Dawn of the Succubi Ch. 03


Ben watched as his sisters' eyes all looked in his as they began took take the souls of their brothers. Eric came into Jennifer and Jason came into Jenna's mouth. Sperm leaked out of Jenna's mouth and Jennifer's pussy. Eric and Jason's bodies wrinkled up. Ben looked into the eyes of his sister's, as they stared at their master while doing their deed. Their eyes were full of lust, and evil.

That's what it took, and Ben shot off a load of semen into Jessica.

"Yessss! Fill your sister's she-demon cunt. Cum in meee!" Jessica screamed while Ben filled his little sister's womb with his incestious cream. Jenna finished with Jason and pushed his limp shriveled body to the ground. From there, she tongued Ben's shaft as he drove it up her twin sister's snatch. Jennifer dismounted Eric's lifeless body and licked her master's prick next to her little sis. They sucked and drank the excess juices flowing from Jessica's fuck-hole.

"Watch, Master." Jessica got up, off his cock, and joined her sisters in a circle on the floor. The succubi sisters sucked their brothers' sperm from eachothers' cunts'. Ben rotated, fucking each of his sisters from behind.

Ben sat outside on the back porch. It was dark now, and it was the first true break he had that day from fucking. He took a drink of soda and set it down on the patio table. Ben looked up at the stars. It was moments like these that he missed already. The entire world was being invaded by demon succubi, and he was the responsible. He looked at the pictures of his family in his wallet. His father and brothers now dead, and essentially, so were his sisters. His mother, he had no knowledge of, but was just about to.

The door slid open and out stepped his mom.

"Everything alright, Honey?" she said in her normal concerned voice. Ben turned to see that she hadn't been changed. She was still fat and unattractive. It was the most refreshing thing Ben had seen all day. She took a seat next to him. His mother was dressed in black slacks with a black blouse. It was a good moment, but Ben knew it wouldn't last.

The screen door slid open again as Jennifer and Paulina stepped outside. Paulina was dressed in her habit while Jenn was in a skin-tight, two-piece white workout suit.

"May we join you?" Jennifer asked.

"Of course." Mom replied.

"We were saving her for you, Master." Paulina stated as they wasted no time in making her into a succubus. Jennifer pulled her mother into a liplock. Ben got up to stop her and protect his mom. A natural instinctive reaction. But Paulina grabbed his cock through his jeans and pushed him back into his seat. Mom's arms flailed around as she strugled against her daughter kissing her. The light passed though Jennifer into her mouth and Jenn let go. Their mother lay lifeless in her seat. Then her fat sucked in, her hair grew longer, her breasts pulled up to her chest and grew a little more. Her face was now attractive, and her eyes shot open.

Her eyes shot to her son's cock that Paulina was massaging through his jeans. Mom's arms shot out and grabbed Jenn, pulling her into another sloppy tongue twister.

"You should've let me fuck your brothers." she said to Jenn. Then she turned to Paulina, "And you shouldn't have fucked my husband, they were mine for the taking." She sunk to her knees in front of Ben. Grabbing at his zipper, she pulled it down, then pulled his cock out of the hole in his boxers and out of the hole in his pants. "Oh my son. You've got a big, throbbing purple head. Let Mommy suck it and make it better."

The new succubus licked from his balls to the tip of his dick and inserted it into her mouth. She deepthroated her son. Massaged his shaft from inside her mouth with her tongue. Moans emitted from the sides of her mouth.

"That's it, suck your son's cock." Jenn said while shoving her fingers into her shorts, and digging out her juices. She started to lick her fingers. Then she offered them to her brother and he licked them, lovingly. Jennifer moved in and licked her juices off her fingers with Ben. He shot his sperm into his mother's mouth. She kept it in her mouth then smiled, wickedly after she took her mouth off his penis. Mom pulled her daughter into another kiss. They exchanged his cum between their mouths, moaning. When they pulled apart, a string of cum stayed stuck to each of their lips, till they took a piece each with their fingers and licked them clean, swallowing their master's sperm.

"Now, Master, let me give you the kind of love that only a mother can give." She turned around and showed her back to Ben. But more importantly, she showed her son the shape of her new, demon-aged ass. Ben's mother pulled down her pants and soaking wet panties, slowly. The succubus pulled them down to mid-thigh and held them there. Ben stared, wide-eyed.

