tagGroup SexDavy's On The Road Again Ch. 17

Davy's On The Road Again Ch. 17


Amy and I have received quite a lot of email about the "Davy's On The Road Again" series. Some are cool and some are just plain stupid. Except for one which was aggressively nasty, all are quite complimentary. We've decided to offer you a sampling and we hope you find them entertaining. As always, keep them cards and letters coming.


Hello Davy and Amy,

Thanks for bringing us to the Chicago show, it was just sublime. Hanging with you two was beyond everything we remember about you, and we remember a lot. Riding with Santo and you was truly the best road trip of my life and I'm certain that Shelley feels the same. (In fact, she just hollered at me to add that!).

We were looking at an old album cover of you the other day, the Avedon portrait. You were so young and handsome then. Not that you're still not handsome, you are. But your face has far more character these days. We were taken by the honesty in your eyes. You are special, Davy, and you know that you are in our hearts all the time. We love you so much and are so glad that you found Amy. There's an extra twinkle in your eyes.

As we started to tell you in Chicago, we moved to Burton, Michigan now, just outside of Flint and opened our own restaurant (with the help of your gift and thank you again). We named it "Good Food and Warm Love." (Do you think that would make a good song?). Through your inspiration, we are very involved in the food pantry mission here. There are four food pantries in the Flint area serving hundreds, if not thousands. You know how bad unemployment is here and how little work there is but with the help of a group of activists, we are trying to change things. It's a slow process but every now and again, we see another flicker of light.

We named a dish after you (because you are such a dish, baby!). It's called "Davy Harper's Road Special" and it's our special chicken salad with bacon, lettuce and tomato on garlic toast with homemade potato salad on the side. As it says on the menu: "$5.95 with $1.00 going to your local Food Pantry". Stop in some time. It's on us!

Each day, we make two rounds. Before we get to the restaurant, we stop at a few farmer's markets to pick up the day's supplies. Each afternoon, one of us distributes food around to the pantries. On Sundays, we lead a group of volunteers through neighborhoods to collect cans and other stuff to resupply the pantries. Also, we started a program in the restaurant to help feed some people in our area. The deal is that if they help maintain and clean the restaurant and the area around it, we'll feed them. We have regulars every day and needless to say, our place is spotless. Yesterday, a group of former gang members painted the outside. Last week, another group planted flowers all around the parking lot and by the front door. Fortunately, we've been getting lots of great press and the restaurant is booming all day.

We just might take you up on your offer to visit this summer. General Motors has donated two hybrid SUV's for us to make deliveries and we might take one out to your place. We want to see little Jake so much.

We'll keep you posted. Love to Amy. Always love you.

Shelley and Linda


Dear Davy,

Since you seem to know so much about sex and since you seem to have a good relationship with your wife, perhaps you can help me out with this problem: Here's the thing. My wife likes sex in the morning and I like sex at night. We can't seem to get it together. What should I do.

Early to Bed

Dear Early to Bed,

What do I look like, Dr. Ruth? It would appear that you have to come sort of compromise, right? Like maybe talk about it? Maybe meet in the middle?

I had a similar situation in my first marriage. She liked to fuck in the morning and I liked to fuck at night. So we came to a compromise. We fucked in the morning.

Sorry, chump. You gotta do whatever you gotta do.

P.S. from Amy: Sleep during the day and stay up all night. Then have sex in the morning and everyone will be happy.


Dear Mr. Harper,

I have really enjoyed the stories of your journey. I have a lot of fantasies and I live them through your story and your music. These are difficult days for me and reading your stories cheers me up. I'm about your age and I've always enjoyed your music. It has an integrity that is rare. For this, I thank you.

I'm out of work these days and I can't find anyone who will hire me. The government says that the recession is over and that employers are hiring but I don't know where. Maybe in those countries where all our jobs are outsourced, I just don't see anything getting better. At least, the food pantries have food when the food stamps run out because the prices of food is through the roof. And for this, I thank you again.

Maybe things will get better, I certainly hope so. At any rate, when I listen to your music, I have a glimmer of hope. And for that I thank you once again.

