Dawn of the Succubi Ch. 04


Ben drove his cock inside her slowly, enjoying the sensation of fucking his real aunt. She wrapped her legs around his chair and threw her head back. Aunt Sherise kept her body still other than her pelvis' slow rythym on her nephew's dick. She closed her eyes in the incestual glow as the pleasure was overbearing. Her tongue moved all over her lips between and during moans. Her hands moved between Ben's chest and her own. Then they roamed all over her body. She was tingling all over.

The human-fuck-machine known as Ben Smith had never experianced love-making. He put one hand on her hip to help steady his aunt more and the other traced every inch of her body.

"Oh, Yes, Oh, Yes, Oh, Yes, Oh, Yes," she panted as he continued to pound his cock into the sopping heat of her wet, slippery pit. New sensations were coming over her. Her nephew was making her feel like more of a woman.... a female.... designed to fuck. "Ohhh, God, Ben..... your cock is perfect, ugh, Yes!"

"Ohhhh Aunt Sherise.... it feels soo goooodd. Sooo gooood." he replied.

Both of them could feel the impending implosion of pleasure as it grew closer and closer. Suddenly, it was on them like a beast of the jungle attacking its prey. "Oh, FUCK, I'M CUMMMMIIIINNNNN," she groaned as her body began to writhe and shake underneath her nephew. But even as she shuddered and shivered on him, he felt his cock lurch and send out a huge, gelantious spurt of his white-hot cum deep inside her burning socket. Wrapping her arms around him, she ground her pussy down into his thrusting belly, taking every last bit of her nephew's spurting maleness into her pussy. "Oh, Give, It, All, To, Me, Oh, Yes," she whispered, nibbling on his ear at the same time. Trying to please her, he drove his cock into her again and again, each time releasing another geyser of his white-hot cum deep inside her clenching cunt.

As Ben's enchanted, magical, and cursed cum entered into the depths of his aunt's womb she could feel it. The feeling of evil started to take control. Her inner soul cried out inside her trying to fight it off, but the gushing ripples of her nephew's cock spewing his seed into her left her with little resolve. Darkness now controlled her mind and body. Ben had transformed his Aunt Sherise into a succubus.

Just as their steady rocking together was coming to an end Aunty's eyes shot open. Ben looked into those eyes and saw even more lust and desire in her. She clenched his cock letting him know that she was up for another round. Her dress was still on, but not for long.

"More... Mooorrrrrre. I want more. Now fuck your Aunty good!" she began to drive her cunt on him at a furious pace. But Ben saw it now. A look of horror was on his face. All the times that he had fucked all those regular woman, he was making them into succubi. He had spread the demons all over asia. Aunt Sherise gripped his dick again brought his attention back to her.

But it was going to take more than that to get him in the mood. And for the first time ever, Ben began to soften inside of a pussy. Aunty wouldn't have it though. She ripped open the top of her dress to finaly expose her now flawless ripe melons. The new demon pushed off on the table and flung Ben backwards and herself on top of him on the floor. She pulled his head to her chest. Ben wasn't stronger than her anymore and his resistence was futile. Aunt Sherise shoved one of her nipples into her nephew's mouth. Milk poured out of her demon breast and into Ben's mouth. He tried not to swallow but it tasted so sweet and he almost choked. Ben swallowed all that he could of his aunt's evil breast milk.

Sherise knew that he had had enough and stood tall over her nephew now. His cum leaked from her cunt and milk ran down her right nipple and stained her dress. Ben looked up at her. The milk lowered all his morale till there was nothing. It was too erotic and he began to harden.

"Now who am I?" she asked him seductively.

"My Aunt Sherise."

"And what do you want to do to your Aunty?"

"I want to fuck my aunt and cum inside my aunt's pussy."

"Good boy." she mounted him and bounced on his cock. Ben grabbed her tits and squezzed. More milk came out and he licked it off her globes of flesh. He pumped up into her and gave her the fucking she requested. Aunt Sherise's nephew emptied buckets of cum into her snatch. But they weren't done.

Ben picked her up and slammed her against the wall. Sherise moaned and wrapped her legs around her nephew. The incestious coulpling went on through out the whole night. They fucked like rabbits close to the break of dawn.

They laid in her bed in the spoon position with his cock inside her cunt. Ben could feel his guilt creep back in. He had spread the succubi. The mexican mother and sister, the black whore, the hawaiian hoola girls, the japanese flight attendent, and the indian wife had been turned into demons by his sperm. And no doupt, they have spread invasion all over their areas. Worst of all, he had made his beloved aunt into a demon who craved his semen.

