tagNonHumanDead Heat: Death For Breakfast Ch. 07

Dead Heat: Death For Breakfast Ch. 07


Detective Ramsay Cooke, Droid division, flashed his badge as he entered the house. Teams were all over the place, mostly standing around and talking, but the bulk of them were lining the stairs leading upward. A low murmur rumbled in the partially-enclosed stairwell and he glanced back and forth between the lines, wondering what had happened. He had only received the lightest of briefings from his supervisor.

The final ACE Droid had been located and this house was his last known sighting. Didn't sound good. Those sex-crazed droids has killed more humans than any mass murderer in history. It had taken nearly seven years before the last one had been located and everyone marveled at the irony of it all. The last and the most prolific. Brodie. And this one left sex crime scenes like no one before. The image of Kathleen Kerner came to mind, her mouth full of cum and the back of her head blown off like she'd swallowed a roman candle.

Pushing that thought away, Det. Cooke mounted the stairs, pausing on the landing and staring in confusion at the young woman wrapped in a sheet and seated on the bed. Her skin was pale and her hand was shaky as she accepted a cup of tea but other than that, she looked none the worse for wear. At her feet, lay Brodie, the android, a stark look of fear on his handsome Scottish features. A sheet had been drawn over him, just beneath his neck and the bottom half of the pristine white was bright with his blood.

"What do we have here?"

"Detective Cooke, meet Special Agent Lauren Kinkaid."

The detective shook the woman's outstretched hand in amazement. "The Lauren Kinkaid?"

She smiled. "One in the same, sir."

"But you're a ... "

"Yes, sir. I'm an android. DELTA SPECIAL OPS Droid, version 21." She set the tumbler down, drawing the sheet closer to get rid of the prying eyes. "Specifically commissioned to hunt down and eradicate the ACE Droid line."

"You did a great job, Lauren. This one has been the hardest to trace."

"I know. It took me almost a year to figure out where he was in the workforce and nearly that long to get close to him."

"Well, we're well-rid of him."

"Yes, sir."

Detective Smalley touched his shoulder. "The M.E. is here to extract the evidence. We need to clear the room."

"It's okay." Lauren smiled at Smalley. "He can stay."

"Are you sure?" Smalley looked uncomfortable and that made Cooke think twice.

"It's okay, Lauren. I can wait outside with the rest of the crowd."

"No, please. Sometimes extraction is painful and I'd like someone with me."

"Smalley can stay."

"No way, Cooke." The young man shook his head violently. "I've seen one of these things before and I don't care to see it again!"

"That bad?"

Lauren offered a sad smile. "That bad. Know anyone that's had a caesaran section?"


"Well, it's sort of like that, only done droid-style."

Jim Campbell, M.E., came bustling in, his halved bifocal specs perched on his nose. "Is this the android?"

Cooke bristled at Campbell's aloof reference. "Yes. This is Lauren."

"Good. Okay. Scoot back on the bed. Clear the room."

"Detective Cooke's staying."

Campbell nodded briefly, removed a complicated silver instrument from his bag and tapped his foot impatiently, waiting for the others to depart. When it was only Lauren, Cooke and himself, he pushed the sheet open and crawled between her legs, positioning the instrument at her vaginal entrance.

"All right, Lauren. You already know about how these things go. Are you ready?"

Lauren nodded, gripping the detective's hand. "Yes, sir. Let's go."

A soft whirring sound filled the air and the center rod of the instrument began to move forward, extending itself into her cum-filled pussy. She jumped at the touch of cold steel and bit her bottom lip to keep from complaining about the discomfort. A smaller rod near the base of the instrument moved out, its blunted end finding her anus and slowly sliding inward. Campbell watched a set of dials near the top of the machine and when one read a certain number, he twisted a dial.

Lauren quivered in pain as the probe in her anus found her main terminal and forced the connecting rods together. Cooke stroked the back of her hand with his thumb, trying not to see the perfectly-shaped breasts that jiggled just inches from his palms. The center rod continued inward until it beeped and Campbell threw another dial, this time, guiding it more slowly. Cooke heard a crunch and the doctor pressed a red button near the instrument's top.

In a wild cacophony of sound and lights, the machine did its hidden job, momentarily cutting power to her main system in order to allow her muscles to release the evidence. Three minutes later and it was all over and except for a tiny bit of vaginal bleeding, Lauren was in perfect shape.

The evidence was the cock of the android Brodie, now separated and revealing several green electrical panels and a clear blue orb near the center.

"That's it." Lauren breathed. "Once this is destroyed, there will be no more worries from ACE Droids."

Campbell departed with the evidence and Cooke left the room while she dressed, giving her a gentle smile when she emerged. "Can I drop you some where?"

"No. It'll be days before they can get my stuff out of here so I'm going to stay at a hotel in the meantime." She turned a pretty smile towards the unsuspecting detective, who blushed immediately. "But you can take me to breakfast."

"It would be my pleasure."

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