tagNovels and NovellasDead Heat: Stormbringer Ch. 03

Dead Heat: Stormbringer Ch. 03


Thank God she didn’t have to work. There’s no way that she would have been able to concentrate, let alone stay awake. Alicia’s nubile body was spread across her, softly snoring with her soft mouth pressed against Taima’s throat. Jesus, what a night! Alicia had become a sex machine. Not only was she willing to give Taima’s snatch a lot of extra attention, but she squealed, screamed, moaned and gasped her way through more orgasms than she could count. And in between the lovemaking, Alicia snuggled against her, making plans for their future together, not realizing that Taima was not on the same page.

Taima was thinking of Pilar. Pilar with the waterfall of black hair and eyes that smoked holes through her soul. “Alicia. Alicia, time to wake up.”

The blonde yawned, stretched and pushed her mound into Taima’s, drawing a hiss from the woman. “You want me again already?” She muttered sleepily, licking the pulsing underside of Taima’s neck.

“Yes and no.” Taima pushed her aside, pulling her body away. “I do want you again but it’s late and you have to get going.”

Alicia’s blue eyes blinked in confusion. “You … you want me to leave?”

“I’ve got a bunch of work to do, Alicia. I’ve got reports to finish. I just can’t lie around in bed all day.”

The teacher stared at her friend for a long moment, watching her disappear into the bathroom. “I thought you said today was your day off!”

“It is, but I have to finish those reports. I promised Mahalo that I’d have them on his desk this afternoon.”

“That’s not fair!”

“I can’t help it. Reports are part of my job.”

“Yeah, but not on your day off.”

“Alicia, I told you. I can’t help it.” Taima switched the shower on, waiting for the hot water to kick in before evening it out with the cold. “And besides, I have a big case I’m working on and I need to do some follow-up.”

“Yeah, I bet.”

Taima stuck her head out of the bathroom door. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell that you’re the sexist thing for miles around.” No, Pilar is. Taima thought, glad that Alicia couldn’t read minds. “I bet you have lots of people hitting on you all day long.”

Taima shook her head. “I wouldn’t know, Alicia. That’s never concerned me.” She stepped under the shower’s stinging spray, sighing at the feeling of the heated water on her stiff muscles.

“Are you telling me that no one comes on to you while you’re working?”

“I didn’t say that.” Taima worked shampoo into her hair. “I said, it doesn’t concern me.”

“You’re a liar.” Alicia stepped in, pulling the curtain shut behind her. “I know you care.”

“Alicia, did you get in here just to argue with me?”

“Of course.” Her soft hands moved over Taima’s wet flesh, outlining the ropy muscles and slick skin, her eyes roaming over Taima’s coffee-colored nipples and brown sugar-dusted pussy. She licked her lips, thinking about how smooth the skin was with the tiny sprinkling of baby hairs … “I’d care if I was as beautiful as you.”

“You are as beautiful as I am, Alicia. We just express it in different ways.”

“Is that why you like to be so butch?” Taima met Alicia’s eyes at the mention of that word. It was a word she hated. Being athletic had always been a part of Taima’s life and had taken care of her thus far. Guys were less likely to target her and she could stay healthy and in control. “All the muscles, the constant workouts … I bet you put those guys you work with to shame.”

“Alicia,” The breath caught in her throat as Alicia’s fingertips circled her puckered nipples, catching water droplets. Her skin pebbled, a sweet ache throbbing from breast to cunt. “Alicia, don’t.”

“Why not?” The blonde moved behind her, her arms wrapping around her waist and pulling her back against her body. Taima moaned at the contact. “Why can’t I give you something to remember me by?” One arm wrapped around her shoulders, holding Taima immobile, while the other snaked around her stomach, her hand pushing into her slick furrow. “Something to remind you of whom you belong to?”

Taima’s gasp reverberated through her body, melding with a tremble that started in her cunt, streaked upward to the base of her neck where Alicia’s small, white teeth nipped and back down again. Alicia was relentless in finding her clit and working it between her fingers, dipping down to coat her digits with pussy honey and sliding upward again. Taima tried to fight it, but she couldn’t. The little blonde minx knew what she liked. She held Taima’s body close, almost suffocating her while her other hand worked Taima’s quivering sex.

With each stroke, Alicia drove her new lover closer to the edge, her teeth gritted as she strained to hold her tight, her whispered words a rhythmic mantra. “You … belong … to … me!”

