tagBDSMDawn: A Tale of Submission Ch. 03

Dawn: A Tale of Submission Ch. 03


First, allow me to apologize for have taken so long on this installment of Dawn's story...Writer's block can be a real pain in the backside. For those may be reading this for the first time, it won't make a lot of sense unless you read at least Ch. 2 of Dawn's story. Further chapters will be coming though perhaps not as quickly as the first two. As usual, any and all comments are welcome. With your comments, I can hopefully write even better chapter and possibly other stories. Thanks again!


"Yes Master" She said quietly.

We all lay down, Minda between Dawn and myself. She settled in resting with hand softly holding on to my upper arm. The last thing I remember before dozing off was, What the hell had I gotten myself into?

The following morning, I woke slowly. I gradually became aware of two things. Upon starting to open my eyes, I saw an old faded T-shirt at the foot of the bed and realized the Minda was curled up against me nude. She had also managed to get close enough to rest her head on my chest and my arm was around her shoulder. Dawn was also nude, snuggled up to Minda's back with her arms holding Minda.

I was able to slowly extricate myself from the bed without waking the girls. There was a wet spot on the side of my pajama bottoms where Minda had apparently rubbed herself against me in her sleep. I found this a little bothersome. The girl had been beaten less than twelve hours ago and she had at times last night seemed to be sexually aroused.

I looked down at her. The swelling on her face was already going down from the beating she had taken, though the discoloration would undoubtedly remain for a while. Someone had beaten the hell out of her and I had no idea why. I suspected her husband but Dawn thought it might be a stranger. Dawn is intuitive about such things and I decided to wait and see before taking any action.

I caught the scent of coffee brewing downstairs and headed that way. It sure was nice to have a programmable coffee maker. After pouring a cup, I went out grab the paper and returned to the breakfast nook. Trying to read the paper was a lost cause. Yesterday and last night's events had my mind in turmoil. I was still wondering what I might be getting myself into.

Here I was...I had what I thought was the absolute perfect slave girl for me. I really believed that she would do, as she said, literally anything for me. I know she is completely devoted to me. Exquisitely beautiful, intelligent, any man's dream. She is a true submissive. An honest to God, no bullshit slave girl. Here, alive in the 21st century. She told me a few weeks before that real slaves in the world today are very rare. They are and she is. Most normal folk, or muggles as Dawn calls then have no real concept of what the D/s world is about. There are many in the lifestyle that do not really understand it truly. Anyway, I digress.

As I was saying...I have a perfectly wonderful slave girl and now, the potential for a second. Dawn plainly wanted me to have Minda as a second girl. I had my stance on married women but, it now appeared that Minda's marriage was about to die a horrible death. Two slave girls. I had to admit that the idea did not sound bad...not bad at all. However, that was fraught with all kinds of new troubles. Least of all jealousy. Dawn is pretty open-minded and as she told me, she liked to share as it were. However, full time every day 24/7? In addition, I did not really know Minda at all. Would she be willing to become second girl? First, though I knew she had a submissive nature, I did not know yet if she was a true submissive. In addition, based on my experience, Filipinas I know can be violently jealous. I mulled everything over in my mind.

I went back upstairs to take a shower. I got there to find it already in use. I looked in to see two lovely soapy bodies embraced in a very passionate kiss. I watched for just a moment, then... "Ahem... Good morning girls." expecting them to jump apart as if caught doing something they shouldn't . However, they held the kiss a couple seconds longer. Dawn whispered to Minda and both turned to look at me.

"Good morning Master." they said in unison. Then broke into a giggling fit.

I rolled my eyes and looked heavenward. "Some help here please."

The girls continued to giggle.

"You girls save me some hot water now." I said as I turned and left. I was joking with them as I had one of those tank less water heaters. That was just my subtle hint for them to hurry.

Ninety minutes later we all sat around the dinning room table sipping coffee,...I was on my third cup. The girls were dressed in clean identical white A-shirts with probably nothing underneath knowing them as I did.

"Okay." I said looking at Minda. "Are you up to talking about what happened last night?"

"Yes Sir." she said looking down. She took a deep breath, looked at me and went on. "To start with, I think I owe you and Dawn an apology. I am not sure can explain this but, after the beating, I had...after the worse of the pain when that bakla was hitting me...I don't know how to say this. It felt good. Does that make me a bad person? After I got here and felt safe...the pain...well, it excited me...made me horny. Am I a freak?