Joe, in Kansas

Keep the faith, Joe. Every day is a new day. Approach each one with the determination to make it better than the one before. I know that it's hard these days but if you stay strong and keep your soul fed with positivism, I believe better days for you will arrive sooner than you know.

Davy Harper


Dear Davy,

Here's an open invitation to visit us when you're in Arkansas. We would love to suck your cock and your beautiful wife's pussy.

My husband and I make an attractive and sexy pair. I'm 5'4", 36D, small ass, shaved and disease free. My hubby is 6'1", 180 pounds, buff and hung. We are both closet bisexuals who enjoy the company of uninhibited fuckers like you and Amy. We've read all your stories and role-played some great sex afterward.

Just last night, we reread your story about the sex spa in Palm Springs together. It's one of favorite bookmarks. As we read it, we started getting frisky with each other and fantasizing about taking a trip there. As we read it, he rubbed a vibrator about my pussy and made me crazy. After a few minutes, I couldn't take it anymore and got down on all fours so he could fuck me. I love it when he drives that thing into me from behind. I pulled away before I came and we changed positions so he could get on all fours. I got down behind him and licked his ass making sure to rim his hole. Then I inserted the vibrator into his ass while I got down on the floor and took his cock into my mouth. It tasted and smelled full of my pussy. I fucked him with the vibrator and kept increasing the speed until he started pumping my face. I could get anymore into his ass and he started to squirt his cum into me. I love his cum. When he pulled out of me, he started to kiss me and we snowballed his jizz.

Now it was my turn. He laid down on his back and I sat on his chest so he could eyeball my pussy and my swollen clit. I took the vibrator and put on a show for him. I like to rub the vibrator around my clitty while I push a few fingers into myself. I did this until my pussy was dripping down his chest and onto his neck. When I finally came off, he was drenched. My pussy smell was everywhere in the air and I love that smell. Finally, I laid down on him and rubbed my juice all over my tits which I then fed to him. After we rested, we went back to the bed and had a good old-fashioned regular fucking.

So, like I said, if your in our area, drop us an email and let us be a part of your next story. I would love to brag that I drank your cum.

Lois and Pete

Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Keep up the good sex. You never know when we might be in your town.


Dearest Davy and Amy,

It is our sad duty to inform you that our mentor, Lillian has passed away. Fortunately, we understand that it was peaceful.

Lillian was down in La Fortuna, Mexico visiting old friends. According to Raphael, she was sitting on the beach and meditating. When he went out to check on her, she was laying on her side and no longer breathing.

As she has no family that we are aware of, we decided to bury her in my family's plot at Joshua Tree Memorial Park. This way, we can visit often and meditate over her blessed life. We will be holding a memorial to her next month and hope you can join us.

Tony and Callie

This is sad indeed, Callie. Please send us the particulars so we can attend. Mark and Deb will join us.

Davy and I went up to our meditation retreat up in the mountains and talked about her and her gift. We are forever in her debt. She showed us a way and brought us to a higher place. She will always live in our hearts.

Amy and Davy


Dear Davy,

I just wanna know something? Where do you find all these randy fuckers and bisex people? I've been looking on CraigsList and AFF and God only knows where else and all I find are bullshit poseurs, scammers, porn bots and other varieties of fakes. I assume that real people are out there, but I can't find any? What's your secret?

Lou in Hackensack


I have no secret except that I'm out there in the real world and not looking on the web. In fact, I've never really looked for sex, either it finds me or it just happens. I don't know what to tell you except to get outside. Get a tan from the sun and not from your monitor.


Mr. Davy Harper,

I'm curious. Are you oldhippie1949?

Mark K., Louisville, Ky.

No, Mark, I'm not. I guess you could say that the Ol' Hippie and I are very close, almost like brothers. He's my editor. I give him the stories and he fixes them up, changes the names where applicable and posts them to Literotica.

Also, as if you couldn't tell, my real name is not Davy Harper, that's my nom de plume. If I wrote under my real name, I'd never work in this town again!


Dear Amy,

How's your baby? I'm due in six weeks. Do you breastfeed? How did the Lamaze go? Are you tired all the time? Has your shape returned? I have lots of questions but this is my first and I'm scared.