"Don't be afraid, Ben, my dear nephew. You couldn't have known about your sperm. We knew that you would spread the succubi if you ran, that's why we never told you. All succubi are linked on a information highway. But no one knows you're here. And I'm going to keep it that way. Your mine now. All mine." Sherise said as she squeezed her cunt muscles on his prick.

Ben knew now that this was the way that life would be. This would be the new world. The demons would be free to sin beyond sex. Sins like envy and jealosy were automatic. And his aunt was envious of his mother, grandmother and all those who had him before her. Now she wanted more than her share. It was greed. And he was going to use it against her.

"Aunt Sherise?"

"Yes Honey?"

"You've got it wrong. You are mine. I am your master. You have my sperm inside of you and it was me that made you. Understand?" he began to slip his cock out of her vagina to let her know of her disobediance.

"Yes M-Master.... I understand." and she slipped it back in.

"Then do as I tell you. You need to be making more succubi. Now go do it."

"Don't you want to join me?" she massaged his penis with the inner folds of her vagina. Ben moaned under his breath and was heavily tempted. But he pushed her off the bed. She walked out of the room with his cum pouring out of her demon pussy. Ben laid in the bed for a while collecting his thoughts, till he eventually fell alseep.

Ben woke up and looked at the clock. He slept through most of the morning. His cousin Rebecca walked into the room.

"Mom has Ben call-" she froze in her tracks. Ben's cock was still exposed, and she couldn't take her eyes off it. He realized what was happening and quickly covered, snapping her out of her trance. "Oh hey... Cous'...." she was still a hottie. Her long red hair was encased in a swim cap and her body was in sweats, but it couldn't hide her hardened nipples or her soaking wet pussy. "I just took my morning jog and I have my bathing suit on under this. If you want... you can join me." she left the room.

Her scent filled the room. Rebecca's crotch was stained with so much of her juice that it looked like her had been sprayed with a hose below her waist. She was human and Ben knew it, but he had to fuck her.

Rebecca and Ben had kept in contact over the years. They wrote eachother every four months. Rebecca was even more religious than Ben used to be.

Ben walked out with his uncle's swim trunks on and watched his cousin. Her body and big tits were covered with a one piece black suit. He sat down and watched. His morals may have been depleted by his aunt's breast milk but he still had some left. If he was out of the pool then he wasn't in there with her.

Rebecca got out of the pool. She turned and showed him her back, "Hey Cous', why don't you... come... inside." as she said this she lifted the bottom of her suit on her ass. Tightening it and making it look like she was wearing a thong. She kept pulling, exposing her more of her ass, closing her eyes, biting her lip and moaning. Ben's cousin pulled until her cunt lips outlined her crotch strap. "Come on... I know you want to." and she jumped in.

Ben jumped in right behind her. He could see the desire in her eyes as well as incoming guilt. She had tempted him, but now it was actually going to happen. Rebecca was so scared that she was able to resist her cousin's supernatural phermones. Ben's pre-cum swam from his trunks through the pool and slipped inside her bathing suit, into her pussy and uterus, lowering her level of resistance.

Rebecca moved away from him. She started up the ladder out of the pool. But Ben wasn't having it. His cousin had tempted him and he needed release. Even if it meant inside her. Even if she didn't want it. And even if it would make his cousin into a demon. Ben's cousin had made it 3/4 out of the water, with the water level at her mid-thigh. He raced over and grabbed her ass.

She shuddered at his touch but turned her head and spoke out against it, "What the hell are you doing Ben?!"

He didn't answer her. Ben pulled her bathing suit away from her cunt and his tongue dove in. Rebecca looked at him in shock.

"What is wrong with you?! Stop it!" Her face grimaced in disgust but she stayed in her position, allowing her cousin to continue eating her out. Rebecca tried to get away, she tried to move, but her body wouldn't let her. "Why can't I move? What the hell did you do to me? Stop it now, Ben! You're a sick freak! This is incest stop it! Oh God, why won't my body move?"

Rebecca's body came and Ben lapped up most of her juices. He let the rest drip into the pool. She felt Ben let her go and thought it was over, but she still couldn't move. Ben put his hands on her ass again and his cousin felt the tip of his cock knocking on the door to her pussy.

"Oh nooo! Ben don't do it! Please don't do it Ben. Please don't do-aghhh...." Rebecca's pleas had no effect on him. He had to fuck her. Ben drove his prick in and out of his cousin's hot cunt. Rebecca's body responded to him and humped her cousin back.

