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Daylight Delights:...


Daylight Delights: A slut's cum-filled quim for Him.

Disclaimer: This is not an incest story. All references to 'Daddy' and 'His little girl' are strictly naughty names a Master has selected for His slut and Him to share because it pleases Him * to.

* * * * *

she looked absolutely ravishing, dressed in a very short skirt and a skin-tight blouse. The skirt left little to the imagination, just enough to be more than tempting, and her thigh-high stockings accented the outfit perfectly... the strap-over-ankle high heals just emphasized her legs even more and made Me hungry to feast on her naughtiness, and to feed it back to her in a wondrous cycle of lust.

She stood demurely, her hands fidgeting a little bit with nervousness, flattening out unseen wrinkles in her skirt. The deep breaths were causing her breasts to rise and fall quickly, pushing her nipples forward and her areola were visibly puffy, begging to be sucked and highlighting her nipples.

"Am I suitably attired for your needs, Sire?"

"Yes, little one, you'll do quite nicely as you are dressed. Did you do ask I asked you this morning?"

Her face blushed and she nodded while casting her eyes downwards. It would be a fine day. I took her face in My hands and stared deep into her eyes, holding her there for a full twenty or thirty seconds before I moved one hand to the nape of her neck and the other to her soft bottom... I pulled her face in to taste her sweet lips upon Mine, pulling her entire body against Me. I enjoyed how she seemed to melt into My body, always so eager, so sensual. I wondered at her husband, how he could not appreciate the true desires that ran deep within her, the need to give herself to a demanding Master who would use her for His pleasure, providing her her own in the process. I was that Master, her sugar Daddy, her Sire, the One who took of her sensuality and sexuality and released the raw beast of lust that lies buried deep within.

I stepped back and looked her up and down carefully. Her eyes were downcast again, occasionally casting left and right to insure that no one else was watching her as she trembled and prepared to give herself to Him (Me) again.

"Lift your skirt, slut and show Me your naughty little girl cunt, wench. Show your Daddy your pretty little quim."

Her hands obediently reached forward to the hem of her skirt, her eyes casting about yet again to insure that no one was suddenly watching, and lifted it slowly, allowing Me to see her beautiful little slut-cunt, shaved from the clit down, all swollen and wet from where she had met My demands earlier... Her husband had wondered what had gotten into her this morning, when she attacked him in bed and fucked his brains out -- better that way, that he not suspect anything. And I loved a freshly fucked little twat, slick and full of hot cum.

"Did you cum this morning, slut?"

"Yes, Daddy. I closed My eyes and saw You standing over me, telling Your slut to use Your cunt to fuck him, to let him use Your slut's twat so as to bring you a full load of wet-sticky cum so that you would know just how much your little slut adores you...

"I imagined that You took out Your beautiful cock and fed it to me, fucking my mouth as he fucked my cunt, and I came all over, thrashing and screaming."

My fingers reached out and stroked across the soft labia, touching, tempting, as I heard her gasp and watched her bite her lower lip. I stepped back and looked again. She was being such a good girl, still holding her skirt up around her waist, waiting to be told what would come next.

"you may drop your skirt now, My little naughty slut. Thank you -- you have pleased Me."

The smile that broke out on her face was irrepressible.

I turned around and retrieved the spare helmet from the motorcycle, and proceeded to place it on her head, fixing the straps so she would be safe. I then put My own on, and swung My leg over the motorcycle, bringing it upright between My thighs. My cock was plainly visible in My jeans, pleased by her, as it always was.

"Please join Me, so that We may go."

Walking the few steps to the bike, she stepped onto the foot peg and swung her leg over, which would have exposed her to anyone in the parking lot, but the lot was protected by buildings and empty at the moment. She settled in and flattened herself against My back, her breasts pushing into Me so sweetly, again trying to melt into Me. My mind raced back to what she had once said, at the end of the first time she met Me -- "i feel like i'm at home, like a little girl, safe from anything and anyone when I'm in Your company. It just feels so right."

The Suzuki's engine roared to life and I released the clutch, send Us speeding down the road. Although she had tried to tuck the front of her skirt down between her, it was a failed effort, and the wind blew the sides up adequately to permit any passing driver to notice her beautiful thighs, and perhaps a bit more.

