tagGroup SexDawn's New Life Ch. 04

Dawn's New Life Ch. 04


The band had just started its third set for the evening as Dawn and Cindy passed through the doors of Diane and Bob's bar. The Back Bar was not very crowded for 11:45 pm on a Saturday night. Dawn liked it better with fewer people, she liked to dance and fewer people left her more free space on the small floor to express herself. Dawn was wearing tight fitting faded jeans and a white silk camisole. Her pert pink nipples were erect owing to the brushing of the material against her skin. She liked the naughty feeling she got as she knew the effect her nipples had on the men around her.

"Come on let's dance!" Dawn said above the sound of the music.

"O.K." Cindy quickly agreed.

Cindy's mind raced. In the six months that Cindy and Dawn had been sleeping together Dawn had gone from a broken hearted, shy, introvert to a party animal. She worked hard Monday through Thursday, then started partying at happy hour Thursday after work, just enough to make getting up Friday morning a little more difficult than the day before. Other than the quick fuck from Matthew, Cindy had not been with anybody else since the first night she had slept with Dawn. Cindy had lived a life of casual sex since she had lost her virginity to the football team in high school. She had been deflowered by the quarterback and had given blow jobs or fucked the rest of the team. College had been a fuck-fest. She had slowed down somewhat since leaving the University of Wisconsin; but had never undergone 6 months of a monogamous relationship. The beat made it hard to think so she put it on autopilot and enjoyed the rest of the dance.

"I need a drink" Cindy said to Dawn as they turned to leave the dance floor.

"Do you mind if I buy it?" A male voice broke in before Dawn could say anything.

Dawn and Cindy turned to see a 6'3" man with brown hair and intensely blue eyes.

"My name is Albert King, but my friends call me 'Al'" his voice almost had a musical quality to it.

"I'm Dawn, and this is my best friend, Cindy" Dawn was the first to reply. "I would love a rum and coke!"

"Nice to meet you Al, and thanks for the offer, I usually drink margaritas." Cindy chimed in.

"Ok, one rum and coke and one margarita." Al said as he moved to the bar.

The threesome found a small table and the drinks were soon served.

"So what's your story Al?" Cindy quizzed "I come here all the time and I don't remember ever seeing you here before."

"Oh, you are a regular." Al smiled "I am just in town on a business trip, actually it is a seminar. I asked the clerk at the Hampton the best place to have fun and He suggested I try The Back Bar. So here I am."

"Here you are!" Dawn smiled. "Here's to you being here!" Dawn lifted her glass to the air and tipped the other glasses before downing the rum and coke.

"Here's to you being here too." Al said in reply as the glasses clinked.

"So, do you want to talk or do you want to dance?" Al laughed.

"I want to dance." Dawn smiled.

Al stood to his feet and extended his hand. Dawn took his hand and followed him to the dance floor.

"Do you want to join us?" Dawn said to Cindy.

"Not just yet, you enjoy the dance." Cindy smiled.

Dawn's nipples once again perked as her body swayed causing the camisole to tease her nipples. Dawn maneuvered so that her back was to Al and moved towards him until their bodies touched. Al responded by pushing forward as they moved to the music. Soon his hands were on her hips and they were simulating sex. Al felt hands on his shoulders, and breath on his neck as Cindy came up behind him and pressed her breasts into his back.

"Are you having fun with my girlfriend?" Cindy spoke into Al's ear just loud enough to be heard over the music.

Al felt a flush come over him. He did not know how to respond to the question. So he just glanced over his right shoulder and smiled as he nodded in the affirmative. Cindy continued to press her body against his back and moved her hands down to his hips and around to the front searching for his cock. She pulled her hands back and squeezed his butt cheeks before moving around to locate herself behind Dawn. Cindy looked at Al over Dawn's shoulder, and then moved her head to kiss Dawn on the lips. Cindy turned Dawn around to face Al. Dawn placed her arms around Al's neck and swayed to the music. Cindy then moved her hands under Dawn's arms and cupped her breasts.

"Kiss him." Cindy cooed into Dawn's ear.

