Dawn and Marie Ch. 02


They turned and smiled at us, and fell together to the bed, hands and lips exploring; hands roaming slowly, kisses drawn out, time suspended. I slid my very hard cock into Dawn; even as we watched the two lovers rediscover each other we matched their pace. The slower they went, the slower I went. Dawn was squirming, wanting my cock buried hard and fast; I teased her, the slower I stroked the more she called for. At one point Agnes looked over at us, whispered something to Marie, padded into our room where she massaged Dawn's clit for a moment. All Dawn could do was gasp and squeeze my cock harder. Agnes returned to Marie, ostentatiously licking fingers and then bending to suck pussy lips. Marie could be heard saying; "God ... I've missed you and that talented tongue. Go deeper, honey ... that's it, that's it ... ooh ... now up ... that's it ... now, more, harder, harder, HARDER,AAHH ... oh ... that was good."

Even as Marie was shouting out her climax, Dawn quivered into hers; repeatedly yipping in her trademark expression of orgasm.


We gather in Marie's hospital room mid-morning. Agnes and her lover Marie sat in a corner holding hands. Our lover Marie looked at them asking; "So, have you two re-established?"

They nodded in unison, looked at each other and grinned. I was seated on a window sill with Dawn wrapped in my arms when a nurse escorted in Jonathan. He sat in the only other chair, looking at every one.

The day felt different; no one wanted confrontations, only solutions. After several minutes Marie announced from her bed; "The doctor says I can go home tomorrow, but I'll still have casts on, and my activities will be severely restricted. Believe me I am soo ready to get out of here."

"I have your bedroom ready for you dear." Said Agnes.

"Thanks Mom, but I'm torn two ways; I'd rather go home with Ron and Dawn; we have a lot of building to do, and even like this I'd like to get started, but at the same time, I want to get to know my real mother."

Dawn and I told her we were ready to head west right now if she could escape, "I'd love to, but the doctor won't let me go until he looks at the latest pictures, and that won't be today, something about some things not being available on holidays."


"Apparently this is Thanksgiving."

Jonathan had been quiet the whole time, his head slumped forward. "Daddy, I need you to get better. We need you getting better. Mom and I talked this morning; she's not going to put up with an invalid. She want's you home and underfoot, but useful, not just taking space. So get your face off the floor and get busy on therapy."

All this time Marie had been quiet; "Perhaps I can make a suggestion. Darling, you go home with Dawn and Ron, and I'll join you in a month. Meantime, Agnes and I shall rehab Jonathan here. That way everyone has time to adjust to all the new circumstance."


There was no way Marie would be able to ride in the car we drove east. Not with a pair of casts on. I rented a van with a large bench seat in back, and drove her home, while Dawn drove our car. We stopped periodically so she could move about, easing her discomfort. Going east took four hours, west took seven. Snoqualmie Pass was snowing, but lightly and the plows were keeping the roadway clear. But at least we got her home. We set her up in her own bedroom, across from ours.

The following Monday we made arrangements with a local orthopedic doctor.

Twenty some hours after getting home, Marie was whining about being lonely. Taking the hint, Dawn joined her in bed. I watched them for a while from the door; Dawn was gentle but thorough. She kissed and licked every exposed inch of body, with much time spent on nipples and pussy. Marie twisted and turned as much as she could, but I had to laugh when she swore at Dawn for torturing her. "I'll get you for this! I'm going to make sure you can only move one arm and one leg, and I'm going to suck your pussy dry!"


The next evening I was able to spend time in Marie's bed. She couldn't take the action of being fucked, but sure made up for missed time sucking my cock into a twisted wreck of itself. The more she sucked me, the more I went after her pussy. The more I licked, sucked, nibbled and bit, the more she stroked, licked and sucked. She promised the night she was free of casts she was going to fuck my brains out. Then she was going to tie Dawn up and do the same to her. "You do know," I said to her, "that is the sort of thing she can get into."

"Oooh I hope so, I have a lot of fantasies I want to explore."


We saw the doctor the following week and he was pleased with the work done in Yakima. Two weeks later he was willing to move her to a soft cast on her leg, and just a sling for the arm. To celebrate Dawn took her to a spa for the day, and they met me at our favorite Italian restaurant where we had a very pleasant dinner; the staff fussed over Marie, served Dawn gracefully, and just smiled knowingly at me. I did tip well.

