tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDay Care Treatment Ch. 4

Day Care Treatment Ch. 4


** Day Five **

Friday morning was more than interesting when Jan met with Terri and Phyllis. Jan had walked in on Terri and Derrick fucking the afternoon before. After some discussion she decided not to say anything to anyone until they could all meet together. Terri and Phyllis both admitted to having sex with Derrick throughout the week. Jan admitted to spying on Terri as she tittie-fucked the boy on Tuesday. The question was what was she going to do about all of this. From what she could tell, both Terri and Phyllis had taken advantage of Derrick while he was drugged. And afterwards, Derrick had taken advantage of the two of them by coercing them into having sex with him or risk him telling everyone. Although it was obvious that both ladies were now willing participants.

"Please don't tell anyone about this, Jan." Phyllis begged.

Jan shook her head. "I don't know what to do, Phyllis. What the two of you did was wrong. And you're both married."

"Come on, Jan." Terri said. "Don't tell me that you weren't tempted by the sight of Derrick's cock."

Jan blushed as Derrick looked at her. "Of course I was." She replied. "But I kept control over my emotions. Not like the two of you."

"Then what are you going to do?" Phyllis asked again.

"I don't have any choice but to tell Derrick's mother about this." Jan said.

Terri and Phyllis both jumped to their feet. "For god's sake, Jan. Our husbands will divorce us!" Terri shouted.

It seemed that only Derrick didn't mind what was going on. "Hell," he thought. "What do I care if everyone learns I've been fucking both of them." Although he was concerned as to what Courtney would think.

"What do you want me to do, forget all about it?" Jan asked.

"Yes!" Phyllis answered.

"I have a solution." Derrick interrupted.

Everyone shut up and looked his way.

"If Jan would just fuck me too then everyone can keep quiet about this."

"I'm not fucking you, Derrick!" Jan answered angrily.

Derrick pulled the sheets back, stroking his dick until it got hard. "Come on, Jan. I've seen how you look at it. Why don't you just join us? Hell, I've been wanting to fuck you all week."

"Put that away now!" Jan insisted. "For your information I've only been with one man in my entire life. And I intend to keep it that way."

"You really don't know what you're missing." Terri smiled.

"Perhaps if you two help her she'll be more receptive to the idea." Derrick said.

"What do you mean?" Phyllis asked.

Derrick sat up on the bed. "If you two help undress her I'll fuck her. Then we know she won't tell anybody."

"Fuck you!" Jan said as she started to leave. But Terri stood before her in the doorway.

"I think you should at least give him a try before you leave." She said.

Jan didn't know what to do. "Phyllis, you're not going to help them do this to me are you?""

"You better, Phyllis. Or else she's going to tell everyone what we've been doing." Terri said.

Phyllis didn't take long to choose what side she was on. "You're not going anywhere just yet." She said as she joined Terri at the door.

"You two can't make me fuck him!" Jan insisted.

"Bring her over here." Derrick said.

Terri and Phyllis grabbed Jan and shoved her back to the bed. Jan resisted, but she was much thinner than the other two women and was unable to break free. Once they got her to the bed Derrick grabbed her from behind. "Start stripping her!" He said.

Jan screamed when Phyllis began unfastening her blouse. She struggled harder as Terri started undoing her pants. The three of them continued until they had Jan down to her white cotton bra and panties. Derrick unfastened her bra and the two ladies pulled it down over her arms. Her small 34-B tits were still very perky for a woman of 46. Her nipples were already hard when Derrick reached around to squeeze her boobs.

"No!" Jan yelled as he pulled her back onto the bed. Terri quickly grabbed her panties and pulled them down over skinny legs. Derrick reached down to rub her thick blond bush.

Jan tried to struggle some more as Derrick got off the bed and ordered the other two women to hold her down. Jan was pushed back onto the mattress and held tight as Derrick climbed between her legs.

"Please, Derrick. Don't do this!" She pleaded.

Derrick's cock was throbbing as he took position between her legs. Jan wasn't as shapely as Mrs. Roberts. Or even as much as Mrs. Wilcox. But she was prettier than both. His cock looked even more enormous next to her petite body. He rubbed his finger between her legs, gently pushing it into her pussy until he could feel her getting moist. Jan was still begging him to stop but was held fast by the other two women. He placed his cock at her opening and began to push forward.