Al found his cock respond as Dawn slipped her tongue deep into his mouth. The music ended and the band announced they were going to take a short break to rest and allow things to cool down on the dance floor.

"So, how is your room at the Hampton Inn?" Cindy asked.

"I hear they are really nice" Dawn chimed in.

"It's nice, but its not home. You know it gets old real fast, just watching HBO alone." Al grinned.

"Do you want some company tonight?" Cindy asked, knowing how turned on Dawn was by this stranger.

"What do you have in mind?" Al asked.

"Whatever you want!" Dawn said without a moment's hesitancy.

"Ok, then, one tour of the Hampton Inn coming up." Al said.

"We can follow you in our car." Cindy suggested.

In a dark corner across the room, a man sat alone. He lifted a Coors to his lips and drained the rest of the drink. His sixth, or was it his eighth, he did not know, he did not care. He had been coming to the bar nightly for the past week, hoping upon hope that he would run into Cindy or Dawn. He had thought a lot about what Cindy had said about being a selfish lover. He had bought a book to help him with his sex life. He had masturbated to the point of climax and then pinched his dick to retard the ejaculation. He had managed to maintain an erection for over 10 minutes before exploding his load on to his stomach. He wanted to plead his case to Dawn, to beg her for one more chance to explore ways to enjoy sex with his oversized cock.

He got up and moved to the door, giving the girls a chance to make it to their car. As their car pulled out of the parking lot, he rushed to his Chevy and burst out into the near empty road. He reached down to the floorboard and pulled a beer out of the half empty Coors 12 pack. His mind was racing, his pulse quickened. Who was this fucker? Clearly Cindy was following this guy home. He watched as the car pulled into the parking lot of the Hampton in. He slowed and watched as the threesome made their way to the front door. He pulled into the parking lot and as luck would have it lights came on in a room on the first floor. He could clearly see into the room. The man walked to the window and pulled the drape closed, or nearly so.

Inside, the garments came off as quickly as the drape was closed. Dawn was the first to pull her whisper thin top off and tossed it onto the chair. Her breasts were perky and white, in stark contrast to her tanned torso.

"Very nice!" Al said.

"Do you like hers better than mine?" Cindy said as she took off her top, exposing her lacy bra.

"Hum, well, from what I can see, yours are very nice too!" Al said encouraging her to remove her bra.

"Would you like to help me undo my bra?" Cindy walked over to Al and turned around.

As the bra unsnapped, Cindy turned to face him and let the bra fall off. "Do you like what you see?" Cindy smiled warmly.

Dawn moved closer, Cindy turned to face her and they embraced, thrusting their breasts together before kissing full on the lips.

"Do you want to watch HBO or something?" Cindy said to Al.

"I'm thinking 'or something' sounds pretty good to me!" Al responded without missing a beat.

"Well, do you want to get undressed, or do you just plan on watching all night?" Cindy was once again clearly in charge of the situation.

Al stood up and pulled off his shirt.

"Very nice, but your going to have to do better than that if you want to play!" Cindy teased as she once again kissed Dawn, this time playing with her breasts.

Al, undid his jeans and they dropped to the floor revealing a slight tension in his boxers as his cock pressed against them. As on cue, Cindy and Dawn dropped to their knees and each pulled a side of his boxers down in an instant releasing his cock to bounce upwards.

"Oh, isn't it cute?" Cindy said.

"Is that as big as it gets?" Dawn said out loud to Cindy, not realizing the impact her question might have upon Al.

Cindy placed her hand on Al's dick and gently tugged a few times before she answered. "Yep, looks like it." She said giving a knowing smile to Dawn.

"Hey, what are you guys up to?" Al looked bewildered.

"Baby, your cock is so perfect, just the right size, 6" right?" Cindy smiled as she once again softly caressed his cock.

"Just over 6" thank you very much, and I've never had any complaints before." Al said somewhat defensively.

"Oh, you do not understand. She was traumatized by a 11" cock and is in recovery!" Cindy giggled.

"Can I suck your cock? I want to feel it in my mouth!" Dawn said to Al.

"Suck his cock baby, he wants to have it licked." Cindy said. "You do want your cocked sucked by her don't you?"

