yosemite."

"Oh, you have to make the trip. What an amazing place. You'll get there."

As we returned to the RV, we could hear squeals of laughter coming from within. We agreed that it was fortunate that they knew each other and got along as it would make our Yellowstone adventure even more fun. Rosie was approaching too. I called into the bus and asked if one of them could help us with a photograph. Deb, our 'staff photographer' took a nice shot of Rosie between George, Mark and me. I took out my Martin and on the steps of Big Chocolate, played for her.

"Rosie and Meadowlark had something special,
They hiked the green mountains and swam in blue lakes,
They laughed at the same things and shared little secrets,
With a feeling of friendship all covered in love.

Rosie and Meadowlark were bonded together
Rosie and Meadowlark were birds of a feather
Rosie and Meadowlark were like hands in kid leather
Meadowlark sang songs to his Rosie in heather."

I'd forgotten the words as it had been so many years since I sang that song. Rosie, in a soft little voice, picked up the lyrics and finished the song. Her cheeks were covered in tears.

"I never thought I'd ever sing that song with you, of all people. I'll never forget this...and I'm gonna tell everyone in town! I can't wait!"

Amy popped a bottle of wine and passed around glasses. Everyone thought the scene was so beautiful. I promised Rosie I'd relearn the song and rerecord it, dedicated to her. George asked her for a good place to eat and she suggested Sydney's Mountain Bistro. Before she returned to the office, she said she'd call ahead and let them know we were coming. We showered and dressed and drove over in George's trailer. It was considerably cozier than Big Chocolate and I considered just how spoiled I'd become.

Sydney's was a delightful place although our welcome was a bit overdone. I realized that they were not used to celebrities in their midst and we posed for pictures with the owner and all his staff. When we finally sat down to eat, the owner brought over a bottle of wine on the house. I had their specialty, Salmon in Chili Sauce, and it was superb. Everyone at the table had to taste it but that was fine with me because I got to taste all of their entrees and I will tell you - all the food was delicious.

After dinner, we returned to Big Chocolate for a nightcap. I noticed that George seemed to be observing me and occasionally asking me questions. Nothing heavy, mind you, but certain intimate thoughts about my career and about the music.

"Don't be so preoccupied with me, George. Relax. Don't be afraid to ask me anything, I'll tell you. But let me make it clear, the music is everything, George. It's the beginning and the end. It lives inside me like another organ. I think in music, I just can't help it, it's always been that way. Until Amy, I never felt that I could share that part of me so naturally but we are music and together a duetto. It's all about the music to me all the time. It's how I express my inner thoughts, it's how I expose myself. For a long time, things were tough for me but never the music, even when it was hiding within. It's my blood. When I make music with Mark or other musicians, I stop thinking and I become part of the river we all flow in and it takes me places. Maybe someone else can describe it better, maybe in a more linear fashion, but to me, music is not an abstraction. It's just me and it's a big part of who I am."

"Davy's right," said Mark. "I'd forgotten how natural and right the music was until we hooked up. Playing with him allows me to close my eyes and flow in the big river. We talk to each other in some deep statements. I listen to him and I trust that we're communicating. I know we are...and it makes the creativity in me grow and easier to express. It's all about the music. He has that affect on everyone who makes music with him. His music says, "It's alright. I understand. I hear. I know...and this is what I have to say to that..." I don't know how else to explain it."

"So, what you're telling me is that even when times are bad, the music never is?"

"Right, George. When I was burying my dad - and let me tell you, I really miss him - and everyone around his grave was crying, and my mom was crying and my sisters were crying, I heard his symphony in my head and I knew he was listening. When my wife left me and I was left penniless and I found myself on line in the soup kitchen, I heard music in the pain of those around me and it helped mec live through the pain. I wished they could hear it, too, so maybe it could help them. Whenever I play now, I look to make the audience understand the conversation I am having with the other musicians or between me and the audience...those who are listening, who can hear. Does any of this make any sense to you?"

"Yes it does. More than you can imagine. One of the aspects of the character I'm developing is that he exists in a sort of cosmic soup of music. While people and things can be tumbling around him, he hears something that carries him through - and makes him stronger. You know an actor goes within himself to pull material to create a character. When he finds a good group of collaborators, together, as individuals, they can tell a good story. An artist paints his canvas to express his feelings but he's by himself, in his own world. A musician does this, too, but when he finds kindred collaborators who all speak in a unified theme, they create a sound...a blend of sounds...that stir the emotions of people...like that Rosie. All of these creative people need to connect to the audience to complete the circle. Your song spoke to Rosie in ways you never could imagine when you wrote it and it stirs emotions in different ways to different people. Do you see what I'm getting at? My character can be desperate but he can touch and uplift people with his gift...or at least he's desperately trying to communicate with them. My character's crisis is that be believes he speaks in his own language and therefore can't communicate through the babble. He's desperate to cross over."

"Too heavy. Too intellectual. The music is not intellectual. It's spiritual. At it's very core, it's spiritual. It flows out of you. It just happens. You don't think about it. It just flows like an always open tap. Your character should take comfort in the knowledge that someone somwhere understands."

"Now, that's an interesting concept! And with that thought, Sarah and I will bid you a good night. Tomorrow is here already and we need our energy."

We bid them a good night after offering our amenities to them come morning. I knew that after trying out their shower, ours would be oh, so inviting. Amy and I sat down at the computer to check our email before we turned in. Susan, from Tesla, emailed us asking for the latest logs and readouts so we uploaded them. Annie wrote that she'd pull in by nine am. She mentioned that she was picking up a Vanity Fair writer, Laura, who was flying into Bozeman to join us. Annie also said that she and Graydon had made some special arrangements with the Parks Service and she'd fill me in. It sounded good to me. I then emailed my daughter asking if she'd like to fly out with her family for an Aspen vacation. YouTube had some clips from Sebastian's Berkeley show and we all watched a few clips. Man, "Life Is A Carnival" sure did start out shaky but as it went on, it got tighter and really fun. The Amys were excellent and I commented that there just might be a tour in the future. But the clips were from a ways back in the theater and difficult to watch. With our eyes starting to hurt, we shut it down and headed for bed, where Santo was already sprawled.

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