At home, Marie wiggled out of her clothing; even with a soft cast she managed to look sexy. She tugged at my belt and tugged my pants and shorts down, pushed me to a dining room chair. My cock didn't wait for instructions. One look at a naked Marie and it was hard. She straddled my legs, put a hand on my shoulder and with the other guided my cock to her dripping pussy. "I haven't had a cock since you last made love to me. I'm going to be tight. Very tight, but I can't wait any longer. Tongues are nice. Fingers are nice. But now I want cock!"

Dawn slipped in behind her; "I have some help."

She covered my cock with lube and then ran coated fingers into Marie's quim, drawing a loud moan from her. Marie sank down; tight as she was the lube did its job and she slowly impaled herself on me. Fully down, both hands on my shoulders, she looked me in the eyes. "You told me weeks ago I had to tell you what I wanted and when I wanted it. Now I'm telling you. I want you, and I want Dawn. I want you to be the head of my home, and I will do anything you tell me. The same with Dawn. I love you both. It's funny; we really only had a few hours together and yet I'm bonded to you. Well, with your cock in me I guess we really are bonded, huh? But we are. And I want to be with you forever."

Her pussy was clamping and unclamping my cock while she talked, and the more she clamped, the more ragged her breathing became. Then Dawn stepped behind her, cupped her tits and tugged the nipples. Marie groaned, mumbled; 'Oh god, I love you guys ..." And began rising and falling on me. Dawn helped her keep the weight off the damaged leg, guiding her while whispering in her ear.

Slowly at first, then faster and faster she rode me. I sucked nipples; caressed wherever I could touch, told her I loved and missed her, kissed her lips. She kept moaning how much she missed this, how she loved me, then; "Hold on, please ... I'm close ... close ... ah, ah, oh, here it comes, wait, wait, NOW, aahh, aahh ... oh ... that was good."

Even as she was coming, my sperm was shooting through me; jetting into her. She slumped into me and I held her in my arms. "You're home honey, you're with us."

"I know," she whispered, "But I think I'm sleepy now. Master, may I go to bed?"

I carried her to her bed, slipped her under the covers as Dawn joined her from the other side, cuddling to her. I turned off the lights, went back to the dining room where I picked up the clothes and shut everything down.


Marie (the Elder) arrived three days later. After exchanging hugs and pleasantries and installing her in the bedroom next to Marie, we sat with coffee. Before things got too far along, I had a suggestion; "We have two 'Maries' at the table, things can get confusing quickly at this rate. Does either of you have a nickname we can use?"

"I've been known to my friends as 'May' for a lot of years, I don't see why we can't do that here." Said the elder blonde.

"'May' it is. Welcome to our home."

"I'm still trying to decide; do I call you 'Mom', 'Mother', or what?"

"Marie, we don't know each other yet. Why don't you just call me 'May'?"

"I can do that. How have things been at home? How's Dad doing?"

"Physically ... he's improving, but mentally ... I just don't know. He has days where he seems on top of the world, but too many more where he's depressed."

"Haven't you and Mom been able to get him out of it?"

"I think everything you said to him went deeper than we realized. But, that was all stuff he had to hear. We talked more after he went home, but the decisions he made twenty five years ago is weighing on him."

Dawn placed a hand on May's; "How about you and Agnes? Did you pick up from where you left off at the hotel?"

"Oh, yes. If anything good came from this ... Agnes and I together again is it."


Marie and May spent every available moment together over the next week. Every time I'd turn around, there they were; coffee in hand, talking quietly. It wasn't just the past they were catching up on, but their future also. They had to learn each other's thinking, emotions, personalities. Sure they looked very much alike, but they had twenty five separate years of growth.

Many days Dawn sat in with them, and soon I had three women laughing and yakking. It was a good sound. Now of course I spent many hours sitting with them also, and I could watch the closeness develop, the differences were almost as startling as the similarities: May was outgoing, warm, forthright in her thoughts and opinions. Marie was quieter. Much more reserved. She waited 'til asked for her thoughts.

In appearance they were much alike. Oh sure they wore their hair and makeup different, and of course twenty five years will put lines on any face, but you could only think they were related. Even their voices were similar.


Christmas and New Year's came and went. We exchanged a few gifts, but really having Marie and her mother in my home was enough for Dawn and me.