Taima screamed in absolute pleasure, her heartbeat vibrating through her arteries and veins, the pure energy of her climax racing through her skin, muscles and bones as her pussy creamed around Alicia’s fingers. “Oh, God!”

“Just remember what I said.” Alicia released her, raising her fingers to her mouth, her blue eyes meeting Taima’s dark ones. “No matter who hits on you, that pussy is mine.”

Taima sagged against the tile wall, panting as if she’d run a thousand miles, the pulse in her swampy sex aching like an open wound. Now you have an even larger problem. Her mind shouted as she staggered beneath shower’s jets. One owns your pussy, the other your mind.

With a groan, Taima turned the hot water off and twisted the cold water valve to full.


“What the hell happened to you?” Elliott’s words penetrated Taima’s protective bubble and she gave him an angry sneer, dropping her keys and wallet onto her desk. “Looks like you’ve been rode hard and put away wet!”

“At least I was ridden hard!” She whirled on the senior officer, her frustration transforming from personal to professional. “The only part of your body that can claim that is your hand!”

“At least I know what a dick is.” He grabbed his package, almost painfully. “Bet you haven’t seen one of these in a long time.”

“You’re wrong. I’m looking at one right now!”

“ENOUGH!” Mahalo’s stern shout quieted the entire room. Taima flung herself into her chair so hard that it creaked and nearly broke. “I have enough problems without having to referee a fight between children!” Taima pulled her computer keyboard forward and began to type furiously. “Taima! My office. Now!”

The ferocity of her anger propelled her into his office, quickly deflating as her eyes fell on the pictures on his walls. The snaggle-toothed smile of his eight-year old daughter Rosalie in her first cheerleader outfit glared back at her. Abstract drawings by five-year old Santos cascaded over the walls, punctuated by those of eleven-year old Mahalo, Jr. Taima’s eyes were drawn to her favorite drawing by the young artist. A charcoal sketch of Mahalo in a Superman costume. Mahalo strode in, shutting the door behind him, his eyes on her face.

“All right, Taima. What’s going on?”

“Nothing, Malo.”

“Nothing? That … performance out there was nothing?”

“He pushed my buttons, Malo! What am I supposed to do, let him cowboy his way all over me?”

“No. I expect you to be the same professional officer that I depend on every day.” Mahalo’s words deflated her precious balloon of fury and she slumped into his chair. “Everyone in this office knows that Ray Elliott is an asshole, but everyone also knows that he’s a great cop. You and I both know that his instincts have saved our lives a few times over.”

“But that doesn’t give him the right to treat me … “

“I know, Taima!” Mahalo sat down, gazing at his daughter’s picture. “But you can’t give him a reason to attack you. You of all people should know that.”

Yes, I should know that. Mahalo wasn’t just her Chief. He was her friend, her mentor, her god-father. It was Malo that had been the rock in her life, giving her a North point for her compass. And he had never rebuked her or asked too many questions.

“Sorry, Malo.”

He nodded, looking up at her. “I know you are.” He hesitated. “Are you really all right?”

“Yeah. Just got some stuff to work through.”

“Okay. I’ll accept that answer for now.” He leaned across the desk, making eye contact with her. “But I’m always here. You know that, right?”

“Yeah, Malo.” Taima smiled. “I know.”

“Good. Now get your ass out there and finish that report!”

Taima smiled, feeling a little weight lift off her shoulders and was surprised to find herself looking forward to her date tonight.


Pilar stared at her reflection in the mirror. Was the dress too much? Too much tit? You foot-fucked her at lunch! What are you worried about? That she’ll think I’m easy, her inner voices taunted. That she’ll think I’m frigid. That she’ll only be interested in my face. Her green eyes went from joyous to sad and she looked away to avoid seeing the distress in her own face.

Why is this bothering me so much? She knew the answer. She felt a connection with the beautiful officer. Something in the woman’s deep Cherokee eyes touched a part of her that stirred into wakefulness, like a slumbering dragon awakened by a lovely maiden. Pilar found herself working on the bodies, her mind replaying the expressions on Taima’s face when she came, imagining what her lovely mouth would feel like on her aching pussy, recalling the feeling of her cunt lips beneath her toes. Until she snapped out of her reverie, she had no idea that she’d done the make-up wrong or put a woman’s wig on a man.