Sara Ann in Kenosha

Sara Ann,

Don't be afraid. It's a wonderful experience and a new adventure each day. It's a feeling like no other.

Everything is going well. Little Jacob Daniel (or Jake or Jakey or whatever endearments pop into my head at the moment) arrived on time at 8lbs. 4oz. The Lamaze experience was wonderful and Davy was an excellent coach. This was the greatest day of my life and I will always treasure every moment of it. Yes, the pushing and the bearing down was hard but my advice is to keep doing those kegels. You will thank me later, I promise.

Yes, breastfeed. At first, it may hurt a little and your nipples might get sore but use cream to keep them soft and pliant and you'll be just fine. Davy says that when I'm feeding Jake, he sees an aura around us, a glow. He's envious, I think and I cannot blame him, It makes me feel euphoric. My breasts are very sensitive and sometimes when Davy gives that "look", they begin to leak. Also, my breasts are very large when feeding time comes and the milking seems to relieve the pressure and make me a little tired but also very, very satisfied.

My shape has pretty much returned even though my breasts are larger. When you are able, you should start exercising right away. I run each morning after my first feeding and I know that helps a lot. Also, I do yoga every day. Davy's filled my iPod with good running music and so I enjoy the workout.

Keep those kegels going. My vagina is back in shape and Davy says that the episiotomy worked. He says that I'm tighter than I was and to be honest with you, I like the way it feels these days.

Sara Ann, ask me anything you like and I promise I will answer. Talk you your doctor. Talk to your Lamaze teacher. Ask, ask, ask. I promise you, it's all good.

Amy Harper


Hey Davy,

How come the lyrics of the songs have been stripped down? I read the stories before and there were lots more to the songs. I think that the stories lose some of the atmosphere without the lyrics.


I agree, reddevil. But some uptight reader complained to the website administrators that the "old hippie" was violating copyright laws by publishing the lyrics without consent. He was asked to reduce the lyrics to 40% or below and so I asked him to do so and that's what he did. I mentioned this to a couple of the songwriters and they really didn't give a shit about having their lyrics printed. In fact, one told me that he felt complimented. I mean it's not like you can't find these songs somewhere on the web anyway. Still, I don't want the "old hippie" to take any heat as he's doing me a big favor by putting the story out for you. I feel bad for the jerk-off who complained. Better to jerk-off than be one, right?



Your stories make me spooge.

Anonymous in Bumfuck, Ohio



Love reading the stories. Any chance getting them turned into a movie?

Lanky Lenny in Levittown

Slim to nil.



How 'bout an ebook?

Lanky Lenny in Levittown

Send a request to the Ol' Hippie and he'll send you a pdf.


Hiya pals,

It sounds like everything is going well on your end since we last hooked up in NYC. How's motherhood, Amy? Has Jake written his first song yet? We bet that even his crying is musical.

We were floating for several days after. Between the amazing show at the Garden, the meet and greet afterward, meeting for dinner at the hotel afterward and then staying in East Hampton with you, it was an exciting whirlwind for us. I don't know if we ever thanked you for the swag bag after the show but all those goodies were great. Thanks a million times. We got some great pictures (attached) and the autographed program is now framed and hanging on the wall in the den.

We never got to tell you about our trip back home from Palm Springs, so here goes: After we left the spa, we headed east. I wanted to take a different route than the way we came in so we took I-10 west and eventually got to I-40 and Albequerque. We were so mellow and laid back, there was no rush. From there, we picked up I-44 up to I-70. We found a nice RV camp and were having a cookout when the skies opened up. I tell you, it was a hell of a storm. The winds were blowing and rocking the RV around. At about 11pm, we were nestled in bed but someone started knocking on our door. It was our neighbor, a woman, whose little Class B had sprung a leak. She needed help so we ran out in the rain and started jamming towels into the room seam over the passenger seat and putting a big plastic tub under that to catch the water. We did the best we could but I'm afraid her van was going to get very wet anyway. We were all soaked and cold so we invited her into our bus.

