tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDay Care Treatment Ch. 3

Day Care Treatment Ch. 3


Thursday had been pretty slow so far. Phyllis had been there alone for the first two hours, so Derrick had managed to convince her that she needed to hop on and ride his cock once before he was drugged up.

The rest of the morning Jan had been present. He quickly learned that she apparently had no idea as to what was going on. Jan did in fact know about Terri's actions on Tuesday. But she had thought that by keeping Terri accompanied that nothing like that would happen again. Jan did make some comments to Terri, trying to see if she could get her to admit anything. But Terri never said a word. Derrick was sponge bathed at usual, only Jan did most of this herself. Even though she was more prim and proper than the other two, he noticed that she did linger around his cock longer than necessary. Especially after it had grown erect. Derrick sheepishly apologized but Jan acted as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

Fortunately for Derrick, Jan received a call around 1:30 and had to leave for the day. Now it was just Derrick and Terri. Jan wasn't as concerned because Derrick was fully awake most of the time now and she was certain that Terri would never try anything on him while he was conscious.

Derrick wasted no time before convincing Terri to disrobe and join him. She climbed atop him and settled herself onto his cock. Derrick fucked the older woman for all he was worth as she slammed down on his shaft. Derrick came first but Terri continued to ride him until she had climaxed as well.

It was shortly after that that Derrick unveiled a surprise to Terri. He informed her that he was expecting a guest this afternoon. A pretty young lady he knew from school who was willing to come by and "Make him feel better." Terri almost felt a pang of jealously as the thought of another girl riding Derrick's prick. But she knew that there was nothing she could do about it. Derrick continued by telling her that he wanted her to leave the front door unlocked, stay naked, leaving her clothes in his drawer, then to hide in the closet and play with herself while he fucked the other girl. Terri hesitated at first, but then said that she would do it. Shortly after 2:30 the phone rang and Derrick answered it. He told the girl that the door would be unlocked and he was alone. So to come on in and lock the door behind her. At that point Terri shoved her clothes into Derrick's drawer then got into the closet, leaving the door cracked open just enough to see the bed.

A short time later Terri heard the front door open and close. Then someone entered the bedroom. Terri about shit when she heard the voice that greeted Derrick. Her heart skipped a beat as she saw her 18-year old daughter, Courtney, enter the room. Courtney was a cute girl, taking after her mother in more ways than one. She stood about 5'6" and had light brown hair. While her cute face was not 'beautiful', her body was. She had a 36'D chest, slender waist and a firm, round ass. Terri wanted to jump out of the closet and yell at Courtney for coming here, but being naked as a jaybird she knew that the results would be worse for her if she did. Instead Terri sat silently, praying that this was not the girl Derrick was expecting.

"Hi, Derrick." Courtney said with a smile. "I've been waiting for the chance to come by here and help with your 'therapy'." She giggled. Leaving no doubt in her mother's mind that this was who Derrick was waiting for.

"Then what are you waiting for?" Derrick asked, throwing the sheets off of him so Courtney could see his hardening cock. Courtney pulled off her top and unfastened her bra, allowing her D-cup tits to bounce free. Then she kicked off her shoes, dropped her pants and slid off her thong panties. Terri was surprised to see that Courtney's pussy was shaved.

Terri watched as her daughter climbed up on the bed, straddling Derrick's face with her legs and leaning forward so that the two of them were in the "69" position. She wanted to jump out of the closet to prevent her daughter from having sex. But she was powerless to do so without getting herself into even deeper trouble. She was stunned by the sight of her little girl opening her mouth and trying to take as much of Derrick's cock into it as possible.

"Have you been fucking someone else?" Courtney asked as she pulled her mouth off his dick.

"Only your mother." Derrick replied, causing Terri to momentarily panic, until she heard Courtney reply, "Yeah, you would. I'll bet she had a heart attack when she saw the size of your cock when she cleaned you."

Terri realized that it was her own juices that Courtney was tasting on Derrick's cock. The thought grossed her out as she watched her daughter once again start blowing the young man off while he licked her bald cunt. Terri couldn't help but feel herself growing wet again as she heard Courtney moan with delight as Derrick ate her pussy. Courtney's moans became louder and the girl was doing her best to take in as much of Derrick's dick as possible as he licked her clit. Terri watched her daughter's ass rise and fall and could tell by the site and sounds that Courtney was on the verge of an orgasm. A muffled cry escaped her filled mouth as her body began to spasm. Terri caught herself rubbing her clit as Courtney climaxed.

"That was great." Courtney said as she climbed up to change position. "Now let me ride that pony of yours."

Terri watched in horror as her daughter situated herself over Derrick's throbbing cock, then began forcing it into her tight young pussy. "Oh yes!" Courtney cried out as she began riding his cock. Derrick pulled her forward and began squeezing and sucking her ample tits just as he had done her mother. Terri couldn't bring herself to pull her eyes away from the sight of Derrick fucking her daughter. Courtney was shaking back and forth; crying out with glee as her body went through another orgasm. Then Derrick moaned loudly as his hips bucked harder, and Terri knew that the boy was filling Courtney's snatch with his cum.