"What is wrong with my body? Oh God, help me." she pleaded as all of Ben's pre-cum pentrated into the depths of her womb and made their way through the rest of her body. Her body was already infected, now they headed for her brain. Soon she would belong to her cousin; mind, body and soul.

"Why are you doing this, Cous'? Why are you doing this? Why... are...... you......." the evil sperm of her cousin entered her mind and took over, "... Fuck me Cous'! Fuck me good and hard! Come on! You can do better! Harder! Deeper!"

Ben smiled in his triumph over his moral cousin. He reached around and grabbed her huge jugs. He could feel them slowly change as more of his pre-cum slowly changed her into a full-fledged she-demon. Rebecca's relative finaly emptied his hot semen into her snatch.

"Oh yaaa, fuck your cousin. Incest is the best! Cum in my cunt! Cum in my cunt! Shoot your sperm into your cousin's belly!"

He pulled out and fell back into the pool. Becca did the same, but turned to face him. Their combined incestious juices filled the water. Rebecca ran her hand over her now flawless stomach.

"I can still fit few more gallons of sperm in here, Cous'." she said. Her cousin shoved his prick into her pussy for the second time, this time under water. He fucked her back against the wall so hard that it would've broken the back of a human but she was not human. She was now a fucking, soul-sucking machine. They made waves in the pool, so big that a child would have drowned.

Ben shot off into his cousin again. They weren't done though. Becca pulled down the straps of her bathing suit and exposed her big demon tities. He kept pumping into her and sucked on her breasts. "Oh yesss, Master. Fuck me!" They fucked all over the pool. When they were done, the pool was half full of their cum.

Ben's aunt finaly returned later that night. She explained that all of India would be under control by the end of the night. Then she fucked her nephew with her daughter. He enjoyed fucking them more than anything, except his grandmother.

They stopped and watched some T.V. once. Sherise said that Ben would be interested in what was on. It was the Pope. He was speaking at the vadican. Behind him were other holy people, mostly nuns. Ben noticed Midaja and his grandma among the nuns. The pope announced that there would be some dramatic changes in the Catholic church.

The nuns stripped off their habits to reveal their new ones. The cardinals whipped out their cocks from their robes. Moans could be heard from the crowd as Ben knew that the succubi had begun their attack on them. Ben's grandmother gave the Pope head. And then took to the podium. "Succubi and slaves.... Welcome to my era." she winked at the camera then licked her lips. Ben knew it was for him. "To the world, I shall be known as, Mother. Mama's comin baby... Mama's comin."

"Your grandmother sat on the Pope's face. He became our slave." Sherise said while slowly jerking her master's prick, while her daughter licked the tip.

Then Ben thought he saw something even more disturbing. Mother was rubbing her belly and it was round. But the feed was gone before he could get a good look. Ben didn't know what to do. He had to put a stop to this. But he couldn't resist the succubi. And if he could, how could he kill them.

Ben had just thoroughly finished fucking his aunt and cousin and they were actually sleeping. He was outside away from the house.

He saw a flickering light in the night sky. It came towards him until he could make the shape out. It was an angel. She was beautiful, clad in a white robe with big wings and a halo. The angel was a blonde. She moved to within a few feet of Ben, but her feet never touched the ground.

She spoke, "I know who you are, Ben, and I know what you're afraid of. You still have the good heart that God gave you. Your body is being controlled by the demons, but you can use it against them. It is the only way to defeat them. Good luck..." and she darted back up into the sky.

It was a relief to know that he wasn't alone in this, but Ben was confused. How could he use his body, meaning his penis, against them. It had been the one thing that was responsible for all this. But then the thought popped into his head. It was Midaja the first demon posing as the Virgin Mary that sucked the cum from him first. And his grandmother that was responsible for his powerful cum. She produced his mother with incestious seed and the seed of the demon Takan. But it was all inspired from the voodoo sorceress Chantaile. She had made his grandmother into the evil sorceress slut succubus that she was.

So he had to defeat Takan, Midaja, Chantaile and ultimately his new mother. His dick got hard as he thought of her. Her pussy was the best he had ever had. His body ached to be unionized with her again.

Ben snapped out of his trance. Another thought came to him. His grandmother had taken all of Chantaile's powers because she had become more of a slut. She must have taken control of Midaja and used her. The demon Midaja was merely a pon. She followed the soceress that could find more ways to please her sexually. And what demon slut wouldn't want to sexually control the world. So, she sided with Granny, now known as Mother.