"No, please stop!" Jan yelled as Derrick's cock began spreading her lips apart. He had barely gained entrance before she felt him stretching her cunt out. Her husband was a small man and Jan had never thought of anything this size being pushed into her pussy. Now Derrick was gradually shoving his cock into her deeper and wider than anything she had ever experienced before. She shook violently as he pushed in farther. Then let out a scream as his slammed his cock all the way into her. Derrick began fucking the older woman with sheer lust. Terri and Phyllis both let go and stood back to watch. Derrick looked over to them and said, "Strip down, you're both going to get fucked too."

Terri and Phyllis immediately began to undress. But neither took their eyes off the sight of Derrick pounding his dick into Jan as she lay beneath him.

Jan felt as if Derrick was going to split her in two as he rammed his cock into her over and over again. But as much as she regretted having another man inside her, her body was welcoming his assault. Jan had always enjoyed fucking. But never had she felt something so big inside her. She had thought it impossible to take Derrick's dick. But now that he was fucking her she could feel her pussy responding in a way it never had before. Jan felt a sensation inside her where Derrick's shaft was rubbing. She knew that this was her G-spot. No matter how they tried, her husband was never able to accomplish this with her. Now she knew what it felt like to be truly fucked to satisfaction. Jan quit resisting and wrapped her arms and legs around the young man and let him continue. She blushed as she heard herself crying out, "Oh yes, fuck me goddamnit. Fuck me!"

Neither Terri nor Phyllis could believe the sudden change in Jan. But Terri said, "See, I told you that you'd love his dick."

"Oh yes." Was all Jan could reply. She could feel herself ready to have an intense orgasm as Derrick fucked her. Jan cried out and squeezed tight as her body began to spasm from head to toe as her pussy climaxed. Derrick increased his pace as the woman below him was getting off. He could feel his balls tighten, feel the sperm rising in his cock. Then he let loose a blast of cum deep into Jan's belly.

"My turn." Terri announced as Derrick was climbing off of Jan. Derrick knelt her over the bed and shoved his cock into her waiting cunt. Jan lay on the bed rubbing her twat as she watched Derrick fucking Terri. Phyllis began playing with herself as well, eagerly waiting her turn. Jan brought herself to another orgasm while watching the other pair fucking. Terri was crying out her pleasure as she too was cuming as Derrick slammed his pecker into her. The young man fucked her for several more minutes, bringing her to two more orgasms, before he blew his wad of cum into her twat and pulled out.

"Your turn, Mrs. Wilcox." He said to Phyllis.

Phyllis approached him, seeing his cock drooping she knelt on the floor and began sucking him until he was hard again. Then Derrick laid her on the bed besides Jan and climbed between her legs. She gasped out loud as he thrust his meat into her pussy. She began to climax almost immediately, but Derrick continued to fuck her for over twenty minutes before he was ready to cum again. Phyllis thought that she would go insane from the number of multiple orgasms she was having. Her cries were driving everyone wild with excitement. Then Derrick bucked his hips and spilled his seed inside her.

Following that he felt the need to lay down on the bed. His leg and ribs were hurting from all the movement. But the three women were not finished with him yet. Jan played with his cock until he was hard again, then she hopped on his shaft and began fucking him until she couldn't take it any longer. When she had spent herself on him she got off and let Terri take another turn. Terri too got off several times before she dismounted, so Phyllis took one more ride on him and climaxed more loudly than before. Since Derrick hadn't cum again yet the three women encircled him on the bed and began licking and sucking his dick and balls. Derrick watched as the three older women took turns sucking his cock while the other two would lick his shaft or tongue his balls. He was enjoying himself more than he had ever thought possible. Jan was the one sucking his cock when he felt himself ready to blow. Both Terri and Phyllis were licking his lower shaft as Jan used her mouth to fuck his cock. Derrick let out a groan and sent a volley of cum into Jan's mouth. She took every drop and swallowed it all, continuing to suck him until he finally went soft.

"Well, what do you plan on doing now?" Phyllis asked Jan.

Jan smiled and looked at her watch. "Hell, it's only 11:00 am. His mom doesn't get home until 5. I plan on fucking him all day long. Do either of you want to join me.

Terri and Phyllis nodded their agreement. Derrick knew that this was going to be one hell of a good day. He looked forward to what lay in store for next week when the three of them would continue to care for him. He was sorry that his mom would be off over the weekend, but "At least," he thought. "Courtney will be coming over."

Derrick smiled, feeling his cock growing hard once more.

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