tagBDSMDawn: A Tale of Submission Ch. 02

Dawn: A Tale of Submission Ch. 02


This is part two of A Tale of Submission with Dawn and her Master (Gabe). I give thanks for the positive feedback I have received. Seems my little story was even better than I had hoped. I can only hope that this one is enjoyed as well. In part two Gabe and Dawn meet a lovely Asian girl from the Philippines who, unlike them has no real experience with D/s, but a lot of interest. All references to the Philippines, their language and culture is base on my experiences living there long, long ago and is accurate to the best of my hazy memories after partaking of far too many San Miguel's.


My life had gradually slipped back into something approaching normal once again. As normal, as anyone could live the lifestyle I had chosen to live. Dawn had turned out to be a real treasure. My home was always neat and organized to perfection. She was always eager to please me in every way. Especially in bed. I had never met a woman with such an incredibly high sex drive. She is totally insatiable. Not that I am complaining...I am not! My sex drive is higher than most as well. I often joked to myself that between the two of us, I might quite easily screw myself into an early grave.....Ah! But, what a way to go. Let me put it this way; there is never, ever a shortage of passion in my bedroom. It had been just over three months since that night in the motel room where I put my collar on her neck and I could not be much happier.

Dawn's responsibilities were really quite simple. As long as she kept my home in order and me happy, I placed very few restrictions on her. I had told her what I required of her when I brought her home that night.

I had made a few minor changes. First, I'd had her cut her hair a bit. It was still very long but now stopped just below her waist. I also relaxed my stand on her wearing make-up a little after learning that used it sparingly and very tastefully. She only used what she thought she needed to enhance her natural beauty. And she is extremely beautiful.

There were things that truly endeared Dawn to me. Particularly in the way she dressed. Always sexy and a wee bit provocative but, almost never trashy or smutty. She had told me that she never do anything to dishonor me in any way. Friends and acquaintances had also told me that she always behaved very properly in my absence and was a credit to me..

She had started three-a-week workouts at a local fitness center. She had told me that she had always worked out before to keep herself more desirable for her Master. The last two had not allowed this and she became worried about her weight to the point of being obsessed about it. I thought she looked just fine but, did allow it to make her happy. After all, a happy slave girl will do more to be pleasing. She had lost twelve pounds and now had the body of a model now. Her 36C breasts appeared even larger on her diminutive body. Believe me; on a woman 4' 9 1/2" tall and less than 100lbs, they are quite large. Many men and even a few women had seen and admired her striking good looks. Dawn had become by far one of the most beautiful women I've ever known. I considered myself very lucky.

One day she called me from the fitness center and asked to bring her new friend to the house for a bit. I questioned her about this. I told her when I brought into my home that I had no objections to her having any friends but the friends would have to be told every thing about our lifestyle and our relationship. She assured me that she'd told her friend everything and 'them some' as she explained it. Chuckling, I told Dawn to bring her new friend home with her.

About twenty minutes later, I was at my computer checking my e-mail when I heard Dawn come in the house chattering to her friend. I clicked to send icon on a message I'd just finished and turned at my desk as they entered the room.

Dawn was her usual stunning self even though she was dressed very casually as was her habit when going to the fitness center. Dressed in a white A-shit (what the youngsters these days refer to as a "wife-beater") and blue denim cut-offs cut short. The first thing that caught my attention about her friend was that she was dressed identically. The next thing I noticed was that she was Asian and quite lovely. I guessed she was from Southeast Asia, probably Malaysia or perhaps the Philippines. She appeared to be in her early to mid twenties. She was at most, an inch taller than Dawn and very thin with smallish breasts but still a little large for an tiny Asian woman. Neither of them wore bras and their nipples were very conspicuous. The girl's hair was long, nearly as long as Dawn's and even blacker...if that is possible. Dawn walked to me, settled onto my lap, and gave me short sultry kiss.

"Hi Master. Your little slave girl sure did miss you." She gave me another quick kiss on the cheek. "This is your slut's new friend, Mindy. Mindy, this is my adorable master."

Mindy showed no sign of surprised or being put off as she heard the language and the words Dawn used In fact, she took as though it were an every day occurrence for her. She stepped forward eagerly, smiling and offered her hand to me.

