tagErotic CouplingsDays in the Sun Ch.04

Days in the Sun Ch.04


He carried her into the house and let her down gently so she could stand. Though a little unsteady she clung to him to steady her self. She kissed him long and hard. She stroked his cock, which was still poking out of his open pants. It was still semi hard from her earlier attention. He moaned his approval into her mouth while squeezing her ass with both hands.

He broke their kiss and turned her away from him, pushing, directing, and leading her through the house towards the bedroom. At first she resisted his urgings, not wanting to let go. She wanted him badly. She needed his cock in her.

He led her to the master bathroom. It was a large area mirrored on three sides. He had remembered back to before they left and how gorgeous she looked standing before him and the view he had of her from all sides in the large mirrored walls. He also made a mental note of how much she enjoyed watching him watch her in the mirrors.

When he reached the bathroom he turned on the light with the dimmer switch to a low warm glow. There was just enough light to see her perfectly, and for her to see him. He stood her in the middle of the room facing the mirrored wall and stood behind her running his hands over her tits and down to her very wet and sensitive pussy.

She reached behind her seeking out his hardening cock. She moaned in pleasure as he pulled on her tits and finger fucked her aching pussy, bucking back against him bending at the waist and knees from the desire to be fucked.

He licked and kissed her lovely neck and ears, all the while telling her how beautiful she was and how much she turned him on and how much he wanted her. This only made her hotter and made her want him more.

She tried to turn to face him but he would not let her, holding her in place with his hand pulling her back around by her tit and his other hand steering her back in place with his fingers in her pussy.

She was so hot for him, she ached for him to be inside her. She squeezed his cock and told him, “Oh, mmm, I want this in me baby, pleaseeeee.”

He released his hold on her and told her, “ Ok, stand right here. Don’t move.”

She turned to see him and reach out to him as he moved from her and he said to her, “ Wait right there, don’t move an inch. I’ll be right back”

She froze in place her body pulsing with desire.

With that he went into the bedroom and stripped off his clothes and then grabbed an armless chair from the bedroom and returned quickly to her.

He looked at her as he returned to her, she was beautiful standing there. She was looking directly at him as she ran her hands over her tits and said, “ Mmmm, baby come to me.”

He placed the chair behind her and then reached up and placed his hands on her shoulders and pressed her down into the seat. He stood behind her and turned her head gently to the side. His cock was at the same level as her mouth as she sat in front of him. She saw this in the mirror as she turned and eagerly opened her mouth to accept his log thick cock which was dripping with pre cum. She was able to easily get half his length inside her moaning her approval as she did.

She reached up to take him in further with her hands and he pushed them away. He reached down and pushed her hands down to her lap. He then took a tit in each of his hands and gently squeezed and caressed them. She moaned her approval around the edges of his thick and now wet cock in her mouth all the while looking at her image in the mirror. She was so turned on by the sight of his cock in her mouth. As she sucked and looked he gently fucked her in the mouth with his long cock.

He moved slightly to her side and then told her to look into the mirror, but she already was. As she did so she pulled her mouth back off his cock and said, “ Mmm you taste so good and I love the way your cock looks in my mouth…”

And then she reached out her tongue and flicked the tip across the opening in the swollen head gathering up the dripping pre cum.

His cock jerked up as she did causing her to giggle quietly as she repeated this watching them in the mirrors as she did.

She had always enjoyed watching herself in the mirror when she masturbated at home when she was alone in the bathroom and needed relief. It turned her on to watch or to think she was being watched or looked at while she played with herself. When they had mutually got each other off while talking on the phone that time she had been in the bathroom in front of the mirror imaging him touching her while she played between her legs and thought of him stroking his big cock for her.

But this now, with him here, the taste, the scent, and now the image of him in front of her and all around her in the mirrors was an incredible turn on, and he knew it.

He now lifted her up gently pulling her up by her tits. She watched this in the mirrors and was thrilled at the site of their naked bodies and moaned in pleasure sa she rose.

She stared at the mirror watching his hands on her breasts pulling them up and to him. She looked at his rock hard cock pointing straight up and out at her.

He pulled her to him and she watched his cock push against her and saw her hand reaching down encircling it. She saw his hand leave her tit and find it’s way down between them to her open and waiting pussy. She moaned at the site and the feel of his fingers entering her again.

He played them gently in and out of the opening enjoying the silky wetness and the searing heat she made. He brought his fingers up to his mouth licking them and moaning his desire.

She saw this in the mirror as she clung to him as it caused her to shudder.

He stepped around her and sat on the chair now facing the mirror. She turned to see him and he pulled her to him turning her around to face the mirror with her back to him. As he did he pushed her legs apart to straddle his and then reached up to take hold of her by her shapely hips and pulled on them forcing her to sit back and down.

