Dawn Defiled Ch. 02


Dawn put one hand on her husband's naked chest, leaned over, and kissed him. He returned the kiss hungrily.

"Thank you, baby," she said. "I think he deserves more gratitude than that," I chided.

Dawn's hand trailed down Tom's chest, past his stomach, and closed around his throbbing erection. She stroked the shaft up and down a few strokes as she continued kissing him. Tom's gurgled moan could be heard even with Dawn's tongue in his mouth.

"Is that the best you can do?" I asked, the menace returning to my voice.

Dawn immediately got on her knees, lowered her face to Tom's crotch, and licked the stream of pre-cum that was oozing from the tip of his cock. She licked all over the shaft, and then swallowed his entire dick.

"That's better, Dawn," I said. "But remember, don't let him cum."

Tom glared at me even as Dawn gurgled an "OK". She bobbed her head up and down several times, and then stood up.

"He's ready to cum," she announced.

Tom groaned in frustration as Dawn walked away.

"Get up on the bed," I ordered.

Dawn laid on her back with her knees raised and her thighs parted. Obviously, she was ready to fuck. She would have to wait.

"Roll over," I directed. "On your hands and knees."

She assumed the position without protest. I pushed her skirt over her ass and caressed her butt cheeks. The redness had faded, but was not yet entirely gone. I checked the butt plug, and found it still lodged firmly in her anus. I stuck two fingers in her pussy, pulled them out, and held them to her lips. She looked up at me, and then sucked them clean.

I reached into her bag and pulled out her largest dildo. It was just as she described it in the adult video store: large, thick, flesh-colored, and lifelike in appearance. It was also longer and thicker than all but the top ten percent of real dicks.

I placed the tip of the dildo against Dawn's slit, and then rubbed it up and down several times. The fluid secreting from her lips was more than ample, and it only took a few seconds for the tip of the dildo to acquire a nice coating of Dawn's natural lubrication. I pushed the dildo half way into her vagina, then pulled it all the way out. The plastic cock glistened with her juices. I pushed it in a second time, burying the full length completely inside her. Dawn gasped, and then moaned. She was more than ready for full penetration. With my right hand I sawed the dildo in and out of her dripping cunt. I caressed her big white ass with the other hand, admiring her smooth softness and ample curves. Dawn wiggled her ass in response to my attentions as her moaning increased in volume.

It took her less than five minutes to reach orgasm. She moaned and grunted as the fake cock plowed into her over and over. I increased the speed as her moaning increased in volume, until she was practically screaming out in joy.

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Ungggggggghhhhhhh!" she cried.

I pulled the dildo out of her pussy, and then replaced it with two of my fingers. I scooped out some girl juice before sticking my fingers in her mouth again. She licked them clean.

I resumed fucking her with the dildo. She came even more quickly the second time, although with less urgency. I decided it was time to change the game.

I reached into my bag and pulled out the dildo we purchased the day before. This toy was similar to Dawn's dildo, except that it was colored a slightly different shade; it was an inch or two longer; and it was much thicker. I placed the tip of this toy against her pussy, and pushed. Her lips gave way to the invader, but not without resistance.

"Ungggggghhh!" she groaned.

I worked the dildo into her slowly, giving her just an inch at a time before I pulled it almost all the way out. Each thrust went a little deeper than the last, until it was as far as it would go. There were still two inches of plastic cock in my hand when I determined that it was not going to go any deeper.

"Ungggggggghhhhh!" she groaned again. "That's soooo thick. I'm so full."

I did not respond. Instead, I slowly pulled the dildo almost completely out of her cunt, then slowly pushed it all the way in.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!" she moaned. "I can feel every bump and every ridge on that thing. It feels like you're fucking me with a baseball bat-- a knobby baseball bat."

"Enjoy it while you can," I responded.

I continued the slow thrusting of the enormous fake dick in and out of her slick pussy. Her fat lips were stretched wider than they had been at any time since giving birth. A wet, slurping sound accompanied every insertion and every withdrawal.

I maintained this languid pace for several minutes. Dawn's breathing became sharper, and she d lunged her hips in an attempt to increase the pace. She was reaching a point of arousal just short of a climax. Her body was on the verge of cumming, but the dildo was not moving fast enough for her to reach the apex.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!" she moaned. "Fuck me with that thing. Make me cum!"

I responded by letting go of the dildo. She was on her hands and knees, her big white ass sticking up in the air, and an enormous plastic cock slowly sliding out of her pussy.