You’ve never felt this before, have you? No. Never before had she been so completely bewitched by someone, not even her first lover, Maggie. Her encounter with Maggie had been impossibly sweet and sexy, but it didn’t generate the same fire as just being in the presence of Taima. Taima was like a tiger, her body tensile with strength, fire and energy radiating from her and enveloping those who were around her. It was that heat that had pierced the protective veil Pilar had draped around herself. Now staring at her reflection, she hoped and prayed that she would be worthy of Taima’s attention. And maybe her love?

The front door’s hanging bell rang, signaling that someone had entered the building and Pilar took a deep breath, stepping from behind the curtain and smiling into Taima’s face.


“Wow!” Taima’s eyes slid over Pilar’s shapely figure, noting how the aquamarine brought out the depth of color in Pilar’s eyes. The dress was cut daringly above her generous breasts and flowed like colored cream over Pilar’s hips, flaring to a stop just above her knees. Her legs were tantalizingly bare and her tiny feet were shod in gypsy pumps, the braided ties circling her ankles. “You look fantastic!”

“Thank you.” Pilar suddenly felt shy under Taima’s appreciative gaze. She had looked Taima over as well. The khaki shirt Taima wore was open to just above her breasts, the shadows hinting at a set of nicely-sized globes and the black jeans clung to her trim body. Pilar found her eyes drawn to Taima’s neck, where a black obsidian shark’s tooth lay, threaded on a soft length of hemp, resting on a light sprinkling of freckles.

Both women just stared at each other for a long moment before Taima moved, stepping forward and pressing a light, but passionate kiss to Pilar’s perfumed cheek, handing her the white rose she had brought. It seemed that there were no words to say. The connection between them was too strong, so strong that Taima had to step away to clear her head. “Well, I guess we’d better get going.”

“Y-Yeah.” Pilar blushed, feeling awkward. “Let me get my wrap.”

A twenty minute ride brought them to Samone’s and they were seated in a private booth where they could see the beauty of the city spreading out beneath their feet. A waiter lit the hurricane lamp at the table and left them with the wine menu. Pilar’s eyes looked like brilliant crystals in the burnished light and the shy smile she gave transformed her into an exotic beauty. Taima pinched herself under the table, just to be certain that she was awake.

“Shall we order some wine? Maybe some champagne?”

“Champagne sounds wonderful.”

Champagne was served with escargots, one of Taima’s favorites. Pilar opted for Oysters Rockefeller with lemon-rubbed toast points. They chose the filet of sole with capers for dinner and quietly shared a thick slice of Death By Chocolate cake, each licking the fork suggestively, and then laughing at the effort. Finally, over warmed snifters of Amaretto di Saronno, Taima took Pilar’s hand and pressed a kiss to her fingers.



“I … I don’t quite know how to say this so … “ Pilar took a sip and paused, feeling the fiery liquid blossom in her chest.

“Just say it, honey.”

“I … when you and I are together … I feel so … “ Another hesitation. “I guess what I’m saying is that … I’m not looking for a one-night stand. I’m looking for a relationship. I want to be totally involved with someone and I want that someone to feel the same way about me.” Pilar raised her eyes to Taima and quickly looked away. “So, I need to know what you want, where you stand with us. If there is an us.”

Taima twirled her glass between her hands, her focus on the amber liquid. “Pilar, my life is so complicated right now.” She took a breath. “I know what I want, I just am not sure how to accomplish it.”

The ensuing silence was uncomfortable. “I see.”

“No, you don’t.” Taima slugged the liquor down and nodded to the waiter to bring another. “There’s someone that I’ve been in love with for quite a long time and we just recently got together.” Taima hated the way Pilar’s face fell at her words. “I thought it was what I wanted. Then I met you.” Taima touched the woman’s hand. “And my world changed forever.”

“Taima … “

“Please, Pilar, I’ve been very torn about this all day.” Pilar nodded but didn’t release her hand, a good sign. “I have never felt this way, not even about Alicia, and I’ve known her for a good part of my life. Pilar, just seeing you makes my heart jump! I can’t even begin to imagine what it’s going to be like to touch and kiss you. I might have a heart attack!” Pilar’s soft chuckle brought a smile to her lips. “I know what I want. I know where I stand. I want an us, a never-ending us. An us that melts into each other and becomes a we that goes on forever.” Tears glittered in Pilar’s eyes. “I just need a little time to get things worked out so that there will be no obstacles in our way. Okay?”

Again, there were no words to be spoken. Pilar left her side of the booth and slid beside Taima, pulling her into a warm embrace. Both knew that personal barriers had been broken and they held on to each other tightly, braving the storms and spiritually moving closer. Taima pulled back, lifting a hand to gently wipe Pilar’s tears away while desperately trying to hold her own back.

