tagNonHumanDawn's Very Special Halloween Party

Dawn's Very Special Halloween Party


Brushing a stray lock of ash blonde hair from her luminous blue eyes, Dawn Swenson stamped and sealed the last of twenty envelopes containing invitations to her Halloween party and sat back with a sigh. She would have much preferred e-mailing or texting her invitees, but Mother had insisted that she send invitations. That is what proper young ladies did when they were giving a party.

Mother had become so formal and stuffy since Father was making all that money in the commodities market. Dawn didn't quite understand what he did at his computer for hours on end, but when they had moved to this big house and she could have anything she asked for, it was wonderful and at the same time rather boring. Maybe her party would enliven things a bit.

Riffling through the envelopes for a final check before mailing them, she saw one name that made her feel warm inside; Willow MacDougall. Willow was a transfer from a university in the Midwest and had already caused a stir on the normally tranquil campus of Featherstone College. Tall and well proportioned, her tanned skin, flaming red tresses and penchant for wearing provocative clothing were as a flame to the student moths that flocked to her.

Willow's expressive green eyes seemed to look into your very soul and she appeared to be interested in whatever anyone said to her no matter how trivial. When she spoke, the melodic contralto issuing from between her full, red lips and shining white teeth made men's hearts race and women shiver like puppies having their ears scratched, Everyone she met was captivated and all felt as if they belonged to her alone.

Inexplicably, all requests for dates to have dinner or go to a movie were politely and firmly refused causing the person making them feel almost apologetic for asking. In class, the professors idolized her as a perfect student who was quick with an answer and turned her papers in on time.

She was neither aloof towards, nor dismissive of, her entourage on campus, yet when the day was over she simply melted away into the gathering dusk. Her parents, who were seen occasionally, had purchased an unassuming two story brick house on the edge of town; conducting all their business by e-mail, texting and fax through an intermediary. It was quite odd to say the least.

Of all the persons she'd invited, Dawn wanted Willow to attend most of all. The pretty, mysterious girl intrigued her so and she wondered if she would, in fact, appear.


Dawn parked her yellow Camaro in the student lot, shouldered her laptop carryall and set out for her first class. She heard before she saw the gaggle of Willow's acolytes talking all at once. The red haired beauty strolled along the sidewalk as if she was alone instead of in a crowd of fawning women. From time to time she would reply to one of them, seemingly keeping track of the many items under discussion swirling around her.

As the group approached, Dawn stepped off the sidewalk to let them pass. Willow stopped and looked at her as green eyes met blue and Dawn suddenly felt as if she had known the girl forever. They stared at one another for several seconds, the crowd of young women falling silent, and then Willow said "Hello Dawn, nice to meet you," and offered her hand to shake.

"Uh ... Hi Willow ... nice to meet you too," Dawn replied. When their hands met, Willows was soft and warm as it clasped Dawn's, sending a thrill through the pretty girl. They stood transfixed for what seemed to be an age, locked in place by the contact of their eyes and hands until Willow softly released her grip and said "I received your party invitation this morning, Dawn. It is awfully sweet of you to invite me. I would love to come."

Dawn was stunned. "Ahh ... That's great, Willow. I'm looking forward to seeing you there. It's going to be fun."

"I'm sure it will be," she replied in her soft contralto, "Bye, Dawn."

Then she was gone, her followers trailing in her wake and conversing in hushed tones about what they had witnessed. A bemused Dawn remained standing on the grass, palm tingling from Willow's touch. Her day passed quickly, the thought ever present in her mind 'Willow's coming to my party. She's coming to my party; my party, mine'.


Halloween night arrived clear and cool; the evening breeze rustling the ghosts, skeletons, witches and orange and black crepe paper that festooned the living room. At first, Dawn had intended to keep things simple, a few decorations, punch and cookies, speakers plugged into her mp3 player for music, but her mother had thought otherwise.

When her guests arrived, they were met by a cackling trio of witches and a black cat with glowing eyes on the lawn. A four piece band was situated in one corner of the cavernous living room and tables of catered foodstuffs and sweet treats lined one wall.