"No Minda. I will talk to you about that another time." I said

"I also need to talk for a moment about yesterday afternoon. As Dawn told you, almost everything that happened was planned by her and me. So, please Mr. Gabe, some of your anger should be aimed at me...not just her. Anyway, we'd been planning that for a few days and before coming here yesterday, I told Günter I would be staying with a friend last night in the hope our little plan succeeded." she blushed. "After all that did happen...me losing my nerve and all, I decided that I should go home last night, as you know.

I got home and went in." She hesitated here. "Oh God, this is harder than I thought it would be. I...I went in and..." she stopped again. "Please Mr. Gabe...May I have a moment to figure out how to tell you this?"

Tears were starting to run down her cheeks. Dawn leapt up and got Minda some tissues. Minda took another deep breath, composed herself and continued. "You know, if this weren't so sad and disgusting, it would really be hilarious." Another pause. "I heard odd noises in my dinning room, strange grunting sounds. I went to investigate. I entered and..." Yet another pause, this one longer. "I saw Günter...I saw him...He...He was bent over the table. He.....was wearing lingerie...women's lingerie! Stockings and a garter belt...and ladies high heeled shoes.....all pink...and nothing else!" She stopped here and began to cry.

"Do you want to stop and take a break Minda?" I asked

"No Mr. Gabe, I have to go on. If I stop now, I may not have the courage to tell anyone about this again." She looked at Dawn, who nodded encouragingly, and back to me. "As I was saying, Günter was bent over the table. There was another man there." Another deep breath, a really deep one. "He was dressed, if you can call it that, like my husband but, his outfit was black. Except that, he was wearing combat boots instead of women's shoes. Günter was masturbating and the other man was...was..." Still another deep breath. Then she said the rest of it rapidly. "He was screwing Günter in the ass Mr. Gabe!" She broke down and was crying piteously.

Dawn and I were both stunned! I could not think of a single thing to say. Dawn went over next to Minda, knelt beside her and hugged her tightly. "It'll be okay Sis." Dawn told her. "Dawn and Master will take good care of you." Dawn looked at me with a question in her eyes. I nodded to let her know that we would do whatever it took to help Minda.

After a while, Minda finally got herself under control. A small forced smile tugged at her mouth . "Where was I now?" the smile faded. Günter just stood and laughed...Laughed Mr. Gabe! He said it was about time that I found out about who he called his 'true love'." Her face switched from sorrow to anger. "And that's when his bastard faggot boyfriend began to beat me!" She seemed to be warming to her anger. He started punching me in the face and upper body. I tried to protect myself but, he's a big man, even bigger than you Mr. Gabe." That's when I noticed the bruising on her arms that I missed before. "He tried to rip my T-shit off but, was only able to destroy it. He...he grabbed me and...actually, nearly picked me up off the floor by my nipples. It hurt so terribly bad. I never felt pain like that before." Her hands came up unconsciously covering them. "And then he threw me half way across the room. This whole time, my loving husband..." this was said sarcastically. "...just stood there laughing at me. His lover starting kicking me, cursing in German. I tried to get up and get out, but the son-of-a-bitch wasn't done with me. He was apparently furious with me for interrupting their 'love making'.

He pinned me against the wall and tore my bikini bottoms off. I was terrified Mr. Gabe. I was sure he was going to rape me. When they noticed that I'd been shaved, Günter called me a whore, accused me of having an affair and told his lover to throw me out. Mr. Gabe, I've never broken my marriage vows! Never had an affair, although..." she blushed. "...I actually was trying to yesterday." She looked at Dawn. "And now, I wish to God now that, our little plan had succeeded!" She returned her gaze back to me. "Sorry Mr. Gabe, I really do. All that time he would not touch me in any way. The thought had never occurred to me that he might be having an affair. I thought he was just...um, sexless?

"I think the term you're looking for is A-sexual." I said.

"Look at me Mr. Gabe! Am I not attractive?"

"You're very attractive...more than you may know." I told her

"I have a woman's needs. Am I not desirable?"

"Very desirable. If you were not marri...."

"I'm not! Not anymore!" She snapped at me

"Minda..." I began.

