Day of Firsts


This is a work of fiction with a few elements of reality and more for connoisseurs of erotic stories and not for those looking for quick and explicit sex.


It was a scorching summer Wednesday and most of the people in the office were looking forward to the long weekend. Only Thursday was actually a public holiday, but most people took Friday off as well to get the maximum benefit (they call it a "bridge" here!). I'll admit I was one of them and had planned a relaxing few days at a nearby waterpark and spa. I'd been to this particular place before, but this would be the first time I'd visit the sauna. I'd pre-booked a day long ticket including access to all the facilities and was committed to overcoming my fears and shyness.

You may be wondering what the big deal is? Well, this being Germany, it means the sauna and related facilities can only be visited naked! This may seem normal to many but when you add in the fact that they're also mixed gender, it takes on a whole different perspective. Being British and having had a very prudish upbringing I'd never partaken in any form of public nudity either with the same or, heaven forbid, the opposite gender.

Why now, you may wonder? Well, I'll give you some background information to help you better understand my situation. My name is Jason, I'm a 23 year old male from London and have been in Germany for the better part of a year. I work in IT at the German office of a UK bank. It's quite a lonely life here for someone that doesn't speak the language and is not very outgoing by nature. I've always found it difficult to make friends and the German's are not the easiest bunch to integrate with. I'm not trying to blame anyone and willingly admit that most of the fault is probably mine!

A while back, things had been looking up as I'd gotten to know a local girl called Ingrid. We'd gone out a few times and I was as happy as I'd ever been since leaving home. The problem started when she invited me to join her at a spa and I'd innocently agreed, having no clue of the local customs. We met at the entrance and she paid for a three hour stay, giving me an electronic wristband to gain access. We parted ways at the changing rooms, agreeing to meet up at the other side. There were many lockers and benches and a few men where in various stages of undress. I already felt slightly uncomfortable and did my best to avoid looking at them.

To my relief there were two stalls with doors and I gratefully occupied one as I changed into my swimwear. When I was done I placed my belongings in a locker and headed for the showers. I got a few strange looks on the way and did a quick check of my trunks to make sure nothing was hanging out. All looked to be in order so I ignored the stares and stepped into a shower cubicle. After a quick wash I followed the signage and stepped into the spa area.

Ingrid was already there wrapped in a towel. I'd never seen her dressed in anything less than casual attire and was quite looking forwards to seeing more of her body. I noticed that she had a quizzical expression on her face as I approached and again wondered what the reason was. "What are you wearing?" she asked.

"Um, swimming trunks." I answered thinking it was a strange question!

"But this is a sauna and spa!"

I was getting slightly exasperated and said "Yes, so what should I be wearing then, a suit and tie?"

She laughed and said "You really don't know?"

"Know what?"

"In Germany, saunas are visited in the nude."

This time I laughed and finally realised this was a joke. "Yeah, sure!" I said with a smirk, how naive did she think I was, as if a public sauna with men and women would require them to be naked!

She frowned and removed her towel. My jaw dropped as I stared at her naked body and I couldn't get a word out as I took it all in. She looked stunning, small breasts with cute pink nipples, a narrow waist flowing into wide hips, totally shaved pubes exposing her neat pussy and long slim legs. I'd never seen a naked woman in the flesh before and my reaction was instant. An obvious tent formed in my trunks as I glanced around to see if anyone else had noticed her exposure.

"You can't do that here, what if someone sees you?" I gasped.

She shook her head in annoyance "No Jason, you have to remove your swimwear or you'll be asked to leave."

I gulped and taking another, more careful look at my surroundings noticed that there seemed to be other naked people wandering around in the distance. Oh god, this was some kind of nudist place! I was panicking and didn't know what to do, the only thing I was sure of was that I wouldn't take off my pants!

"Um, oh..., um, can't I just keep them on?"

She frowned "No, it's not permitted. It's unhygienic to sweat in swimwear and then use the pools."

I could tell she was getting impatient but still didn't follow the logic of what she was saying. How could it be more hygienic for people to sit around naked and sweat! I decided not to voice my opinion on that at the moment and just said "I don't think I can do it."

