tagNonHumanDead Heat: Death For Breakfast Ch. 02

Dead Heat: Death For Breakfast Ch. 02


Lauren swiveled around, keeping the gun trained on the kneeling man as she gave him full view of her naked body, parting her legs slightly so that he could see her furred slit. He licked his lips again, inching forward but she stuck her foot out, the pads catching him in the center of his chest. "Start with my foot first."

Brodie stared at the gun, then raised his eyes to hers. Perhaps he could wrestle the gun away from her while taking his pleasure of her. "What do you want me to do?"

"Make love to my feet."

He just glared at her for a moment. "What?"

"I didn't stutter." She motioned to her foot with the gun. "Pretend my foot is my pussy."

Lauren half-expected him to leap off the floor and pin her onto the bed, but he lifted her pedicured foot to his face and gave her arch a lick that sent shivers cascading up and down her spine. She wanted to throw her head back and let herself succumb to one of her favorite fetishes. She couldn't let him know that she was truly getting off on his broad-tongued licks. She couldn't let him know that every stroke brought a gush in response to the hot slickness on her instep.

"Am I doing a good job?" Brodie knew the signs. He was trained to. He sensed the shivers that ran through her when he began licking, shivers that had turned into full-blown trembles. Still, the gun's eye didn't waver, even as he scented her pussy nectar and ached to feed. He moved from instep to toes, plunging her big toe deep into his mouth, his tongue rolling in a circle around the digit and playing under the cleaned and trimmed nail.

She whimpered before she had a chance to stop herself, sensations streaking up her calf and directly into her pussy. Hot juices split her turgid pussy lips, spreading a soaked circle beneath her. The gun wavered just a bit but she quickly regained her senses, welcoming the sweet twitches of her pussy but remembering the reality of the situation. She made a cooing sound deep in her throat, afraid to trust her voice immediately and spread her legs a little wider. "You're doing just fine."

The sweet perfume of her cunt nearly overwhelmed Brodie's olfactory senses and he could see pearls of her essence dotting the trimmed black fur. She was registering high on his list of pussy scent and it was driving him to distraction. Still, he bent to his assigned task, working her toes with his tongue, looping the muscle in between and sweeping into the valleys. He felt her trembling snake through her entire body and when he glanced up, he saw her delicious nipples hardening into rosy buds.

He circled around to her heel, wrapping his lips around the rounded part and sucking like a baby. Her loud moan made him smile and he continued his lavish worship, chalking this down to a learning experience as well as charting the temperature of her desire. He could learn as much as the next man. The lesson would only make him better.

"May I lick your legs?"

Lauren hesitated, giving him the impression of being in deep thought, even though her body was screaming Fuck Yes! "I don't know, Brodie. Do you think you deserve it?"

"Licking your legs? Of course."

"Why? Because you washed my feet?"

"I what?"

She could feel the anger building in him. It would be dangerous to court that temper. It was far more interesting to keep him off-balance and on edge. Lauren secretly wondered how far she could push him but she did want her legs licked. She could let him do that. In fact, she would let him fuck her if she could keep him calm. Praise of her feet had only lasted a small while and his simmering need was boiling just below the surface again.

"You call that licking someone's feet?"

"Your pussy does."

"How would you know? For your information, I masturbated before you came over so all you smell is old cum."

"No, it's fresh." Brodie closed his eyes and sniffed the air. "I can tell old from new and yours is flowing like a spigot."

"What, just because you sucked my toes? I require much more to have an orgasm. Is that what they taught you?"

Brodie stared at her, his anger swirling inside. He had had a taste of her tender, sensitive feet and by asking to lick her legs, he was hoping to work his way up to her throbbing pussy, to taste her essence. "May I give you a taste of my lingual abilities?"

Lauren shook at the sensuality in his voice. "I know about your 'abilities'." Her eyes narrowed and she lowered the pistol, letting its cold, round orifice briefly kiss his temple. "All right, you may lick my thighs, but be warned ... "

Brodie met her eyes, swallowing his drool. "I have been aptly warned." His eyes flicked to the gun, giving it a proper measure of respect. "Now, may I begin?"

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