Dazzled by December: Blind Date


He laughed and drew a figure eight against her right thigh. "No, not yet. . . that is a whole different level of trust, Dee and we'll get there eventually, if you desire it."

December swallowed and nodded her head. She thought of what was happening and the fact she'd not been in a steady relationship since her divorce, but had gone from one brief fling to the next. "We'll see," she told him and saw his agreement written in his eyes.

She watched him cut apart her stockings and then drop the knife on a bureau by the door. He moved back to her and wrapped one end of it around her ankle, tied it to the leg of the table and then repeated the process to the other ankle. December felt her pulse jump and then she shivered as his fingers skimmed across her naked thighs, barely caressed her sex and then graze the underside of her breasts. "If it's too tight let me know," he told her and secured her hands using the same method as he had her legs and looked down on her spread eagle form. "Dazzling," he growled and took a nipple into his mouth and bit down.

December jerked and arched her back. "Fuck yes," she moaned. Bill sucked harder, his tongue lapping at the ridges that were forming hard and tight under his wet muscle. He released her as quickly as he'd captured the sweet bead and then slipped away to grab some of the clipped earrings.

"What are you planning?" she asked.

"You seemed to like that nipple bite," he told her and opened the clip of a pearl drop earring. He gazed at her for a moment, letting her get his meaning and then slipped the jewel onto the right nipple.

"Damn," she hissed and shifted her body as if she were hunting for more attention. He clipped the other one to the opposite tit and then pulled gently on the tiny pearl drops. Bill moved up and captured her lips, swallowed a moan that escaped her throat as he flicked the earrings with his fingers several times, before leaving her mouth.

"Bill, this is incredible," she moaned. Her hips lifted from pure lusty instinct and she knew her nipples were only starting to feel the pleasure that the clips were offering. The longer she wore them the more intense the feeling would be and she shivered with expectation.

"There's more," he said. She heard him pick up the knife, followed him with her eyes as he put the handle in her hand. "What's this for?" she asked.

"I'm going to blindfold you. If you don't feel safe, then you can very quickly saw through these stockings," he told her and motioned for her to mimic the movements of one trying to break free. "I also want you to say Brownie whenever you don't feel comfortable. It'll be our safe word."

"Brownie?" she asked with a odd expression.

"I love brownies, plus it isn't a word you use during sex very often so I'll react quick. . .and probably look around for some, like a puppy looking for its mom."

December laughed and then Bill watched her pretend to saw her way to freedom. When they were both satisfied that she could do so, he left her side and took a pair of her black silk panties. "Don't worry sweets, they're clean," he said and she rolled her eyes. "I've already sliced them, so I owe you panties too," he told her and then tied them around her lids, kissed her deep and then whispered, "don't move."

Her laughter filled the room and then was replaced with a surprised and whispered, "yes." She felt his hands on her thighs, his lips on her sex and his tongue slowly sweep up and down her slit. Again her hips rose up to greet him. Her legs flexed and her arms pulled, but freedom was denied her. "Bill," she moaned and felt a sliver of juice ooze from her pussy. His tongue drank it down and then she shouted when his teeth clamped down on her clit. "Oh fuck, yeah," she screamed and shuddered as he chewed on the strip of flesh.

He flicked it and she shivered and moaned, then she stopped moving as the sound of metal hit the table. "What was that?" she asked and turned her head left, then right.

"You'll find out soon enough," Bill told her.

December listened to his breathing as well as her own panting. "Oh my God," she moaned as a cold earring was attached to her swollen and juice-coated clit. "Fuck," she growled when he tugged on it, making sure it wouldn't fall from its slippery home. "Bill, you're killin' me here," she muttered, licked her lips and then waited as he again moved about the room. "Now what?" she asked, almost begging. "Surely your as hard as a rock and ready to fuck me "

Bill chuckled. "December, I'm very hard and I am going to fuck you, but I'm also very much in control of myself and when I am ready to fuck you, I will."

She groaned and felt a stab of pleasure roll through her clit and her nipples when she moved and shifted her body. The knots held and she cursed, wanting to explore what jewel he'd placed on her sex and imagine it in her mind. A new sound interrupted her thoughts. "Don't even think about it," she growled.

This time his laughter filled the room and he answered, "Hush, girl." She listened to him walk across her kitchen, turn on the sink and fill what she assumed was a glass with water and ice. "Straws? Got any?" he asked and soon she was told to drink up, because it would be a while before she got a chance for more.

December's sex throbbed at the promising words and did as she was told. When she indicated she was done, she heard him dig at the water and then she jerked when a cube was ran down between her chest and then teased around her navel. "Don't tell me what to think," he whispered. "Now don't move, baby, because I'd hate to have to start you all over with a fresh cube." He left the cube on her waist line, just above her sex.

"Fuck me, please!" she demanded and then squealed when the ice began to drip and melt in small streams down her hot flesh.

She was on the edge of a cliff where her mind was telling her to swear and curse for Bill to just let her go so she could have his meat buried in her womb. Another part of her wanted him to continue the torture. A third part wanted the new level of play he'd hinted at with the knife. The sound that she would later swear was heaven finally reached her ears. She focused on the soft noise of clothing being discarded and knew Bill was finally getting undressed. "Please. . . oh fuck me Bill." Her wrists twisted and the thought of cutting herself free jumped to the front of her mind.

