Dawn of the Succubi Ch. 02


Suddenly, Ben stumbled. Calista turned her head towards the door. Ben then decided that now he would get the best of her. He would teach her a lesson. She was a succubus. And he was the most important person to the demons. Ben would make her do as he said. He stepped into the room. Calista smiled, and the guy underneath her, now looked disapointed.

"Oh ma-

"Shut up idiot! And who told you to stop!" Calista rudely interupted the teenager fucking her. But he obeyed her comand and began humping her again. "What do you want Ben?" she smiled intently, thinking she finaly had him now.

"Nothing like that." Ben said with a stern face. "And get off of him. As long as I'm around, you won't be getting any. You've had enough when you were human."

But Calista just smiled at him, and started riding harder. "What? Just because you've got some kind of magical cum, you think I'll listen to you? Just because I've wanted your cock in me the whole year, you think I'll do what you say to get it? Well I don't need your cum. I'm already immune. And I get my pleasure from sucking the life from men's bodies now. Not sperm. And all you've got to give is sperm."

Ben was shocked. He thought that he would have some control over the demons. But it seemed that he had none. The student fucking Calista was quite confused and was about to say something, but she looked at him and he kept his mouth shut. Calista then noticed that Ben was hard.

"Well, I see that you're quite hard. I know you've always wanted me, Ben. And I know why. Its because I'm a total bitch. I'm a total slut. The reason I want you is because you were so religious. I wanted to seduce you. I knew it would be quite a conquest to fuck a church boy. And you know what, Ben, you are going to fuck me. Right after I finish with this guy. You just won't be able to resist a succubus. And you'll love the fact that I have just sucked a man of his soul. You like that. I know you do. Its so wrong that it gets you hard just thinking about it. See."

Ben knew she was right. He had to fuck her. He had always wanted her. Wanted to fuck the brains out of that bitch. And now he was gonna have a chance.

But the male student, with his dick inside of Calista, now realised what was going on. He struggled to push her off of him. But with her being a demon, she easily over powered him. "Somebod-" he tried to call out, but Calista covered his mouth with her hand.

"That's right. I'm a succubus. A demon that's about to suck your life from your body. And all you have to do is cum. Just cum. Fill my belly with your cream, and your soul. HAHAHAHA." Calista gave an evil, sexy laugh, while looking into the boy's eyes.

The guy looked at Ben. He moaned into Calista's hand, trying to get Ben to help him. Ben began to move towards them when she turned towards him and said, "No, no, no. You have to wait you're turn." She turned back at her fuck partner, and really started to bounce on his hard-on. Her cunt contracted around his cock, and he started shooting into her. Calista turned back towards Ben. She moaned while staring into his eyes, with anticipation. The boy emptied his seed and soul into the she-demon. He let out a blood curdling scream into Calista's hand. His body tensed up, and his muscles and skin shriveled. She moved her hand from his mouth and let his last breath pass into her. The succubus moaned.

Calista slowly and seductively diseneged herself from the dead body's penis. She walked over to Ben, with her cheer uniform top up at her neck, baring her tits to him. And her skirt bunched at the waist, revealing her cum-filled cunt. "Now its your turn." she said.

She pushed her mouth to his and embraced in a heavy tongue lock, while her hands ripped his hard-on out of his jeans, not for the first time that day. Calista dropped to her knees. "Don't worry baby. I'll still fuck you. I just wanna taste first." she said as she took Ben into her mouth.

"Mmmmmpphhhh!" she deep throated Ben all the way to the back of her throat without gagging. Succubi could do some amazing things. Calista made slurping sounds as she bobbed her head on his dick. She sucked Ben's balls into her mouth. Ben was going to cum and he couldn't believe it. Only two days ago he despised this girl. In fact he still did, but here he was getting a blowjob from her. After she had fucked and killed someone as well, but all it did was add to his excitement.

"Ohhh God." Ben moaned as he erupted. Calista swallowed every drop. Gulping all of his sperm down.

"You taste so good. Better than I could have imagined. Now its time I get what I've always wanted." she said as she stood up. Calista turned around, bent over a desk, and lifted her skirt again. Giving Ben an incredible view of her Grade A ass. "Its up to you now baby. Just walk over, and stick it in." she spread her cheeks apart.