“Will you come home with me tonight?”

Taima nodded negatively. “I don’t think that’s a good idea. I want to keep things separate until I can handle Alicia.”

“I know.” Pilar touched Taima’s cheek, feeling the hard muscle underneath and knowing that she was fighting to control her emotions. “But you need to be with someone and I would be very honored to sleep in your arms tonight.” Taima’s bottom lip began to tremble. “Just sleep, okay?”

Her control threatening to break, Taima just nodded, grateful for the enfolding embrace that Pilar pulled her into. The low sound of the waiter clearing his throat broke the women apart.

“I’m sorry to bother you, but are you Officer Greenleaf?”


“Phone call for you. You can take it at the receptionist’s desk.”

“Thank you.” Taima turned to Pilar. “I’ll be right back.”

“I’m going to visit the ladies’ room.” Pilar grabbed her purse and smiled at Taima. Her heart melted at the sincerity in her eyes. This is going to be so different! She was surprised to find herself bouncing, nearly skipping to the bathroom. If this is love, I never want it to end! The sounds of a woman sobbing were like ice water being dashed over her body. Pilar stepped into the bathroom’s dressing area, attuning her ears to search out the source and located a pair of red high heels behind a stall door. Unsure of what to do, she knocked lightly on the door. “I don’t mean to bother you, but are you all right?”

There were several soft sobs, then, “Yes.”

“Okay.” Pilar started to turn towards an empty stall when she heard the voice again.

“Could you give me some tissue?”

“Sure.” Pilar yanked several lengths from the roll of toilet paper and held it underneath until the woman took the wad. “Here you go.” She waited a moment and when no other requests came, she went back to the empty stall and pulled the door shut.

“I’m sorry.” The voice said. “I just got dumped.”

“Sorry to hear that. Maybe it was for the better, you know?”

“Yeah, I know, but … she’s everything to me. Yesterday, we were happy and today … I just don’t understand! I don’t know what happened.”

“I’ve been dumped like that before. Don’t blame yourself. There was nothing you could do. If it’s not meant to be … “

“It was meant to be!” Fresh sobs echoed through the tiny room. “She was my soulmate!”

Not if she dumped you so easily. Pilar thought but didn’t lend a voice to her words. It was obvious that the other woman was in pain. “I don’t know what else to say, except that I’m sorry.” She flushed the toilet and quickly washed her hands. “I hope everything works out with you.”

Taima was waiting for her at the entrance and they strode quickly to the car. “I hate to do this to you, but I have to go to a scene. I can drop you off … “

“No, I’ll go with you.” Pilar moved into Taima’s embrace, pressing into her body. “I still want you in my bed tonight.”

“It could take a long time … “

“Doesn’t matter. If it turns out to be a problem, I’ll call a cab.” Taima felt a shiver snake through her body as Pilar’s mouth brushed against hers. “But I still want you in my bed tonight.”

The touch of Pilar’s tongue on her lips sent electric waves through Taima and her arms instinctively around Pilar, twining her hands into the soft, black tresses. Pilar moaned softly, trembling when Taima’s hands slid down her back and over her buttocks. Her fingers remained on Taima’s cheek when they separated and Taima smiled.

“You expect me to just sleep after that?”

“Yes.” Pilar answered with a teasing smile. “It’ll make our first night that much more special.”

“Our first night.” Taima’s voice was husky in her ear. “The first night of the rest of our lives.” The women shared a deep look of longing until Taima broke it, opening the passenger door and kissing Pilar’s fingers again. “Let’s get going.”

As Taima’s car sped off into the night, a small figure emerged from the restaurant’s shadows, holding a wet wad of toilet paper to her nose. “You will be sorry.” Alicia sobbed angrily. “Both of you will be sorry.”


Taima parked her SUV at the curb, gave Pilar a quick kiss and an admonition to stay put until she could find out what was going on, then grabbed her service revolver and badge out of the glove box. Elliott was waiting at the curb, smoking a cigarette and having a conversation with the gardener, Mr. Whitley. He sneered at Taima when she ducked under the emergency tape.

“Thought this was your day off.”

“Guess Malo needed a real detective.”

“Well, don’t take too long. I might leave with your date.”

“I doubt it. She’s sober.”

Taima headed for Mahalo, who stood just inside the iron gates, waiting for her. “Hey, Chief. What’s up?”

“Nathan Rhodes is dead and his wife’s the one who shot him.”

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