"Do you have any idea how incredibly hot you look right now?" Bill asked. She felt his fingers begin the exploration of her thighs, while his breath caressed her mound. She swallowed and lifted her hips, moaned in delight when she felt his lips brush the earring and give her clit a new rush of heat. "You taste hot too," he said and began to suck on her right lip while massaging the left engorged flesh. He buried himself in her hot, slick folds. She felt his breath and his teeth and she shook violently.

"Bill! More! Please Bill!" She begged, rolled her hips and then prayed silently for him to concede. The ice fell and she growled when he left her pussy and placed another on her skin.

"Careful little one," he whispered and drove his tongue back into her hot pussy. His finger joined in the fuck and he swivelled both invading prongs right and left.

December bit her lower lip. She kept her body from lifting itself high into the air, but it was a hard fought battle. "Bill. . .oh fuck Bill, I'm gonna come."

"Good, do it, come all over my face. Give it up girl," he growled, grabbed the cube on her navel, and shoved it into her pussy. December screamed and convulsed as the shocking effects of hot and cold collided, creating a storm deep inside her sex. "Fuckkk!" she shouted and bucked against her lover's face. Her hips rolled left, then right as she shuddered over and over again. Sparks flashed behind the blindfold that covered her clenched lids.

When he left her pussy, she moaned and took several deep breaths. "Need a drink?" he asked and she nodded her head. The straw was placed in her mouth and she drank deep. "Ready?"

She shook her head and felt his hand cup her breast, before she sensed him moving over her. She lay there, still unsure of what he was going to do, but wanting it. "Still trust me, little one?" he asked.

"Yes, Bill," she answered and knew she did. She felt his knees brush her rips and shivered. "Oh fuck yes, Bill, feed me your cock," she growled. She knew where he was even though she couldn't see him. Her nostrils flared as the picked up the scent of musk and she licked her lips hoping to taste the cock that hovered over her face.

"You like this?" he growled as the head of his cock was dragged over her lips.

"Yes! Damn it, yes!" She lifted her head and reached out to the space above her in hopes to taste his pre cum. The oily substance fell on her lips and tongue, she lapped it up and swallowed. "Feed me your cock, Bill. Now," she demanded and jerked against her bindings.

"Open up," he told her and she did. His cock pushed into the hot home of tongue and teeth. She held his shaft with a firm suck, sweeping the tip and teasing the hole with the flat muscle in her mouth. Her teeth grazed his dick and she sent vibrations over his shaft. His fingers moved into her hair and pulled her head forward. She dropped the knife and formed tight fists as he used her mouth as his property and made her pussy grow hotter with juice. He pulled from her, rubbed his wet tool around her lips and across her chin.

"Baby, please, come back," she said and dragged in several deep breaths. Her mouth was plummeted again with his member and again he took control of both speed and depth. He left her and another breath filled her lungs.

"I need to come December," he groaned. "I need to grab a condom and take that pussy," he said.

"You move from this table and I'll never speak to you again. Come in my mouth Bill. I want to watch you though. Take it off, please." The last words were a hungry whisper.

The blindfold was jerked off and she blinked several times and then looked at the stiff cock in her face. "Beautiful," she said as the kitchen light made her saliva and his pre cum glisten.

"You want your arms free?" he asked.

"No, you still need to fuck my pussy with this cock, but right now I'm thirsty for your come," she told him and opened her mouth. She watched his eyes grow hazy and welcomed his shaft. She focused her gaze on his and began to suck, turning her head one way then another and letting her tongue trace the swollen veins. His fingers reclaimed her scalp and he pounded away at her pink lips.

"Dee. . .oh fuck Decemberrrr," he shouted and shot load upon load of seed into her eager throat. She sucked harder, taking every ounce. Never once did she close her eyes, lost in the look of pure lust that poured from his face as well as his dick. As she sucked, his mouth fell open and his hands gripped tight. His head dropped back and she knew he was either staring at the ceiling or had closed his thick-lashed lids. December continued sucking, washing his rod until she saw his body relax and felt him pull his cock from her throat.

"Wow," he moaned and kissed her lips. She thrust her tongue against his and tasted herself as he shared in his own passion.

"Yeah, that is an understatement," she said and watched him as he lifted himself from her body.

"Give me a minute," he told her and sat down on a chair. She giggled and waited, the cool air drying her sweat, come-covered skin. "December, I think we need to move this upstairs."

"Oh?" she asked.

"Yeah, I'm gonna drive my cock so far into you, you'll end up with splinters in your ass if I do it here," he told her.

December laughed and then answered, "Then you need to cut me loose."

"Only for a little while will you be free, my naughty minx," Bill said and rose up, grabbed the knife and then cut the nylon. "You want the earrings off?" he asked.

She chuckled and looked down on the jewels. "I forgot about them," she answered. She moved to release them and he stopped her.

"Careful, they'll hurt."

Nodding her head she pulled them off and cursed as the flicker of initial pain washed over her. "Fuck, damn," she hissed.

"Yeah, but leave that clit one. I want to be down there when it comes off." Bill winked and lifted her into his arms, flicked off her kitchen light and headed to her bedroom. "How many more stockings can I cut apart?" he asked.

December nuzzled his neck and whispered, "I don't care, but next time you should just bring some leather restraints. . ."

To be concluded with December's last adventure: Dazzled by December: Lake Cabin Lover.

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