Ben hated this girl more than anything, but he had to fuck her. He walked over and immediately entered her cunt.

"Ohhhhh yessss. At last. You're inside me. I won! HAHAHA!" Calista laughed as she began to fuck Ben back. "Oh come on Ben. Fuck me. Harder! Faster! You call this fucking. You'll have to do better to please me." Calista was such a bitch.

But Ben responded. He started pistoning in and out of her at a miracalous speed. Her legs were lifted off the floor from the force of him driving into her.

"Oh God. I'll do it myself!" unsatisfied, Calista jumped back. She pushed Ben to the ground and she landed on him, with his cock still buried in her. "Here. This is how you fuck, dumbass." the bitch stated. Facing away from him, she pumped up and down on his cock. Ben could feel her cunt contracting on his fuck-stick.

Then Calista stopped, and twisted her body around, so that she was facing Ben. And she did it with him still inside her. It was an amazing sensation. "I want to face my conquest. Now fuck me like a man!" Calista ordered.

Ben did as he was told. And he did it with great pleasure. He did it because he liked being controlled. He liked being seduced, and he liked being told what to do sexually.

Calista bounced on Ben's cock like a kangaroo. And Ben was finaly starting to please her. "Ohhh yes. Fuck me! Fuck me! You're doing it, Ben! I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum!" Calista was giving him positive encouragement?!

"I'm cummmmmmminnngggg." Calista came on Ben's shaft, but she never slowed. She only seemed to increase her pace. The she-demon stared into Ben's eyes. "Now all that's left to do... is for you to cum. Empty your balls in my belly and my conquest will be complete."

"Oh shiiiiit." that's all it took for Ben as he emptied his balls in her belly, making her human desire come true. Calista stopped all their motions and wickedly smiled at Ben. She was taking in the feel of his seed, finaly being inside of her womb.

Ben was still hard as usual, so she started to ride again. Suddenly there came a knock at the classroom door.

Calista looked up and said, "Oh ya. That's right, I forgot. She's right on time." Ben looked confused as she got up and headed for the door. He put his dick back in his jeans and waited to see who it was.

Calista opened the door, and in walked Bertha, one of the fattest and ugliest girls in the school. And her younger senior brother followed. The demon closed and locked the door behind them.

"What was it you needed to talk to me about?" asked Bertha as she was just now noticing the state of Calista's semi-clothed body.

"Oh, just this!" Calista pulled her into a lip-lock. Bertha struggled as her brother looked on in amazement, just like almost any other would have done. The light traveled into Bertha, and she collapsed on to the floor.

"What did you do to my sister?!" demanded her brother. His question began to be answered by his own sister when her body began to change. She moaned and moved on the floor as her fat seemed to be swallowed by her own body. Bertha's eyes shot open. The change was complete. She was no longer fat and ugly, but thin, voluptious and hot. The girl was now a succubus.

Bertha stood up. Her pants and panties immediately fell to her ankles, now she couldn't possibly fit in them. Her shirt draped over the upper half of the she-demon body. The new succubus shot her eyes at her brother.

"That's it. Exactly what I had in mind." Calista said evily. Bertha began moving towards her little brother, wanting to take his soul.

Her little brother was very scared. "What's going on? Bertha what happened to you? What's wrong with you? What did you do to her?!" he said to Calista.

"Made her a superior being."

Bertha continued to advance on her brother, until he was backed into the door. She moved in close to him. "What's wrong bro? Don't you want your big sister to fuck you. Especially now that I'm not so big anymore." she said in a seductive voice. Her little brother was too shocked and scared. "Maybe if you take a look at these?!" Bertha stepped back and ripped her shirt open from the v almost to the bottom of the shirt, exposing her new magnificant tits to her little brother. She cupped them and licked her own nipples. "Wanna taste?"

Her little brother was now under the demon's spell. He bent down and took one of his big sister's tits into his mouth. You could tell he was inexperianced. He licked all over her tits, and grabbed them roughly.

Bertha, his big sister succubus, had to have his life now. She grabbed her brother and pushed him over on his back onto the nearest school desk. Like a cat on the prowl she fished his hard cock out into the open and sat on it. She was now fucking her brother.