That was it! Ben could use his cum to make Chantaile more powerful than his grandmother. That was how he could use his body. It was a risk. He could be replacing Mother with yet another demon dictator. But he had to do it. He realized that it would be hard to find her and she may not be alive. Ben had to hurry.

There was virtually no way to disguise going to Africa from the succubi, but Ben found a way. He had to pick either his aunt or cousin to take with him. That way he could tell her not to tell anyone and she wouldn't since she would feel special. Ben decided to take his aunt Sherise since she was more fun to fuck. They tied up Rebecca and got on plane to Africa.

Sherise was able to tap into the succubi information highway and find out where Chantaile was. There was no way for them to avoid all the succubi but they were able to get to the voodoo sorceress. Though Ben knew that he didn't have much time.

Chantiale's tribe had been untouched by the succubi. Many normal looking tribesmen were all over the village. They had been instructed to let them pass. The sorceress knew they were coming.

Aunt Sherise eyed the men and their cocks. It had only been a few minutes since her nephew had filled her cunt with his incestious seed but she craved life. They reached Chantaile's tent. Ben knew what was on his aunt's mind and he told her she could but to keep it on the DL. She kissed her master and wished him good luck. Sherise grabbed the hands of two tribesmen under her spell and took them into the bushes. Ben entered the tent.

"I have been waiting for you.... Chosen One." Chantiale stood up. Ben knew that she had to be really old. But she had obtained enough magic to preserve her youth and voluptious African body.

"Before we fuck, I need to know what happens next?"

"We fuck and you make me into a succubi. You also give me all the power I need to over throw Mother. And you impregnate me, fulfilling the prophecy and we will rule above all." she moved towards him. The sorceress had her hair up in a roll and her clothes left nothing to the imagination as her pussy was exposed by a long V in her African skirt.

But this was not what Ben wanted to hear. He didn't want to replace Mother with another ruler. And this prophecy was new to him. Ben decided then that he wouldn't fuck her but he needed information on the prophecy.

"What's the prophecy?"

"That the Chosen One and a demon succubus will spawn a new breed. The first being the reincarnation of Jezebel, the Biblical Whore. You are the Chosen One, and I am your demon."

"You're no demon yet, and you will never be." Ben began to leave the tent but Chantiale threw some kind of dust on him. He could barely move. Chantaile was angry with him now, and she would not be scorned. This whole thing was going to be a costly mistake. But he wouldn't give up and he began to break the mistical hold on him. But he looked at the voodoo mistress. Electricity shot from her eyes and entered Ben's. There was nothing Ben could do to stop it. It finished passing through into him and he was her willing slave.

"All I need is your cum, and I'll be one step away from fulfilling the prophecy." she dropped to her knees and whipped out Ben's 24-hour hard-on. Her dark lips wrapped around his pink head and worked the magic. Ben thought he had to make a stand, he had to stop it now. But the sorceress had him cumming in her mouth in seconds. She gulped it all down. He could see the change in her eyes. Chantaile was now a succubus. She stood and licked her lips.

"Mmmmm.... Yummy. Lay down, Slave!" Ben did as he was told. Things weren't going to be as fun with the voodoo mistress in control.

She stood over him and ripped open the top of her dress. Ben could see the fire in her demon eyes. Chantaile was more powerful than ever. Her tits were in the center of black pentegram tattoos on her breasts. The demon voodoo woman mounted Ben's shaft but squeezed her cunt so tight that he couldn't cum yet.

Chantaile pulled Ben's head to one of her tits. A green liquid leaked out of it. "Drink Slave!" and he did. It tasted sweeter than anything he had ever tasted. Ben wanted to please his master, and he was. She moved his head to her other breast and Ben drank from it like a baby. "This will give your seed the potency it needs to concieve Jezebel in my womb."

Once Chantaile knew that the green milk had combined with Ben's magical-sperm, she let him release into her. "Yessss... Give it all to me. Give me every drop. Impregnate meeeee...." she came on her slave's cock as he began to fill her cunt. Ben continued to shoot everything he had. Her cunt kept making milking motions aroung his shaft, sucking every drop of sperm. Ben came until it hurt and until it hurt some more. Chantaile stopped riding and gave her slave a wicked smile. Ben's balls had been practically obliterated. They were now the size of cashews, and his dick was limp! "It won't be long now." she dismounted Ben and not a single drop of his fluid leaked out.

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