Terri bit her lip as she watched the two of them lay still, relaxing after fulfilling each other's desires. Finally Courtney got up and dressed herself. Saying that she needed to get home and do some homework, she promised Derrick that she would return over the weekend and left.

"What the hell do you think you're doing!" Terri demanded as she bounded out of the closer only seconds after hearing Courtney close the front door.

"Hell, Mrs. Roberts. I've been fucking Courtney for a couple months now. I thought that you would like to watch since we've got something going too."

Terri stood there motionless, trying to think of something to say.

"Look, Mrs. Roberts. There isn't really much you can say or do. Courtney is 18. And it would look pretty bad if you tried to force her to stop seeing me. I mean, some people might just think you want to keep me all to yourself."

Terri shivered, realizing that she was naked for the first time since exiting the closet.

"Why don't you come over her and try sucking my cock." Derrick offered.

Terri wasn't sure how to respond to that. She had sucked her husband's dick many times over the years. But it had been a few years since she had last done it. Oral sex was not her favorite thing to do. But she knew that she had better comply with Derrick's request. She came over to the bed and climbed between his legs and started licking his shaft. Then she took what she could into her mouth and began sucking him, feeling him growing hard again in her mouth.

"How does Courtney's pussy taste on my cock, Mrs. Roberts?" He asked.

Terri thought she would gag at the thought of sucking her daughter's fluids off of his cock. She knew that only a few minutes before the prick in her mouth had been buried in her daughter's pussy. But she tried to ignore the fresh taste of another woman and continued taking as much of Derrick as possible. She realized that she was not doing as good a job as Courtney had done.

Derrick placed his hands on her head and began guiding her up and down. Sometime forcing her down farther on his shaft. His cock was now in her throat and he was not letting her pull away. Terri had to force herself to breathe through her nose as she continued sucking on his thick pole. Minutes past and she continued working on him. Her jaws began to ache as she slid her mouth up and down. Her pussy was dripping wet and she desperately wanted to stop this and climb on his cock, but Derrick was content with having her suck him. Saying that he wanted to fill her mouth with the cum remaining after blowing his load into Courtney. Terri sucked him for another ten minutes, thinking that he was never going to finish. Then she felt his balls shrinking and his cock throbbing. Derrick exhaled loudly and used his hands to make her move up and down just a little more quickly. Then Terri felt the first gob of his cum launch into her throat. Followed by a second, then a third. Then more cum spat into her mouth. Terri had no choice but to swallow every drop as he continued releasing.

Once finished, Derrick lay back and let Terri climb onto his cock. She rode him hard and fast, forcing his cock to grow completely hard again as she fucked him until she had a much-needed orgasm.

As Terri got off Derrick said, "I didn't cum again, Mrs. Roberts."

Terri was about to climb back on him again when he said. "I want to try a different position."

Derrick offered his arm to her. Once she took it he pulled himself up on the bed until he was seated on the edge. "I want to fuck you from behind."

"But what about your leg?" She asked.

"If I stay on my knees I should be OK." He answered.

Derrick motioned Terri to get on the bed on her hands and knees. Then he got behind her. She was anxious to have him fuck her this way, wondering just how hard he could plow her from behind. But Terri's anticipation turned to horror when she felt his cock rubbing between her asscheeks.

"You're a little to high!" She cried out as his cockhead pressed against her asshole.

"Oh I think I'm right where I want to be." Derrick replied.

"No!" Terri yelled as Derrick grabbed her hips and tried pushing his thick pole into her ass. This was something that Terri had never done, and the thought of Derrick's giant cock impaling her asshole was too much to bear. She tried to resist but Derrick held her hips tight and continued to shove forward. Her own juices had dribbled down her ass and all over his cock while they were fucking, and provided enough lubricant to allow him slightly easier access. Terri screamed as his cockhead broke through her anal ring. He continued to push forward, causing her to scream even louder as the agony ripped through her entire body. She was certain that his cock would tear her apart as he pressed onward, inch by painful inch until she could feel his balls make contact with her pussy.

Terri could not believe that he had gotten his entire cock up her asshole. He held still a moment then began fucking her deep and hard. Terri's body shivered uncontrollably as he fucked her upturned asshole. Her face was buried in the pillows as her hands clenched the sheets tightly. The pain continued, although it did hurt less. Terri could feel her pussy starting to respond from the stimulation, as well as the constant slap of his balls against her cunt. Derrick fucked her for several minutes before tossing his head back and slamming his hips forward as his orgasm began. He pumped his semen into her asshole and continued fucking her until he was finished. Then he slowly pulled free and shoved his cock into her pussy. Terri's head sprang up as soon as he was shoved inside her. Without thinking she was driving her ass back to meet his thrust as she climaxed almost immediately.

Derrick pulled out of her cunt, squatting to relax. Terri continued to pant, both from the pain in her ass and the sheer energy loss that she felt from her most recent orgasm. She rolled onto her side and looked up at Derrick. Only he wasn't looking at her. Instead he was looking at the bedroom door. Terri's eyes followed his and she gasped in shock as she saw Jan standing in the doorway.

"Just what the hell is going on here?" Jan demanded.

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