Ben was watching the whole time. And he was rock hard. He used to think of incest as the nastiest thing in the world. But a lot had changed in the last 24 hours. Calista had dropped to her knees and was now servicing Ben's penis with her mouth.

"Oh God Sis. It feels so good." Bertha's little brother said as she rode his fuck-stick. She had a look of intensity. She wanted her first soul, and was determined. Bertha looked over at Ben, and smiled. She shook her ass, motioning what she wanted him to do. Not that Calista wasn't doing an excellent job, but Ben had to have that new ass.

He pushed Calista away and inserted his cock into Bertha's poop-chute. She moaned in the pleasure of now having two dicks inside her. They both would give her loads of cum. One would give her amazing demon powers, and the other, her brother, would give her his soul.

Ben pumped away into her ass, as Calista sucked on his balls from underneath. Bertha moaned as Ben and her brother erupted inside her. Ben grabbed her breasts as he pumped his load into her spincter. And watched as she sucked the life from her brother underneath her body.

After a threesome with the two succubi, Ben left to go to the next class. Bertha took the clothes from her brother's sucked dry body. They fit really well, since he was younger and much skinnier. She looked really good, so Ben fucked her again, after Calista left. Ben then decided that it was more important to attend to succubi matters than go to class. He decided to check on Mr. Johnson's room. When he got there, he found a load of dead, life-sucked-from-them male senior bodies.

The tardy bell had rung five minutes ago as he stepped out of the classroom, and saw that ass again. It was Jessica Hall. She had just passed him without noticing. She had a huge cum stain in the crotch and asshole area of her pants. He had to fuck her again.

"Jessica." Ben called to her. She immediately turned around. Jessica stared at him intently, but waited to hear what her master had to say. "How'd the thing with this room go? It seems it went quite well." he pointed to the room and her obviously cum-stained cunt.

She started to advance on him, dropping her backpack. "Well, if you want details. You'll just have to get it out of me." Jessica took Ben's hard-on out. Bent over, pulled her pants to her thighs, and leaned against the lockers. Her entire ass and pussy where only white with sperm. He entered her. Making extremely loud squishing sounds as they fucked outside in the school.

"Mrs. Evers and I walked right in, while the class full of seniors were working on a assignment. Miss Evers moved to the door, blocking any escape, and I started making succubi. All the girls who tried to get past Evers just got made, and the guys were overpowered. We waited till all the girls had become and then we fucked all the guys. It was so satifying to fuck their innocence away."

Ben moaned and emptied a load into her again. That was how he pictured it.

Just then one of the school security men pulled up on his golf cart. He immediately looked so shocked as to see two students fucking outside on campus in the middle of the day. "He is the last guard." Jessica said to Ben.

"I'll watch." Ben said back. Jessica walked over to the security guy and made it quick. Her cunt was nasty looking with a layer of cum-skin covering it. But she had the guard under her spell. She got into the golf cart, and sat on his lap. Drenching his pants with semen.

Jessica lifted her ass up to give him time. He unzipped his pants and let his cock out. She then bounced on it. The she-demon grabbed the bar and dashboard of the cart and fucked the school security guy. The golf cart bounced all around.

Many students walked by. Some, not yet made, moved away quickly. But Ben smiled, it wouldn't matter what they said or did. They would become or be lifeless soon enough.

It didn't take much longer, as the guard emptied his nut-sack into Jessica. They decided to leave the body there. It wouldn't matter anyway.

"Have you made the counseling and princple office yet?" Ben asked. Jessica shook her head no. It was hard for Ben to beleive that the succubi had done all this fucking and killing and hadn't taken the most vital resource to the school yet. He would just have to do it then. "Oh well, more fun for us." Ben said. Jessica smiled.

Ben had her put the guards pants on. They were incredibly baggy on her, but the belt, and stickiness of all the cum on her ass and pussy made it stay at her waist. Right away, the sperm soaked through the pants.

They walked to the counseling office. Ben figured they made need at least two more succubi, to make things easier. The office was away from all the action today. Making it understandable as to why nothing had happened to it,and why they hadn't noticed.

