tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDay Care Treatment Ch. 5

Day Care Treatment Ch. 5


Derrick was feeling much better by Tuesday. His mother had been home most of the weekend, so other than a quickie with Terri's daughter, Courtney, Derrick had not had sex until Monday. One thing the women didn't know was that Derrick had found a way to hide a camcorder in his room and he managed to get much of Monday's action with the three women on tape. He believed that it would be helpful if he had evidence of their affair to insure that he was able to continue his pleasure as long as possible.

Monday afternoon after his mother had gotten home, Derrick received a visit from Courtney, and Phyllis' daughter, Faith. Faith was a very pretty, slender 18 year old with long dirty-blond hair. She had green eyes and a sexy mouth that Derrick wanted to picture his cock entering. She was much prettier than Courtney was, although Courtney had the better body by far. Derrick thought that Faith resembled Jan more than she did her own mother.

Faith had been embarrassed at first when Courtney pulled back Derrick's sheet to reveal his already throbbing penis. Faith was shocked to see that Courtney had not been exaggerating when she bragged about his size. She felt herself getting wet with the thought of having him inside her. But neither of the girls was willing to try anything with Derrick's mother in the next room. It took some persuasion on his part to talk Faith into jacking him off. Courtney had become so aroused watching Faith's slender hand working Derrick's tool that she dropped her pants and frigged herself to an orgasm. Derrick had watched Faith's eyes light up as she watched Courtney finger her own snatch. When Courtney went to the bathroom to wash up he asked her if she had ever been interested in a lesbian encounter.

Faith blushed, then whispered. "I don't want to do anything with Courtney."

"That's not what I asked," He continued. "Have you ever been interested."

Faith was blushing even more. "I almost did once. I was drunk a few months ago and a girl started feeling beneath my skirt. She pulled my panties aside and fingered me. She told me that she wanted to lick my pussy and I got scared and ran away."

Derrick was getting hard again trying to picture the scene in his mind. "Do you regret not letting it happen?"

Faith nodded. "I'm not a lesbo, but I often wonder what it would be like to have a woman eat my pussy."

She ended the conversation when Courtney returned to the room. Derrick commented that his mother would be working later than usual the next day (Tuesday) and that their mothers would be leaving before she got home. So he invited them back. He was disappointed when Courtney said that she had to work. But Faith agreed to come by.

Derrick had lied when he told them that their mother's would be leaving early. But he was already anticipating a plan that would increase his fun with his three lovers. On Tuesday morning Terri came over and Derrick enjoyed himself with her. Then around noon Jan and Phyllis arrived. Terri hung around long enough to watch Jan fuck him then left as Phyllis was taking her turn. When the two women went out to the kitchen Derrick got out of bed and changed tapes in the camcorder. Then made sure that the remote control unit was handy.

Around 2:30 he told them both that he had a surprise visitor. Both women were concerned at the news, wondering what Derrick had up his sleeve. Derrick explained to them about how he had made Terri watch as he fucked Courtney. Now he wanted the two of them to strip and watch as he fucked Faith. Phyllis was livid at first. Then Derrick turned on the tape he had in the VCR. One made the day before showing each of them taking turns riding his massive cock. "Either you two comply or I'll let Faith have this copy." He said.

Jan didn't have a problem; it wasn't her daughter, though she could sympathize with Phyllis' feelings. Fortunately her own kids were fully-grown and moved away, so she didn't have to worry about this.

Phyllis knew that Faith wasn't a virgin. But she didn't want to watch as she fucked Derrick. But she knew that she had no choice. Both women were still fully nude, and Derrick had them place their clothing into one of his drawers to make sure that Faith wouldn't see them. When the doorbell rang the two ladies crowded into the closet while Derrick walked used a cane to walk into the living room and open the door.

Faith was surprised to see him naked when he answered the door. She had been dreaming of his cock since last night. She was so ready for this that she wasted no time in undressing on her way to his bedroom.

Derrick explained that he wanted to have a little fun with her. When she inquired as to what he had in mind he went to one of his drawers and pulled out some rope. "Oh, I just want to tie you up and then fuck you silly for a while."

Faith was nervous at the prospect of being bound. She had never done anything like this before. But if that's what it took to get him to ram his huge cock into her she was willing. Derrick got her to lay on his bed then he tied both arms to the headboard then bound her legs, spread eagle, to the foot of the bed. Now he had Faith fully exposed and ready for whatever he had in store.