Dawn was radiant as she greeted her guests dressed as an angel complete with wings and a halo. She had wanted the costume the moment she had seen it in the party supply store and when she tried on the flowing white robe it fit perfectly. The wings were mounted on a harness concealed under the robe, while the halo was a battery powered LED. Her teased and curled blonde hair spilling over the robe's collar completed the illusion perfectly.

One by one, Frankenstein's monster, Dracula, The Wolf Man, The Mummy, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, a French maid, a southern belle, ghouls, ghosts, witches and others joined the party. Dawn saw that one person was conspicuously absent; Willow. 'I guess she decided not to come after all' she thought sadly.

After everyone had sampled the drinks and snacks, the band struck up their version of a popular tune and everyone began to dance. Dawn danced and chatted with her guests, but she was sad that Willow hadn't come. What was it about that girl, anyway? They had just met and yet she felt she'd known her forever. Moreover, she was attracted to her and she'd never thought about girls that way before. Maybe it was her mysterious attitude that was intriguing. No matter, she was going to have fun anyway.

Then the front door opened and a sultry voice said "I'm sorry I'm so late, but I was detained." Willow stood in the doorway, the breeze ruffling her flowing red hair and the room fell silent. It was as if the Devil himself had joined the party. She was dressed in a crimson leotard with sharp black horns on her forehead and a barbed tail swaying behind her. Her hands and feet ended in ebony claws and the lovely smile on her crimson face was both welcoming and sensual. She saw Dawn and strode over to her, the other guests moving aside as they stared and whispered among themselves.

"I'm so sorry I'm late Dawn," Willow said, her voice sending a thrill along the pretty girl's spine. "I didn't want to miss your party."

"I'm so glad you could come, Willow," Dawn replied, tentatively reaching for the girl's clawed hand that was offered to her. She clasped it and it was if the claws weren't there, only the girl's warm palm. They smiled as green and blue eyes met and held and Dawn felt herself getting wet. She was barefoot and naked under the robe as she knew her costume would be uncomfortably warm for dancing. Until that moment she hadn't considered her nudity, but under Willow's piercing gaze she felt vulnerable and aroused.

Willow's costume left nothing to the imagination. It fit her as a second skin, her firm breasts with stiff nipples riding high on her chest and a prominent cleft in the bump of her labia between her shapely thighs. The horns, claws and tail seemed real, especially the tail, which twitched as if a part of her. Dawn saw that Willow's eyes alternated from deep green to smoky red, with obsidian pupils that glittered in the lights. She felt no fear, only a growing desire to hug the girl.

"W ... would you like something to drink?" Dawn said shakily, breaking the spell.

"Yes, I would like that," Willow purred. They walked to the serving table and, as if a switch was thrown, the party continued. Dawn felt as if she and Willow were encased in some invisible bubble as the noise of the party was dim in her ears and no one took any further interest in them.

"I'm so glad you could come," Dawn said happily, sipping her cup of rum punch. "I was ... detained," Willow replied. "My parents had urgent business elsewhere and I needed to see them off."

"An important business meeting, no doubt," Dawn said, nodding. "Father is always busy with his work and Mother has her many activities. I spend much of my time alone."

"Yes, business," Willow said with a melodic laugh that made Dawn's heart beat faster. They chatted for several minutes, and then Willow said "Would you like to dance?" Dawn nodded and Willow took her hand and led her to the dance floor. She hadn't danced with a girl before, yet it seemed so right with Willow. As they swirled about the floor, the other dancers were swept away to let them pass.

No one seemed the least bit interested that the women were dancing together, much less that their hostess' partner was the most popular girl on campus. After several numbers, the band took a break and the guests began talking among themselves.

"You're a wonderful dancer," Dawn said to Willow as they walked hand in hand to get a drink, "I could hardly keep up with you."

"You did quite well," Willow replied, giving Dawn's hand a squeeze, "Most guys won't ask me to dance a second time, I think I wear them out," and she laughed again and Dawn laughed with her.

When the clock in the hall struck twelve, everyone raised their glasses to toast the witching hour. Dawn and Willow stood together with their arms around the others waist, then turned their heads and kissed. Dawn had never kissed a girl before, but Willow's lips were warm and soft and her tongue flicked against Dawn's before they parted.