"I did not mean to snap at you, Mr. Gabe. As far as I'm concerned, that part of my life is over...forever! In my heart...in my mind, I am no longer married to that benni boy."

Benni boy is a slang term in the Philippines for a effeminate gay man. I could see that she was very serious. My stance avoiding her as a married women in her case now had a large hole in its side and was sinking rapidly. Proceed with caution was now the rule. I still felt that I needed to delay things as long as possible. I doubted that Dawn and Minda would cease their plotting and would likely be more open about it now. "I would like to live here with you and Dawn now." She told me.

I suddenly felt the need to beat a hasty retreat. "Well, I have things that I need to do. We'll finish our talk this afternoon or evening, okay?" I had to do very serious thinking and for me there was only one way to really get that done. I went upstairs, changed into my riding clothes and went to get my motorcycle out of the garage. I backed it out of the garage, fired it up and was gone from the house.

Once out on the road, I began to review my situation. It seemed more than likely now that I might soon have two girls. I was still unsure of what my future held for me. This was going to take much more thought than I'd hoped.

I continued to ride. The day's weather was being exceptionally cooperative. More than an hour later, I stopped at The Keep, an up-scale BDSM club at the east edge of the city. This time of day, it was closed but as a long time member I was admitted inside. The own/manager, Emmanuelle Lowenstein, more commonly known in my circle, as Mistress Emmanuelle was there. Em, as I call her was a good friend and a part-time lawyer specializing in family law. I gave her the 'Reader's Digest' condensed version of Minda's problem and asked if she could be of help.

"Sure Gabe, I'd be happy to help" Em told me.

Thanks Em. I'll cover the retainer and you can work out a deal with her for your fee. Shall I have her call you?"

"No, no retainer just yet, Gabe...I'm pretty sure I know her husband. If he's who I think he is, he's been a regular here for almost two years. I didn't even know the little prick was married. If it's him, tell your friend I'll represent her at no charge." Have her call me tomorrow afternoon at about two." Em grinned that evil lawyer grin than frightens most normal people. "Tell me more about her...What's her name...Minda?"

"She's from the Philippines. Minda is a nickname, her proper name is Luzviminda. She about the same size as Dawn but, a bit thinner. I told Em.

"Tiny little girl, huh?"

"Yeah, and very lovely too. I mean stone gorgeous. Not only that, and here's something that might interest you. She has a very submissive nature."

Em's eyebrows shot up. "Oh?" she said.

"It get's worse...or better depending on one's point of view. I've only known her a few weeks and it seems that she's taken quite a shine to both Dawn and me. "

"Be very careful there Gabe." Em said. "That situation could cause you many difficulties. What's Dawn saying about all this?

"Shit! Would you believe that Dawn wants me to collar her as second girl? They've become very close. You and I both know that Dawn has some bi tendencies and I suspect that Minda might too. "

"Hmmm, can't say that surprises me Gabe." Em told me. It has always seemed to me that bi-sexuality among women is more common in the D/s lifestyle than in the 'real world'. It may not be but, seems that way to me.

"Well Em, I'm not one to ask for advice very often but, I can see myself asking you for some in the near future."

She looked me directly in the eyes. "You know I'm always here for you my friend."

I left The Keep and went home to inform Minda that I acquired legal representation for her should she want it.

The next couple of weeks passed quickly. Minda's husband and his lover left the country for Germany quite suddenly and there was no indication that either of them would return any time soon...if ever, as the local authorities wanted to 'talk' to them both. I had been able to persuade Minda to at least file a complaint against both of them. Minda had also filed for a divorce with the help of Em. From what I'd heard, she was going to come out of this in very good shape. It became known, that Günter was worth more than three quarters of a million dollars, so Minda was not in trouble financially speaking...at least for the short term. Em was taking him to the cleaner's big time.

Dawn managed to get though her punishment period without too much trouble from my perspective. I ended up making her sleep in her own room for five days. It seemed to be the purest form of torture to her...or so she told me. It couldn't have been too horrible. After that first night at our house, I insisted that Minda stay in Dawn's room with her. I suspected that they had gotten a lot better 'acquainted' those nights in Dawn's room. I was sure that Dawn was not going entirely without sex. Minda was gradually becoming more and more flirtatious with me. With her getting divorced, I have to admit that I actually was becoming more and more interested. Also, it seemed like they were still determined to become a two-girl mini-harem. I also had to admit that this idea was really starting to appeal to me.