Al nodded as Dawn licked the underside of his cock before toying her tongue on his cock slit and then sucking his cock-head into her mouth.

Outside, Matt sat in the front seat sipping on his beer. Clearly there was enough room at the bottom of the drape for somebody to see in, if they got close enough. The parking lot was well lit. It was well past midnight and there was not much activity going on around the hotel. What was going on in the room with the three of them in there? He had fucked both of the women and had, on more than on occasion, masturbated to the thought of eating Dawn's pussy while Cindy sat on his cock fucking him. He should be in the room, if any man had the right, it was him. He had given so much to the relationship and had received so little in return. He could not stand the not knowing any longer. The beer had bolstered his courage and he glanced around as he walked briskly to the window and fell to his knees just in time to see the topless couple kneeling in front of Al and Dawn taking Al's cock into her mouth. "That mother-fucker's cock is half the size of mine" he thought.

Once again his pulse quickened and his mind raced. He jumped to his feet and headed around the corner of the hotel, counting the windows as he went. He rushed past the desk clerk and went to the end of the wing and counted the doors back to the correct room. He banged his hand on the door.

"Open up" He shouted.

This time it was Al's heart that raced. Dawn pulled her head back and Cindy rushed to the door.

"Fuck, it's Matt and he looks pissed, drunk and pissed." Cindy said.

Once again Matt pounded the door, "Open the fucking door, I know you are in there!"

"Matt calm down" Cindy said through the door.

Al's cock shrunk immediately as he wondered what he had gotten himself into. He looked at Dawn for an explanation.

"My Ex-husband" Dawn said. "I have not seen him for over half a year, I have no idea how he found me."

"Look, we will call the cops if you do not leave right now!" Cindy yelled.

By this time the hotel clerk had already heard the commotion and dialed 9-1-1.

"I mean it Matt, I don't know what has gotten into you, but you need to cool off, you have no right to be here!" Cindy's voice was firm and stern.

Sirens sounded in the distance and were clearly approaching. Matt darted towards the door at the end of the wing. He pushed the door open and the alarm sounded. He rushed to his car and headed out of the parking lot. As his car exited the drive, the first squad car pulled to the front of the hotel. The clerk rushed out and motioned to the police towards the Chevy.

The squad car pulled away and the second car did a y-turn and the pursuit was on. Matt made the short drive to the Interstate and pulled on to the expressway. Clearly out of control he pushed the accelerator to the floor and the car was soon up to over 90 miles per hour. In his rear view mirror he saw the lights gaining on him; but clearly his car had reached its maximum velocity. In an instant, a deer jumped into his path, even in his drunken state he realized that he needed to respond. In an attempt to avoid the deer, she jerked the wheel the left. He effort to swerve was not in vain as the creature escaped. Matt was less fortunate, at his speed he could not recover and the Chevy lunged into the median; it rolled several times before coming to rest on its top.

Back in the Hotel, Cindy had explained everything to Al. The mood had been broken.

"There's always HBO." Al laughed.

Cindy reached for the clicker and turned on the TV. The girls pulled of their pants and one slid into either side of the bed. Al naked in the middle, Dawn in her panties to his left and Cindy to his right; it was so surreal. As luck would have it, they tuned in to the middle of a sex scene, and as quickly as the water had calmed, a storm once again began to blow.

This time, Cindy's expert lips were on Al's cock. It was less than 3" long when flaccid. With her skillful coaxing, it soon began to grow. Cindy always got a sort of rush out of the feel of a cock expanding in her mouth. Like she was in control of even his body, his cock was under her control, responding to her desire for a hard cock. She tugged on his cock as she moved her head up and down. His cock started to pulse and she pulled her head away from his cock and quickly pinched it on the base. She then moved to position herself between Dawn's legs and licked her pussy, pulling the outer labia, then pushing her face into Dawn's crotch. Moving up, she first licked and then sucked on Dawn's clit.

Dawn reached over and pulled Al's face towards her lips.

"Kiss me" She directed.

As Al's lips met hers, she pushed her tongue into his mouth mirroring Cindy's movements on his mouth.