Marie was still sleeping in her own bed, either Dawn or I would join her for the night and May accepted the arrangements as normal. In the middle of the second week of the New Year, while Dawn was busy making love to Marie, and yes they were quite noisy that night, May appeared at my door; with a light knock she asked if she could join me. Thinking she wanted to talk, I said sure.

She wore a thin, I mean really thin, robe, and the light behind her proved that was all she wore. Before she even got to my bed my cock was hardening. But when she dropped the robe and slid into my bed, I went to full-on hard on. "May ... what's going on?"

"Listening to the three of you every night has put strain on me. I can't sleep through all your noise. You owe me a good night's sleep."

"What about Marie? How will she take this?"

"Oh, she thinks this is a good idea. So does Dawn. Now, can we stop talking for a while? I'd like to see if you're as good as they say."

I reach to turn off the light; "No, no. Leave it on. I love seeing what's going on."

Well, she knew what she wanted. And I knew what I wanted. Pulling her into my arms, we began a slow seduction. Oh, sure, we knew where we were going; we just weren't going to rush.

We started with soft, exploratory kisses; just lips to lips first; testing, then moving around faces, tasting and caressing, nibbling an earlobe, brushing a throat. Soon we were nipping at lips while hands were tracing over chests and stomachs. She was giving as well as she got; if my hand brushed her nipple, her fingers were pinching mine. When my fingers traced her stomach, stopping just short of her pussy, she made a point of doing the same to me, avoiding my cock.

Determined to live up to advanced billing I grasped her wrists and held her hands above her head. "Don't move."

Releasing them, I slid down her stomach, my tongue forcibly painting my trail. I moved straight into her pussy; my tongue forcing the lips open. I drove deep, trying to lift her off the bed. I almost made it too. She clamped her legs hard against my ears and quivered. My face was bathed in juice as she came, and came again. I moved the little bit up to her clit and slowly strummed it a she came down. When her legs had relaxed enough, I moved up, kissing my way to her face, smearing her juices everywhere. "You taste delicious. Have you been eating peaches?"

"Not since I got here. Can you taste them?"

"Kiss me, tell me what you think."

"Mmm ... there is a hint. How about I start on strawberries next/"

"We'll have to see how long that flavor takes to show up. Won't we?"

"I may never leave at this rate."

"We'll talk about that later, right now I'd like your legs wrapped around my hips."

"C'mon cowboy, I thought you'd never ask."

No more waiting, I knelt between her legs, held my cock to her well lubricated quim and pushed. Damn! She was as tight as her daughter! Patiently I pushed in; there was no rushing this. I felt her ankles locking over my back even as she urged me on; "C'mon ... push, I can take it."

And she did. When I was fully in we held position, waiting while she adapted. Soon the need to do more welled in me; I began a slow pistoning; just an inch or so at first, building until we were both grunting with our efforts. I was driving in with everything I had. She was flexing her legs and hunching up against me; trying to get all of me .I don't know how long we went. I could have been five minutes, or fifty. All I know is we were whispering, moaning, grunting. There may have been some yelling in there too.

"Now ..." she whispered; "Do it now, I'm there, coming, coming, Oh god I'm cumming. Fuckfuckfuckfuck, Oh God ... I'm CUMMING!"

I dug my toes into the bed, pounding into her. Sweat poured into my eyes. My muscles ached. But I couldn't stop. I HAD to cum. And then I did. She was just coming down as everything in me poured into her. She responded with another round of quivering as she moaned into my ear.


"Well Mom, is he as good as we said?"

I craned my head, turning to look at the two naked beauties in the doorway. If I'd had any energy, I might have spanked them for being sassy. I didn't have it. My cock did twitch in May's cunt, but that was all there was.

"Yes dear. He certainly is. Would you two mind if I did this again?"

"Marie and I were talking about that. You know, while you guys were messing up the bed. We think you should stay with us. We'll make it worth your while."

She sighed; "As tempting as that is ... I want to renew everything with Agnes and Jonathan."

From my resting position between her legs I offered a thought; "Why don't we invite them over for a while? Do you think he can travel?"

AS I rolled off her May said; "I'll call in the morning. I hope he can, having them here might be just what we need."

I felt a mouth cleaning my cock; lifting my head I saw Marie gently sucking my prick clean. A slight twist and I saw Dawn cleaning all the juices from May's overflowing box. As I watched, the two exchanged kisses and then licked each other's lips.

Deviants. I was trapped with a bunch of deviants.

Life was good.


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