"Oh come on, don't be so childish."

I heard voices approaching from behind me turned to see a group of men and women walking towards me. They were all naked and staring at me with a mixture of amusement and hostility. Not one of them took note of Ingrid standing naked before me. As they passed a few of them muttered something in German and Ingrid replied. This seemed to calm them down and with just a few chuckles and shaking of heads they continued on their way.

"I told them you were English but you really have to undress now or leave."

I shook my head and actually felt a bit unwell at the thought of getting naked. "I can't."

"Well I'm not leaving. I've paid for us to be here for three hours and I'm going to relax and enjoy myself. You do what you want."

With that she turned and walked away. I felt like an absolute fool and was blushing furiously in embarrassment. With a last, regretful look at her beautiful backside I turned around, went back to the changing room and retrieved my things from the locker. Once in the cubicle I stripped off my swimsuit and looked at my slowly dwindling erection. My mind was in turmoil, should I do it? Compared to the other organs I'd just glimpsed, I actually had nothing to be ashamed of.

My penis was of average size, around 6 inches erect and about half that when flaccid. I hadn't seen anyone else that was circumcised but it can't be that unusual here. It was clear, if I didn't go out there naked and join Ingrid our budding relationship would be over and she would consider me a wimp not worth her time. On the other hand, just thinking about seeing her stunning body again caused my penis to harden. I was pretty sure walking around with a boner would get me thrown out, or worse so, I had no choice but to get dressed and leave in disgrace.

As I'd predicted, I never heard from Ingrid again. I tried calling her and sent her a few messages but the fact that she never replied was clear enough. I was disappointed and a bit angry at the way she'd treated me - why hadn't she warned me we were going to a nudist place? I mean it's not an everyday occurrence and I told myself that I might have handled things better if I'd been prepared.

When I calmed down I decided to do some research online to see if Ingrid had been exaggerating when she'd said that it was normal for men and women to be naked in Saunas here. To my surprise it was true. Almost every waterpark, spa and sauna stated that the spa areas were nudist only. I read the rules and regulations and saw that you must always sit on a towel so no sweat would get onto the wooden benches and that no inappropriate activities or displays were permitted. I found the topic extremely interesting and read many stories from British and American visitors about their first experiences.

As days and weeks passed I became more and more obsessed with the thought of being naked in mixed company and finally convinced myself that I had to try it. If I managed to do it, I was sure I'd be more confident in myself and my body and that I would benefit from the experience. Sadly, I had no opportunity to take this any further at the moment as things at work were rather hectic. We had a delegation from China visiting the office for an extended period to observe our processes. One young woman, Jenny (her English name) and her supervisor Sam (again his English name) were assigned to the IT department and followed me around most of the day.

Jenny was an attractive girl and both of them were very friendly, but their English was slightly limited and they didn't converse much with me. As time went by, they blended into the background and I was hardly aware of their presence. My plan of visiting a sauna had not been forgotten and I began asking my colleagues if they could recommend any of the nearby waterparks and saunas. Nobody was surprised by my question and it seemed a topic of interest for many of them - when one of our meetings ended a small discussion began about the best places. I listened to the pros and cons of each and made a note of two that sounded ideal.

The next step involved me visiting these two options. I wanted to take things slowly and only tried the facilities where swimwear was required (pools, slides etc.). Of the two, one was a clear favourite and I choose this for my first nudist experience.

This brings me neatly back to the present. It was Thursday morning and looked to be another nice day. I woke up at 7 o'clock and felt a nervous tension as I prepared and consumed my breakfast. The waterpark would open at 9 o'clock and I planned to get there soon after. Since my last visit I'd purchased a sauna towel, which is basically just a towel that is big enough for you to lie down on and about 60cm wide. I packed this as well as my swimwear and an additional bath towel in my sports bag. From my research, I knew it was possible to remain wrapped in a towel when using the sauna, but it wasn't recommended and I'd promised myself not to do it. My plan was lie or sit on the sauna towel naked and only use the other towel to dry myself before heading home.