The miles passed quickly, and I pulled into the parking lot, taking a free space. I stopped the engine and stood the bike up, then told her to dismount. Gingerly, she stepped down, conscious of her lack of concealment and the fact that eyes in the parking lot had swiveled towards her. Kicking down the side stand, I stepped off and locked the bike, then turned to her and removed her helmet, whereupon I removed My own.

"Enjoy the ride, little one?"

"Oh, Daddy, you know that I always enjoy riding with You! I love it when you take me through traffic, knowing all those men are watching me, undressing me with their eyes, and You have me, Sire... or are about to."

I smiled. Taking her hand and tucking her arm under mine, I led her through the door and into the interior. The light was dim, but not dark, partially shaded by blinds. Laid out on the table were rope, a leather paddle, leather cuffs, some wet, assorted toys. I closed the door behind Me and turned the lock.

"For the next four hours, you are Mine, slut -- your body is Mine, your cunt is Mine, your lust shall be Mine. I shall enjoy using My slut's body for My pleasures."

I saw you tremble visibly. I continued...

"Are you ready to give yourself to Me, little one? To come under My complete control and give yourself freely?"

She dropped to her knees in front of Me, gazing straight ahead, her hands clasped together loosely behind her back. "Yes, Sire," came the reply. It wasn't quiet, like the first times, but loud and strong.

Having heard what I needed to hear, I reached for the collar and placed it about her neck.

"Your slave-slut thanks You, Master, for the opportunity to serve Your whims." The symbolism of her collar, of her being Mine was clear.

I raised her hands above her and placed the leather cuffs upon her wrists. The first time, she had been quite scared of giving up that amount of control, but now she looked forward to it, beaming as I did so. I snapped a lead onto the collar, and had her rise from the floor, then led her to an old-fashioned dining chair. I bound her hands to the rear of the chair with the rope, and then spread her feet and bound her ankles to the legs of the chair. I must say, she looked absolutely magnificent, her beauty and lust radiating outward from her body.

I proceeded to sit down on the floor in front of her, and pulled her lead forward as I spoke. "I want you to watch everything that I am doing to your pretty little slut cunt."

I tucked the end of the lead under My leg to keep her head forward, and then started softly licked her labia. The taste of his cum had been washed away for the most part by her juices, but I knew more lay buried deep inside. The evidence had been on the rear seat when I had gotten off the bike. Taking My hands, I placed on each upper thigh, just before her pelvis, and pushed outward steadily, spreading her thighs as far as the ropes binding her ankles would permit. Resuming the task at hand, I greedily sucked on her labia, first one, then the other, pulling it with the suction of My mouth, causing it to swell even more. Once enlarged, I used My tongue to part them, to push them back against each side, and proceeded to broaden My tongue.

I followed with long, slow strokes from the very bottom of her dripping quim to the very top, to which she gasped and started to moan softly. Repeating this over and over, her clit became a hard little stub which started to stick out of it's hood. I could feel the pleasure of her heat under My tongue and reveled in it. Moving My hands, I placed both of My thumbs into her wetness, pushing them in and then hooking them, to draw her sweet little twat open in preparation of what was to cum. Hips flexing to try to take more of Me in, I simply pushed her down again and started to very lightly flick the very tip of My tongue across her clit quickly, like the wings of a humming bird. As the minutes passed, I pulled more with My thumbs and simultaneously increased the pressure on My tongue on her clit gradually, listening to her moans and feeling her reactions to gauge her progress... she moved ever closer to that first mind blowing orgasm, trying to hold out because I hadn't given her permission to cum yet.

As I heard her cry out "Please, Master, may I cum for you?!?", I asked her to hold on a little longer, then took My right hand and cupped My fingers together so that the tips of My fingers were all touching each other. Moving My entire arm, I placed My hand, palm up, at her opening and pushed My fingers forward to easily slip into My slut's wet little cunt. The entire time, My tongue continued it's dance upon her clit. As My fingers sank in, I stroked them for a few strokes, then curved them upward to hit her G Spot. Pushing against it firmly, I stroked along the length of nerve behind her clit from the inside, forcing her cunt to leak copiously.

"Oh, Master, please, I am going to explode, please let Me cum! Pleeeessseee!???!!!"

I could hear the desperation in her voice and felt her vaginal muscles quivering at the edge of an orgasm. I nodded My head as I continued My ministrations, indicating that she had My permission. Her orgasm ripped through her body like a freight train, causing her to scream and thrash forward, but My free hand held her hips in place, pushing down to keep her from impaling her clit on My teeth, and the lead trapped under My leg helped keep her in place.