"Hi!" she said cheerily. "I'm Minda Ryan. My friends call me Mindy." Her accent and the name Minda gave her away. I was sure that she was from the Philippines.

I took her hand shaking it firmly, yet gently. "Hello, I'm Gabe Atherton. Minda? Would that be short for Luzviminda?" Minda is a typical nickname for Luzviminda, A name that comes from the three main regions in the Philippine Islands. Luzon, Visaya, and Mindanao.

She looked at me with a very shocked expression on her cute face. "What? How did you..."

I interrupted her "Taga saan ka sa Pilipinas? I spoke in Tagalog, the official language of her homeland. Asking her where in the Philippines she was from.

"Sa Manila..." she pronounced Manila (My-nee-lah). Then she froze. "You speak my language?" She beamed at Dawn. "Your master knows to speak my language, Dawn" She smiled very warmly at me.

I laughed "It's been a while and I've forgotten most of what use to know .It's been quite a few years since I've had some one to practice with Minda." Then I asked "Do you mind if I call you Minda? I prefer it to the Americanized version."

Minda smiled at me warmly again. "From you sir, I think I would like that."

"Just call me Gabe, Minda"

"Oh no, sir, I cannot do that!"

"Sure you can. You need not be so formal." I said to her.

She smiled "No sir. I must be respectful."

I shrugged " As you wish girl." I didn't think a deal about it. Many Asian cultures do tend to be a bit more formal than we here in the states. Something that surprises most westerners is that in most countries in Asia, nearly all the young actually do respect their elders.

In a moment, Dawn and Minda left walking hand in hand out into the back yard by the pool. As I was finishing my e-mail traffic, I occasionally glanced out the window seeing them talking very animatedly. Minda seemed to be captivated by Dawn's collar, running her fingers over it and looking closely, even longingly at it. I did not know if Minda's husband was into the lifestyle but it very obviously piqued her interest. Well, I thought. It is none of my concern.

After a while, Dawn walked her friend out to the front of the house to her car. It was a dark green late model BMW coupe. She hugged Dawn, tenderly kissed her lightly on the cheek and departed.

A few minutes later Dawn reappeared and knelt at my feet. She, as usual when alone at home with me was wearing nothing but her collar. "Master, your slave needs your attention. Please Master, Dawn is soooo very hot...use your little slut Master."

"Later." I said glancing at my watch "Get supper started. We can play after that.

"But Master!" she whined

I looked at her sharply.

She blanched "Yes Master. Dawn understands. Supper will be ready soon."

Supper and the rest of the early evening went off without incident. It was Italian night and my sweet girl threw together a great little meal consisting of Italian Sausage in a really good marinara sauce and all the trimmings. The only thing that struck me as mildly odd was she remained naked the entire time. When everything was done and the dishes had all been put in the dishwasher, I looked at her. "Go shower then I will see you in the playroom."

An hour later, I walked into the playroom and found Dawn kneeling in her customary place on a small mat in the very center of the room. Her left breast was cupped in her hand as she tugged on the nipple. Her free hand was between her legs rubbing her clitoris in small side to side movements. I had very early in our relationship decided to let her masterbate whenever she liked. However, she was not permitted to bring herself to orgasm that way...without my permission, that is. I smiled at her.

"Is my Little One enjoying herself?"

"Oh yes Master...Your girl begs you Master. May she please cum?"

"Soon, not yet. I have a new toy for you to try out first."

"A new toy Master? Can Dawn see?"

"You must learn to be patient my sweet one." I told her as I went to wall where various toys and accessories hung. I returned to her with two spreader bars and a small bag from our favorite 'toy' store. The bars were both just a bit over two feet long with leather straps on each that could be closed using Velcro closings. I secured her wrists first.

"Master." She cooed at me. "Use your slave slut. She loves everything you do to her. Everything my sweet adorable Master." I could see in her eyes that she was as aroused as I've ever seen her.

With a ring attached to the center of the spreader I hung it from a hook hanging down from the ceiling that could be adjusted to any height. I then secured her ankles with the second bar and hooked that to the floor slightly behind her. With the help of modern electronics and a remote, I raised the bar that held her wrists until it held her tight but, not uncomfortably so.