She instantly understood and spread her legs a little wider and reached down between them to guide his cock right to her waiting pussy. She looked down for a moment and saw that she was about to have him inside her and she paused looking at him and her in the mirror in front of them. Still holding his cock in one hand she smiled a wicked smile at him and began to bob her ass up and down allowing just the head of his cock to enter the wetness of her pussy, teasing them both.

She was enthralled at the feeling of his cock teasing her pussy and more at the image of him/them in the mirror. This was so hot. She was now dripping wetness all over them. She released her hand from his cock and reached over her shoulder to caress his face as she plunged the full length of him into her letting out a long low groan as she did. He could feel the goosebumps on both of them.

His cock was now totally embedded in her reaching the deepest reaches of her cunt. She sat there reveling in the feeling of fullness and passion. She could feel his cock pulsing inside her as his hands played over her body. She looked at this in the mirrors and it was too much for her, she started to shake and quiver deep inside and then she felt the heat and the flush coming over her of a very, very intense earth shattering orgasm.

As he sat down he looked at her beauty in the mirror and in front of him. He wanted her, to be in her. He reached up and spread her legs turning her to face the mirror. He took her by the hips. Oh her gorgeous ass, and the image of her in front of him in the mirror. Her tits, nipples hard, hanging, swaying slightly, her wicked smile, mouth slightly open, the look of desire on her face.

He looked down and saw her take his cock in hand and guide the tip to the opening of her sex. He would feel the heat and wetness as she rubbed the tip against her hot swollen pussy lips. He watched as she began to bob her ass up and down guiding her pussy over the swollen head of his cock. She was teasing him/them.

She was fucking herself with just the head of his cock and it felt wonderful popping in and out of teh wetness. When he could finally look up their eyes locked in the mirror as she reached back for his face and plunged her self down taking his cock fully, completly, deep inside her. She felt awesome.

She held her self there. Pushing her pussy back and down onto his cock, grinding her hips and getting every inch of him inside her. Her pussy lips strtching their widest to accept him and hold him at the same time.

As he looked in the mirror he could see the same look of pleasure and desire on both their faces.

He could feel her heat and wetness engulfing him. He ran his hand all over her, her tits, her stomach, her hips, and her pussy. He knew it would not be long now.

Then he felt his cock begin to throb and his balls tighten. He was very, very close. He looked in the mirror at her. She looked beautiful. He could see her eyes, the desire in them, and then she closed them tight and began to shake as she cried out. She was shaking. He realized then she was cumming again and this sent him over the edge.

He could feel the surge of heat and felt the wetness increase in her pussy as he began to cum him self. He normally would have closed his eyes but he was transfixed by her image. He was now staring into her eyes in the mirror as she stared back at him as they both screamed out in ecstasy as they came together.

She flooding them with her wetness, he, pumping her full of load after load of hot sticky cum. As he pumped her she pushed back and lifted up in rhythm with him soon her cum mixed with his was running down his cock onto his balls as they both looked down at the erotic beauty of their act.

She then did something that caused him to spurt one last load.

She reached down with one hand and gathered a large white drop of his cum off his cock near his balls and looked him right in the eye in the mirror as she brought it to her lips and dropped it on her outstretched tongue and then tilted her head back allowing the drop to run down her tongue and then swallowing and moaning her pleasure as she did and smiling her wicked smile as she did.

He held her to him now kissing her neck and moaning his pleasure and telling her how beautiful she was as he looked at her, all of her, in the mirror, her legs spread wide, his cock still inside her, his/their cum running down onto his balls.

She reached behind her to touch his face and pull him near to her. She now gave his softening cock one final squeeze with her pussy before getting up and turning to kiss him and pull him up to an embrace.

As she did their mixed passion fluid ran out of her and down her legs and ass. As it did it caused her to shiver with the heat of the liquid against the coolness of the soft skin of her inner thighs.

She smiled up at him as she reached for a washcloth and turned on the hot water.

She said to him, “ You go lay down and I’ll be right there to clean you up.”

He sighed, kissed her and then willing complied with her direction as he was beginning to feel a post orgasm exhaustion coming over him.

He heard the water turn off and then saw her come to him and then bend down and take his now soft member into her warm and welcoming mouth. She was gentle but he still jumped at the sensation. She giggled as she licked and sucked him clean.

She moaned, “ You taste soo goooood. Mmmm”

Then she released his cock and he felt the warmth of her hand wrapped in the washcloth as she finished up wiping him clean from the tip of his cock to the bottom of his balls.

He closed his eyes and reveled in the sensation of his cock and balls being bathed and cared for by her.

Soon she had stooped. Too soon, he was enjoying it so. She put the washcloth back in the bathroom and then climbed in bed.

He stopped her as she crawled over him and held her in place on top of him so he could feel her all over and kiss her.

He broke their kiss and looked into her eyes and simply smiled. She climbed off of him and turned on her side next to him. He pulled up next to her, spoon fashion, and held her close.

Slowly running his top hand over her caressing her and feeling her under him. She sighed as he did and then they both fell into a deep and restful sleep, at least for a few hours.

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