Paulina leaned in and whispered into her master's ear, "Only succubi can have an ass like that." The demon nun moved around the table to the chair opposite of the soon to be incestiously fucking mother and son. She pulled up her habit to expose her black demon pussy, and started fingering herself.

"Point your cock at my cunt, Son." Ben aimed his dick towards his mom's snatch. She slowly sat down until the tip of her son's penis was inside her. "You were in my womb once, Master. Its time to return to your birthplace." She sat down, and like all succubi pussies, it drove up into her, until it was imbedded to her hilt. "Fuck your mommy."

Ben's mom bounced her ass checks on his crotch, with his cock inside her cunt.

"Yes, Master. Fuck Mama, fuck our mother." Jenn hissed with her hand in her shorts, and the other tweaking one of her tits through her shirt.

"Oh yess...Fuck Mama, fuck Mama, fuck Mama.....Call me Mommy, Master. Call me Mommy, Ben. Call.....meee.....Mommyyy

...Son." She came on her son's cock.

"Ohhh...fuck....Mommy, your cunt is squeezing my cock. I love fucking you, Mommy." Ben stated with his hands on her still covered melon tits. "I'm gonna cum, Mommy."

"Yesss...Cum inside me....shoot your sperm deep into me.... you came from my womb, now its time you cum in it!"

Ben shot a hot load of seed into his demon mother. She leaned back into her master. Her pants were now at her ankles and she was able to spread her knees apart. Mom turned her head and kissed her son.

The screen door slid open, Jenna and Jessica stepped out. Their mother ripped her blouse open, exposing her new demon tits. They were size F, but perfect and round.

"Come, children. Come feed. These hold all the nutrients you need." she squeezed her tits and milk seeped out.

"Actually, Mom, Bro's cock holds all the nutrients we need." Jessica pointed out.

"Your brother's cock is mine, now. You're my offspring and you will obey me, suck on your mommy's tities."

The twins took their place on opppsite sides of their mother. Their mouths descended onto their mother's lactating nipples. The girls each had their own breast on their own side. They sucked and drank her milk like greedy babies. The twins wore identical clothing, short skirts, and tight tops, but they wore opposite colors. Jenna had a red skirt and blue top. Jessica had a blue skirt and a red top. Ben extended his hands out and shoved his fingers up and into his sisters' pussies. They moaned their appreciation. Their mother began to fuck her son again while taking his tongue in her mouth.

Jennifer kneeled in front of her fucking master and mother. She licked all over her brother's shaft when it wasn't fully inside their mama's snatch. The demon licked all over Mommy's cunt lips, too, sucking up the cum that had leaked out. Their mother was truly taking care of her children now. Supplying food to her twin girls, her milk. Giving her eldest daughter sweets, Ben's and her own cum. And, finaly giving her son attention, by fucking him.

Ben opened his eyes and saw Paulina across from them. She looked him in the eyes and took something out of her habit pocket. It was a big wooden cross. The succubus smiled, and shoved the long end into the depths of her demon pussy. Paulina fucked herself with a cross. Paulina moaned and came on the cross. She took it out of her cunt, and licked her juices off of it.

That's all it took as Ben came again, pouring sperm into the abyss of his mother's womb. Everyone came at the same time. They were one happy loving family.

Ben spent Saturday fucking all his neighbors. His family was either fucking them with him or fucking each other. No more succubi needed to be made in his area, so he just fucked all of them. The next day was Sunday, time for church. Ben's mother woke in up in the morning with an excellent blowjob. She was already dressed for church, but it looked more like something a stripper would wear. Ben came all over Mommy's cleavage.

"Now eat your breakfast, Master, and get ready for church." she said as her son's cum leaked down the small crack between her tits.

Jennifer came into Ben's room and cut their mom off before she left. The demon licked all of her brother's sperm off their mom's breasts. "I've had my breakfast, Bro." The two succubi let out evil, wicked and seductive laughs as they left their master's room.

Ben ate cereal for breakfast, then had a cunt sandwhich with his twin sisters, Jenna and Jessica.

The doorbell rang after Ben came all over his sisters' faces. They were busy licking his cum off of eachother, so Ben answered the door. She had her back to him, but he recognized her ass. Only one person could have an ass beyond perfection. His new girlfriend, Beth, raised her very short dress, and bared her white ass to him.