It was time to go, I left my apartment heading for the U-bahn. 30 minutes later, my hands were sweaty and I fumbled nervously as I presented my online voucher to the woman at the reception desk of the waterpark. She looked at me and asked something that I didn't understand so I just nodded and took the wristband she proffered. I then followed an elderly couple through the electronic turnstile and walked into the men's changing room. It was of a similar design to the one I'd visited with Ingrid but this time I was determined not to hide in a cubicle and to change in full view of anyone else that happened to be there.

Apart from the gentleman that had entered at the same time as me there was no one else present. I was relieved and disappointed at the same time. After selecting a locker, I quickly removed my clothing placing it in my sports bag. I stood looking around, feeling quite proud of myself. I'd done it, I was actually naked in public, albeit in a men's only changing room. The next step was to take a shower and I walked into the shower room, hung my towel on an available hook and stepped into a cubicle.

I was feeling OK as the water gushed over me, but my pulse was racing as I knew that once I left the relative safety of the changing area I would encounter nude women for only the second time in my life. Part of my preparations had included reading tips on how to control erections. I'd also watched numerous videos depicting nude women in public settings to try accustom myself to what it would be like. The water stopped and the time had come! I grabbed my towel and hung it over my shoulder. It was long enough to cover both my ass and my crotch but still let people see I was totally naked (I knew this as I'd checked at home in front of a mirror). I took a deep breath and pushed open the door then walked up the short flight of steps into the spa proper.

There was no drum roll or clap of thunder as I stood there - in fact no one took the least bit of notice of me. There were quite a few people sitting around and walking past, I stared at the naked flesh on display and for the most part was more surprised than aroused. Everyone was acting so normal and there was such a wide array of body types that I couldn't take it all in. To my relief my penis stayed relaxed as I wandered around trying to get a sense of the layout.

On the left there were storage boxes for personal belongings and towels, about half of them were filled which gave me an indication of the number of visitors. Just beyond that was a door leading to what looked like a steam bath. I took a look at the sign by the entrance and could make out 45c and 85% humidity. As I stood there a youngish woman approached, removed her towel and hung it on a hook then opened the door and stepped inside. I'd only caught a glimpse of her body but had seen enough to know she was attractive. As the interior of the room had looked quite dark and steamy I figured this was a good place to start.

I hung up my towel and took a deep breath before opening the door and stepping inside. A wall of heat and humidity struck me and I was quite surprised by how intense it was. The other surprise was that I couldn't see anything. I shuffled forwards with my hands extended and, hearing water splashing on the right, moved in that direction. As my eyes adjusted I could make out a shadowy figure holding what seemed to be a hose pipe. He or she - I couldn't tell which - was spraying what looked like a stone bench. From my studies, I knew that you didn't sit on towels in wet heat rooms so it was important to thoroughly wash the seating area before and after using it.

My eyes were slowly adjusting to the conditions and I could now see that the hosepipe holder was in fact the woman that had entered before me. Her nicely shaped and quite large breasts quivered pleasingly as she directed the stream of water over the empty seats and wall. She then turned around, shut off the tap and fumbled to hang the hose onto a hook, giving me a full frontal view of her body. I couldn't help but look at her breasts and nipples and then drop my gaze to her crotch. Her pubic hair consisted of a thin strip of hair leading to a slit and a set of surprisingly large, somewhat crinkly lips that hung down between her legs.

I felt a moment of panic as my penis twitched and tingled. I began reciting capital cities of the world in my mind and raised my eyes, meeting hers. She gave a small smile then turned and walked towards the seats she'd just washed. I tried my best but couldn't help checking out her bottom. It was worth the risk as she had a firm and large set of cheeks that swung appealingly as she walked. My efforts at controlling my erection were strained to their limits and I decided I had to sit down as soon as possible. I looked around and was shocked to see that almost every seat was occupied, the only available space was next to the object of my arousal!

