tagInterracial LoveDead Heat: Shattered Hearts Ch. 06

Dead Heat: Shattered Hearts Ch. 06


"Put the gun down!"

"Not a chance, Pete. When I put this gun down, my wife and I will be perpetually married."

"I'm not your wife."

I was stunned to hear Fyona's defiance, despite her predicament but knowing that she was strong enough to verbally defend herself made me stronger.

"Shut the fuck up, bitch!" Ronnie backhanded her, laughing as she cringed in pain, blood dripping from a corner of her mouth.

"Don't you touch her, you asshole!"

"You shut up, too!" Ronnie shouted to the voice from the room behind them. "You're a worthless excuse for a son!"

A tiny bit of relief went through me when I heard Mykal's voice. I knew he was all right now. Everything hinged on Ronnie and taking him down. As if he could hear my thoughts, Ronnie turned to me, his eyes glazed. He was hopped up. Maybe that would work to our advantage, maybe it wouldn't. His hand roamed over her breasts and slid between her legs, the fingers shoving up inside her. Fyona whimpered in pain but his eyes remained locked to mine.

"You want this, don't you?" He smiled, knowing that he was pushing my buttons. "I saw you at the restaurant. I know you want to fuck her." He pulled his hand out and I saw that his fingers were covered with a pearly substance. "Well, guess what? You get sloppy seconds!"

My jaw began to hurt from how hard I was grinding my teeth together. He had already fucked her. Now I understood the shame in her eyes. I silently made myself a promise to erase that for her. "That's not a problem, Ronnie. When you love someone, you'll do anything for them." I heard her soft sob and Brad crowded against me, giving me his support without expressing it.

"Oh, so you'd eat her pussy with my cum in it?" Ronnie threw his head back and laughed. "You'll have to suck her ass, too, because I came in that, too." I kept my face neutral. Tommy was moving to the side, out of Ronnie's line of view. "I made her swallow a load, too. Should I make her puke for you?"

I tried not imagine her anguish at his flippant remark. "No, that's not necessary."

He stared at me for a long moment, trying to get a read on me. "You actually love this bitch?" He spat the word love as if it was a disease.

"I might."


"I haven't had the chance to find out yet."

"Well, I'll be glad to solve that problem for you. Bitches like this are incapable of love." He growled, shoving the gun's muzzle under her chin. "She said she loved me but she wouldn't suck my dick when I wanted her to."

"That's not love." Fyona rasped, tears streaking her cheeks again.

"See what I mean?" Ronnie pistol-whipped her into unconsciousness. "They're supposed to do whatever the fuck we want, Pete, so why couldn't she just suck my dick?"

"Maybe she was tired. Maybe she was sick."

"She wasn't tired or sick!" Ronnie began to grow antsy. He glanced at Fyona's limp form, suddenly angry that he was deprived of his target. "She spent too much time with that damned kid. Always playing with him or taking care of him. What about me? I fucking married her. She was supposed to take care of me!"

"Mykal's your son, Ronnie. Would you have her be a bad mother in order to take care of your needs?"

"Fuck yes!" Ronnie held the gun to her temple. "If I'd have known the kid was going to be such a problem, I would have told her to get rid of it."

"You piece of shit!"

Mykal's outburst was our ticket. When Ronnie turned toward the room where his son was located, Tommy leaped on him. The gun went flying and there were a few tense minutes when the two were fighting and it seemed that Ronnie was going to win. Then Brad clipped him on the side of his head and Ronnie went down.

"Take care of her."

I didn't need Brad to tell me what to do. I handed him my weapon and untied her, holding her naked body against mine. Her eyes fluttered open briefly and she groaned in pain. "Pete?"

"It's over, honey. It's over."

Her eyes rolled up in her head and once again, I was holding the object of my desire in my arms.

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