As her orgasm built up, shattered and started to fall, I continued stroking My fingers into her special spot and took her clit between My lips and sucked on it directly. Her breathing, already ragged between the screams seemed to stop for a moment, and then she inhaled very quickly, remembering to breathe.

"Oh, Master, please stop, please have mercy on me, I'm too sensitive right now, I can't take it."

But her body was Mine and she was tied down, so I continued as I had planned. Sucking very softly on her clit, I started to hum ever so slightly and further down, My fingers continued to stroke demandingly at her. The orgasm that had just passed was followed by another and another, coming in peaking waves that almost overlapped each other. I drew My hand back and folded My thumb downward, cupped My hand and pushed it all back in slowly, with My hand minimized as much as possible in size. Then I slowly released her clit from between My lips and pushed forward, slowly but firmly with My hand. My slut's cunt slowly stretched around My hand, yielding millimeter by millimeter, until it reached the broadest part at the knuckles. I rotated My hand to get more of her (and his) juices all over it, then pushed a bit more. Suddenly, her eyes opened wide with a moment of pain, and then it was in. As it sank into her warm, wet gushy cunt, My fingers curled up and around to make space and My hand was a small fist deep inside of her.

"Oh, Master, i can't believe how full i feel! Oh, and it looks so incredibly perverse to look down and see Your wrist disappearing at my opening. God, are You really doing this to me? Fuck, i love the things You do to me!"

I knew that in this position, I wouldn't be able to move My hand forward and back more than a tiny, tiny bit, but I still had other things up My sleeve. I waited for her to become more used to it, and I could feel her pussy contracting all about My hand, in time to her heartbeat, as if I were holding her essence in My fist.

Leaning forward again, I started licking about her clit, never touching it, just circling the outside of her hood. Deep inside, I pushed My fingers upward, away from My palm just a little bit, and she moaned out in ecstasy, a deep vaginal orgasm following immediately. I hate to admit it, but her strong kegel muscles clamped down on My hand, forcing the fingers back down, and I was afraid the bones were all going to break. I let her start to catch her breath, and then repeated the actions. And again, she came, this time with tears in her eyes. And again, and again. Looking into her eyes, I could see she had passed from this plane to that special place, that place where she was all pussy and everything else no longer mattered. And again. After a mind blowing series of earth shattering orgasms, sometimes with Me pushing My fingers upward slightly, sometimes with Me rotating My fist slightly, or moving it back and forth as far as I could (or some combination of all of those), I let her come down slowly. After about 5 minutes she relaxed enough that I could draw My hand back out. Her eyes looked dazed and glossed over as I rose to My feet, straightening out the kinks in My legs and stopping to take a drink.

I untied her cuffs from the chair, and then kneeled and undid the ropes at her ankles. Standing in front of her, I called out her name, drawing her back to this reality. It was a gradual process. Finally back with Me in the here-and-now, I pulled on the lead to get her to rise to her feet and led her into the bedroom, where I placed her kneeling on the bed and proceed to lay down next to her. Pulling her forward to Me, I kissed her lips, sharing her juices with her in an incredibly hot, erotic kiss. Flattening herself into Me, she responded enthusiastically, grinding her soaked cunt onto My thigh, and kissing My entire face, neck and ears. Underneath us, My cock stirred and came to life against her stomach.

"I want you to make love to My thick cock, slave, to give it as good as you got it."

To emphasize the point, I drew her head downwards with the lead. Eagerly, she started kissing and sucking on My cock, taking progressively more and more of it into her mouth while swirling one of her small hands about the base. I could feel her breasts pressed into My thigh, as her cunt came to settle wetly against My ankle, her body twisted around so she could keep as much contact with Mine as possible. To say that she was motivated would be a gross understatement.

My cock quickly reached that rock hard stage where anything is possible, and I debated whether to let her drain it or to use it to fuck My slut-twat now. I wanted to do both, but I knew that with her talents, she could get it up again in just a few minutes after My orgasm (if it went down at all). Then I would be able to really fuck My slut-twat silly without worrying about blowing My load again immediately.