Ben grabbed two fine looking senior succubi on the way over and fucked them both. All the succubi had to be seniors. For some reason they refused to make any demons or kill any males if they were younger than 18. Apparently the U.S. lawmakers had lined up with all things supernatural as it was impossible for succubi to have any relations with anyone younger than 18. Then they joined them in their quest. Ben was their leader. He had to think this attack through. It was a big office. It also contained the Health office as well. There were three doors to the building. He planned it out.

One of the new girls went into the health office and made the nurse into a succubus. The nurse was ugly too, but now she looked like a playboy model. It was at the corner of the building and no one noticed. The girl told the school nurse to stay and guard the door. Then she went further into the health office and took care of some sick students. Ben sent the other girl to the other side of the building to guard the second door. Jessica and Ben took the main entrance.

Ben made it simple and said that they were there to see their counselers. Since it was full, like he figured, they would have to wait. They took seets. Jessica sat next to the door. They simply waited for the infiltration to take place.

It didn't take long. The girl that came in through the health office walked in with another new succubus she had just made. They separated and each walked right in to a counselors office. The girls shut the doors and the blinds. Ben could see hands go up against the offices' windows. One of the rooms had a boy student and female couselor. She was Mrs. Lockheart. Ben couldn't wait to see what she looked like. But the other had two guys in it. It was no trouble to seduce them, but when the old man came and got the life sucked from his body, the student came out running. It was fear that was a way to resist, but only for a while.

Chaos ensued, as Ben had anticipated. There was running and screaming all over. Jessica jumped up and blocked her door. Ben just sat there and watched. It was working. The succubi, old and new, would move from female to female, making them into succubi. Once the number of resisting women was down to a few, Ben walked over, amist the running and screaming panzi guys, to Mrs. Lockheart's office. She was still in there, waiting for him.

His counselor lifted her skirt and ripped her undies apart, and Ben climbed on. They fucked like wild animals moaning together. Ben came in Mrs. Lockheart two times before deciding to attend to more business.

He reopened her office door. All the females had been made into succubi. And they were now fucking all the men. Jessica was fucking the assistent principal. Very thoroughly, like she always did. Once it was all done with, all the men were dead. Ben and his succubi left the bodies lying everywhere and moved on to the principals office. While Ben sent a few others to the student center.

Ben wanted to fuck the principal. It would be the satisfaction of conquering the school. He couldn't wait to see what her new body would look like.

It happened quickly, Jessica was given the satifaction of making the principal. She now had a pornstars body. Her breasts were perfect. Ben sat down in her seat while she sucked on his cock. After he came and she swallowed every drop of his precious sperm, she bounced up and down on his dick. It may never go soft again.

After he was finished or at least thought he was. Ben couldn't resist the principal's body in her suit. He had to fuck her at least one more time. So, after five more quick fucks, Ben came up for the plan the rest of the day. The couseling office, principal's office and student center would call up every senior girl that hadn't been made. And they were free to call up senior guys, whenever their thirst for life rose to high.

Ben spent the rest of school fucking all the new succubi. Of course he couldn't fuck them all. But when school was done, he finnaly found someone he had always wanted to fuck. Her name was Beth Hammel. And she had the greatest ass Ben had ever seen. The succubi couldn't make any improvements on it. Not only that, but she was Ben's best friend's girlfriend. Mark was his name, but he wasn't at school today to Ben's liking.

Ben grabbed Beth and had her come with him in his car. He was offering to take her home. She couldn't deny her master. They got one block from the school, when Ben couldn't wait any longer. He pulled over into a nearby residential street.

"Show me what I've always wanted to see." Ben told her.

"What? This." Beth replied by shifting in her seat and giving Ben an angled look at her tight jean-covered ass. She gave him a knowing smile. Ben reached out to feel, but Beth moved his hand away. He may be her master, but she was in control now.

"I'll show you mine if you show me yours." Beth said. Ben quickly whipped his hard-as-a-rock cock out. "Mmmmmm. Gotta gimme somma that."

Beth leaned over and took him into her mouth. Moaning while gobbling Ben's cock. She knew how to suck dick. Deepthroating his hard-on all the way to the back of her throat. The she-demon made slurping sounds as she bobbed her head on her master's prick.

"Mmmmmmm. You taste much better than Mark."

Ben put one hand on her head and the other on her ass and squeezed. He could be in heaven, that ass felt so good in the palm of his hand.

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