Then one Friday night, it happened. Dawn came into the bedroom as I was reading a book. It was a techno-thriller kind of book about a hypothetical Third World War. It was getting a bit late but, I was not yet tired.

Dawn climbed in to bed with me wearing nothing but her collar, as usual. She had something in her hand behind her back though I did not pay very much attention to it, assuming it was some sex toy she wanted to employ during our lovemaking. She tucked it discreetly beneath her pillow.

Next, she slowly and carefully took the book from my hands, dog-eared the page and closed the book, setting on the nightstand next to the bed.

Dawn pulled the covers back and straddled herself over me, rubbing her shaven mound against my thickening prick. She took my face in her hands giving me very passionate, albeit quick kisses as she spoke to me. "Master sweet Master, something must be done."

"And what is it that that needs to be done my sweet slave girl?" I asked her.

"Minda Master. Something needs to be done about poor little Minda!" Dawn replied. I then saw movement over her shoulder an noticed Minda entering the room. She, like Dawn was wearing nothing. She crawled onto the bed and next to Dawn. Minda knelt next to Dawn and gazed at me with longing in her eyes.

"Master," Dawn said. "You already know that Minda has not been with a man for more than two years. She's getting divorced.....So there should be no problem there anymore. She really needs it Master. Please?"

"Please what?"

"Master!" Dawn whined at me.

"Tell me what you want Dawn."

Dawn pleaded to me "Master. Your unworthy slave begs you to make love to Minda."

Minda then spoke. "Please Master, take me...use me!"

"Minda, why are you calling me Master?"

"Because, in my heart, you are my master now...you really are. I beg to serve you, wear your collar. Please Master, collar me...use me...make me yours."

Dawn jumped off my lap and went to her pillow. She reached underneath it and came out with a collar. It was virtually identical to hers. "Master!" she said. "Please forgive this girl's presumptuousness Master. She had it made for her. Dawn loves you Master and she loves Minda too. Please collar her Master."

I quickly grabbed Minda by her wrists and forced her onto her back and laying atop her, pressed my weight upon her, pining her wrists down above her head. "Put it down for now Dawn!" I ordered her.

I looked down beneath me at Minda and asked. "Now little Minda, tell me what it is that you really want. Do you truly want me to collar you or do you just want..." I pressed my shaft against her wet slit. "...this?"

"Master...I want...this girl means Minda begs for both. I beg for you to put a collar on me. I beg to be your slave along with Dawn...." Minda gently thrust her hips against me. "But, Master, I deeply need this as too. Please Master. If I must choose...then I choose the collar."

"Are you sure Minda?"

"Oh, yes Master...very sure!"

I shifted my body down over hers until the head of my cock was pressed firmly to her pussy. The head spreading the lips a little.

Her breath quickened to the point that she was panting. "Oh please Master!" she whispered to me between little ragged breaths.

"Why the collar Minda? Why not just beg me to fuck you?" I asked spitefully. "Is that not what you really want?"

"I beg your collar Master. If I only asked to use my body, you could use then make me leave. Since I choose the collar I guess that if I am patient that you will use me eventually, when you see fit. After more than two years...what's a few more days. Besides that, if I wear your collar, I know I can have you more than only once. Master, Dawn and I truly desire to be yours, both of us. I beg you Master. Let me...let Minda and Dawn serve you always."

"Oh yes Master!" Dawn interjected. "We beg you...Allow us both to be yours...always."

I looked deeply into Minda's eyes. Exactly, how long has it been Minda...Exactly."

"Master, it's been two years, four months and five da....Oh!"

At that moment I drove myself into her deeply.

"Master...I am yours Master!" Minda nearly screamed. "Master...please fuck me!"

I pulled myself back a wee bit and pushed into her again. And then again. I was determined to start slowly. I was mildly surprised when Minda started cumming as I just started my fourth stroke into her She was incredibly tight. a bit tighter even than Dawn. And Dawn was tight herself but Minda...I was surprised that I slid into so easily.

"So good, so good." Minda whispered "Oh Master, it's so very good! Too good...Thank you Master. I pray I never, ever go that long without again. Thank you."

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