I turned with the intention of sitting down and was confronted by the sight of her bending over, wiping the excess water from the seat with her hand. I couldn't help but think she was in the perfect position for rear entry as her breasts hung down, swaying temptingly. To my relief, the show ended and took her seat, leaned back and closed her eyes. I moved swiftly, hoping the others hadn't noticed the growth in my penis, and sat down next to her, ensuring sufficient distance that there was no risk of touching.

As my bottom made contact with the hot stone I gasped and jumped up again. It was much hotter than I'd expected and I heard a few chuckles of amusement at my misfortune. My second attempt was slower and gave my delicate posterior time to adapt to the heat before it settled. My penis was not hanging as loosely as I would have liked but I was quite sure no one would notice that it was rather stiffer than it should be. I closed my eyes and slowly leant back, bracing myself for the heat this time. It felt very relaxing and a sense of calmness settled over me as I inhaled and exhaled the humid, hot air.

I'd done it! Here I was, Jason from London, sitting totally naked next to a beautiful woman, also naked, in a room full of other naked people! It might not sound like much to you, but for me it was a huge step. I never thought I'd experience this and mentally kicked myself for not having tried it sooner. Hearing some movement, I opened my eyes as a couple rose and made their way out. Both of them were overweight and the woman had humongous breasts than hung down over her belly. Her partner was equally obese and his large belly hung over his crotch hiding his own rather small penis from his view. I wasn't repulsed by them and thought it refreshing that they felt comfortable enough with themselves to dare to be exposed like that. It's a healthy attitude to have in life and I can only recommend it to everyone.

The crisis below had been averted and, although my penis felt slightly larger and longer than usual, it was hanging limply over my very relaxed and loose testicles. This must be caused by the heat and I felt very contented. There were more comings and goings and I took my time observing each of them without appearing to stare. It was a real education in biology and diversity and I was amazed at the variations in breasts, cocks and all other body parts. Sweat was dripping from every pore and I was starting to feel a bit light headed but didn't want to leave yet.

A minute or so later, my neighbour rose and walked past me. I enjoyed the view and watched as she waited a moment at the door letting someone else in before leaving. I really wanted to stay but felt it was time to go. I rose, feeling a bit dizzy and walked out. It was a relief to get some fresh air and I stood still for a moment getting my breath back. The woman I'd followed was also standing there, she smiled at me and said a few words. I smiled back and said "I'm sorry, I don't speak German."

She nodded and, in heavily accented English, said "Ah, it's not good to be in too long!"

"I agree, I think I might have overdone it!"

She laughed and said "You must drink a lot of fluid now and cool down in the showers."

"Yes, thanks!"

Without taking her towel she walked away and I decided I'd follow her. I still couldn't believe that I'd had an actual conversation with a woman while both of us were naked. The decision to follow was correct as she was bending over a drinking fountain gulping down water. The view was again spectacular and I even found watching her gulp down the liquid rather erotic. She smiled at me when she was done and as she stood, some errant water was dripping down her chin and onto her breasts. I quickly took her place and gulped the cold water forcing myself to think of other things.

It really wouldn't do to get an erection now! I was totally exposed and had no towel with which to cover myself, so it was crucial to keep things down. Out of the corner of my eye I saw my new friend walk through an opening and decided I'd keep following her as she must be heading for the showers.

I finished my liquid refreshment and went through the same doorway. I was surprised to find a large open plan shower area with many different styles of showers arranged in a circular fashion and without any separation. In the centre of the room was a huge structure formed like a flower blossom, water was pouring out of each of the petals and there were people washing themselves below. It looked amazing and I eagerly waited for a space to become available. Once it did, I stepped under the gushing water, gasping at the rather low temperature.

It took my body a moment to adjust but then it felt fantastic. I was enjoying myself thoroughly and didn't even think about the fact that I was naked. After what was probably a very long shower I walked back to the steam room to retrieve my towel. My next stop should be a rest area as it was recommended to take a lengthy break between visiting the different saunas. I wandered around and soon found an area filled with reclining chairs. There were only a few people conversing quietly with most remaining silent. Many had their eyes closed and looked to be asleep as I spread out my towel on a free chair and then lowered myself onto it. When I leant back, the chair tipped and was surprisingly comfortable.

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