"Lick my nipples, please, baby, lick my nipples!" She begged as she removed her lips from his.

Al licked, sucked and pulled at her left breast as he played with her right one. With the added attention, she arched her back and yell out.

"Oh, god, I'm cumming so hard, oh, yessssss." With that her eyes rolled back in her head and placing her hands on Cindy's head pulled her first harder into her slit and then up to kiss her.

She loved the feel of Cindy's weight on top of her. Cindy pushed her pussy into Dawn's for extra measure.

Cindy rolled off Dawn to her right, placing Dawn in the middle.

"Fuck her, fuck her now." Cindy instructed.

"Yes, fuck me, fuck me; I need a cock in my pussy." Dawn's words surprised her.

Al needed no prompting. A moment later he was on top of Dawn. His cock slipped into her tight pussy, causing her to nearly purr.

"That feels good!" Dawn confessed.

Al pushed his cock in, three short strokes, followed by a deeper harder forth. He fucked at a steady pace. Three short, one deep, two short, two deep; his pace quickened. He puller her legs up over his shoulders and with a few more strokes his cock exploded his load deep into her pussy. As his cock pulsed for the second of three times, Dawn once again let out a moan and confessed that she was going to come for a second time.

Al pulled out and rolled off. Cindy was quick to more towards his cock and began to eagerly lick off the mixture of Dawn's love juice and Al's cum. Al let out a soft moan, and his dick once again engorged with blood. She sat on his now erect cock and first rocked back and forth and then up and down. Dawn straddled Al's face allowing his tongue access to her dripping pussy. He had never liked the smell of his cum, so he attempted to lick her clit and avoid the soggy vagina. Unknown to Al, Cindy and Dawn were playing with each other's tits, and kissing.

Cindy came first; this pushed Dawn over the edge. Al felt his cock pulse once again as he shot the remains of his load into Cindy's pussy.

"So much for HBO." Cindy said as she reached for the remote and turned off the TV.

"Best TV I ever saw, so real to life" Chuckled Al.

The girls had snuggled up against Al, one on either side as Cindy turned off the remaining light. Both girls had a leg over one of Al's legs, pinning him to the bed. He could feel the contrasting shaved and hairy pussy on his thigh. The sensation of the different breast size on each side lulled him to sleep.

Matt was still alive as his body was removed from his car via the "Jaws of Life." His mangled and bloodied body was placed into the ambulance. He faded in and out of consciousness as the ambulance took him to the emergency department. A flurry of activity ensued as the nurses moved the body board to the stretcher and cut his jeans and shirt off. The nurses shot each other a look of amazement as they beheld his large cock. The alarms sounded as his oxygen level dropped and the pulse faded.

"We are losing him." Were the last words spoken by the nurse before his heart stopped.

Despite their efforts, the next words were spoken by the attending, "Time of death, 3:15 am." With that the activity ended.

It was less than 5 hours later that Dawn and Cindy woke up and fucked Al once more before heading for home.

It is a small town, and Dawn and Cindy soon learned of Matt's death. They cried. They attended the funeral, but withheld the facts that they knew from Matt's mother.

Three weeks later, Dawn told Cindy "I'm late."

"Oh, my god, you too?" Was Cindy's reply.

"Do you think we are pregnant?" Dawn asked.

With that they headed to the closest Walgreen's and the next morning they both tested positive.

By the time the babies were born, Dawn had been paid Matt's life insurance, $250,000 did not seem like much, but it paid for the house and some to spare. He had loved her, and took his love to his grave. They had tried to find "Al King," but to no avail. She named her son Matt in honor of the man she had loved and told Matt's mother that the child belonged to Matt. It was the least she could do for a old woman who had always been nice to her. Life has a way of working out. They named Cindy's daughter Lynne.

So much tragedy, so much chaos, yet such a warm little family; Cindy and Dawn vowed to leave their wild days in the past. Occasionally, they wanted a "real cock" and would seduce some lucky guy, but they always used protection. Soon the time between guys stretched lengthened, and eventually they became satisfied with their various sex toys.

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