"Its been too long, Master. I need your cock in me now."

Ben shoved his prick into her asshole. He came immediately, on purpose knowing that he had to hurry. Beth stood up and let her dress fall back down over her ass as well as her master's cum, running down her legs.

Paulina came in with a new habit on. Her long black hair hung down to her ass below her headdress. The nun's dress was very tight and had a split from her waist just to the left of her demon cunt. There was an oval opening at her belly, exposing her newly pierced belly button, it was a tiny gold cross. Another silver cross was between her dark colored cleavage. But the thing that made it even more sinful, was that it was all white. Making her black skin more of a taboo, but some nuns had worn white habits in the past. Paulina's black tits could easily be seen through it, and they were hard.

"How do you like the convents' new look?" she said. Ben moved towards her with one thing on his mind, but she stopped him. "I thought it might be nice, if your girlfriend joined us this morning." Paulina pointed to Beth.

Beth walked to her master and kissed him, taking hold of his still exposed cock. Ben's hands roamed, felt and grabbed all over her ass.

"Oh God, I love your ass." he said as his family came into the hall to witness it.

"Better than my ass, Son?" his mother asked while coming down the stairs. Jennifer was right behind, and lifted Mom's dress to show her bare ass. Ben's hands dropped from Beth's butt. His mother's ass was a thing of beauty. "Wouldn't you rather fuck mine?"

"He fucked mine less than a minute ago. Not to mention just now, he came in my ass several times Friday." Beth said while placing her boyfriend's hands back on her ass, he squeezed.

Mom looked upset, and separted the couple. They were trying to posess their master. And Ben's mom was jealous over her son lusting more for his girlfriend's ass than her own.

"Look here, Missy. He may be your boyfriend, but he's my son and I'm his mother. And when it comes time to chose who he wants to fuck, Mommy always takes the cock." Mom said with rage. Beth just smiled, though. "You may have the perfect ass, but nothing compares to these." she grabbed her breasts and squeezed them tenderly. Then she turned to her son. "Master, I know you had donuts this morning..." she lowered the V in her shirt to expose one of her tits. "but you know what goes great with donuts? Milk." Mom pulled Ben to her tit and he swallowed her lactating nipple into his mouth.

"We don't have time for this. There is a deadline. We must leave now." Paulina ordered, and the incestious family understood.

On the way over to the convent, in their excursion, while Ben was receiving a double blowjob from his twin sisters, he asked Paulina an important question, "Why do we need to go to church? I think nearly everyone in Southern Cali must be made by now."

"We only made the areas that you were going to be in. We needed to grow strong from the source. The only areas that have been made is the convent, your school, and your neighborhood. Today is the day that the Catholic church will find out about us. Then they'll send someone to stop us, but they'll fail. Today, the full invasion......begins." Paulina explained everything to him. Ben had also noticed that she had put what looked like another white habit on, over the sinful one she had on.

Ben looked at his watch and relized that even with the convent being a good 40 minutes away, they were still going to be very early. They arrived at the convent and they were greeted by some nuns and Mother Superior. Reverend Mother took Ben into a room in the church and showed him the habit she was going to wear.

Her habit was black. But it didn't cover any of her private parts. Her big white tits were covered in black netted nylon. There were 4 splits in her dress, starting from her belly button. Two small splits went down the sides of her legs. And there was a big split from the top of her ass, open and exposing her coveted ass and cunt to the church. The last split opened from her naval and spread open to show her bare, hairless pussy. Ben fucked the Reverend Mother right there in the church. When they were done, she put her habit cover on and left Ben in the church.

There wasn't anyone in the church, so Ben sat down in one of the aisles. But then he could hear that the priest was taking confessions. A man mentioned the sinful thoughts that he was having for his daughter the last two days. As usual, the father forgave him, and the man walked out of the church.

Then Ben saw someone walk past him. It was a catholic schoolgirl. In a schoolgirl uniform, well sort-of. She wore knee-high white socks, a very short plaid skirt with overalls. Her white shirt was buttoned only between her belly button and her massive cleavage. There was a silver cross hanging between her tits. And she had a bible in her hands. But Ben could tell that she was a succubus. She turned and saw her master, and smiled. Ben recognized her, she always came to church. She was a girl of 18. But she didn't look innocent anymore.

The girl walked to her master and put down her bible. She wasted no time in dropping to her knees and whipping out his cock.