"Pleeeeease!" she cried. "Pleeeeeeease!"

"You know something, baby," I said. "I kind of like the sound of your begging. I think I want to hear a lot more of that sound before this night is over."

"Pleeeease!" she cried. "I'm begging!"

I pushed the dildo into her cunt before it could fall out. I resumed fucking her with the monstrous toy, pushing it in and out at a slightly faster speed. I grasped the base of the butt plug with my other hand, and slowly started to pull it out of her ass. The thickest part of the plug was, of course, the part that was closest to her sphincter. As a result, she began to feel her anal ring stretching almost immediately.

"Unghhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!" she groaned. "It's ripping me."

"Do you want me to stop?" I asked, holding both the dildo and the butt plug firmly in place.

"No! Please!"

"Please what?"

"Please don't stop! Please!" she pleaded.

I resumed fucking her pussy with the dildo. The butt plug had slid back into place, so I had to recommence removal of that toy.

"Unnnnnnnnghhhhhh!" she groaned, as the butt plug popped out of her ass. "I'mmmmmmm cummmingg againnnnnnnn!"

Before she could catch her breath, I dropped the butt plug on the bed, picked up her dildo, spit on the head, and placed it against her sphincter. She did not know what hit her as the dildo slid into her gaping asshole.

"Unnnnnnnngggghhh!" Dawn groaned. "What are you .... doing .... to me?" I immediately started fucking both of her holes with the two massive dildos. I established an alternating rhythm, inserting one plastic cock while withdrawing the other, and then reversing the process. Her ass cheeks were shaking all over. Her moans grew louder and louder.

"Ungggggghhhhh! Mmmmmmmmm! Unggggggghhhhhhh! Mmmmmmmm!" she groaned.

I kept this pace up for almost five minutes. Dawn climaxed over and over, each orgasm building upon the last. Her face was flushed, her breathing was labored, and her fluids were splashing all over the sheets. The musky aroma of her natural perfume filled the room.

"Uhn! Uhn! Uhn! Uhn! Uhn!" she grunted.

Finally, she could not take any more.

"Stop!" she panted. "No more. Please. I can't. No more."

I withdrew the dildo from her ass and put it on the bed. I released the dildo in her pussy, and watched as her muscles expelled it far enough for gravity to finish the process. I glanced at my watch, noted the time, walked over to the mini-bar, and removed two bottles of water.

Dawn collapsed on the bed. I handed her the bottle of water, but she just held it in her hand. She rolled over on her back, and lay there panting.

"Have a drink," I said to Dawn. "You look like you need to cool off a little."

A minute later Dawn sat up, handed me the bottle, and asked me to open it for her. Just as I was handing the bottle back to her, there was a knock on the door. Both Dawn and Tom turned toward me with surprised expressions on their faces.

"Right on time," I said. "Dawn, could you go get that?"

"Um, sure," she answered, with just a twinge of uncertainty creeping into her voice. "Who is it?"

"Don't worry about it," I told her.

Dawn stood up, pulled her dress down, and walked out of the bedroom. She attempted to straighten her hair and smooth her dress before reaching the door. I moved to the video camera, popped out the nearly full tape that was recording the events on the bed, plugged the camera into the television, and inserted the tape from Friday afternoon. I switched it to 'playback' mode, lowered the volume on the TV, and then joined Dawn in the sitting room.

"No, no, noooooo!" Tom wailed as the video of Dawn sucking anonymous cocks through the glory hole began to play. "Keep it down in there," I warned. "You're starting to piss me off. You aren't going to like what happens out here if I get angry."

Tom quieted himself. I turned toward Dawn and nodded in the direction of the door.

"Who is it?" Dawn called through the door.

"Room service," came the muffled reply.

Dawn unlocked and opened the door. A short, early thirties Latin man in black pants and a white shirt entered, pushing a cart laden with covered dishes. His name tag identified him as 'Armando' from Nicaragua. I pointed toward the small table near the window.

"We'll eat at the table," I told him.

I pulled my wallet out of my pocket and placed a fifty-dollar bill on the lamp table next to the sofa. I then walked over to the dining table and watched as Armando placed the various dishes and silverware in their proper locations. He set three place settings and then hesitated for a moment, looking around the room for the third person.

"Her husband is a little tied up at the moment," I told him. "But he will be joining us later. I think he will be ravenous when he finally comes."

Dawn smirked at my joke.