Dawn spoke breathlessly "Master? Your horny little slut loves it when you make her so totally helpless to your will." She was dripping wet already. "Dawn is yours. Do with her whatever you want."

"Close your eyes little one." I commanded her

"No blindfold Master?"

"No slave girl. It wouldn't be on long enough to be worth while."

"As you wish Master" She whispered with a dreamy smile and closed her eyes.

I reached into the bag and brought out a new set of clamps. I attached the first to Dawn left nipple just tight enough to keep it there.

"Ooooooo Master, new clamps. Dawn loves them already."

"We'll see Dawn, how much you're going to love them."

I then set another clamp to her other nipple, let connecting chains hang and said to Dawn. "Okay baby you can open your eyes now.

She opened her lovely sky blue eyes smiling at me. "Master, you make your girl so very happy. No woman, slave or muggle could possibly be as happy as Dawn is." Dawn always referred to those who did not live or believe in the BDSM lifestyle as muggles.

I tightened the clamps on her nipples until she grimaced and sucked in her breath. Then tweaked them just a touch more.

Dawn looked down. The clamps were very ornate with chains that led to a medallion of sort that hung slightly below her breasts. Then she saw a third longer chain coming off the bottom of the medallion hanging down to the tops of her thighs.

"No Master, no!" Dawn said as fear swept over her face. "Please Master...No! Don't clamp this slut there Master. She won't be able to take it."

"Are you sure about that my sweet little slut?"

"Yes Master, Dawn is sure!"

"Well, you know how to stop this, do you not?"

A very serious look came over face. "No Master. This slave will never do that. Dawn could never bear failing you Master. If she did that, it would be a failure on her part."

Dawn was referring to the 'safe' words we had agreed on three months prior. She'd gotten some silly notion in her head that using a safe word would indicate that she was unworthy and unable to make it as a submissive. I, as a responsible Master had insisted on these safe words. Dawn, while she understood the necessity was not fully in favor of this. She is a true submissive slave girl. Also, I gathered that she trusts me completely. The system is quite simple. We have two safe words. 'Yellow' meant to stop, take a short break and then continue if we both agreed. 'Red' just meant stop. That 'playtime' was over, at least for the night. Thus far, no safe word had ever been uttered by her, even though I had, on occasion during our brief time together, severely tested her limits.

I looked her in the eye. "Then you will take whatever I dish out and like it slut!" I continued to stare into her eyes.

"Yes Master." was all she said. She looked down between her legs with apprehension.

I stooped down in front of her, I then took the clamp in one hand and began softly stroking her clit with the other. I needed have bothered. Her clit was fully engorged and was big as I've ever seen. Though she told me she didn't want to be clamped here, her body betrayed her. Her sweet pussy was as wet as it could possibly be without her cumming. I grinned up her evilly. "You can say no all you want Dawn but, your body begs me to continue."

"Please Master, don't clamp your slave down..."

She stopped, sucking in a deep breath as I closed the clamp on her clit and began to tighten it. She was panting through clenched teeth. She moaned and then had a small orgasm. Her nectar running down her thighs.

"Oh Master...please take it off Dawn. She panted, her teeth still clenched.

"But, my sweet wanton whore, if it hurts too much, why are you cumming?" I said softly and sarcastically. I adjusted the ceiling hook up higher. High enough that she could not stand flat-footed yet could support her weight on the balls of her feet without any real discomfort. I took all of her hair and pinned it up to the top of her head. Thank the Gods she taught me how to do this. I stepped back admiring my beautiful little slave girl. There are times when seeing her with her hair up that can be as exciting as when it is down. Tonight was one of those nights.

Returning to the bag Dawn's new clamps came in, I reached in and withdrew four specially made weights just for this set of clamps. Teardrop shaped with flat bottoms so they would stand on their own. They were small, only four ounces each. I was pretty new to the weights for body clamp thing and had no idea how much weight I could hang on the chain without overreaching Dawn's limits. I doubted she could handle the full pound and the pressure all four of the weights would put on her supported only by her nipples and clit.

I clipped the first weight to the chain but, held it in my hand. Dawn looked at me totally stunned at what I was about to do. Then I released it. It dropped about three inches and jerked to a stop pulling on both nipples and her clit at the same instant.