Her head was spinning; what was happening to her, she had never felt this way about a person of her own sex, yet Willow was captivating and her eyes spoke of pleasures untold that were hers for the asking. The remainder of the party was a whirlwind of dancing, plying each other with little treats and laughing at silly things the other guests were doing. No one appeared to mind that the pretty girls kept to themselves. They were there, yet not there, as if they were ghosts at a masked ball in a gloomy old castle.

At two in the morning the party ended. The band packing up their instruments and the guests leaving, thanking their hostess for a wonderful time, wishing each other a happy Halloween and patting the cat goodbye until Dawn and Willow were left standing and waving in the doorway.

"I had such a wonderful time tonight," Dawn said, resting her head on Willow's shoulder, "I'm so glad you came."

"So am I," Willow replied, running her claws through Dawn's blonde hair.

"Do you have to leave?"

"Do you want me to?"

"Please don't."

"Do you want to go upstairs?"

"Oh, yes."

They went hand in hand up the circular staircase, Willows clawed feet clicking on the marble steps, her hand caressing Dawn's back, making her tremble.


Dawn's bedroom was dimly lit by battery operated candles on her windowsill and dresser. When she moved to turn on the lights, Willow stopped her saying "No, you're beautiful in this light." When they embraced and shared a passionate kiss, Dawn could feel the warmth of Willow's body through her robe. Willow began to purr like a kitten as their open mouthed kisses became intense and precum began trickling down Dawn's silky thighs.

"Take off your robe," Willow said huskily, "I want to feel you against me." The garment fell to the floor and Dawn was startled to feel warm flesh against her own; Willow was not wearing a costume, but Dawn no longer cared. Willow gently walked her back, still kissing her until they bumped against the mattress.

Dawn threw the comforter back and they climbed in, embraced and began kissing again. Dawn felt something brushing against her ankles; it was Willow's tail switching about. 'She's not human' passed through Dawn's mind and then Willow's hand was caressing her soaked pussy and all thoughts left her in a rush of desire.

She gasped as Willow rolled her on her back and began kissing the hollow of her throat, looming over her on all fours like some feral creature about to devour it's helpless prey. Dawn found it difficult to breathe as her lovers warm lips and soft tongue captured a stiff nipple and began to suck and lick avidly. Her nerves hummed as the sensation went directly to her now sopping pussy and she moaned in delight as Willow's mouth found her other nipple and gave it the same attention. Dawn knew she could cum just from having her nipples sucked by this amazing girl.

Willow's lips traveled down the young girl's body, pausing to swirl her tongue around in her navel, and then her breath was warm on Dawn's throbbing pussy as she captured the young girl's labial lips in her warm mouth and began to lick furiously between them. A gasping moan escaped Dawn's open mouth as the sensation of being eaten by this mysterious creature overwhelmed her and she bent her knees and lifted her hips begging for more and more. The sensation of Willows slippery tongue exploring deep inside her sent shocks and thrills through her body and she swiveled her hips, mewing in sweet agony. An orgasm suddenly rose within her, coursing along every nerve and when Willow's mouth captured her pink, throbbing pearl and began to suck it, Dawn screamed with joy and her mind burst into a thousand pieces.

Willows greedy mouth was unrelenting as she brought Dawn to another orgasm and another until the girl lay still on the bed, gasping for breath. Willow kissed her inner thighs tenderly, then crawled up Dawn's shivering body and held her close, crooning deep in her throat.

Dawn's blue eyes fluttered open and met the smoky red gaze of her lover smiling down at her. "That was incredible," Dawn said, "I've never felt anything like that in my life. I love you, Willow. I feel so complete with you."

Willow chuckled, her eyes glowing with an inner fire, and kissed Dawn's nose. "I could tell you liked what I was doing to you," she said playfully.

"I want to please you," Dawn continued, "But I don't know what to do. Please show me."

Willow rolled on her back, raised her knees and spread her legs, her fleshy pussy lips glistening in the candle light. "Taste me, my love. Taste me and you will know how to please me."

Dawn crawled between her lover's silken thighs, lay down with her face inches from Willow's pussy and inhaled deeply of the scent of an aroused female. Her tongue slid across her lips and a hunger rose within her to fill her mouth with this woman's most intimate flesh and drink deeply from the well of her desire.