The young thing wrapped her lips around her master's dick. The Catholic schoolgirl licked and sucked Ben's penis all the way to the depths of her throat. Ben moaned quietly and she moaned quietly in reply. Since they both knew that the priest was close by. The thirteen year old sucked his cock like a pro, just like a succubus, and slurped all over Ben's penis very sloppily. Ben came in her mouth, and she let it over flow and seep out of the corners of her mouth and down her chin. Most of it dripped down onto her tit cleavage and onto her cross. She finished with his cock and stuck her tongue out and licked his cream off her face, gulping it down. But she left the cum on her chest alone.

Ben was still hard and the schoolgirl jumped on his cock. The once innocent little girl was now a fuck machine. Fucking men for their souls. He was buried all the way in her cunt, and began to pound up into her. The sweet little succubus bounced on her master's cock. Ben looked up at the ceiling of the church. It wasn't the first time he had fucked there. He lost his virginity to the demon-succubus, Midaja, there. Now he was fucking a Catholic schoolgirl.

The church door opened and a man walked in wanting to confess. He saw the little girl fucking Ben in the aisle and was about to say something when a nun cut him off. It was Jan, the nun who was repulsed by any mention of sex. She grabbed the man's cock through his pants and brought it out in the open. "Whatever sin you have comitted, I'm sure the lord will forgive you." she said quietly as she dropped to her knees and quickly took his dick in her mouth. The nun sucked him for all he was worth. "I think you have a new sin to confess..... getting your cock sucked on by a nun in church. Bad Boy." The man came in her mouth and she swallowed all of his cum as well as his soul. His lifeless body fell to the floor. Jan stood up very satisfied, "The sweetest treat is a man's soul. Mmhmmm." The evil nun winked at Ben as he came into the thirteen year old's snatch. Jan carried the body out of sight.

The young succubus stuck her tongue into her master's mouth. Then she dismounted Ben and let his cum run down her legs and onto the church floor. Now she had sperm on her legs and in her cunt, and cream on her tits and cross. The schoolgirl picked up her bible and walked into confession.

Ben could hear their conversation.

"Forgive me Father, for I have sinned." the demon girl said.

"What is this sin, young child." the priest did his job.

"I have had inpure thoughts of another boy."

"That's natural my dear. The lord will forgive you."

"But I acted on them, Father. I sucked his cock into my mouth till he came. I swallowed some of it and let the rest of his cum drip onto my chest and cross. He tasted so good. I wanted more."

"This is a horrible act, child." the priest took a peak through the screen. He could see her scantily clad uniform and her cum stained chest. The priest couldn't help but grow wood. She dipped her fingers into her cunt and he was about to say something but she cut him off.

"But that's not all, Father. After I sucked his cock, I fucked his brains out. I rode his dick, hard and fast until he came inside my cunt. Filled my young, fertile womb with seed. And I loved the feel of his cream streaming down my legs." the girl took her shirt off and covered her nipples with her suspenders.

"Young lady, you shouldn't be doing such things. What was the bo-"

"And he wasn't the first one I've fucked, Father. But you know what made this one extra special, was that we fucked in church." the girl shot her hand out and burst through the screen and grabbed the priest's hard-on.

"What...... are....... you...... doing? .....oh God." he said as she ripped the rest of the screen away and climbed in his side of the booth.

"Forgive me, Father, I'm about the sin again." she took his cock out. "I'm going to fuck a priest in a confession booth, in a church." the catholic schoolgirl succubus turned around and sat on the priest's dick. "Fuck me, Father. Fuck me in your church."

Ben took a peak in from the confession side and the girl motioned him over with her tongue but he declined as another man walked in. He took Ben's place, sticking his cock in her mouth. Then the girl sat her asshole down on the priest's penis and the man drove into her pussy. The Catholic schoolgirl was being sandwhich fucked by a man and priest in a confessional booth. But nothing was impossile with succubi.

Ben heard a door open and saw Jan walk into a room. He looked in through the crack in the door. It looked like the nun was about to seduce and fuck away the souls of the two 18 year-old alter boys.

"Good morning, boys. I just wanted to see if there was anything you wanted." she moved towards them and placed her hands on the neck line of her habit. "And as you can see...." she dropped her habit to the floor. She had nothing on but her headdress and a pair of black nylons. "...I've got lots to offer."

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