"Oh my God Master!" She nearly screamed. "Is your slave to be tortured?" Her breathing had become ragged. It hurts so badly...Please my sweet Master, no more."

I grinned at her maliciously. "My sweet little slut, I have not yet begun."

Her eyes popped wide open. "Master...Please!" She said to me pleadingly.

"As I've told you many times girl...you can stop this any time."

"Never, Master!" She answered defiantly. I was mildly surprised as I saw what had been something I've never seen in her. It was perhaps a flash of real anger in her eyes. And while I've seen her upset or annoyed, I have never seen her really angry.

I walked to my rack of toys on the wall and returned, standing front of her with my favorite flogger in hand. The same one I used on her our first night just before I collared her.

"Master?" She asked. "Your slut does not know how much how much more she take. Dawn begs you Master...Stop now. No more, no more." I walked around behind her, paused a moment then brought the flogger swiftly against her bottom. Her small body flinched with the impact causing the weight to swing and bob up and down. She grunted, panting heavily. I struck her again with the same result. This time, she screamed though clenched teeth.

I moved until I stood in front of her once again. I reach down, grabbing a second weight adding it to the chain. I was certain that I was at the very edge of her limit.

I slashed her twice across her breasts with the flogger. The impact of the flogger, the flogger's strands hitting the chain that supported the weight and her flinching caused the weight to bounce around a lot.

Dawn looked me straight in the eye. "Oh God...Master...Your slut cannot take this...Please!!" I swung the flogger yet again, an underhanded swing that caught her between the legs. "Mas...Oh God! I can't..." she panted. Then she screamed loudly "Master!...Yellow Master!...Yellow-yellow-yellow!"

I threw down my flogger and quickly removed the weights from the chain. Then I bend to remove the clamp from her clit. The whole time this was occurring, she was experiencing a huge orgasm. Her juices literally sprayed out puddling around her feet. I was more than a little confused. But, the safe word means stop. And that was that.

"No Master!" She was still screaming. "Leave it Master!

I looked up at her questioningly.

"No Master." Her voiced was still raised but, she was no longer screaming. "Please Master. Leave it on for now. I just needed to catch my brea....Oh God, NO!!!" She dropped her head to her chest and began weeping. "Oh my God, no" She was nearly hysterical in her crying.

I stood and listened to her softy muttering to herself. "I failed, I failed, I am unworthy."

I lost it. Dawn and I had talked about my concerns about her self esteem. I roughly reached around grabbing a hand full of her hair, jerking her head back. I leaned in, our faces no more than a couple of inches apart. "Geez Dawn!! How many times do we need to talk about this shit! God, I hate it when you talk like that!"

Then it happened. What had to be the very last thing I would ever expect from my sweet innocent submissive slave girl. She lost it!

She some how jerked her head around freeing it from my grasp. Her hair all came down, falling across her shoulders and down her back. "Goddammit Master! That's not it!" Her face was filled with honest to God, no bullshit anger. "There is nothing wrong with my self esteem!" She shouted at me. "Master, I simply got scared for a moment. I honestly think my coming orgasm may have been actually too intense! Well, not too intense but, it was not any other she's ever had. Dawn was having trouble breathing and panicked. Please forgive Dawn Master?" Her face changed again as if she saw something that frightened her.

"Oh God Master. Dawn lost her temper...Shouted at you Master!" She started crying again. Master?.....Your slave should be punished for what she did. Punished severely. Dawn has done what she pledged to herself she would never do. She became angry with you. Part of what upset Dawn before is not that she failed you Master, although she did." As she spoke to me I released her wrists and ankles from the spreaders. She went to her knees and I knelt by her, taking her into my arms. "Your slave was more upset with the thought that she failed herself in her slavery. It felt as though her trust in you failed....Does that make sense Master? Does it? Does Master know that his slave truly loves him?"

"Yes sweet slave, he is aware. And he loves her too.

Her eyes went wide and I froze. Two things about my comment did surprise me. First that it was totally, 100% true. Second, I am sure it was the first time I ever actually told her that. I suppose that I'd been in love with her since nearly the beginning but, I'm a man and we men do not always say the things we should say when we should say them. "Yes Dawn, I do love you. I'm sure I've loved you for some time now but, just now became fully aware of it."

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