tagNonHumanDead Heat: Death For Breakfast Ch. 03

Dead Heat: Death For Breakfast Ch. 03


"You may begin."

Brodie knew what he was doing. He pressed her soft-skinned legs apart and started at her left ankle, letting his tongue limn the delicate bones of her foot and ankle. Her hiss told him that he was on the right track. Her calves were hard and sculpted and his tongue traveled along the taut skin with extra care. This one was a trophy. It was important that he make her his own. She again responded to his touch like a woman that enjoyed it. Her knees moved farther apart, welcoming him into her juncture.

Lauren kept the gun steady, even while smiling into his dark eyes. He was good. If she was dirty, she would have been well-cleaned by now. He slowed and spent the most time when he reached the tender skin under, around and above her pussy, licking, sucking and nibbling her. Her thighs were smeared with cum so she was sure that was another reason he took extra time licking her clean.

As he started to move upward, she jerked up, gun trained and loosed a nervous laugh. "Hold it. You haven't earned that pleasure yet."

"Why not?"

"I'm a shy girl. I don't let just any one lick my pussy."

Brodie snickered, his thick hands caressing her damp thighs. "Somehow I find it hard to believe that you're a shy girl."

"Well, I am. Did you think that just because I flirted around with you at work ... what do you think I am? A whore?"

"Oh, no!" His fingertips traced sworls in her skin, on the inside of her knees and around the balls of her ankles, trying to divert her attention. "I'd never think that."

"Why not?" She asked silkily.

"Because you wouldn't have attracted me." Lauren already knew that. She knew his type and she knew that he'd be attracted to her.

"You like shy girls?"

"No. I like women, number one, and I like women who know how to express themselves." His fingers moved higher, stroking her flesh with the confidence of an old lover. "I've always liked how you'd smile right at me and look me in the eye. How you grabbed my ass in the cafeteria that day." She laughed at that. "How you pulled me into the closet ... " Brodie smiled at the blood that filled her face, his cock responding with its own fill of blood. She was so soft and desirable. She had no idea how hot she was making him.

"So, is that all you can do?"


"Kiss toes and lick thighs?"

His cock throbbed proudly in his palm, ready to leap into action at the slightest nod. "Not at all. Are you ready for me?"

Lauren laughed, shaking her head. "Is that it? The tiniest bit of foreplay and you're ready to skewer me like a ripe tomato?"

His expression of bewilderment was a joy and she laughed long and hard. "Foreplay?"

"You don't know what foreplay is?"

"Uh, no." Brodie wasn't liking this in the least. He didn't have to know what foreplay was. All he had to do was stick his thick prick into her pussy and pump away. What did this foreplay have to do with anything?

"Then you don't deserve my pussy. You may leave now."

Lauren watched the change in his eyes. He looked stunned for a long moment, not fully understanding the meaning of her words until she tugged the sheet back over her body and slid back into the depths of her four-poster bed. Then, the anger returned, searing and hot, his upper lip trembling in fury.

"No! Wait!" She raised the gun again, her finger tightening on the trigger. Brodie stopped in his tracks, again dropping to his knees. That beautiful body was rapidly disappearing under snow-white high-thread count cotton. "Teach me."

"Teach you?" She laughed. "Brodie, you're an ACE level android. What can I teach you?"

At first, he wasn't sure how to take that. He was the best of his line and the worst of it. Brodie, ACE Droid 6576 was the last of the ACE line and was the last remaining android in the line. Every since ACE Droid had been hunted down because of a problem in the hardware code, making them prone to fits of anger and highly sexualizing their personalities. Brodie was indeed the worst. He had killed nearly 100 women with his cock, cumming down their throats and suffocating them with his huge load. And Brodie had gotten to actually like it.

"Foreplay." His eyes burned into hers, his heat torching her. "Teach me foreplay."

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