Phyllis couldn't take her eyes of the scene before her as Derrick climbed atop her daughter and slowly began working his dick into her slit. Faith cried out as he shoved in farther than anyone had gone before. Then he continued pushing in. Faith thought that she wouldn't be able to take his entire length. She wanted to stop him from going any farther but was unable to do anything tied as she was. Then Derrick began pumping away at her tight pussy. Pushing in deeper and deeper until he was crashing against her cervix. Faith's twat was hurting from the pounding. But it was a pain that was accompanied by extreme pleasure. Derrick slammed her hole over and over again, bringing her closer and closer to her release. Then he gasped aloud and filled her pussy with his cum.

Faith tried to squeeze her cunt tight, hoping to prevent his shaft from leaving as he pulled out of her. "Please, I haven't cum yet." She begged.

"Oh you will. But I have a surprise for you." Derrick explained.

"W-what are you talking about?" She asked. Feeling herself vulnerable for the first time.

"Remember our talk yesterday about you wanting to have another woman eat your pussy?"

Faith nodded without speaking.

"Well I've arranged for that to happen."

"No!" Faith cried out.

"Relax, Faith," Derrick continued. "You're going to love it."

"Please don't do this." Faith begged. Although there was a part of her that was hoping that he would continue.

"Don't worry. Nobody needs to know about it." He said, trying to reassure her.

"Who is it? It better not be Courtney!"

"Oh don't worry about it," Derrick began to explain. "It's no one from your school. And no one who will ever tell anyone about this."

"Who?" Faith asked again.

"Oh I'm afraid she wants to keep it secret too." Derrick said, lifting a blindfold into view.

Faith struggled as Derrick blindfolded her. She was getting scared now. She wanted to get off. She even was beginning to like the prospect of having a woman licking her cunt. But she was afraid of not knowing who it was. Derrick didn't answer to her calls. Then she started thinking that perhaps this was just a game. He was going to go down on her and make her believe it was another girl. She was surprised to realize that she was disappointed by that thought.

Derrick opened the closet door. "Come lick Faith's pussy." He whispered to Phyllis.

"Fuck you." She whispered back.

"She really is looking forward to this. You don't want me to have to remove her blindfold and let her see who it is that is letting her down."

Phyllis didn't know what to say. She looked at Faith lying spread eagle on the bed. A trickle of Derrick's cum dripping out of her cunt. Then at the remove control in his hand, his finger only centimeters over the play button. And she knew that she had no choice.

Derrick led her over to the bed.

"Just to make sure you don't think that it's me, or another guy, I'll let you taste her tit. Put your nipple in her mouth."

Phyllis came around the side of the bed. Faith's lips were shut tight but she pressed her nipple, indeed smashing her right breast, into her daughter's face. Then crawled onto the bed between Faith's legs.

Faith was scared shitless. She had just had another woman's tit crushed into her face. She prayed that this was nobody she knew from school.

Phyllis lowered her face closer to her daughter's sex. She could smell Faith's juices mixed with Derrick's seed. This was an experience she never thought she would try. Let alone with her little girl. Seeing Derrick motioning for her to continue she slowly opened her mouth and extended her tongue until it brushed across Faith's swollen pussy lips.

Faith jumped at the touch.

Phyllis began licking her daughter's pussy. Faith spasmed a few times then began to enjoy the thought of another woman's mouth on her twat. She only wished that she could see her face.

Derrick moved around behind Phyllis and climbed on the bed. As she slurped on Faith's box he inserted his stiff pecker into her cunt.

Faith could tell by the way the woman was lunching and the bed bouncing that Derrick was fucking her while she was getting licked. Her pussy was stirring as the female tongue caressed her throbbing clit.

Phyllis was disgusted at being forced to go down on her daughter. But with Derrick's prick ramming her from behind she was beginning to become stimulated herself. The harder he fucked her the more she got into eating Faith's love-box. Faith was moaning now. Obviously enjoying her mother's tongue. Phyllis' mouth worked even harder to bring her daughter to climax.

"Yes, oh yes!" Faith cried out as her pussy exploded onto her mother's face. She felt no shame at being brought to orgasm by another woman. Phyllis felt her daughter's juices flowing onto her face but continued to lick away as Faith's body jerked in ecstasy.

When Faith settled down Derrick pulled out of Phyllis' cunt.

"Time to switch. Sit on her face now."

"Oh my god." Faith let loose, not anticipating that she would have to do the same.

Phyllis looked at Derrick in horror. She had just licked her daughter's pussy until she had climaxed. Now he was expecting her to willingly sit on Faith's face.

"Go ahead." Derrick said, waiving the remote control again.