Armando reached under his cart and pulled out an ice bucket and a bottle of champagne. He opened the bottle and poured two flutes of bubbly. He looked at me as if asking whether to pour a third.

"Two for now, thank you," I responded to his unasked question.

Armando handed me the room service check, indicating where to add my signature. While I was signing he packed up the wrappers and extra utensils, paused for a second, then started to slowly back the cart toward the door.

"Armando, my friend," I said to him. "Your tip is on that table. Take it."

Armando's eyes widened as he glanced toward the lamp table. He pushed the cart toward the door, stopped at the table, and picked up the fifty-dollar bill.

"Thank you, Sir! Thank you very much."

"Don't call me 'Sir,'" I told him. Dawn snickered behind me.

"Armando," I said. "One more thing before you go."


"What do you think of this lady? Do you think she's pretty?"

"Yes. She is a very pretty lady."

"Is she sexy?"

"Oh yes, very sexy."

"Armando, what I mean is, well, I know she's a little older than you, and probably heavier than the girls you look at in clubs or at the beach, right? So what I want to know is, do you like looking at her? Is she sexy to you?"

"Y-yes," he stammered. This conversation was making him very nervous. It was also causing the front of his pants to resemble a tent.

"Do you like her tits? Have you ever seen such big tits on a woman?"

Dawn blushed. Armando started to shake the cart as he inched it closer to the door.

"I have to go. I am expected back in the kitchen."

Armando reached for the door handle.


Armando froze.

"Before you go, listen to my proposition. I am giving you a choice. You can take that fifty-dollar bill and be on your way. That's your tip. Or, you can hand me the fifty dollars, and this sexy lady will get down on her knees and blow you. Do you know what a blow job is? She'll lick your huevos and suck your verga down her throat, then she'll swallow every drop of your cum. The choice is yours."

Armando stood there, unmoving, like the proverbial deer in the headlights.

I looked at Dawn, and then nodded in Armando's direction. She sashayed toward Armando. Upon reaching him, Dawn gently kissed Armando on the mouth, but the hotel employee was too stunned to return the favor. Without breaking the kiss Dawn groped for his zipper, pulled it down, and then fished out his erect cock.

"Aren't youe forgetting something, Dawn?" I asked.

Dawn looked at me, looked back at Armando, and then looked at me again. I rubbed my thumb and forefinger together. She got my message. Dawn reached for the fifty-dollar bill, removed it from Armando's shaking hand, and then resumed her kiss. A few seconds later she broke the kiss and walked toward me, pulling Armando along behind her by his dick. Dawn handed me the bill, dropped to her knees, and started licking the head of Armando's cock.

Dawn paused to unfasten Armando's belt, then pulled his pants to the floor. She tugged his underwear down to his ankles, and then resumed licking his cock. She licked all over the head, all over his balls, as well as up and down the shaft. She was getting ready to swallow the shaft when I interrupted.

"Where are my manners?" I asked. "I'm sorry, Armando, I almost forgot. You still haven't seen her tits.

"Dawn, take off your dress."

Dawn's eyes opened wide. She released Armando's cock, stood up, and turned her back toward him.

"Can you unzip me?" she whispered.

Armando's hands shook as he reached for her zipper. He slowly pulled it down, then dropped his hand to his waist. Dawn slowly lowered her straps over her shoulders. Once her arms were free, she pushed the dress to her waist. As soon as it passed her hips, gravity took over and it fell to the floor. She stepped out of the gown, and stood in the middle of the room, radiant in her beauty. All she had on were her shoes and jewelry. She wore several jeweled necklaces and a knotted string of pearls dangling between her enormous breasts. She had half a dozen bracelets on each wrist. She wore dangling, chandelier earrings and diamond studs. She had a ring on every finger. She wore multiple ankle bracelets on each leg. She had a heavy gold chain around her thick waist, and a slightly narrower white gold chain, as well.

A client of mine who owns a jewelry store and is several months behind on his bill supplied the baubles. I occasionally borrow a few pieces from his store for special events. He was more than a little alarmed when I walked out on Thursday with genuine and costume jewelry valued at over a quarter of a million dollars. I imagined he would not relax until it was all returned on Monday morning. But that was his problem -- my weekend was proceeding perfectly.

Dawn knelt on the floor, placed her lips around Armando's cock, and sucked him in. She swallowed the entire length, and then pulled it back out.

"Unghhhhh!" Armando groaned.