She pressed her mouth into the fleshy folds and began to lick as fast and as far as her tongue could go. When the tangy fluids filled her mouth her mind succumbed to her desire to pleasure this amazing woman as many times as possible. Willow gasped and moaned as her lover ate her out as if she was a banquet and Dawn was starving. Clawed feet and hands ripped the sheets to ribbons as she thrust her pussy hard against Dawn's devouring mouth.

Dawn licked and sucked Willow's soaked pussy until her jaw ached and her tongue was numb. She gulped and swallowed the flood of her lover's juices, reveling in the girl's moans and shrieks until Willows back arched, her tail flailing beneath her and she gave herself over to a spine twisting orgasm with an agonized scream. Dawn continued to suck and nibble her lover's clit until Willow climaxed twice more, then gasped and fell back exhausted.

Dawn lifted her head from her lover's foaming cunt; her face smeared with delicious pussy juices, then slid up the girl's body and embraced her. Willows eyes were open but unfocused as she gasped for air. Dawn's heart pounded as she knew she had given this magnificent woman such incredible pleasure and she had done it so skillfully that it had reduced Willow to a state of near collapse.

As if reading her mind, Willow said in a deeper and more resonant voice "We have had centuries of practice in pleasuring each other, my love, and oh so many more times await us."

"I don't understand," Dawn said, bewildered and frightened, "What do you mean Willow? How can we have existed for centuries? Who are you? What are you?"

"Look at me," Willow said gently, "Look in my eyes my dear one and remember ...remember."

Dawn stared into her lover's eyes as she was drawn into their glittering pools and everything came flooding back ...


The battle raged unceasingly over the desolate landscape below. None of the combatants cared when it had begun or if it would ever end. All that mattered was that the enemy must be defeated or all would be lost.

Streaks and blurs of gold and red swirled and slashed and fought and fell in a macabre aerial dance of unreasoning hatred. The fallen littered the ground below; golden bodies with white wings and dark red bodies with leathery wings lay everywhere in bloody heaps. Warriors together in a death that was not death, but a temporary cessation of movement until they rose and fought again, for death was not an option in this endless conflict.

Orientis parried a blow from an obsidian sword wielded by a scarlet opponent and struck back with her own flaming blade. Her blow was deflected by an onyx buckler and she blocked the return thrust with her golden shield. Engrossed in their battle, the beings spiraled slowly towards the ground until Orientis was struck by the enemy's blade, taking a crushing blow to her shoulder and sword arm. She crashed to the ground and lay still; her opponent hooting in triumph as she soared back into the sky.

"She must think me dead," Orientis murmured, her body throbbing from the impact. Looking about she saw a tumble of massive rocks forming a cave that could be a sanctuary until she could heal and rise to fight again. Pain shot through her as she stumbled towards the cave, expecting any moment to be felled by a swooping enemy, until she was in darkness and for the moment, safe.

She lay in agony for a time, and then heard a sobbing cry of pain from farther back in the cave. Curious, she hobbled toward the sound and stumbled over a body. She staggered back as a flame blossomed in midair, revealing the crimson body of an enemy that shivered and gasped "Please kill me."

The crimson warrior had a gaping wound between her breasts from her neck to her thighs and one wing was badly torn. It's green eyes opened and fixed on Orientis' blue ones; in that instant a strange yet comforting feeling arose in Orientis' mind; compassion.

She knelt beside her enemy's body and favoring her wounded arm gently drew the jagged edges of the wound together, the crimson skin closing as the wound healed, she did the same to the being's leathery wing and sat back on her heels. Her training, her conditioning, her beliefs, urged her to kill this enemy, but she ignored it. 'All life should be treasured' a gentle voice said in her mind.

The warrior raised herself to a sitting position, wrapping leathery wings about her like a cloak. "What is your name?" she said. "Why did you not kill me while I was defenseless?"

"My name is Orientis. I know not why I spared your life. It goes against all I have ever known, yet when I saw your injuries I felt that I must help. What is your name?"

"My name is Caligo." She paused, new thoughts swirling in her mind. "I thank you. I have never known mercy until this moment." They sat silently for a while, studying each other by the light of the flickering flame. Neither had ever seen an opponent like this before; so close and so vulnerable.

Seeing Orientis grimace, Caligo said "Your arm is hurt. Are you in pain?"

"Yes, but it is bearable."

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