Phyllis climbed up over Faith's head and slowly lowered her hips until her soaking pussy was touching Faith's lips. Faith lay still a moment then slowly began licking the stranger's pussy above her.

Phyllis felt her pussy come alive instantly. She was close to climax already from Derrick's prick. She clenched her teeth in order to prevent making a sound as her daughter began licking her to orgasm. Phyllis lost control and began rocking her hips back and forth, grinding her pussy onto Faith's pretty face. Faith's tongue found her mother's clit and began flicking away. Phyllis gasped, almost crying out loud, as her orgasm struck. Her entire body shook as Faith brought her to orgasm.

"You can get dressed and go now." Derrick informed Phyllis as she climbed off her daughter. Phyllis went to the drawer and grabbed her clothes. When Jan stepped out of the closet her motioned for her to step back in and close the door.

"While she dresses and leaves you can finish me off." Derrick said to Faith as he climbed over her into a "69" position and pushed his cock into her mouth. Phyllis stopped dressing, watching as Derrick munched on Faith's pussy while fucking her face with his stiff rod.

Faith's cries were muffled by Derrick's pole in her mouth, but Phyllis could tell that she was having another orgasm. Then Derrick raised his head and groaned; thrusting his cock deeper into Faith's mouth as his own orgasm began.

Faith nearly gagged as Derrick's dick shoved deeper into her throat. She could feel his jizm flowing into her and had no choice but to swallow every drop as he fucked her mouth. He continued pumping until every last drop had been drained into her.

As Derrick got off her daughter Phyllis rushed to the door and left.

"Jesus, that was great!" Faith exclaimed as Derrick removed her blindfold and began untying her. "I don't know what I enjoyed more. Your cock or being eaten by another woman.

Derrick just smiled at her. Wondering what her reaction would be if she knew the truth. He reached over to the side of the bed and switched off the remote control that controlled the camera hidden in his stereo.

When Faith left Jan came out of the closet. "Oh my god, Derrick. I can't believe you did that to Phyllis."

Derrick walked over to Jan and rubbed her bare crotch. "It seems that you got some excitement from it too."

Jan didn't say a word.

"How about you and I fucking one more time." He said, taking Jan by the hand and leading him to the bed. Jan didn't see when he switched the camera on.

Derrick lay on the bed and Jan began sucking his dick, feeling it grow in her mouth. When he was nice and hard she climbed up and impaled herself onto his pole. Derrick cupped her tits in his hands as Jan rose and fell on his dick. She had to admit to herself that watching Phyllis having sex with her daughter had really aroused her. Even if she did think the act itself was appalling. Now she just concentrated on satisfying her lust by riding Derrick's cock. Her eyes were rolling back in her head as her climax approached. Jan was crying out with delight as she orgasmed on his cock.

Once Jan had gotten off Derrick changed positions. He had Jan kneel before him then thrust his cock into her from behind. Jan began to climax again almost immediately as he buried his shaft into her. When her second orgasm subsided Derrick pulled out. She guessed that he wanted her to turn around and suck him to completion. But when she began to move he held her in place.

Jan felt the head of his dick press between her cheeks. "Derrick, you're a bit too high." She said softly, believing that she was about to get fucked again.

"Oh I'm just right." He answered.

Jan clenched. "No, not there Derrick. I've never done that."

Derrick held her hips tightly. "You won't be able to say that after today will you."

Jan cried out in pain as Derrick began forcing his cock into her virgin ass. Her hands clenched the sheets as his head broke past her anal ring. "Oh god!!!" She called out as he pushed farther into her. Jan thought that he was going to tear her apart as he continued. Derrick began slowly fucking her ass. Each thrust taking him a little deeper, bringing Jan just a little more discomfort until her ass stretched to accommodate him. Then more would come. After a couple minutes Jan could feel his belly firmly against her ass. She realized that his entire length was buried inside her. At that point Derrick began to pound her asshole. Jan was gasping for breath as the boy behind her fucked her tail hard and fast. Derrick marveled at how wonderful her tiny opening felt around his massive cock. Jan's skinny body jerked before him with each thrust. He pounded away for several minutes before his balls emptied into her chute.

When Derrick withdrew Jan crumpled to the bed. Derrick turned off the camcorder and sat on the edge of the bed. "Well, that was something. But I think it's time for Mom to come home."

Jan looked at the clock and jumped off the bed. She grabbed her clothes and got dressed. She stood in the kitchen, unable to sit, to meet Derrick's mother as she entered.

"See you tomorrow." She heard Derrick call out as she left.

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