"She's good, isn't she?" I asked. "You should have seen her yesterday. She had so much cum on her you would have though she had been swimming at a sperm bank."

Armando tentatively placed his hands on the side of Dawn's head. She grabbed him by both ass cheeks and increased the speed of her bobbing motion. Dawn took his cock to the back of her throat over and over. Armando's moans filled the room. In less than five minutes he was bucking his hips and holding Dawn's head against his groin while he shot is juice down her throat. Dawn continued sucking until Armando was completely drained. Finally, he stepped back, pulled up his underwear and pants, and headed for the door.

"Well," I said. "How was she? Did you enjoy her? Was that the best blow job you have ever had in your entire life?"

"Yes. Yes. Thank you. Thank you very much. I have to be going now. The kitchen.... Looking for me. Thank you."

Armando hurried out the door, pushing the cart in front of him. As soon as the door closed behind him, I turned to Dawn and clapped my hands.

"Congratulations!" I told her. "You just turned your first trick. I'm proud of you."

"Thank you, I guess," she responded. "That was actually rather easy."

"I was going to offer him your pussy or ass, but he was in such a hurry to get out of the room. I didn't think he could handle having any more fun. Still, I wonder how much cash you could have gotten out of him."

"Should we call him back later?"

"That won't be necessary. There is still plenty of fun for us tonight. But first, let's eat. Too bad Tom won't be able to join us. His food is going to be cold by the time he gets his dinner."

Dawn giggled, then turned to pick her dress up off the floor.

"Let me put my dress on, and I'll be right with you."

"Did I tell you to get dressed? Sit down, before I eat your food also."

Dawn sat down across the table from me. I lifted the cover off her dish, revealing a lobster dinner. My dinner was the same. The food was already getting cold, so the two of us ate rather quickly. We sipped champagne to wash down the lobster and risotto. Neither of us bothered with the vegetables or the salad. Dawn ate her bread, and then I gave her mine, as well. I suggested that we save the chocolate mousse for later, and despite the disappointment apparent on her face, Dawn agreed.

I refilled Dawn's champagne flute twice during dinner, and then poured the last of the bottle into her glass when we were through eating. I stood up to go to the bathroom, and instructed Dawn to clear the dishes and silverware to the hallway.

I left the bathroom door open while I pissed. I wanted to watch Dawn wobble back and forth from the table to the hallway, bussing the dinner dishes while wearing only her high heels and jewelry. It took her three trips to clear the table, although if she tried harder I think she could have done it in two.

Dawn was closing the door when I finished in the bathroom. I walked to window and looked out on Biscayne Bay. The lights of a few ships were visible on the horizon, but otherwise the view consisted of darkness.

"Have you been out on the balcony?" I asked.

"No, I didn't have time, earlier," Dawn responded.

"Come outside with me," I said, opening the door to the balcony.

I felt the heat and the humidity as soon as I opened the door. Dawn stepped out first, carrying her glass of champagne in her right hand. Her heels clicked on the concrete surface. I closed the door behind us.

"Shouldn't I put some clothes on?" she asked. "What if someone sees me up here and calls to complain?

"Don't worry about it," I answered. "First of all, we are nineteen floors up. No one on the ground can see us up here, unless they have binoculars or a telescope. If someone is looking into hotel windows with a telescope, then it's mission accomplished, because you are precisely what he wants to see.

"Second, only a fool would complain about seeing a naked woman -- especially a naked woman as sexy as you.

"Now I suppose someone could see you from the next balcony over, but there are no lights on in that room, and the curtains are closed. I don't think the room is occupied. I'm not concerned."

"Alright, I guess its OK," Dawn replied.

"I don't need your approval," I reminded her. "This isn't a negotiation."

"I was just..."

"Silence!" I commanded. "When I want your opinion, I'll ask for it."

"Yes, Sir."


I slapped her ass with my open hand as hard as I could. The sound of that slap should have been audible all the way on South Beach.

"What did I tell you about calling me 'Sir'?"

"Not to."

"Apparently, you need something in your mouth to prevent you from talking too much. Suck my dick, whore."

Dawn immediately dropped to her knees, unzipped my pants, and pulled out my cock. I was already semi-erect, and as soon as my dick felt the warm, moist air, it was fully rigid. Dawn licked the head, licked up and down the shaft, and then swallowed the full length. I placed my hands on the side of her head, grabbed a fistful of hair in each hand, and started fucking her face. I pounded my cock in and out of her mouth several times, stopping only when she drooled saliva onto her breasts.

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