To make a long story short, after a cup of tea and a doob, we took showers. Oh, I forgot to mention that she was kind of punky with lots of tats and a big tongue button. That night, she should us what she could do with it. I've never felt one of those run along my dick vein before and wow, did it feel good. She also worked her magic over Carla's clit and Carla liked that a lot, too. Personally, I didn't care for the nipple piercing or the clit ring but it sure made for an interesting encounter. She liked it rough and had us pulling her nipples hard. Carla and I knew we'd have to tell you about it. So the next day, we followed her to a dealership where they fixed the leak and then we went on our way back home.

Things here are a lot more reserved than our time with you guys but we have a trunk full of memories. We listen to your music all the time but I have to admit, that little concert you did at the spa was one of the best evenings of music we ever heard.

This summer, we're thinking of coming out your way. Is that okay with you? We'll call you and let you know and we can fill each other in.

Love you guys,

Denis and Carla


Mr. Harper.

I really like your saga. My wife and I await each new chapter with anticipation and delight.

We've been RV-ing for about 25 years. We're retired now and based out of Orlando, where our latest bus sits in the driveway waiting for our next excursion. We are swingers and we, too, have many fond memories of parties on the road. While we have indulged in several bisexual swings, we are, for the most part hetero and enjoy open, same room activities. But, you're right about the amazing amount of bisexual people who RV. It seems that once you get on the road, all your fantasies and inhibitions fly out the window.

We have swung with people of our own age as well as people half our age and even younger. Good sex seems to have no age barriers. We've gone to several nudist camps and some have been very luxurious. We've attended several RV swinger conventions and have met some great people, some of whom have become lifelong friends who we hook up with annually. Still, the best sex is that which seems to come out of nowhere and just happens when you least expect it, by sheer luck or serendipity.

I'll tell you about one such event. Now, I should explain that neither my wife nor myself are in particularly good shape. We're both a bit on the chubby side but fortunately gifted where it counts. My penis is nearly nine inches long and almost a beer can in girth. My wife's vagina is bare, her breasts are large (38DD) and her nipples protrude nearly an inch. We were parked at a quiet RV camp in Western Tennessee for the night when another bus pulled up alongside. The folks in that bus were of the same age and of similar physique. They were also very friendly (as are most RVers) and we decided to make dinner together. Needless to say, we drank quite a bit and they had some excellent marijuana (which my wife and I rarely partake of). As the evening wore on, we began to share road stories. Naturally, the stories turned sexual and we all became very touchy-feely. Walter out on some porn and things turned randy as we began to strip down. Alice was particularly enamored with my wife's breasts and asked if she could touch them to which my wife agreed. Walter and I were treated to a show as Alice began sucking Marie's nipples. I was glued to the scene and lightly stroking my cock when I felt Walter's warm lips encircle it. Walter couldn't get enough of me as he admirably got as much of it as he could. His tongue slurped and lapped at me while he stroked me with his hand. He made so much noise that the women stopped what they were doing to watch. They moved next to us and encouraged Walter to suck me which he did with obvious relish. Alice moved down onto the floor next to him and wedged herself between my wife's legs. As the two of them ate us, we kissed and fondled each other. Walter sucked me with vigor and it was only a few minutes before I felt my seed rising up in me. Alice said that she wanted to watch me cum and at the last possible moment, Walter pulled off me and opened his mouth wide. Holding my cock in front of his face, I began to cover his face in cum and filling his mouth, too. As I finished cumming, he put me back into his mouth and sucked me dry letting my cock lay there until it became too sensitive. He sighed and told me how delicious my cum tasted and good my cock felt. Alice then back to work with renewed energy. She laved Marie's pussy with her big tongue and sucked her clit in. With two fingers, she pulled Marie's clit up to enable her to suck more of it in. She manipulated her clit with her fingers as if she were stroking a small cock. She obviously loved what she was doing as she moaned and grunted in her delight. In a short time, she was treated to a well-soaked face. My wife and I both agreed that their oral expertise was nonpareil. We never reciprocated but they didn't seem to mind and a little while later, after more drink and more smoke, they did it again. My wife and I returned to our bus and slept like dead people.

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