Happily content sucking My cock, she seemed oblivious to the decisions I had made; she just wanted to please Me (as it always should be, and would be as long as I was able to push her as hard as I had). I place My fingers in her soft hair, but didn't need to guide her at all, as she was quite skilled... Deep throating My cock, she worked her throat muscles around the head, and stretched out her tongue to touch My balls. Combined with the feeling of her heated wetness on My ankle and her breasts pressing into My thigh, I allowed Myself to give into the feelings 100% and went over the edge. Hot cum flew from My cock in thick spurts, and she started moaning, sucking it dry and humping herself against My ankle. By the time My orgasm had finished, she had had one, too. I smiled, weakly, and ran My fingers through her hair. God, I had wanted that so badly.

Continuing softly, she proceeded to make love to My cock with her soft mouth until it started to rise again, although it never had gotten completely soft. As it came back to being incredibly hard and thick, I instructed her to stop, then laid her on her stomach across a large pillow, so that her hips hung over the back of it, and placed one arm underneath, so her hand was right by her clit; an open invitation to rub her clit whenever the urge was great. Placing Myself behind her, I sank My cock into My slut's deliciously warm cunt. The feeling was exquisite, soft yet tight, as only a cunt that has been fucked and fisted can feel. It is unbelievable and once you've tried it, you'd swear by it, too. For her, every nerve in her twat was alive, and she felt My move deeply into her, parting her swollen folds with My shaft.

I grabbed her lead and wrapped it along with her hair about My fist, then drew her back. Pushing backwards, her hips rose to Meet My strokes and she started to moan sensually. As the moans turned deeper, stronger, My cock pummeled her depths, luxuriating in the incredible feelings of her well used little slut-cunt.

"Fuck Me, slut, fuck Me with your little girl cunt. Force that meat deeper into your twat. Can you feel My thickness deep inside of you [louder moans]. I want you to think about how Daddy is fucking his naughty little girl, pushing His cock through her husband's creamy wet cum, deep inside of her quim..."

That did it, she was a wild-woman now; her pace increased and with each stroke, she ground her hips against Me when she pushed back all the way. And she promptly came, screaming obscenities. I continued My banter...

"What a good little fuck you are, so deliciously wet, and with such a nasty little twat just made for fucking. Good little sluts love to be filled with lots of big, thick cocks over and over, feeling their quim being used mercilessly [orgasm]. I love knowing that My little slut loves being My cum-bitch, taking other men's cum deep inside of her and bringing it to Me [orgasm]."

"Oh, Master, Fuck me! Fuck Your nasty little slut. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me... oooohhhhh, fuuuuuck meeee... [orgasm] Give me that huge fat prick of yours, fill me with your seed. i feel like a bitch in heat -- I just can't get enough of Your dick deep in my hot fuck-twat... oooohhhhh, fucking ohhhh... [orgasm] Oh, God Master, I can't even fuck my husband without wishing it were Your cock planted deep within me -- i felt so nasty this morning, bringing him my -- your -- cunt, all wet from when i played with myself the way You told me to, knowing that I would be bringing You his cum deep inside your slut's cunt... [orgasm] Fuuuck meeeee... Your Dick feels so hard. i love being fucked by Your pole! i can feel it so deep in me [orgasm]."

Soaking in our combined sweat beneath Me was a lovely creature possessed by absolute lust. I felt so very proud at that moment. Proud of what I had helped her become, proud of the heights I had driven her to, proud of the fucking I was giving her... I was getting tired and overheated, and was contemplating another position when she decided to push Me over the edge. Her hand sought out My balls and she rubbed her hips back into Me, grinding and working her cunt muscles to try to milk Me.

"Oh, Daddy, please fuck Your nasty little girl, please? Won't You please cum deep inside of my sweet slut pussy? I fucked him the way you asked me too , but i wanted you to be fucking me. Oh Daddy, I love the way You fuck my little twat so well. Please Daddy, give me Your hot wet cum! Please, Daaaadddyyyy!"

I sped up and kept slamming My cock into her, unable to hold back, growling, shuddering, I shoved My cock as deep into her as possible and then came... and came... and came... and when I thought it was finished, she squeezed Me some more and worked her hips in a circle, adding another "Please, Daddy?!?", which carried Me directly into another orgasm. That had only happened a few times in My entire life, where two came so closely together. Feeling that happen, triggered another in her, as she thought of the three loads of cum mixing together deep inside. My eyes rolled back in My head and My hips pumped onward, involuntarily, with a seemingly never-ending orgasm. As I came back down, I scooted sideways a little just before I collapsed, only part of My weight down atop her body, enough to feel real close, but not enough to smother her completely.

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