tagNonHumanDead Heat: Death For Breakfast Ch. 06

Dead Heat: Death For Breakfast Ch. 06


The three magic words that Brodie had waited to hear.

Reluctant to give up his tasty ass buffet, he lingered between her legs for a few minutes more, lapping up her cream and enjoying the beautiful taste. Then, keeping a close eye on the gun, he waited until she'd positioned herself in the center of the bed and crawled over her, kneeling between her legs and stroking his velvet steel.

"You ready for this? Ready for the fucking of your life?" She didn't know how true those words were but she wouldn't know until it was too late.

"Are you ready to give me the fucking of your life?" He didn't know how true those words were but he wouldn't know until it was too late.

"Been ready." He growled, lifting her knees and spreading them. "More than ready."

"Then quit talking and fuck me."

"Whatever you want." He leaned over her a bit and stroked his cock, letting the slimy pre-cum drip onto her already well-juiced slit, then rubbed the head into the sticky mess. "Here I come."

Lauren thought she was prepared for his meaty tool but she was wrong. The head slid in slowly, stretching her slick canal and she moaned, feeling her muscles cling to the invading object and hold it tightly. She moved her hands above her head, being careful not to let him notice the absence of the gun and lifted her hips to accommodate his size. He felt like a huge rod of timber, splitting her in half as he made his way in. At least his anger had cooled a tiny bit as evidenced by his slow assault on her pussy. She closed her eyes, wondering if she'd be able to withstand this.

It took all that Brodie had within himself to hold back; not to violently push into her and possibly rip her open. This one had been more interesting than the others. She had taught him things that he'd never known before and had made him question things. And kissing ... his cock flexed inside her at the remembrance of that. And now, entering her, she was so small and so tight that it felt like she had wrapped a fist around his cock. He trembled as he buried himself to the hilt and hooked her legs over his forearms.

He looked down into her eyes and growled at the sight of her hands gripping the headboard, readying herself for what was to come. "Are you ready, sweet Lauren?"

She nodded, helplessly whimpering as he started to pull out, then moved forward, thrusting inward again and making her pussy weep with juices. Oh, he was so big! She could feel every inch of his pulsating meat as it breached her innards and she welcomed it. She fought to catch her breath. "You call this a fucking?"

Brodie's eyes changed and she knew she'd fed his anger once again. She prayed that her plan would work. "Remember," He leaned over her, her legs still hooked over his arms. "You asked for it."

His first plunge drove the breath from her lungs. If she wasn't ready before, then she was no where near readiness when he began his angry assault. He pushed, he rotated, he thrust, he slammed and her body did its best to react to him. Hard, fast, slow, deep. He changed his strokes often, trying to make her hurt, trying to ensure that she couldn't read him.

But she could. She could read everything that he did. Her body answered, stroke for stroke, meeting his muscle-ridden frame and sending him closer and closer to the edge. And then, it became a race. A race against who would be broken first. She fought valiantly against him, wrapping her arms around him and drawing him down into a soul-stirring kiss. He tried to escape her grasp but was unable, falling victim to the beauty of her mouth and the seduction of her heated core.

"Not fair." Brodie gasped. His actions outweighed his words as he took her mouth yet again, sealing their mouths tightly together and battling with her silken tongue. She was gaining the upper hand. He knew it and could do nothing to stop it. Her body was too responsive to his, her kiss too arousing, her pussy too accommodating ... he gritted his teeth and attempted to slow down, to regain his composure but she was having none of it. She lifted her hips, forcing him deeper into her and coating him with her dew.

"Now." She whispered, holding onto the headboard for dear life. "Now."

Brodie screamed. Lauren shouted. And darkness descended.

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